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Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack, our beginning of the working week chit chat thread.

And by all counts, this week is going to be filled with the promise of sheer levity and much hillarity! Things are off to a spell-binding start with a new report from BIS Shrapnel predicting that we’re on the cusp of a nationwide property boom ! (cue the canned laughter), and as joni points out, the honourable member for something Peter Costello has decided to tip-toe out of politips.

Which has some Blogocrats asking “will others follow in his wake?”

Well surely, you’d have to take a good, hard look at Tony Abbott. (Or perhaps not).

But Malcolm Turnbull must be delighted with the news and is no doubt gagging back his second flute of vintage Krug as we speak.

Coming back to property for a second, poor old Professor Steve Keens must be crying himself to sleep with the BIS Shrapnel report – having sold his Sydney home through fear of the property market crashing further. Or, could it be, that the BIS Shrapnel report is what we technically call “a load of bollocks?”

Meanwhile in more important news Oscar Wilde and George the Greek Car Thief continue to entertain on Master chef. Check it out on Channel Ten tonight at 7.00pm.

Thanks to Tom of Melbourne, I will dining at George’s restaurant “The Press Club” this Saturday. I will be taking my little notepad and Victor will no doubt have his camera so there will be a full blow-by-blow analysis over at the Food Trail next week.

By the way, me and joni are thinking of setting up a Facebook Group for all you cats. What do you think any interest?

So happy Monday everyone, and since we haven’t had some music for a while, here’s a little something to get everyone in the mood. Feel free to join in if you know the words…

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  1. Who is this Victor chap? I thought his name was Noods (aw – so sweet).

  2. Noods, eh?

    My other half calls me woo.


  4. Scaper – and there we have a theme for todays thread… what is your nickname from (and for) your partner.

    My ex calls me “chiquis”, and the boyf just calls me “baby”. Nothing special really.

  5. So when reb says that he is having noodles for dinner – we should all avert our eyes.

  6. I wonder if Noods calls reb Shaz?

  7. As for music, here’s a little something from the same timezone …

  8. Reb, I’ve a good nickname for you. Drunken bastard.

  9. Still with the flu..still with computer problems.

    But for all you drunken bastards, it just has to be snooky ookums. It’s from Easter Parade but these YouTube things are getting very scarce indeed.

  10. That’s a bit rich coming from you isn’t it Miglo??

  11. Reb, forgive me. It was meant as a term of endearment.


  12. This video runs for 15 minutes, but I urge you to watch it when the rare opportunity presents itself. IT IS worth it.

    Generally, people with this fellow’s amazing skills are autistic or suffer from Aspergers, however this bloke is too extroverted for that.

    The last few minutes of the video will leave you breathless.

  13. Does anyone know what feedreader software is?

  14. Scaper, I’m no expert but it has something to do with RSS feeds.

  15. Miglo, that makes sense as it was from

  16. That was god damn awesome, Miglo! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Another poll and another rise for the government and Rudd with a corresponding drop for the opposition and Turnbull.

    So much for James’s claim Rudd is a disaster and the claim his gauche use of colloquialisms would bring him down.

    Thing is the more the opposition, the rabid right media, their opionators and the Labor opponents indulge in meaningless trivialities and trite to attack then this poll will always be the result and it will be the result at the next election.

    There are ample enough examples of this banality and mole hill growing in this blog, mostly out of sour grapes from very sore losers who cannot move on and still hurt that their beloved hero fell twice in one election.

    All the while, as these continuous attacks based on prattle and piffle go on, real agenda and substance for meaningful criticism of Rudd and the government is bypassed, and the opponents pat themselves on the back and have good guffaws in mutual admiration at the next tripe they dish out in unison, stating this is the blow that will bring down Rudd and the government, and the people are finding out who the real Rudd is.

    Hogwash, they are as banal and trite as the banality and trite they dish out.


  19. Mobius Ecko – you missed the link.

    Great comment scaper. Totally consistent.

  20. There are ample enough examples of this banality and mole hill growing in this blog, mostly out of sour grapes from very sore losers who cannot move on and still hurt that their beloved hero fell twice in one election.

    Ever heard of a sore winner? Witness: Adrian ‘Mobius Strip Echo’ of Nowra.

    Lighten up Adrian, FFS, before you blow a gasket.

  21. I’ve been spaminised again.

  22. It will be interesting how this government will be judged in a decade, I believe it won’t be kindly!

    In fact I reckon this government is a shocker and the opposition is worse so we are stuck with a two party disaster.

    It amazes me when I see the footy team mentality of people that don’t question their parties actions because of blind loyalty…what suckers!

  23. So civil, even intelligent, get a life you lot:
    where your opinion is least valued.
    ( And I feel that there is going to be ‘discussion’ between the MEN and the lady’s on affairs of the kitchen, it includes the sink, dears)
    I’ve already been asked to donate an ear,,you’d think that sweat alone would be enough, Oh no, I blame it on Freud and the discovery of the clitoris..

