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Tuesday By the Tea Trolley



Good morning, and welcome to our beginning of the working week thread.

I didn’t bother opening the magazine shop yesterday, seeing as it was a public holiday n’ all. And me an Joni would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes by the way.

So instead, I’ve asked joni to wheel out the tea trolley to offer up a bit of tea and crumpet.

Anyway, feel free to talk about what ever’s on your mind. And if you have an iota of interest, you can read my latest tirade about Facebook over at the Gutter.
Happy, happy, happy….


Update: just for everyone to have a laugh at – here is the photo that I referred to. joni.


71 Responses

  1. Reb

    If you look at the photos of me on facebook you will see that there is a photo that is very reminicant of the image above….

  2. Funny that out of 140 cities worldwide that are the top liveable citiesin the world, the US can only manage their first city at 29th place, being Pittsburgh.

    Not a very good outcome for their type of democracy and capitalism which is supposed to be the envy of the world.

    Maybe they need to look inside their own house first for a change.

  3. My business partner rang this morning to say she is suffering flu symptoms and aches and pains after being on a bus with a group of girls including her daughter for netball in Brisbane over the weekend.

    Now I am not panicking but told her to stay at home and then get tested for swine flu. I don’t want to be quarantined for a week and would rather her be quarantined 🙂

  4. Joni..I can’t find a link to your facebook..in fact I don’t know much about facebook (ok..so I lived in Billinudgel for years).

    I have a wonderful photo of son age 8yrs wearing his sister’s tutu which I promptly showed his partner when they were last here.

  5. A member of the Victorian Parliament, Carlo Carli, has today advised he is quitting parliament. He tipped a big bucket on the factional warlords and hacks that control the party.

    He was critical of the ALP for neglecting to implement the recommendations of the Hawke Wran Report of 2002 (even though he referred to it as the Hawke Carr report).

    He said the branch structure was no longer vibrant, and community activists were no longer able to progress within party structures.

    I think he’s right. The ALP structure is completely stuffed. It is run by union hacks, who use preselection as their career path. The only others that get preselection are celebrities like Nicole Cornes and Peter Garrett, who weren’t even members of the party when they made the decision to try a political career.

    This is the report that Hawke and Wran wrote, now gathering dust.


  6. [Scroll on by…]

    Strangely enough, torture advocates are not clamouring for torture of doctor killer who claims knowledge of future attacks (“ticking time bomb”!) Maybe they have an exception to the principles they espouse for Americans?

  7. [Scroll on by…]

    Meanwhile, a guy who was held at Guantanamo for nearly 8 years without charges, despite his own country’s court finding the accusations not credible before he was released directly to US kidnappers in Bosnia, was interviewed. He says he was never even asked about the accusations that apparently led to his detention.

  8. Joni,

    That’s camp!

    “You shall go to the ball….!!”

  9. Awww joni..and the definition of cuteness is…

  10. @Lotharsson:
    Well, there is generally a difference used by the politically savvy proponents of torture in that they only do it in the interest of “national security”. That is, unless it is about an attack on the USA as a nation, torture is technically not something they’re advocating as a preventative measure. Not everyone supporting the torture of enemy combatants is as safe, but the ones in power were pretty hedgy about it.

    On the other hand, the Bosnian guy being held for eight years with no questioning on his so called crimes – that deserves more publicity. Thing is, the media have moved on from this story. Doesn’t get the ratings anymore…

  11. Tol re: torture is technically not something they’re advocating as a preventative measure.

    And yet the argument is that if Gitmo is closed that this will be an encouragement to terrorists. But I suspect that you are quite right; to my knowledge there has never been any official argument that torture acts as a deterrent…quite right..technically that is.

  12. It was reported in the SMH today that Frank Sartor may replace Rees as premier of NSW in the not-to-distant future.

    I don’t think I know of a more disliked politician (at least amongst my circle) than Sartor. If the NSW ALP thinks he’s their saviour, they need to total rethink.

  13. My left palm is very, very itchy. Doesn’t that mean money coming in? How much is OzLotto’s draw tonight?

    (And stop that dirty thinking you lot.)

  14. Daphon..my feeling is that NSW ALP is dead meat at the next election. The last election was anyone but the Libs mostly due to Howard and WorkChoices, this election it will be anyone but the NSW Labs.

