Friday Footy with Tom

Footy preview round 12 …continued

Laidley has GONE! What did I say? Remember when I commented that he was a carcass not a coach?

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It needs to be pointed out that the annoying part of this all too short Dean Laidley saga is that the football press just didn’t do their jobs. He was not under sufficient media pressure, the gossip and scrutiny was entirely inadequate. We scarcely had an opportunity to savour his miserable and public humiliation.

He kept too much dignity. I ask – is this what the game is about? I think not. It was a totally unsatisfying way for a coach to end their career. I, along with other football lovers, feel deprived of this most interesting and entertaining aspect of the game.

Thought with Laidley gone, the wheel turns. Who’s next – Williams? Malthouse? Harvey ? Bailey? Let’s just hope that the press do a better job in creating plenty of unwarranted undermining speculation, whoever they happen to have in their sights.

We can all hope that Malthouse goes. Collingwood are desperate to get Bucks as coach next year. His wife is very popular with several members of the leadership group too. Everyone will be happy.

Bucks will land a job with one of the clubs, and Collingwood seems appropriate. It is a forgotten piece of footy history that Bucks left Brisbane as he wanted to play with a successful club, he wanted to play finals football. Instead, he chose Collingwood. He could have stayed with the Brisbane Bears and played in 3 premiership teams, probably as captain.

It is sweetly ironic that he twice experienced loosing grand finals to the club he walked out on.

He should coach Collingwood, this will allow his bad choice record to continue.

In other news, President Kennett of Hawthorn has apologised to the club supporters for the performance of his footy team.

Fair shake of the sauce bottle Jeff!! How about a long overdue apology for the state that you left Victoria in??? Most of us think we are also owed plenty of compensation, paid personally by President Kennett, for the performance of his team of about 10 years ago.

Incidentally, there are 3 games on…

Sydney v Collingwood

The Collingwood Cheer Squad will arrive at the game, directly from a full 24 hours at the Bourbon and Beefsteak. They won’t be in good condition, they’ll be grumpy and feisty. Looking for trouble.

The Sydney supporters really don’t know much about the game. The crowd is always full of drunk, but inoffensive, Irish tourists and families from Waverly, plus a few Oxford St types who were drawn to the game when Warwick Capper was playing in his size 28 shorts.

The Collingwood supporters will create mayhem. They will thrash the Sydney supporters in violence, vomiting and obscene invective. Collingwood fans have these vitals supporter skills that are as good as any in the competition.

Sydney will however win the game of football.

Essendon v Melbourne

People say Melbourne have a young team, I agree, a young team of talentless losers.

Coach Bailey should get plenty of scrutiny, press speculation and undermining after the thrashing Melbourne will get.

Fremantle v Geelong

If Fremantle are beaten by less than 20 goals, Harvey will keep his job for a couple more weeks.

If beaten by more than 20 he may go, even before Williams. The longevity of Harvey is the only result in doubt for this game.

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20 Responses

  1. Yes, which club wouldn’t be happy to have this couple at game day functions and helping develop young players?

  2. “Thought with Laidley gone, the wheel turns. Who’s next – Williams? Malthouse? Harvey ? Bailey? ”

    Choco’s head must be in the noose. A couple more bad losses, & let’s face it it’s only a matter of time, & someone will kick the chair out from under him. Fingers crossed.

    Rumour has it that Chad & Kane’s stepmom Nicole is waiting in the wings for the big job.

  3. I was pretty quick earlier this week to acknowledge that “I was wrong” when Costello announced he was leaving Parliament. I think it’s important in the interests of balance to state that I WAS RIGHT when assessing the Port Adelaide Football Club as a “crap” outfit this year.

  4. You were RIGHT James!

    It also turns out that Alan Scott was posthumously RIGHT too!

  5. And I said Snowtown/Truro FC (trading as Adelaide Football Club) were a pack of low life pricks. They are a marketing idea not a football club.

    I was also RIGHT!!!

  6. No Tom, you were wrong…about that much anyway.

  7. NRL Tips for this week (with reduceed emphasis on football as requested by Tom).

    Bulldogs v Penrith
    Penrith proved last week that teams dressed in pink play like girls – they catch (or don’t catch might be more correct) like girls and fumble the play the ball like girls. This week they have learnt their lesson and are playing in their usual poo brown/ purple outfit which is much more respectable. They still won’t win though. The Doggies once again will be smartying from being the best club in the comp but bugger all Origin players – This happened to Manly last year and we know where they ended up. My predictions are that the Doggies board will tear itself apart early next year and sack their CEO mid 2010; they will also return to form with a sex scandal in preseason next year. On the way they might just win a premiership as well. I suspect they will win this week as well. Teams that alternate between poo brown and pink as their team colours deserve to lose.

    Cowboys v Roosters
    This season has gone on far too long without any real speculationabout a coach sacking – even when Sticky and Freddy deserve to be in the gun. Instead, we have seen 3 CEOs get shown the door (WTF). Real speculation about Freddy will start this week when they fail to beat the Cowboys under 12s who play in place of the normal cowboys who are off training for Origin.
    Disclaimer: I’ve actually tipped the Roosters for the first time this season but I still don’t think they’ll win.