  24. The computer of the future. You’ll want one after watching this video. This runs for 8 minutes.

  25. Hey Miglo, did you see that Reb is going to float Blogocrats Pty Ltd?

    I know you think that your boss causes some grief, so I think I can line you up with a position in the start up.

    How do you like the sound of being a corporate barista? That’s corporate lingo for a new style tea lady!

  26. scaper…, on June 15th, 2009 at 8:04 pm Said:
    “In fact I reckon this government is a shocker and the opposition is worse so we are stuck with a two party disaster.”

    The old adage, “a government is only as strong as the opposition” in a two party system, means sooner or later, going into a death spin.

  27. Miglo, from your video:

    “take out our cellphone and google which is the most ecologically responsible toilet paper to buy”


  28. Toilet paper was not the best choice.

  29. Stirling Newberry usually has some interesting economic thoughts. This is posits “Command Keynesianism” in China as the reason for the global economy finding a bottom, and comparing the Chinese and US economies of late.

  30. Mobius Ecko, on June 15th, 2009 at 7:41 pm Said:
    Another poll and another rise for the government and Rudd with a corresponding drop for the opposition and Turnbull.

    So much for James’s claim Rudd is a disaster and the claim his gauche use of colloquialisms would bring him down.


    Egg for breakfast, Adrian?


  31. “There are ample enough examples of this banality and mole hill growing in this blog, mostly out of sour grapes from very sore losers who cannot move on and still hurt that their beloved hero fell twice in one election.”

    You mean the hero who was responsible for the ‘bottom of the harbour scheme’? Double LOL!

    Making a mountain out of a mole hill, one thinks.

  32. Lotharsson, on June 15th, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Mismatches within the sticky statics and dynamics abound for inchoate, ad hoc, crisis-driven ‘social capitalism’, while ‘capitalist socialism’ has been afforded a decade or three’s opportunity for considered reflection and stealing purchasing a head march. Perhaps.

  33. So the latest Newspoll is out and about, and like the Essential Report linked to above, it also shows that Labor on a TPP basis leads 53% to 47% which places them in a better position than when they won the last election.

    While Labor’s primary vote has dropped 2%, half the loss migrated to the Greens which then returned in the TPP. The Greens gain may be explained by the weak targets in Rudd’s CO2 targets. But who knows?

    Rudd’s performance is up 2% from 56% to 58% while his dissatisfaction score is down 2%, all of which can be explained by the MOE. In the preferred PM rating Rudd outscores Turnbull 57% to 24%. No joy for the Liberals in those figures, regardless of how they spin it.

    When will this ‘honeymoon’ end?

  34. Memo to Tom:

    Scratch Miglo’s name from any share entitlements.

    Add name to list of “voluntary redundancies”.

  35. Yes reb, I tried to find a position for him, commensurate with the skills he demonstrates here.

    You know he enjoys low level gossip, likes drinking, he’s motivated by a quick buck.

    I know that I tip the service level people quite generously.

    It seems that Miglo has missed this opportunity.

  36. Well the media did report that Underbelly 3 was about to start shooting again but I did not think it was meant in a literal sense.

    Anyway after much deep thought I have a theory on these Moran killings……!

    What if its got nothing to do with the Melbourne Underworld and it is in fact just an Arnold Schwarzeneger like “Terminator” who has landed here from the future on a mission to terminate our “future hero of mankind” who is the son of someone called Moran.

    Perhaps just like the movie the Terminator is eliminating everyone with the surname Moran that appears in the Melbourne White Pages.

    I think I’m onto something BIG !

  37. Joni,

    Could you link us to a photo of the Sydney climate-change rally. I’d like to see what sort of crowd turned out. 😉

  38. damn damn damn – I was caught up last night working on a flowchart for work… and forgot to put the video together.

    I promise to get it done tonight.

    And for the record, there was about 2000 at the Sydney rally.

  39. LOL. Not how many; what sort.

  40. LOL – um, actually it was mostly families and youngish people. Very few of the usual rent-a-crowd that I see at most leftoid protests.

  41. OH. MY. GOD.

    You have to watch this. You have to.


  42. Any of this sound familiar?

    For all its new internationalist intentions, even the many environmental radicals in the Obama administration will recognize the perils of a policy that would lead to another round of de-industrialization in the U.S. while paying competitors to bury our economy. And they have one escape hatch: the U.S. Senate.

    Absent some extreme climatic change, there is no way that the Senate is going to go along with the House or with Obama on the issue of drastic cuts in emissions. Consequently, negotiators in Bonn will say that everything that the U.S. does is contingent upon what the Senate will do.

    The smartest policy for the new “internationalist” administration would be to support the massive emissions reductions proposed in the House legislation, and to delay consideration by the Senate until after the Copenhagen meeting, where it is sure to die. Obama can burnish his international environmental credentials, please those within his own administration, and avoid further destruction of the economy.

