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Never Mind The Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!

Howdy Cats!

How’s it hanging..?

Speaking of which. It looks like the star of the 70’s TV show “Kung Fu” and “Kill Bill” David Carradine has snuffed it, apparently due to some bizarrre “sex act” gone wrong. He was found hanging by the neck and the nuts in the cupboard of some hotel room in Thailand.

Now it might just be me, but the idea of getting trussed up like a chook and dangling yourself in a cupboard for a few hours isn’t exactly my idea of “a good time.” But I suppose it takes all sorts. Carradine leaves behind 5 ex-wives and God knows how many pebbles.

On a personal note, I’m really getting into the routine of bringing my own lunch to work. Each day heralds the promised excitement of some hastily assembled concoction – usually consisting of some components of last night’s dinner mixed with whatever sauce that happens to be in the fridge that has the consistency of anything runnier than the primary substance of last night’s dinner.

Today, for example was a rather stodgy game sausage sandwich with grilled cheese smothered in gallons of barbeque sauce. Which by all accounts, tasted better than it sounds. Another ten bucks saved – ka-Ching!

“You can’t kill the duck?”

This is the question I’ve just emailed to a farming couple that we were meant to be having dinner with this Saturday. On the menu was supposedly a roast duck from their own duck squadron, flock, or battalion, or whatever you call a collection of ducks.

But they’ve just informed me that they can’t bring themselves to kill the duck. Apparantly killing chickens is not so bad, according to our farmer friends, but ducks, so we’re being lead to believe have little personalities.

I can’t say I blame them mind you, seeing as I doubt I could manage to kill a chicken never mind a duck.

So I guess we’ll be having roast tofu in orange sauce instead.

Anyway, unlike some of the public servants around here, I’ve got work to do, so I shall wish you all a happy weekend with this joyful little number..

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  1. I met David on a few occasions in TO where he was on a TV show called “Kung Fu – The legend continues”. One of my mates was a grip on the show, so I got to go to the set and a few parties.

    Not the most sober person I have ever met.

  2. reb

    I also bring my lunch, so I save $10 bucks, but then spend $8.50 on smokes. Not much of a ka Ching here, more like a cough and spluttery choking sound.

  3. Testing 1 , 2 , ……

  4. Shane,

    I know what you mean..

    I’ll save ten bucks on lunch and then spend twenty bucks on a bottle of Shiraz.

    One should only have to sacrifice so much…

  5. Oh wow! I have actually managed to do an avatar. ….that’s one small step for man…..one giant digital leap for me. Whoopee!

  6. Handy..you look gorgeous. Any specific locale?

  7. reb

    After looking at the pic I have my doubts

  8. Lunch?

    I knew I forgot something.

    Got a problem…my daughter is copping a hard time at school from a bunch of christian kids because she does not believe in god!

    I’m thinking of bypassing the school, finding out what church these parents attend then go there on Sunday and give the whole congregation a sermon that they won’t forget too soon.

    I don’t like discrimination in any form but when my kid is copping it is personal!

  9. Yeah Min. It’s a picture I took when I was last on Lord Howe Island – a special place for me. The same scene is also my computer and mobile wallpaper. I travel there once a year – and that thought keeps me almost sane for the rest of the time.

  10. It looks wonderful Handy..our family’s special place would have to be Nambucca Heads, back in the ye olde days. The most difficult decision for the day would have been whether to go to the V wall or the surf beach or whether to bodyboard up the river with the incoming tide.

  11. scaper, that’s bullying and should be reported to the teacher or principal (beware though, they maybe of the faith and try to convert you and your daughter)
    In the meantime your kid needs to practice the forgiveness that the other little creeps can’t.
    Giving a sermon in a church could cause you physical harm – visualising roof caving in!

  12. Nambucca Heads is a nice place. As kids we had many holidays at Sawtell a little north of NH.

  13. reb, on June 5th, 2009 at 2:12 pm Said:
    Apparently these are Michael Jackson’s biological kids…

    And Rock Hudson was my father.

  14. I’m thinking of bypassing the school, finding out what church these parents attend then go there on Sunday and give the whole congregation a sermon that they won’t forget too soon.

    Sounds like a plan. Can I come to..?

    I’ll make some placards:

    “You sanctimonious self-serving f**kers are all going straight to hell!!”


  16. What has become of Tom’s Football hazings?

  17. I haven’t heard from Tom, boss.

    I suspect he’s probably having a long lunch with Miglo.

  18. Assuming you are not trying to start another fight, scaper (you have ranted about people & religion before), the best thing to do is to approach the parents before letting the parish know you have issues.

    Believe it or not, our children are not always like us parents. As such parents will often be mortified by the behaviour of their children when it is brought to their attention and will quickly remedy the situation.

    Should it be a case of the apple not falling far from the tree – the idea of taking it to their religious leader (provided they aren’t from the “Pat Robertson School of Christian Hate”) without ranting at the parish would be enough to embarrass the daylights out of the parents (and hence have them pull their kids in lest they become shunned by their church community).

    I tend to find that, aside from the foaming at the mouthers, most religious people are moral people who would not try justifying that behaviour.

  19. One of my daughters very close friends is a Jehovah’s Witness by default.
    None of that stuff matters at all if you like eachother’s company; it doesn’t even enter into the friendship. They have so many other things in common & religion, or lack thereof, is inconsequential.

    I do feel for them both when birthdays come up though as they aren’t allowed to celebrate them together; not really fair on the kid to deprive her of the many childrens parties that she misses every year but a parents discretion is theirs alone.

  20. “Believe it or not, our children are not always like us parents. As such parents will often be mortified by the behaviour of their children when it is brought to their attention and will quickly remedy the situation.”BT

    A very good point.

    Some parents do fail to find fault in their own children but I think they are the minority.

  21. Sawtell/Nambucca is a beautiful place in the world isn’t it Handyr.

    Absolutely brilliant Daphon..just to make you jealous I have my late dad’s 78s of Fats Waller and Bing Crosby..back in the very old days when Crosby sang black fella music.

