Abbott and Costello

As suggested by Min – we think this photo deserves a caption.

Abbott and Costello

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  1. What about those old black and white movies we made … we had ’em fooled right up until the last election …

  2. The extended bum wipes recommended by our friends at Blogocrats work a treat, don’t they?

  3. Abbott: I recon that if I extend my left leg a little further down, then I’ll be able to do the splits. Wadda think hey buddy? Costello: Whatever you say mate.

  4. Go on – feel how strong my thighs are.

  5. Costello: “It’s not the first time you’ve been on your knees is it Tony?”

  6. Who farted?

  7. Is that a Rolex? And how can you afford it on a backbenchers salary.

    I’ve got my secrets Pete.

  8. reb – ROFL…. very good.

  9. Is Abbott your real name or did you adopt it in some religious belief that you would meet the real Jesus?

    … and by the way Tony, I have been crucified once before, I just decided not this time, OK?

  10. Peter, your leaving us soon so I felt I had to ask you now… Will you marry me?

  11. Oh Peter,
    Why couldn’t yo stick it out? (apologies, I think, JoM)

  12. “At least we didn’t lose our seat at the election”.

  13. ” The PM did a great job of cleaning out your ear wax!”

  14. OK, joni’s last one got an audible laugh out of me 🙂

  15. Hmm, my glass is empty and I’m trying to ignore the two blokes behind me. I hope that it’s legal.

  16. I have a coral growth coming out of my left foot..any suggestions?

  17. Get your head under my desk Tony!

  18. “Who’s on first?”


    “What, that turd ball?”

    “Turdball’s on second.”


    “Crap’s fielding.”

    “Fielding’s crap?”

    “Fielding’s lost between Wong and third.”

    “Wong’s on fourth?”

    “No Hockey’s on fourth.”

    “Arrrg, go Back.”

    “Back’s outfield.”

    “What, Fielding’s out but back?”

    “What’s on second.”

    “F*ck off Costello!”

  19. Adrian, you can expect a very contemporary record from reb, it\’s outstanding it the field.

    Field\’s standing in what?

  20. “I bet your book goes into the discount bins sooner than mine did”

  21. No need to grovel Tony, you were always going to inherit the high chair.

  22. Honestly – if you say “Mr Speaker” a lot people think you know what you are talking about.

  23. Note – above posted in an attempt at “humour”.

    I’ll leave Ben alone now.

  24. sreb, *THE* C&W CD must go to Adrian!

    …anyone who\’s heard the Abbott & Costello stand-up of the Baseball Coach would have to agree that post was the best yet!

    I had hoped that I might receive *THE* CD as a special birthday gift (did I tell you its my birthday in 12 days?) but I\’ll gladly see, Adrian, receive it in recognition of his post – well done, Adrian!

    Applause, cheers !!! 😉

  25. Nice work Mobius.

    I was waiting for that.

  26. “Now I’m off, I’ll dub you ‘Turnbulls Biggest Worry’ AND ‘Most hated smartarse’ – it’s not an either/or proposition”

  27. Are you really the smiling assasin, Tony

  28. “Pay cuts for workers at last, Tony”

    “Yess!! LOL”

  29. I’m really amazed that there have been no religious quips, therefore in an attempt to help fill this gap.

    Pete, I was going to cross myself but the bloke in front drank all the holy water.

  30. Oh, darling, charcoal is your colour. Do you come here often?

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