  43. Thanks’s for fat people who can’t reach where they need to.

  44. Min, do these people have short arms? Otherwise, how far up do they want to go?

  45. James and Ross, excellent topic. I have the ‘flu, and this is just what the doctor ordered to give me a laugh or several.

    Fat people have short arms in relation to their girth aka their roundness.

  46. And not all news is bad news..,25197,25644404-12377,00.html

    A NEW survey has shown 60 per cent of Australians support gay marriage.

    And of the remainder, 20% didn’t know what gay meant, 10% thought to ask the opinion of their pastor because they don’t have opinions of their own and of the remaining 10%..obviously people who you wouldn’t invite to dinner. [the above is mine..not from the site 🙂

  47. It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t mine, but I’ll keep my eyes open for some cheap Grange.,27574,25644494-29277,00.html

    Police are investigating the burglary in Mawson of about 30 bottles of vintage Penfolds Grange – widely considered Australia’s most collectable wine and worth about $15,000.

    I’m already taking orders. Maximum of 2 bottles per person.

  48. A friend was just stopped on Martin Place and asked what she thought about the rate increase by the CommBank – and how she felt knowing that the bank was just about to hold a half-year staff party.

    Nothing like a bit of push polling to influence the outcome?

  49. Too right joni.

    Similarly . . .

    Aborigines used to (or maybe still do) congregate in Victoria Square in Adelaide for a few drops, invariably have a few too many drops, and purportadly harass passersby.

    Channel 7 ran a poll: “Should Aborigines be allowed to drink alcohol in Victoria Square?’ Yes/No.

    Push polling or what?

    Perhaps a question such as: “Do you think more should be done to assist Aborigines who have been dispossed from their land?” would have helped diminish the hysteria that the Channel 7 poll created.

  50. Good God, Min, we can’t have principles like this:

    “If someone has a marriage certificate, it puts their legal status beyond question,” Mr Furness said, adding matrimony should be about love and commitment, not gender.

    It would mean they qualify for the same government “benefits” as everyone else who is married, and as we’ve been told a lot lately on the other thread, that’s just not on 😉

  51. Miglo@6.32pm

    I’m really surprised that you were able to find that footage of me recorded at UCLA.

    I don’t have Autism or Aspergers, but as you know suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome. That probably explains my genius.

    However, I’m dissapointed that you showed the piss weak G rated version of that clip (it was heavily edited from the f**kin’ original take).

  52. Reb, your genius is too great to reveal to the world in one huge hit.

    Small glimpses like that are easy enough for mere mortals to comprehend.

    Keep up the good work.

  53. I see that Radio National has a new segment: Water Cooler Conversations.

    My oh my.

  54. Miglo, I thought you’d be dead by now.

    You had us all eagerly awaiting news of your demise.

    What’s going on? Are you really, really ill or not?

    Or where you just filling out your “stress leave” forms?

  55. Genuinely crook Tom. This lupus is a nasty disease.

  56. Well Miglo, Lupus? Very debilitating, and unusual. Did you know that it is more common in women?

    So, did you come down with the affliction following some “out of hours” activates necessary to secure your privileges from your unreasonable and demanding boss?*

    Please note – attempted “humour”

  57. Yes Tom, I know all the statistics on Lupus.

  58. Apologies Miglo

  59. Miglo, my sympathies as well.

  60. Thanks guys.

  61. Miglo, even though you are a hoon car driving slum lord, I really do wish you good health.

    Hope you are back to your sparring best soon.

  62. Thanks Tom.

    I’m home again today, having not slept at all last night, however the pillow is starting to look good.

  63. Migs, just read the end of this thread. My daughter in law suffers with Lupus – empathy with you, mate … hope it improves soon (GWS is a silly phrase under the circumstances – we are aware of the issues) … be thinking of you …

  64. Thanks TB.

  65. Migs..have emailed. Don’t worry about replying, just get well. Huggy ones MinXXX

  66. Yes Min, I feel very sorry for the teasing I’ve given Miglo.

    And I feel a sense of duty to keep him entertained during his ailment.

    I’d like to start a long winded argument about something pointless or obscure, just to keep him amused. Can you suggest a topic?

    Here are a few of my conversation starters –

    • I think government funded insulation is stupid.
    • I think the unions in WA are about to start an inter-union factional turf war over the maggots that have deliberately found their way into mine site canteens.
    • It is a fact that I think and believe that unions exercise a significant influential controlling interest in the ALP.

    If you have any others, please post them here!!

  67. Actually, how about a thread, titled “Entertaining Miglo”?

  68. Oh I suppose I should chip in my good wishes too.

    Get well soon Miglo, or at least at some point in time in the future…

  69. Or “E-duck-ating Miglo”?

  70. Sounds to be an excellent idea Tom, Reb and Joni. Plus added to Joni’s – 5 ways to keep a duck happy 🙂

  71. Saw this graffiti on a dunny wall once……..

    “Shooters have guns but ducks can’t shoot!”

    And underneath some wag had added……

    “Yeah but they can duck….”

    I still chuckle at that one.

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