  22. Min,

    Koko’s death reminded me of Lucille Bogan and some of blues I heard recently in the series “Uncensored History of the Blues”. I wonder if Crosby etc. ever recorded similar stuff. Anyway, if you’re offended by very rude lyrics ignore this link ;-).


  23. PS Above is not work safe!

  24. “scaper (you have ranted about people & religion before)”

    Tollputt, that’s an interesting observation you have made there.

    I avoid religion in blogs and to my knowledge have only commented on a thread that James initiated in relation to understanding Reb’s distaste for religion due to the discrimination that is prevalent against gays.

    If I have made any rants that you speak of in relation to religion please direct me to them as I would appreciate you proving me to be mistaken.

    I await…

  25. Can we not have an argument this frolyks please?

  26. Well Joni, that is only possible if you keep that trouble maker Miglo out of here.

  27. scaper,
    I thought BT’s overall advice quite sound (and the barb he threw in, well…)
    I was a teacher for 20 years so I have some experience of what goes on in the playground and classrooms.
    Kids can be very nasty towards those they, for any reason, don’t like. No excuses, it’s just a fact. But so often the kid being ‘picked on’ was often just as guilty of a misdemeanor as the others. Every day teacher’s spend hours attempting to settle disputes and ‘disciplining’ those eventually found guilty. But so often there are two sides to the story.
    I’m not suggesting that your daughter is not a victim, but you’ll only know the truth (we hope) by approaching the school. If the incident is causing your daughter to not enjoy going to school then the issue must be dealt with.

  28. I am not buying the story about David Carradine, even if the story being peddled is the best spin to be placed on an embarrassing situation. WTF engages in ‘auto’-erotic activity in Bangkok?

  29. Well it is called Bang……..kok????? Sorry, back to the books….

  30. I cant believe the depth of sexual perversion that people like Carradine get up to.

    I mean for Godsake doing this ………………..in a filfthy dingy cupboard. …………..!

    I mean Lord knows how many pairs of dirty undies have been in the cupboard………………very fifthy and perverted indeed.

  31. By the way Toiletboss, I’ve just sent in my footy preview.

    james seems to have let us down, and not supplied one, again.

  32. handyrab, apparently the matter has been dealt with, this group of kids have targeted others in their crusade, to a point that another refused to go to school through fear.

    When I went to school there was never this type of rubbish going down and it indicates to me a demise of society.

    On the racism thread this week I mentioned that something fundemental has gone wrong in society, alluded to multiculturism as a possible driver but still can not put my finger on it!

  33. scaper..

    Tell ya daughter to tell the Bullies that she did once believe in God.

    But all that changed last Christmas when her drunk and erratic Mad Daddy challenged Santa Claus as he was coming down the chimney and blew Santa’s head off with a shotgun you keep under the sofa.

    Then tell her that you covered up the crime by cutting the throats and skinning all the reindeer and concreting over them.

    That’s why you do lots of landscaping…….!

    That should shut em up !

  34. Tom, back posting in August. Sorry mate. You do it better anyway.

  35. I Am The Walrus, on June 5th, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    That explains the eerie red glow from beneath the patio, at least.

  36. “something fundemental (sic) has gone wrong in society,”

    Yeah, no where near enough wilderness transport hubs, populated by misfits and flies.

    We can always do with more delusional ranting.

  37. Good one IATW, but these kids would very rapidly find themselves the nearest teacher and ‘dob in’ scaper’s daughter. A nice idea though! Maybe some ‘refinement’ required.

  38. Scaper, FWIW, religion has little to do with it. It’s kids bullying pure and simple. As you’ve pointed out, they’ll move onto another target soon enough.

    It’s a shit of a thing, bullying. It is such an unhappy time for the victim yet the solutions just aren’t there.

  39. WTF engages in ‘auto’-erotic activity in Bangkok?

    Legion, on June 5th, 2009 at 4:05 pm Said:

    Thai people might be friendly and everything but gee the Thai women are really stupid and not very worldly.

    I went into a bar in Bangkok once years ago and a young bikini clad Thai girl started taking to me.

    She watched me put down a packet of cigarettes on the bar and asked me if she could have one.

    So I offered her one but you’ll never guess how she went about smokin’ it.

    One really dumb chick…………..!

  40. Walrus, that’s the best laugh I’ve had all day!

    Here is a pic just before I reached under the sofa.

  41. Reb’s distaste for religion due to the discrimination that is prevalent against gays.

    I reject that!

    My distaste for religion, and in partcular those self-serving, sanctimonious christian/Catholic sons of bitches is simply because it is distasteful in its own right and on a whole host of fronts – not just in terms of their self-proclaimed right to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

    F**kers. The lot of them.

  42. @scaper:
    Not interested in a debate/argument/whatever. Take the advice in the spirit it was offered – as a possible solution to the problem not requiring you to attack an entire church community for the actions of a few children. *shrug*

    I agree with all but the last line. It is my understanding that they can’t all be f**ckers… some actually keep their vow of chastity. I suggest a minor alteration…

    W#nkers. The lot of them 😛

  43. On another note, did anyone see on the media the story about Bligh’s own want to expell her?…argh, nothin like a mutiny!


  44. @Ben

    Suggested amendment duly noted. Although w@nkers isn’t suitably strong enough language. I’m ready to use the ‘c’ word to describe them. And I don’t mean “chum”.


  45. BTW

    Tom’s footy post is now up..

  46. scaper…, on June 5th, 2009 at 4:18 pm Said: When I went to school there was never this type of rubbish going down and it indicates to me a demise of society

    BS – the only difference at my school is that the bullies were adults – I was sent to a CofE school and Sunday School, even then I thought it was nonsense then but was afraid to voice my opinion after the dressing down I got for questioning “the faith” when I was about eight!…

  47. You’ll have no trouble out of me tonight Tom. I’m in a rare, happy mood. I’ll will probably even drink myself into a happier mood. We ducks indeed do have little personalities.

