Poll Numbers

(I stole this from an N5 comment – and thought it was good to use as a thread – joni)

So the latest Newspoll is out and about, it  shows that Labor on a TPP basis leads 53% to 47% which places them in a better position than when they won the last election. The Essential poll has Labor on 57% to 43% TPP.

While Labor’s primary vote has dropped 2%, half the loss migrated to the Greens which then returned in the TPP. The Greens gain may be explained by the weak targets in Rudd’s CO2 targets. But who knows?

Rudd’s performance is up 2% from 56% to 58% while his dissatisfaction score is down 2%, all of which can be explained by the MOE. In the preferred PM rating Rudd outscores Turnbull 57% to 24%. No joy for the Liberals in those figures, regardless of how they spin it.

When will this ‘honeymoon’ end?