Friday Frolykz

Hello! Hello!!

Good afternoon and welcome to Friday Frolykz! Our end of the working week – beginning of the weekend thread.

I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.

Now, for those of you that think I’m a complete pisshead, I’ll have you know that I haven’t had a glass of anything containing alcohol – well except for listerine – for OVER ONE WEEK!

That’s quite an accomplishment where I’m from.

Interestingly, Catalyst the other night reckons that scientists have identified a gene known as “the A1 gene” that can determine whether you’re going to be the sort of person that can enjoy a standard glass of wine with your meal, or whether you’re going to gag that standard glass back in two seconds and be on to your second bottle of wine within twenty minutes.

I think I must have the A1 gene coming out of my arse. Speaking of which I’ve recently discovered Yahoo “Answers.”

Have you seen it? It’s camp.

It’s basically like a message board where people can ask questions and others can answer them, with the best answer receiving a reward in “points” from the proponent of the question.

The other day I stumbled across this question from a young guy who was asking “why don’t chicks (sic) dig anal sex?”

After thinking about this for a moment I suggested that he ought to try shoving a medium sized carrot up his arse to find out the answer to his own question in a practical manner.

Well blow me over with a feather! He said my answer was the best one and invited me ’round to his place where an assortment of zucchini shaped vegetables were going to be on offer.

Although humbled, I graciously declined. Vegetables aren’t really my thing.

Now how did I get onto that?

Oh and another thing, while there’s some good TV on at the moment (Moving Wallpaper, The Tracey Ullman Show and the Graham Norton Show) to name but a few, one show I won’t be watching tonight is “The Perfect Vagina” on SBS. However I imagine a few of the boys here might be tempted to tune in.

I’ll expect a full report on my desk first thing in the morning. But please spare us the gruesome details..

Hip Hip!

Costello’s Pre-selection – Does He Deserve It?

Well, the dead-line for Costello’s nomination for preselection fast approaches and we’re still to find out whether Costello will continue to play games with the Liberal Party or whether he will call and end to it. It is almost universally accepted by the Liberal Party that he will nominate himself (in which case, he’ll get the preselection unopposed).

If he does, the games could go on until just past the next election, where Malcolm Turnbull either wins (dashing Costello’s hopes of being the Liberal Messiah returned) or loses and faces challenges for leadership. If Costello doesn’t challenge for the leadership – he will lose any capability of doing so as the younger leaders step up to the plate. Having been handed the leadership on a silver platter and failing to challenge for the leadership twice – Costello’s ability to intimidate the competition will be greatly diminished.

I suppose it is also possible Costello will challenge before the next election, but I give that a snowball’s chance in hell of occurring.

That said, I have to wonder whether the guy deserves the preselection regardless of nomination. This is not an anti-Liberal thing, but a serious question about what we expect from our elected representatives. Costello has refused to take on the leadership (when offered) or to challenge for it. He has also refused the generally sought after right to be a member of shadow cabinet (not as highly sought after as the standard cabinet, but we’ll leave that be *grin*). If we are to believe him, and the continued claims of the Liberal Party, Peter Costello was one of the best Treasurers to grace the halls of Federal Parliament. If that is the case, isn’t it an obligation for him to provide his expertise to the Liberal Party in Opposition? Not just for the Party itself who, if we are to believe the polls, are not cutting through with their message of Labor’s supposed economic mismanagement; but also for his constituency? What would be better than leader of the party or (shadow) cabinet to ensure your voters needs/wants are represented in party & parliament business?

Seriously, refusing to step up for the hard work of Opposition Leader is one thing. It’s hard work, you’re almost guaranteed to be replaced before the election, and your trying to control the expectations of a party that just got voted out of power (not an easy thing). On the other hand, refusing to serve on the (shadow) cabinet implies you are simply living nicely on the public purse without aiding your party back into power. That’s not only bad for the Liberal’s (who might think the seat better filled by go-getter), but it’s bad for the tax-paying public who voted him in.

Update: Looks like Costello has decided not to sit. Thanks to scaper for the heads up.

Friday Footy with Tom

What a week!!

Some of us had a technicolour yawn after our PM advised that we should engage (reasonably and justly) in systematic vibration of vessels containing liquid, viscous food flavouring matter (*1)

In answer to a very interesting, but provocative, question from himself, our PM also suggested that the opposition cease and desist from proceeding towards the uncooked seafood crustacean (*2).

The PM sure knows how to connect with us common folk with his use of the Australian vernacular!!

The games this week…

Dogs v Port Adelaide

The Port Adelaide fans set off early this week for Darwin . On Wednesday night they thrashed the pub at Kulgra, had a fight, but amongst themselves, there weren’t enough local misfits to go around. They slept it off in their cars. On Thursday night, following some drinking and fighting, the Port supporters noted that the Alice Springs lock up is quite modern. Everyone agreed that it is better than the one in Alberton.