    I’ll resume hostilities in the morning, when I’ll no doubt discover that Tom of Melbourne and hangovers are an evil cocktail.

  48. TB, I attended a public school in Sydney and there was no gangs of kids running around intimidating kids that did not believe in God!

    I was bullied by a few kids when I was ten but I sorted that out and never saw much bullying until I attended a so called elite Private School where it was encouraged to a degree.

    The worst offender in my class was Addler which picked on the very weakest!

  49. Scaper another thing about bullying is that girls apparently do it slightly different to boys. I understand that girls tend to take it in turns as to victims, and form different alliances in the space of weeks. Though the bullying can be horrible, and in some cases have the worst consequences, most often it is transient.

    Boys, on the other hand are different. Most aren’t directly involved and the targets tend not to change. I’d be prepared to bet that your Addler fellow didn’t meet much resistance from the spectators.

  50. “……The worst offender in my class was Addler which picked on the very weakest!………….”
    —— Scaper

    Do you mean Rodney Adler ?

    In which case you must have gone to Cranbrook !

  51. You ain’t seen real bullying until you’ve spent a few years at boarding school!

    Never got picked on myself, but those that did suffered it 24/7…there was no going home at the end of the school day when you live there.

    Character building…like a cup’o’concrete.

  52. Miglo, on June 5th, 2009 at 5:40 pm Said: We ducks indeed do have little personalities

    MIgs, Migs, Migs, I always thought you had an extremely expansive personality..! 😀

  53. Toiletboss, on June 5th, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    …and you didn’t step in HD?

    … I got into more bloody, (literally), fights defending other people than defending myself at school!

    I took a penknife off a bloke from a school just down the road from ours who was threatening two girls from my school (I was about eight or nine then too – must have been a “turning pont time” for me … )

  54. Not a violent person TB, big enough to be persuasive without having to throw down.

    Was doing a lot of Shotokan at the time & was primarily taught to avoid violence unless it was inevitable. The key being “noone ever picks a fight with you if they think they’re gonna get their ass handed to them”, ie. if someone has the balls to step up, they are (usually) an unknown quantity & could pose a serious threat of physical damage to you. Exhaust diplomacy & then flatten their nose if no other options present.

    As I said, Catholic Boarding School, “character building”.

  55. Good afternoon, Toiletboss,

    Catholic Boarding School, “character building”.

    You had intimated that you had been a boarding-scholar, but never the brand, to my knowledge. It seems there are quite a few on here who’ve been through the Catholic school system.

    And to you and TB, Storm will win, in a close one.

  56. Yep Tony, a heathen among the flock.

    I do have (4) years of firsthand insight into the nexus. My anti-religious stance is not entirely blind prejudice.

    Worthwhile though, definitely played a big part in making me who I am today. Thick skinned & reasonably tolerant. You have to find the good in people when you live with them, otherwise it just doesn’t work.
    Lessons I learned have served me well through life thus far.

    Everybody needs a good cup’o’concrete.

  57. Sorry about what’s gonna happen to the Tiges tonight in advance Tony.

    Choco for 2010?

  58. Choco for 2010?

    I’d rather not, thanks all the same

  59. To be fair, I should add that I never felt as though the Catholics were ramming anything down my throat (no pun intended) & I certainly got a very good, disciplined education.

    I mock all religion, not just singling out Catholicism. Frankly I was shocked by what appears to be the endemic nature of abuse in such institutions; it doesn’t gel with my reality.

  60. it doesn’t gel with my reality.

    Nor mine. I never saw or heard of any funny business at my boarding school, except for a youngish cleaning lady who was tampering with the more senior boys when they stayed in the dorms through “illness”. There were a lot of boys sick until that little scheme was found out.

    As a matter of fact, mine was a great school for a sports-minded boy like myself. I was captain of one of the football teams, and on the swimming team.

    We did used to ‘piss-off’ regularly – unbeknown to the brothers. In fact, that’s when I learnt (unofficially) my life-long habit love appreciation of boozing fine wines, boutique-brewed beers, and rare and imported liquors and spirits.

  61. As many as 2 million people have become refugees as the Pakistani Army fights to drive the Taliban out of the Swat Valley.

    The Army has also, reportedly, stepped up operations against militants in the troubled regions bordering Afghanistan. A crack-down against the leadership of militant groups is allegedly underway. More here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8084430.stm

  62. Hi Min, what is your Burnley connection, Min? I happily lived there in the late 1980s, by the Yarra, at the Hawthorn-end.

  63. “We did used to ‘piss-off’ regularly – unbeknown to the brothers. In fact, that’s when I learnt (unofficially) my life-long habit love appreciation of boozing fine wines, boutique-brewed beers, and rare and imported liquors and spirits”TOSY

    Oh dear. I’d never drawn the parallel before but that is PRECISELY where my own alcohol fuelled madness began. They only let us out for 3 hrs on a Saturday night so you had to make the most of it!

    My year was so bad that after we left Yr 12 the place bought a breathyliser to breath test boarders on their return after being out.
    My brother, the following year, & my neighbour (his best mate from the farm next door who was also a boarder) was the first one caught & suspended. Happy days, lol.

    Look at us all now eh?!

  64. Oh dear. I’d never drawn the parallel before but that is PRECISELY where my own alcohol fuelled madness began.

    Yes, but that only explains you, me, Shane, and possibly James. What’s Joni’s and reb’s excuses, for a start?

    BTW, ‘pissing-off’ was when we escaped outside the approved hours. Our official off-campus allocation was two hours on a Wednesday, after school, from memory. We did manage to find time for a quick drink on ‘company time’ – on the way to, or from, swimming training at the local pool in summer, was one.

