Pssst – wanna buy Medibank

Reports are coming out that the federal government is preparing for the sale of Medibank.

THE Rudd Government is opening the way for the possible sale of Medibank Private with the Labor Party set to delete from its policy platform a clause opposing the sale of the health fund.

The story goes that there is a change in wording proposed at the next month’s Labor national conference where the words “Labor is opposed to the sale of Medibank Private” is to be dropped. Is this because the want to sell more of the family silver to reduce the deficit, or is it a change in ideology? Not good either way if you ask me.

And this comes on top of Bligh in Queensland having a fire sale to protect (or restore) the states AAA rating.

Tuesday By the Tea Trolley



Good morning, and welcome to our beginning of the working week thread.

I didn’t bother opening the magazine shop yesterday, seeing as it was a public holiday n’ all. And me an Joni would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes by the way.

So instead, I’ve asked joni to wheel out the tea trolley to offer up a bit of tea and crumpet.

Anyway, feel free to talk about what ever’s on your mind. And if you have an iota of interest, you can read my latest tirade about Facebook over at the Gutter.
Happy, happy, happy….


Update: just for everyone to have a laugh at – here is the photo that I referred to. joni.