Arriving in Darwin in time to spend the day at the glamorous Skycity Casino before the game, Port supporters are destined to loose their remaining cash. In Port Adelaide a poker machine is known as a “medium risk retirement plan”.

There will be spike in the rate of violent robbery (known as a “low risk retirement plan”) in Darwin on Saturday afternoon as the Port Power Cheer Squad seek some additional cash. The night will topped off with a good fight at the game, accompanied by plenty of beer. It is just a pity that their team is set to be thrashed by the dogs.

The Port mob will drive straight home. The Stuart Hwy will have the world’s longest wheelie. They will arrive home in time for the 10am Monday listing at the Port magistrate’s court. It’s been a great few days!!

Carlton v St Kilda

This week Fev accepted the advice of our own dinky dye PM, and pointed percy at the police station. Sink the sausage Fev! So many sausages will be sunk that Carlton will win.

Richmond v Eagles

Jade Rawlings is the new tigers coach. Tigers will now go on a winning streak from this game and they’ll just miss the finals. Jade will be appointed as coach next year, but he will get the sack after the tigers loose the first 6 rounds in 2010. Tony Jewell will then be appointed caretaker.

I’m a traditionalist and really looking forward to the continuation of this endless cycle. Tigers to win, to ensure failure next season.

Hawthorn v Brisbane

Hawthorn doctors have reported – it isn’t swine flu, it is only the team throwing up after listening to the motivational speech of President Kennett.

Brisbane is a far better club; they only have Gold Coast property developers and used car salesmen on their board. They’ve never stooped as low as Hawthorn for a front man.

Go bears.

Adelaide v North Melbourne

The sports press aren’t serious these days. They have not given adequate space to attacking Dean Laidley. He is a carcass not a coach, and it is about time these footy “journalists” pointed this out, again and again and again.

Then again.

Hopefully a thrashing of North by Truro/Snowtown United FC will provide the press with enough ammunition to get off their collective backsides and start doing their job. Attack the coach!


*1 “fair shake of the sauce bottle”

*2 “don’t come the raw prawn”

Tom of Melbourne

Focus on Addiction

There’s been a couple of shows on TV this week about the nature of addiction.

One was the “Diary of a Heroin Addict” on ABC2 on Wednesday, which was the remarkable insight into the personal journey of a heroin addict who lived at home with his family.

Usually, like most people I guess, I’ve been quite dismissive about hard drug users, more or less thinking that they’ve got themselves into their own situation, so they’re responsible for that.

Well this documentary has changed my outlook completely.

To witness “Ben” in his early thirties cry out in sheer desperation that he hated his addiction while injecting himself, and then passing out was truly gut-wrenching, not to mention his efforts to get clean only to relapse again.

The entire helplessness of his, and his family’s situation, the love they have for each other despite his addiction was truly eye-opening.

For those who haven’t seen it, it is definitely worth seeing if it screens again. And it has completely changed my previously somewhat stereotypical views of the nature of addiction and the addicts themselves, particularly those who find themselves in the grip of addiction to hard core drugs.

This is the extract from ABC2:

Ben Rogers was a bright schoolboy from a loving, middle class family. He played in the orchestra, loved cricket and enjoyed the annual family holiday. But his future promise was halted when he started taking drugs in his teens. Early drinking led to cannabis, harder drugs, and then the revelation to his family, at the age of 21, that he was addicted to heroin.

Over the next 13 years Ben and his family battled with his addiction, going through detox, rehab and attempts at ‘cold turkey’, but his health gradually declined. Whilst attempting another detox aged 34, he died from a brain haemorrhage.

But during the last two years of his life, Ben filmed an unflinching video diary showing his final desperate attempts to come off heroin. It’s a portrayal of his descent; intimate, raw, and at times difficult to watch, he talks to his glove puppet as he injects into a vein in his groin.

It is also a very intimate portrait of a family battling to save their son. He tells the camera: “I hope that when you look at this afterwards that you don’t think I’m self-pitying because I know that I’ve done this to myself.” Yet we see the impact on his mother in her sheer frustration, anger and tears, as Ben fluctuates between searing honesty and manipulating deception.

Days before his death, Ben weeps into the camera that he knows he is losing his battle, and begs those watching the footage to use it to show how powerful and deadly the drug can be. His mother is now determined to warn teenagers of the effects of drugs.

More info here:

And after doing some google searches, I “think” the documentary can be downloaded here

As news reports are coming that Sydney is experiencing a dramatic surge in cocaine use, and the fact that overwhelming majority of crime in Australia is drug-related, it is perhaps timely to open this topic up for discussion..