    The first time I was officially blind drunk was on a school trip to the VFL footy at the MCG. It was a bottle of Ouzo between two of us. I was 13, and have not drank a drop of Ouzo since.

    Another time, my mate – he looked much older than me – bought a flagon of port from the bottle shop on the way to the pool. We got tipsy, but no-one noticed at dinner. The problem occurred when my drinking partner threw-up bright red liquid all over his books at the second evening study session. Six of the best – cane, of course – parents notified, and narrowly escaping suspension.

    The laugh I got from the green look on my friends face at the time was worth all the trouble.

  65. Hello there Toiletboss, have just replied to your Midweek post.

  66. “BTW, ‘pissing-off’ was when we escaped outside the approved hours.”TOSY

    Yep I know, all part of the fun. A rite of passage for many (not me) was to sneak across the road at night, steal the flags on the golf course & defecate in the holes. Fairly primitive stuff.

  67. Yep I know, all part of the fun

    Beg pardon. Of course you do. (Still, it might be useful information for any non-boarders that we haven’t already bored to death.)

  68. “Still, it might be useful information for any non-boarders that we haven’t already bored to death”TOSY

    Dunno about you Tony but I still think of them as “SCRAGS”…(sneer).

  69. Wasn’t sure what you meant there, Toiletboss, but have a look at the fourth hit on this google search for “scrags boarding school”.

    Remember it? I don’t.

  70. What a tangled web. Italian PM Berlusconi, patron of teenage girls, says pictures of naked women frolicking by the the pool at his luxury pad should be viewed as nothing more than “innocent” recreation. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/06/05/2591018.htm

  71. That is uncanny Tony.

    My digital snailtrail is still wet eh?

    I remember the thread but not my own comments.

    Friday night was only to go down the street to the shops etc.. Full school uniform, noone got drunk. That was Saturday.

    SCRAGS = Day students (the limpwrists that got to go home at the end of the school day)…the focus of much boarder (& boarding staff) resentment. Maybe the term is an MSC thing; I dunno, but it’s burned into my hapless brainbox even after all these years & episodes of brain tissue defilement.

    fkn scrags.

    I’ll have to go back & see what my other 4 comments were when I get time.

    Creeping Death awaits. Am I Evil?

  72. Maybe the term is an MSC thing

    MSC? Missionaires de Sacre Couer perhaps?

    I’m narrowing it down.


  73. US Court says you can use a taser to enforce a court order in some cases now. There are parallels to certain other uses of pain to enforce compliance…

  74. [Scroll on by…]

    This poster asks the obvious – shouldn’t the US be torturing harshly interrogating domestic terrorists too? What about holding them indefinitely without trial, or trial under lower standards of proof like the military commissions? And why not freeze the assets of those providing material support for such acts of terrorism?

  75. Great news drongos, the Ugly one is goin online. I’ll say it again, yer Uncle BWOOCIE is about 2 launch the largest cartoon-merchandise site yer crummy little ppl have ever seen, OK?

    Along with all the post-everythingist cartoon hits an misses, yer’ll find motivational flippin management proverb calendars, cruel t-shirt images of, yer know, drop-kicked baby koalas, adorable kittens bein tormented, casual workers bein waterboarded, that type of thing, numerous guides ter professional procedural bastardry, an customised crank-phone-calls 2 beseige yer hopeless family, friends an bosses with.

    Corporate propoganda videos, joke letters, key rings, action dvds, dinosaur cabaret rock, an blogs where right minded people can put the sicko world yer flippin cyber bludgers are constructin to the sword? Tick, tick, tick.

    The reality is, if yers can name it, yer Unca Bwoocie’s gunna stock it an yer have moi personal guarantee that the price points will never exceed a 3000% mark up, OK?

    Why, at BWOOCE’s, yer can even become an instant super star of management! We’ve got dozens of useful PowerPoint presentations includin the best sellin How To Profit By Sacking Yer Entire Workforce, a flow chart fer every flippin workplace occassion and large stocks of popular Idiots Guide 2 MBA Process type text books.

    An there’s more – he has a quick fiddle with the family jewels – there’s much much more cool, relevant an tasteful stuff collected durin the swashbucklin corporate adventures of yer Uncle Bwoocie.

    I mean, I’ve had more hot chicken dinners than Bon Scott, Kyle Sandybrain an Bennee Cousins combined. Yers got that? Good.

    In the members-only section, yer’ll find action-packed m-pegs of moi cook Paris doin the Ooh La La with an especially talented, extra special bloke – he winks – but none of yer treacherous little ppl can afford the fee. I 123% guarantee it. I mean, I’ve got high standards to maintain.

    Opportunities to put yerselves in the company of a management legend from Sydney don’t come along every day, cyber bludgers, OK? Best yers keep yer puffy, blood-shot, work-shy, flippin eyes wide open an fixed on the bloomin web , OK?

  76. Ray Hunt, yer need to wake up to yerself quick smart. Renounce yer flippin pinko thinkin while yer can, otherwise, when John Howard rises again to rightly reign over us, yer’ll be the first dingbat shipped off fer reeducation, OK?

    Let me put yer bloomin straight mate. There are only 2 things wrong with this great nation. Trade flippin unions an the mixed economy. The reason we’ve been so badly whacked by the GFC is the tens of billions of dollars wasted each year on socialist rubbish like school, hospitals, roads, parks, pre-schools, welfare, the bloomin environment, sports facilities, child care. I mean, who needs it?

    Wastin money on social infrastructure is 123% not on ppl, OK? It’s time to privatise abso-flippin-lutely everything. Everythin apart from the war machine, OK?

    Then things will get back to how they should be: us management superstars play gol in the mornin, go to long lunches an claim all the credit fer yer good work when we’ve sobered up, OK?

    So quieten down. We’ve got the business of management an global affairs bloomin sussed out. It’s a simple formula: yers pay an we profit. Yer got that Ray?

