A tosser or a dag?

As we have seen this week, there has been a lot of discussion about Rudd and his use of ‘strine’ to make out that he is a real fair dinkum aussie. I have mates that actually talk like Rudd did the other night. And I mean the traditional aussie slang (ya drongo, hooroo, fair suck of the sav) not the new slang (fully sick).

I reckon that he is just a dag. You know – like the uncle at a wedding that tries to be cool and down with the kids.

Our last PM (you know – the one who lost his seat at the election) was also a bit of a dag too. Wearing the  trackie when walking, his “Happy Feet” photo, his attempt at bowling.

And so the question is – is Rudd just a dag, or is he a tosser? And does it matter?