    Storm (Under 12s) v Tigers
    This game is going to be boring – why – because all the tigers games have been boring this year. If it wasn’t for dubious refereeing decisions, there would be nothing to talk about following a tigers game. Sometimes the Storm give us something to talk about but thisis the Under 12s playing this week filling in for the superstars playing in Sydney next week. Unless you are one of the 12 people who turn up to watch this game or your tele is stuck on Fox 3 on Sunday and you can’t change the staion, you will never find out the score or the result because no one will be bothered to write about it. Working back through wins and losses you can probably work out what happened but who wants to go to those lengths. Fortunately, I’m here to save you that trouble; When you see that the Storm have moved to 21pts on the ladder next week, you will know that they won.

    Manly v Canberra
    Down in the Southern States, CEOs and coaches cop it when their team doesn’t perform; they could learn something from the NRL.. Up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the CEO and Board cops it when they win a premiership and the co-owners slug it out for the spoils of victory. This might also happen in Canberra but, like the Tigers, we would never hear about it because of the ZZZZ factor. Manly are another team playing their Under 12 side this week. Like the other under 12 sides playing this round they will win. This will be celebrated by more Board in fighting and CEO sackings.

    Sharks v Broncos
    This is a game between a another under 12 side and a club with no CEO, funded by a fraudster, sex scandals, workplace violence and has won about as many games as Richmond have all year. Sticky should be sacked imediately as a coach, not because his team suck, but rather because they were just starting to improve and he insisted that NSW take his best player away from him fort this week – idiot. The only plus for Cronulla is that it has been suggested that they migh retain Mayer as their CEO – at least he knows how to win a premiership. The Ipswich Under 12s should win this one easily and the Journal of Repute (the Telegraph) will be calling for Sticky’s head on tuesday. Fortunately for Sticky, this will be overshadowed by SoO headlines and the latest Zappia scandal.

  8. Nice piece of analysis there dave.

    I’d like to get up to date with some important NRL information. Who do you think does the best Lowes ads? I like Blocker.

    And do you think Alan Jones will be remembered more favorably for his coaching record at Balmain, of for the job he did at Souths?

    “Doggies board will tear itself apart early next year and sack their CEO mid 2010”

    Interesting dave, a very long term perspective. High brow too.

  9. Tom,

    Interesting dave, a very long term perspective. High brow too

    They’re just copying off Manly – all teams aspire to be like Manly …

    I think Blocker is the best Lowes ad personality although Terry “I’m sorry Mr Fisheries Officer sir, I’ was sure those crab and lobster pots were ours” Hill was pretty good entertaiment value as well.

    I don’t think Alan Jones is (or should be) remembered favourably for anything at all.

  10. Tom, you might be interest to know that the Crow’s premiership captain – Mark Bickley – hails from Snowtown.

    I can see the link.

  11. Let’s pick on coaches.

    I had a coach who tried to pull me off halfway through the last quarter. I told him to get dirty his hands off me.

  12. Choco must be retained.

    His ability to inspire apathy and mediocity in Port teams gives the entire AFL endless much-needed merriment.

    The apex so far was the 119 pt loss to Geelong in 2007, the worst ever loss in a VFL/AFL Grand Final
    24.19 (163) to 6.8 (44) with three of Ports goals coming in the last 10 mins while Geelong were already guzzling champagne.

    But the recent 93 point destruction at the hands of the Dogs was also admirable, being a record by the Dogs over Port, the biggest margin ever at Marrara and the third-highest ever by the Western Bulldogs.

    Ports average losing margin this year is 51pts, the highest of any club.

    This is great stuff.

    Retain Choco for a happier, jollier AFL.

    – Barra

    If Choco is

  13. Bara, your comments tell me more about you than they do about Port Adelaide.

  14. Miglo –

    Stop sooking.

    Choco is a great recruiter but a medicre coach.
    He has been successful in attracting serious talent to Port but unsuccessful in maximizing that talent.

    Your list is currently playing as if barely interested.

    These are not only my views but those of much of the AFL community.

    As for the sorry set of huge losses Choco is racking up, they are merely facts. If you don’t like them, get a new coach.

    No-one will be happier than me if Choco is retained as Port will continue the directionless wallow they currently find themslelves in.

    But I was expecting that Port fans like you might prefer something better.

    Now chin up, blow your nose, and I’ll go put on your Bananas In Pyjamas video. There’s a lad.

    – Barra

  15. Barra, you might have noticed on previous posts that I am not a big fan of Chocco.

    But, I don’t think you did.

  16. I think Mr. Holka1 makes a very good case for keeping Choco right where he is.

  17. Ten minutes gone in the last quarter of Geelong vs Fremantle, andit’s one goal the difference. This would have to be the biggest upset of the year if the Dockers can find a way to win.

  18. Not ten minutes gone; ten minutes to go. (It couldn’t happen anyway – what was I thinking.)

  19. Mig –

    So you agree the retention of Choco is good for the rest of the comp ?

    (Just stirring)

    – Barra

  20. Miglo, Williams is finished.

    He won’t last the season, a good thing too.

    Given the financial troubles facing Port, I think they’ll be known as the ”Tassie Power” within a couple of years.

    This will be good for football.

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