  77. Oi, Miglo, yer sacked ducky. I’d give yer 5 minutes to clean out yer desk but I’m jest not in the mood. Ferget about tenure, yer can talk to the flippin hand 4 all tha good it’ll do yer, yer gone, OK?

    The moral of this leadership story, tiny brains? There’s no such thing as a “psycho manager,” it’s an oxy-bloomin-moron, OK? Us super stars of management are always right. We’re always winnin, OK?

  78. Hi Ray at 7.33pm..I grew up in Hawthorn, off Glenferrie Road near Liddiard Street..went to Toorak Teachers’ College (Stonnington) in the late 60’s and my first school was Burnley Primary. Great kids, mostly Greek. Burnley PS has long since gone…it used to be very old buildings and no playground except for a patch of bitumen.

  79. Finally recognition: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,25594461-5005941,00.html

    THOUSANDS of Australian troops were used as guinea pigs during British nuclear testing in the SA desert 50 years ago a court ruled yesterday.

  80. Min @ 9:08. That’s good news indeed.

    When will they also acknowledge the wrongs caused to the local Aboriginal people?

  81. Was thinking the same thing myself Migs. But perhaps the door is now open given

    The Australian Federal Government had stalled for years on whether to pay compensation, citing it was awaiting for a ruling to be made by the British High Court since the tests were done by the British Government.

    with the article also noting that it wasn’t just the people exposed but also those who ate the food from the fallout zone.

  82. Min, when I was working with ATSIC in Adelaide I met a nice man who was blinded as a child from the tests. His people weren’t forwarned.

    Naturally, neither govt gave a stuff about them.

  83. Lessons in humility: Professor Chris O’Brien RIP!

    Upon post-operative arousal from brain surgery to remove a malignant tumour, Chris, overhearing his wife’s phone conversation with Frank Sartor jokes:

    “Tell Frank I’m going into politics. I’m perfect for it now I’ve got only half a brain”


    “Mr Rudd announced yesterday Professor O’Brien’s family had accepted his offer of a state funeral”. (BTW, I don’t now how to do the block quote thing – help!)


    Howard held a state funeral for another significant public figure – who was that again? Oh yeah, the wealthiest Australian whose money bought him an entire four-bed ward at RPA (Chris O’Brien’s workplace) for KP’s use only, complete with king size bed. Not to be used in his absence, exchanged for an 80 million dollar donation to RPA. (no links, I just know this).

    I had the privilege of knowing Chris O’Brien an ever so humble man. Humanity benefits enormously from such rare beings. Others in public life just don’t cut the humble mustard IMO.

  84. RN

    Indeed – people like O’Brien, Hollows and Chang are ones that we should learn from and respect.

  85. Migs..my understanding that the British military never bothered to look for local people, but just assumed that ‘nobody’ lived out there. The Australian military might have been aware of Aboriginals in the area, so maybe the thought was ‘nobody important’.

  86. Lotharsson, on June 5th, 2009 at 10:59 pm Said:

    Domestic police in the US did use torture, it was in that link I gave you to LNL.

    They gave it up for the reasons stated here. It rarely gained any criminal convictions, it rarely saved the ticking time bomb and often led to wild goose chases stymieing cases and it often psychologically effected the torturers, turning some into psychopaths.

    It was a US policeman who went against the norm of using torture and instead began befriending the person being interrogated, a method still used to this day and one that has gained far more convictions and intelligence than torture ever has.

  87. RN..nice to have you back again. To blockquote type:


    But don’t leave any spaces between the text and the

    s as per this example. And yes that’s a forward slash on the 2nd one.

  88. Whoopsie..it didn’t work…try again


    but minus the spaces.

  89. Joni….HEEELLLLP!

  90. Rn – have a look at the FAQ page for details on how to blockquote

  91. Min – I have pointed RN in the right direction ….
    squishy hugs.

  92. Blockquote like this:

    <blockquote> text text </blockquote>

  93. Thanks Joni and Min, off to work now but I will try block quote later…

  94. When will they also acknowledge the wrongs caused to the local Aboriginal people?

    I bloody well hope so, let’s make sure the British government pay for everyone concerned. After all, they were the ones conducting the tests and using those “convicts down under” as guinea pigs.

  95. Tol..I certainly agree. I should have imagine that this is why the former government put off any compensation until after the British High Court decision, knowing that there are also (presumably) yet unknown numbers of Aboriginals able to make a claim against both governments.

    Interesting is: http://www.sea-us.org.au/thunder/britsbombingus.html

    I didn’t realize that atomic bomb tests were also conducted over Christmas Island.

  96. Well, the worst thing is that the indigenous people concerned would probably not know that they have the right to sue the government.

    Hell, I bet most of any affected by the radioactivity are not even aware any illness / deformities caused as a result are anything but normal “bad health”.

  97. Also look up at the abominable way America treated and still treats the natives of the Pacific islands they conducted their atomic tests on and around. Makes the UK seem like caring benefactors who were just a little unmindful for a while.

  98. @Adrian/Mobius:
    Yeah, but I hate comparisons like that. Beyond a certain level, I just start lumping abuse in the same basket. I mean, compared to the Nazi concentration camps of World War 2, Guatanamo is a holiday resort.

    For me at least, there is a saturation level of disgust that once reached, nothing more makes me sicker to the stomach. I realised that once when someone was discussing the “levels of child abuse” with me. My mind simply doesn’t have a gradation of abuse where kids are concerned, simply an on/off switch. Once you pass the occasional disciplinary smack on the butt (let alone anything sexual) – you hit my protective instinct… hard.