  15. I think that re $s and itchy palms that it’s give with the right and accept with the left. I expect a small donation re this information should you win tonight’s OzLotto 😉

  16. Birthday wishes? What birthday? Did I miss out on another frackin’ party!

    (Note to self, the only way to keep up is to post more … reply to self, so stop doing all the other retired person’s stuff … (rephrase, stop all the friends and relatives getting you to do things ’cause your retired …mmmmm …)

  17. Min, The Minister confirms – give with the right accept with the left … superstitions is her major in life skills 😆

  18. TB..yes I missed it too. (Psst..maybe they didn’t want to invite us oldies?).

    Jeff is home with ‘the flu’. I offered a Vicks Vaporub and he countered with, a Galways would be more the go. Hmmm, warning warning..this is what happens when you get married.

  19. Min

    What a clever man your husband is … hope he gets well soon, (has he been checked for “you know what”?

  20. TB..I accept the correction. So you mean that Daphon isn’t going to win OzLotto night?

    I’ll counter with..never plant parsley (sure fire way to fall pregnant), never put your shoes on the table or a pauper you will be, pearls are bad luck (pearls are tears)..just as starters (2 English grandmothers).

  21. It’s good to see Bob Brown get support to pay off his legal debt.

    I don’t agree with some stuff he is doing but if he is to be outed of the senate it should be via the democratic process.

    I rang him this morning to pledge some money and it looks like there was plenty others out there.


  22. Thank you TB..there are a number of them at work and everyone is being tested tomorrow.

  23. That is, unless it is about an attack on the USA as a nation, torture is technically not something they’re advocating as a preventative measure.

    I think some attempt to make this distinction, which could be argued (ignoring the fact that it’s illegal) but most don’t. It’s merely the idea that “saving lives” justifies it for the latter group.

  24. Kevin Rudd’s latest ‘down-home’ saying (heard on ABC PM tonight): “Fair shake of the sauce-bottle, mate.”

  25. Hi Min

    Joni, is that a ring on your finger?
    It just looks out of place to me. 🙂

  26. I’m getting pretty tired of listening to the PM’s cliches, he is intelligent enough to articulate without the constant use of them.

  27. Id like to see Bob Brown go.
    I’m sure there is some good things but people lean toward to greens because there sick of labor and liberal crap rather then because of a message or direction they present.

  28. “Fair shake of the sauce-bottle, mate.”

    Magic mayonnaise

  29. “Magic mayonnaise”

    Is that what I think it is?

  30. Im not sure, taste it.

  31. Im not sure, taste it.

    No, no. You guys were here first. After you.


  32. I’m sure there is some good things but people lean toward to greens because there sick of labor and liberal crap rather then because of a message or direction they present.

    Speak for yourself, aquanut!

  33. I read somewhere today it was good to use as a moisturiser.

  34. Why does the word, Sao come to mind?

  35. Fair enough Lotharsson, i kind of was(my exaggeration prevented that).

  36. Compared to how much stuff i hear from labor to all the objections i get from liberals i hear little from the greens and although i like Bob he is too quiet in the view get.

  37. *View i get*

  38. Scaper,

    The circle I mix in have a rule about never eating soggy biscuits.

  39. Daphon, I like to dip my after dinner cookies in milk, that’s as far that I will venture.

  40. Who’s birthday? Was there a party? Why wasn’t I invited?

  41. Lotharsson, don’t know if you caught this ‘development’ over at Firedog Lake, but it strikes me as all rather ‘Machiavellian’: All the News NYT Does Not See Fit to Print.

  42. Did anyone else grind their teeth last night, listening to our PM say – “fair shake of the sauce bottle mate”?

    What is going on with him?

    Does he think this makes him sound more like the rest of us?

    It is embarrassing. He sounds like a complete tosser.

    It is so contrived that it makes me puke.

  43. I thought the saying was “fair suck of the sauce bottle”?

  44. It does neutralise all the ‘fair dinkums’ from the true blues on the far side of the paddock, though. Maybe thank Unca Joe and Unca Mal over the last couple of rounds of the sheep station for the newfound prevalence of Ockerisms. 😉

  45. scaper…, on June 10th, 2009 at 9:34 am Said:

    “I thought the saying was “fair suck of the sauce bottle”?”

    Yes it is.

  46. What a dim-witted reaction by the ABC, removing the boss of comedy for the Chaser skit.

    This would have to be the most ridiculous reaction to the righteous and politically correct in recent history.

    I suggest that people email board@your.abc.net.au , and reinforce the stupidity of this decision.

  47. Tom

    100% agree… sometimes comedy hits the mark, sometimes it upsets, and comedy on the edge (like the Chaser) will sometimes go over the line. Otherwise we will end up with just having shows like Two and a Half Men.

  48. What a dim-witted reaction by the ABC, removing the boss of comedy for the Chaser skit.

    This would have to be the most ridiculous reaction to the righteous and politically correct in recent history.

