Caption Competition

Caption Competition

Any captions?

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  1. “at least my crack ain’t hairy”

  2. That reminds me of the QLD Labor delegates last night at the Hilton.

    They were literally spewing because of Bligh wanting to sell our assets!

  3. “That’s the last time I’m going out drinking with Miglo”

  4. “Sure, he was right, it DID put hairs on my chest, but I’m not sure he gave me the full picture……”

  5. If you cock your head to the left and look at the closest pool of spew you can see a person.

    Maybe that’s how we evolved.

  6. Woah……..I missed something!! Anyone got 50c??

  7. Aw shit, Joni already on to it. As he would be I guess.

  8. Micheal Jackson’s in the waitng room

  9. And he ate here, too.

  10. But I don’t even eat carrots.

  11. He stood there aaargh-ape!

    Reminds me of the time I came home pretty pissed and fell into bed. Got up the next morning and stepped in some spew. That fkn dog, I thought. Looking at the mess I could see peas. The dog don’t eat peas! Argh.

  12. Should have read, after second viewing, “THE TWO OF THEM stood there aaargh-ape!”

  13. If you make me one more banana I swear I’ll shove the whole bunch up you phuking arse.

  14. sorry, missing word is ‘eat’.

  15. “That’s it reb, bring it all up”.

  16. Following Koko’s demonstration, the scientific community agrees that this reaction to a speech by Julia Gillard is natural, it is not a political statement.

  17. Another aberrant manifestation of intelligent design.

  18. I am an idiot – I did not even see the spew when I saw the picture on boingboing… don’t I feel like a monkey now?

  19. joni, you were dis – crack- ted!

  20. LOL – dis-crack-ted twice in fact.

  21. …On a planet where apes evolved from men, and the whitewash of history a blank canvas, Simian demonstrated all that was superior in full technicolor

  22. It’ll be fine Gordon, Tracey will forgive you eventually.

  23. Oh come on Gordon, personal abuse is one thing, but this……where the hell is that TV crew?

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