  99. Not much happening here so, with a little indulgence, I’ll relate this story.
    !979 I was teaching at Darlinghurst Primary School. We had taking the kids over the years to many camp locations. This year it was to be The SDA camp at Sawtell (mentioned earlier as a childhood holiday destination).
    Apart from myself was another teacher and three parents (one a teachers aide, another an ex stripper and the third, well, she just defies description, wild maybe?).
    The kids were a mixed bunch. One had no legs and when walking along the beach would discard his prostheses and ape like make his way. The downside to this was that someone had to carry his ‘legs’, pants and all. It was always a matter of conjecture as to how long since the legs/pants were washed! A sight to behold was the ex-stripper striding down the beach with the legs straddling her neck.
    One of the days was dedicated to a canoeing trip up the Boambee Creek. With the kids mustered and organised into crews we set off with me in the lead and the other teacher (PK) taking up the rear. This was just in case anyone came a cropper along the way.
    All went well and a couple of hours later we arrived back at the cmap and dutifully did a head count.
    Shit! Two were missing! And I must say they weren’t the brightest lights in the room.
    Suspecting a serious problem PK and I jumped back in the canoes and went off in search.
    We decided to split and take some branch creek in hoe to find them (or at least, well…) The search proved fruitless. I rejoined PK, who had ended up somewhere near Coffs airport, and who informed me of a bowel misadventure (supposedly caused by concern and fear.)
    On the way back to camp I worked over the words I would use to the parents, after first informing the police.
    “I’m sorry Mr D… we think we may have lost your son….”
    On arrival back at the camp I walked up the stairs to the main hall and who should be jumping on the trampoline!
    I walked down to my room and literally cried.
    These kid were survivors of King Cross. How could a simple wrong turn up the wrong creek stop them. They had the nous to pull the canoe the bank near a road bridge and thumb a lift back to the camp (fortunately it was with the camp manager).
    In sympathy the mothers offered to take the kids on a beachwalk and with great haste PK and I headed for the Toormina Tavern. God, they were the best beers I ever had (and I’ve had a few!!!!)

  100. Yeah sorry B.Tolputt you are absolutely right. The very fact it was done is the important thing, not to what level it was done. Once you start putting levels on it then those on a lower scale are excused or make excuses that they aren’t as bad as those who have been accused of greater misconduct or neglect.

    The US torture analogy is a good one. Look how waterboarding was “excused” because it was not as bad as other types of tortures, when the fact is not the level or horridness of the torture but that is was torture and that it was used in the first place.

  101. Well I’ve just watched “Terminator Salvation” and despite David & Margaret’s review – 2 and half stars each – I really enjoyed it.

    Actually the sound and the special effects were bloody brilliant. And the story is quite an interesting progression from its three predecessors.

    You really can’t trust David & Margaret’s reviews anymore. Case in point – Margaret gave that teenie bopper tween vampire crap movie – Twilight four stars and David gave it three and a half!!

    Maybe someone slipped them some good drugs before they went into the preview screening..

    But honestly 4 stars for that crap? What planet is Margaret on these days?

    And David looks so anally retentive these days, it looks like the only chair he’d be happy in is one with a retractable dildo.

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  102. Reb
    I think that DS would be a lot happier if the dildo was detachable rather than retractable.

  103. Cue the song “Detachable Penis”

  104. Well, I’m f%^n bored and I don’t know why?

    The Minister is kipping (and earnt it too, she never bloody stops!) but I just feel -duh!

    sreb, glad you liked Terminator – it looked good (trailer) to me, when we did Gold Class (gift from our kids – but they are still behind!) “Angels & Demons” last week …

  105. What music do you silly buggers listen to?

    BTW, joni, it sound fab on my new, Creative X-fi Elite Pro, sound card with breakout box and remote control (am I boasting – you betcha!) but the sound is – exceptional!

  106. TB,
    I know you mentioned previously a that another series of Deadwood was just that. Any update? I’d kill for a fourth season.

  107. G’day hrb, re Deadwood

    Not to my knowledge! …and I know a lot of people we “introduced” to DW feel the same as you and me …

    … The Minister said a couple of days ago she was ready to watch the series again …

  108. TB

    Nice – I am just on the Macbook Pro with the in built speakers, but am using my new 23″ dell HD display – lots of screen space now.

  109. “Case in point – Margaret gave that teenie bopper tween vampire crap movie – Twilight four stars and David gave it three and a half!! “reb

    Now that “film” was one huge load of pustulent crap!

    Way too safe & publicly digestible. A huge disgrace to the genre.

    When I watch blood drinkers I wanna see BLOOD, buckets of it. Tracheas torn out & the dead returning to dismember the living.
    Last best Vampire movie I saw was “30 days of night”. Satisfyingly brutal.

  110. joni, mines 23″ too wide, wide screen, 😯

  111. I cannot stand watching ‘Gardening Australia’ because everyone – everyone! – pronounces the word ‘plant’ as ‘plunt’, or plarnt. It must be in the ABC’s style manual, or something.

    (I was taught that it was plant, rhyming with the little black insect that can carry something like 100 times its own weight.)

  112. Great screen’s aren’t they?

  113. TB,
    Thanks for the reply. I’ve watched the series twice plus some episodes more than when introducing it to others. Never found anyone who doesn’t become attached to it.
    Also look forward to the release of the third season of Dexter. Found it hard to get into but after a while you realise its intent. Some (most,all?) people have a dark side they keep hidden. No match for deadwood ….but still good.
    And sorry mine’s only 19 inches….

  114. And sorry mine’s only 19 inches….

    Ya poor, thing!

  115. TB,you learn to live with it!

  116. It’s not all about size – it depends how detachable it is… hehe

  117. “Twilight” is a Mormon’s version of a “safe vampire romance”. Personally, I could write better vampire fiction in my sleep. Hell, there is alot of halfway decent nosferatu urband fantasy that is being re-released due to the current “vampire craze” .

  118. ““Twilight” is a Mormon’s version of a “safe vampire romance”. “BT

    I’d read that somewhere prior to watching it BT. I viewed it with that in mind, which no doubt prejudiced my opinion somewhat.
    I wouldn’t have liked it anyway. Watered down celibacy doesn’t push my buttons, especially when the eviscerations are also removed.

    As you say…”I could write better vampire fiction in my sleep.”

