Get Them While They’re Young!

No, it’s not a post enouraging pedophiles, it’s a guest post from Tom of Melbourne!

Unions NSW and the ACTU have launched a brand new method of indoctrinating the young.

They intend to sign up school children as unionists, at the “cut price’ of $10 per month. Seems a bit steep to me. Though if the union is any good we will see some very innovative excuses for homework not being done and poor grades. The unions would only have to recycle the excuses they currently provide for the performance of employees.

Our children will be able to visit unionised workplaces (HOORAY!!) and non union ones (BOOOO!), apparently escorted by some hack. I wonder which ones will come up looking better? Will “GOOD” or “EVIL” seem better?

No doubt our little ones will be taught the “WADDA WE WAN??!!, (something unattainable or economically unsustainable), WENNA WE WANIT?!!! – NOW!!!” mantra.

As if children need more training on how to make unreasonable demands.

Thankfully unions haven’t initiated a similar program aimed at wives and mistresses.

Tom of Melbourne

The Prime Minister is on Top of Things.

Now it might just be me, which typically it usually is, but I am growing a tad tired of Kevin Rudd’s increasing tendency towards providing a running commentary on things that are so fundamentally irrelevant to his primary role of running the country.

While many people are worried about where their next pay packet is coming from and whether they can afford to pay the bills and feed the family, our little “prince of politics” is fannying about positively glistening with feigned outrage over matters that are usually constrained to the rightful domains of women’s magazines.

The little tit-for-tat exchange between Tracy Grimshaw and Gordon Ramsay earlier this week for example, was, apparently, of significant national importance to warrant the Prime Minister’s intervention in news bulletins that are currently making headline news around the world with peach cheeks declaring Gordon Ramsay “a new form of low life.“

Even the Deputy PM, Julia Gillard felt it necessary to voice her disgust in the escalating national security drama of “the chef and the show host” by adding:

“I understand from the publicity that Gordon Ramsay is a good chef,” Ms Gillard said. “I think perhaps what he should do is confine himself to the kitchen and make nice things for people to eat rather than make public comments about others.”

“Nice things to eat?” Well said Julia. Thanks for your contribution to this signficant issue of international current affairs.

As perhaps the nation’s two most important officeholders, I’m glad to see that the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have their attention firmly focused on the issues that matter.

Sadly however, the matter doesn’t rest there.

In another startling revelation, this week Woman’s Day magazine published photographs of the Prime Minister’s wife Therese Rudd exercising in the gym. Big deal you might think.

Well, you’d be wrong. Once again traversing into the now familiar territory of Women’s rags turf, the PM started up again with more feigned disgust:

“Most women in Australia would feel that they should have some privacy when they go to the gym,” Mr Rudd said.

“If magazines choose to photograph people training at the gym through their cameras without their consent, well, I presume it’s a matter for those magazines.”

Feeling that the PM might be on to something with this new style of “new idea” commentary, the Opposition Leader, Sir Malcolm Turnbull went even further than Mr Rudd, describing the photos as an “unfortunate invasion of privacy”.

Clearly this is a matter of national significance that we should all be concerned about.

And just as you were beginning to wonder whether things couldn’t get any more absurd, they did.

Following criticism that his frontbench re-shuffle heralded a predominantly male line-up of factional heavyweights, the PM dismissed the claims with an unusual term “fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate.”

Kevin clearly thought he was onto a winner here, so much so, that he used the term three times during an interview on sky news.

In his defence, he is from Queensland, but is “fair shake of the sauce bottle” really the sort of thing that we want our nation’s highest elected office-holder to have beamed around the world as Australia’s take on issues of major political significance?

It seems the Kevin Rudd we know today is a far cry from the man we knew 18 months ago as Kevin 07.

But it’s nice to know he’s on top of the issues that really matter to ordinary Australians.

I am not a racialist but…

Joni: Here is a guest post from a friend of mine in London. I saw his facebook update on the elections, and asked him if he would write a piece for us.  The BNP is the ultra right wing party in the UK. And here it is…(great writing I think).

There is something of a cloud over the British political landscape thanks to the election of the two British National Party candidates to the European Parliament.  It’s a black day in British politics and all the more sad in that it has come about thanks to the utterly inert response to politics, and especially European politics, in general.  The BNP vote rose on average by about 2% and they command only a small minority voice.  Nick Griffin, leader of the party, won a seat by polling less than he did 5 years ago.  The reason for his victory was that many didn’t bother to vote.  This was particularly true in the case of Labour supporters who deserted their party in tens of thousands which allowed Griffin’s fascist bile a platform in Europe and the money to fund researchers who will dig up more “facts and figures” they will use to misrepresent the truth to give credence to their agenda.

Politics is often about dishonesty, cowardice, and compromise and the British Fascists are becoming masters at this.  Their message has been tempered to appear digestible to the public.  Gone are the “immigrants out!”  messages and replaced by a system of “voluntary repatriation”.  It seems so reasonable.  His words to qualify are carefully chosen.  He has said that people who are making a valuable contribution to the economy of this country can stay.  Now it doesn’t take an idiot (although perhaps it might take some of those who voted for him) much to see that they will deem some not to be making a valuable contribution.  What happens to them takes us back to their old intolerant rhetoric.  It’s the lie behind the smokescreen; Mr Griffin is a thoroughly dishonest man.  He’s compromising to get his foothold and is too frightened to tell the real truth that his supporters and, no doubt, he believes.

He has also claimed that the “liberal elite” are responsible for the state of the country.  If that’s the case, I’m proud to be a member of the liberal elite, something which embraces democratic principles and welcomes people from all parts of the world the opportunity to come and experience what Britain has to offer.  He claims we perpetuate a culture where you can celebrate all different kinds of festivals, except those for white people.  The issue, I suspect, is the fact that he demands these things, others ask.  To simply expect these is folly as the reason he wants to be able to march down a street with a flag of St George on our saint’s day is to demonstrate superiority over “immigrants” and to threaten and intimidate.  Celebrations of the worst kind, echoing Oswald Mosely’s blackshirts of the 1930’s and just as unwelcome now as they were back then.

His followers are of the “I’m not racialist but…” mentality.  They see numbers of people arriving and forget they are people and have multitudes of reasons for coming here.  These attitudes are deeply engrained in the psyche of many nations.  We are naturally suspicious of “the other” and it’s the British Fascists of the BNP who want to perpetrate this.  It’s the pathetic power game of the school bully, a thoroughly un-adult approach to problem solving.  Hate them, kick them out. 

Last week when I was about to go and vote I was thinking about the rhetoric of the fascist BNP propaganda: British jobs for British people.  I’ve been out of work for 6 weeks now, I am that person, who is fighting against people from overseas, and yes, some of them are doing jobs I could do and some will get jobs I am perfectly well qualified for.  Britain is in a mess but it’s not the fault of the ordinary people working here be they from Poland, South Africa, Australia, India, or wherever the hell else they come from.  The fascists are misleading people.  I don’t bear any malice to the people who have come here in the last few decades, nor do I bear any malice to those who’ve come in the past 10 centuries.  Britain is has always been a multi-cultural melting pot.  It’s that, not the moronic dogma of fascists which has, and will continue to make this country great.