    Apparently there was a lot of outrage, anger and distress in the community about the chaser skit and there were loads of complaints, many probably asking for the sacking of the entire ABC (taxpayer funded and all that).

    On media watch, the compere explained that the ABC has a system of ‘upward referral’ for satire and if in doubt about a controversial issue, the manager has to report it to their supervisor. If they don’t ‘refer up’ then they have lone responsibility for the event.

    Amanda Duthie said she did not refer and she was responsible. I believe that she’s still working in the ABC isn’t she, she’s not been completely booted out?

    Maybe you are right though tom, if people complain about the decision it might even out the complaints that they’ve already received.

  49. Kitty

    I understand that Duthie is still working for the ABC.

    Obviously they needed someone to “nlame” for the incident and Duthie took the fall.

    It sounds like a move that’s designed to appease all of those who howled offence, rather than anything else..

  50. Speaking of comedy:

    This joke was told by a 62 year old male American TV comedian to his national audience:

    One awkward moment for ….. ….. at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.

    “[H]er daughter” is a 14 year old girl. Who amongst our enlightened readership thinks a mother’s occupation makes her daughter – or the mother – fair game for this kind of thing?

  51. By the way, this is ‘A-Rod’.

  52. EUREKA!!!

    Common sense has finally prevailed, these people have finally seen through the rubbish of the ETS!

    This is worth backing.


  53. Geothermal will be our savior in the future, there will be need for new transmission lines but if built to the Cooper Basin in two directions this has the makings of a national power grid.


  54. Mark Latham for once gets it right –


    On MPs – “Their favoured form of infrastructure is the gravy train.”

  55. reb, on June 11th, 2009 at 9:58 am Said:

    Reb…………….if she’s responsible for it then she has to take the fall. Just like I have to if I screw up. She should of realised the “skit” was walking a very fine line and that it could be taken as highly offensive. Therefore she should have refered it higher.

    A lot of people were disgusted by it (especially those in the medical field and with sick children)and the ABC if it wants to keep to its lines of responsibility policy has to do something about it. As well as keep its funding intact .

    The ABC cant afford to alienate too much of the population and dont forget its demographic is those of 50 plus years.

    If you think anything can go to air then why complain about some homophobia on the footy show ?

    Maybe the footy show should do a skit on gays with AIDS.

    What would it matter ?……..or as the Chaser would say…..

    “After all they are gunna die anyway”.

  56. Tom of Melbourne, on June 11th, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Why ’cause he didn’t name the Liberals, Greens, Nationals and Independents on the same train and only referred to ALP pollies …

    The man’s got revenge and “I have a screw loose” written all over his irregular rants …

    … and while were on Latham and his rantings – I’d like to see him finish a Recruit Training Course followed by a Specialist Course and see what he thinks about our Diggers then?

    What a wanker – you choose …

  57. Latham’s a total nutcase who every now and then says something agreeable but overall he’s a bloody abomination.

    It’s kinda like Adolf Hitler…………………it was nice to see that he liked dogs but other than that he was a total abomination.

  58. Correction : Not that I’m saying Latham’s exactly like Hitler…………………..but you get my drift….?

  59. Ya know when you are on these blogs day after day and you are trying to picture what someone looks like in real life.

    I saw this today and I reckon “Tom from Melbourne” probably looks like this………..


  60. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/5643610/planets-could-collide-with-earth/

    No need to worry about AGW. This could happen. Now where’s my wife?

  61. ToM, I keep listening for the “sisters” to get up in arms about that one but all I hear are crickets. One wonders whether outrage is selectively expressed.

  62. Tom of Melbourne,

    Would you please consider getting yourself an avatar? It seems a lot of people here have trouble distinguishing between different names beginning with the letter “T”.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be associated with comments made by me, and the reverse applies. An avatar would most likely help.

  63. Hi James, how’s the study going?

    I always wonder about the predictions of destruction, Apothis might get us in the end.


  64. Scaper and James,

    Personally, I immediately dismiss any prediction that is prefaced with weasel-words like ‘could’, ‘might’, ‘may’ etc. Tim Flannery is a past-master of the weasely arts.

  65. Tony, at least these predictions have not morphed into a quasi religion.

  66. Not yet. Give ’em time.

  67. I’m sure someone will spin it in a way that will require a new tax to thwart disaster…lol!

  68. There would need to be an authority created in order to avert a (90% chance of) disaster. Taxes will of course need to be raised – temporarily – to pay for this ‘temporary but necessary’ bureaucracy.

  69. Of course a multitude of scientists will need to do urgent recearch, which of course will require vastly increased funding.

  70. The United Nations would no doubt lead the global effort. Conferences will be needed, in centrally located – tropical – locations.

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