  119. “(I was taught that it was plant, rhyming with the little black insect that can carry something like 100 times its own weight”TOSY

    Damnable Victorians!

    You wouldn’t believe the shit that, as a Sth Australian, I copped over the border at school for not adopting the Victorian butcheries of “plant”, “graph” & “castle”.

  120. “detachable”
    joni, I just can’t find the allen key that came with it. Damn Fantastic Furniture!!!!

  121. If you keep playing you might find it.

  122. That’s right, I blame South Australians for bastardising the language.

    The only concession I am willing to make to my preferred pronunciation is ‘local usage’. That is, if there was a royal residence at the site of Australia’s second European settlement, it would be a ‘cassle’ at ‘Newcarsel’. Or, if there was a large dam at bogan-central Victoria, it would be a ‘reservwah’ in ‘reservwar’. Simple.

  123. Speaking pf pronunciation, here is a fascinating site that gives audio examples of the different accents and dialects of the UK (and they certainly don’t agree on pronunciation of many of the same words Australians differ on).

  124. Tony, on June 6th, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    Yes, but what do the Killer Tomatoes call themselves? (tuh-mey-toh, tuh-mah-toh, toh-mey-toh, toh-mah-toh) I’m not sure I’d be so swift to accept a Kant for cant without giving them a say, and especially not when they look hungry. 😉

  125. Toh-mah-tos, at my place.


  126. Actually, more like: tom-are-toes

  127. Just on spoken language…One of the ‘party’ tricks I’ve found while travelling is that the locals will try to infer things about me and my travels based on the ‘accent(s)’ I display in my native tongue (which is fairly obvious…what ‘kind’ of Anglais?); and also, and more especially for their purposes, in acquiring the display of a phonic match to whatever smattering of the local language I’ve managed to glean (and yes, they will infer time spent in their country from language facility, and use that appearence of time to infer knowledge about ‘how things work’, both for and against, as suits their purposes). It can be some fun if one is aware that one can modulate those impressions and also spends some time working out some of the subtleties and slight variations between and among ‘regions’, ‘education’, ‘class’, etc within a country, and even within apparently homogeneous dialects. Ditto for body language. All common-sense, but perhaps good to know.

  128. Incidentally I totally agree about Teh ABC Garden Show.

    I’ve never seen them grow my favourite plant.

  129. Interesting stuff Legion.

  130. Toiletboss, on June 6th, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    You didn’t see the episode on ‘grafting’ and ponder its implications? 😉

  131. lol, no I didn’t see it. I’m not without some experience of grafting though.

    Another of the (few) benefits of living in S.A. rather than the Eastern Police States.

  132. “Eastern Police States”?

    Unless you are a bikie and live in SA.

  133. More like Eastern Nanny States.

  134. I’m not a bikie. Unless the 4-wheeler at the farm counts.

    They did pioneer the violation of the rights of fringe groups here though joni, no doubt about it.

    Now it’s the bikies, when the tards get back in it might be The Wilderness Society.

  135. Dunnyleader

    I was only being a cheekie-chappie 😉

  136. Yeah, I know mate.

    Sometimes I forget that my online ruminations add up to a sum of parts. I certainly wouldn’t want to falsely project allegiance to the intimidators when there is none. Just clarifying.

    The bikies I know are decent blokes, but I’m not so stupid as to think that if I wasn’t white anglo I’d be treated the same way. I’m not in favour of the law of the jungle either.

    Anyhow, in this state, the less said about ’em the safer you remain. Omerta & all that.

  137. Great Tony,
    I will never look at a tomato the same way again.
    im scared

  138. TBoss the ones that get to me are the blokes that use the clubs name to threaten after they themselves have done something stupid.

  139. Hi Aqua.

    Some Saturday night music. I know Joni and Toiletboss will hate it, but some might find it…’interesting’. (Reb perhaps.)

  140. Yes, Tony, plant is meant to rhyme with ant 😉

    And Legion, I once lived in Scotland long enough to have acquired a full-on 100% indistinguishable accent (complete with dialect), now long since gone, except for an occasional echo in certain words or situations. I also lived long enough in the US to acquire a bit of local colour, including a certain edge to the “r” sound (otherwise they tend not to hear it). I don’t consciously modulate these influences, but presumably for that reason people overseas can have a lot of trouble picking it.

  141. Same here aqua. Often the ones doing the dumb stuff, & hiding behind the patches, are the young ones trying to gain cred.

  142. D’oh!

  143. Deadwood, you guys say? Hmmm, looking for a new series to get into…

  144. Those that have been in the game for a while tend to keep a low profile. Obviously this is a much smarter way of handling a lifestyle that walks the faded line.

  145. I love that song Tony! memories.

    Heard any of the “new” stuff?

  146. No. Devil’s Night is the only D12 cd I’ve got.

  147. Haven’t watched the link BTW, is it the clean version?

    I don’t go for clean versions much.

    Catchy stuff though. My horizons are broader than just brutal death metal.

  148. Tony i tried to watch it and i got” embedding disabled by request” .

    why are you playing with me like this… 🙂

  149. Lotharsson,

    Am watching Dexter as we speak. Series 3, Ep 1. Just started on Showcase.

  150. So who is behind this Ugly Bwooce drop kick? Is it you Tom?

  151. I know Aqua. I tried to put up a different link, but got spaminated. If you go to youtube and search ‘Purple Pills D12’ you can watch it.

  152. Looks like Port might win so I’m gonna watch Valkyrie with everybodys fave Scientologist on Bluray.

    I’m a bit of a WW2 enthusiast so hopefully it’s “true” to the history.

    Death to the evil leftwing dictator!…ahem.

  153. I still reckon Bwooce is Legion, although, from memory, he denied it.

  154. still, you talked about Toms toes and my computer might not have gotten over it. Disabled itself.

  155. Death to the evil leftwing dictator!…ahem.

    Aaah. Just got what you were talking about. Funny.

  156. Dexter is hands down one of THE coolest series on TV. I own the first 2 seasons on DVD & didn’t know that 3 was up & about.

    Very clever stuff with loads of great characters. Really pissed off that Doaks got killed off, he was a badass champ.
    Not many bad performances I can think of from any of the cast; rare indeed.

    Jaime Murray (RIP too) was smokin’.

  157. Damn. This is not a new series. I need series 4, apparently.

    Oh well, might watch Chopper again. Always good for a laugh.

  158. It isn’t Legion. Legion is waaaaay deeper. I’ve seen Bwooce on other blogs.

    Quite clever & entertaining. Mischievous & seems to goad both sides of the fence.

  159. Series 4? dammit, I’m way behind…not just half an hour apparently.

    Michael Hall (I think) does a great job of playing the semi-moral serial murderer.
    Massive credit to the scriptwriters.

  160. Legion is waaaaay deeper.

    Yes, but he’s definitely smart enough to run another persona. Bwooce’s punctuation and sentence construction is perfect, like Legion’s.

  161. Toiletboss,

    I love Dexter’s “code”. Even a psychopathic serial killer has a ‘moral’ code.

  162. Yes, but Harry couldn’t even live with the code ultimately.

  163. We did win ToiletBwooce.

  164. Actually, he’s probably closer to a sociopath (lack of empathy, shallow emotions, inability to love). Not antisocial, like a psychopath. There may be a different category altogether to describe Dexter.

  165. Well done Miglo. I tipped your guys. Problem is, I also tipped Brisbane. Doesn’t matter, really – my tipping is in the toilet this year. (No offence Tb.)

  166. Fkn Freo.

    I picked Port though, & they did well to win with the unavailability of some of their better scumbots.

    I tipped the Lions also.

    If the Crows win tomorrow I’ll jump migs on da ladder. It all hangs on that one. The rest of our choices were identical.

    Hard to say how the Crows will front up tomorrow, lots of youngsters, but if they find the last fortnights form they’ll be OK.

    Hate /em good for me too migsta.

  167. LOL. Watching Chopper:

    Neville Bartos (to Chopper Read): “There’s no cash here. Here, there’s no cash. No cash. Robbo?”

    Robbo: “No cash.”

  168. Tboss I didn’t realise a person could go into the tipping site and view the others tipster’s choices. Now I do.

    Am regretting going for the Bombers now. Forgot that it was a milestone game for that Tyson pansie. Crows seem to win on milestone games.

    I see the Crows as a final’s contenders.

    Port should be relegated to the South East league.

  169. ” Bwooce’s punctuation and sentence construction is perfect”

    That is a rare thing indeed. It takes more discipline & effort than I can often muster. I tend to type the words in my minds eye. That can vary a lot depending upon topical mindset & isn’t really subject to hard & fast rules.

    I do appreciate the skill involved in being able to pull it off (good grammar & syntax) consistently but.

    I really enjoy language. It is what makes us human & able to organise ourselves above subsistence.

  170. “I see the Crows as a final’s contenders.
    Port should be relegated to the South East league”migsta

    That would be the KNTFL (Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara Football League) these days miglo, & Kingston is in it.

    Port are waaaaay undermanned & they still managed a win, at home: they had to.

    The Crows are a bit of an unknown quantity. Up & down but promising I reckon. two weeks ago I wouldn’t have put a $ on ’em making the 8.
    I may be back in that defeatist headspace by tomorrow night, who knows?

  171. Ugly BWOOCE MBA,, on June 6th, 2009 at 1:57 am

    There’s no such thing as a “psycho manager,” it’s an oxy-bloomin-moron, OK?

    I saw your online ads and I believe you took my red Swingline stapler and have it on discount in the clearance bin at your new corporate downsizing warez site. I want it back! And I already said, I don’t care if you lay me off again either, because I told, I told you that if you move my desk one more time, then, then I’m, I’m quitting, I’m going to quit. And, and I told you, too, because you’ve moved my desk forty-fourteen times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the pigeons, and they were married in Paris in the the Springtime, but then, you switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it’s not okay because if you take my stapler then I’ll set the building on fire. I will burn your building down if I don’t get my Swingline stapler back! And if you try to return a Boston stapler I will set the building on fire. And if my red Swingline stapler doesn’t have every last staple I left in it I will bludge, bludge, bludgeon you with my red Swingline stapler and set the building on fire and burn, I will burn it all down. I could, I could, you know, I could put strychnine in the guacamole. The ratio of people to guacamole is too big. You like guacamole BWOOCE. Yeah, I’ll drown you, I’ll drown you, I’ll strangle you in guacamole if I see that Boston stapler. Give me back my red Swingline stapler! It’s very not OK, BWOOCE!

  172. Forgot to add miglo, ya can’t check anyone elses tips until the Rd starts & ya can’t change your tips after that pt.
    So there’s no real advantage to be gained, just a curiosity as things unfold.

    Ya goto print tipster’s tips……..OK!

    The moral of this leadership story, tiny brains? There’s no such thing as an oxy-bloomin-moron, OK? We’re always winnin, OK?

  173. Great Movie Scenes:

  174. Pulp Fiction: I’m gonna get medieval on your ass:

  175. Never mind yer bollocks. Progress depends upon the unreasonable bloke, OK?

  176. (FYI, Legion definitely is not BWOOCE; but does appreciate BWOOCE’s work, which Legion would characterise as being sharp-witted, except for the bit where the corporate jet is overlooked as being anything other than an ergonomically-designed box with wings.)

  177. My apologies Legion, although it was meant as a compliment – that you could manage another – albeit occasional – on-line identity, so different to the one you choose to ‘reveal’.


    Toiletboss seems to be claiming some responsibility. However, I’m not so sure.

  178. As a matter of fact, and (I hope) he won’t mind my saying this, but Toiletboss’s ‘recreational activities’ preclude him from maintaining the level of impeccable grammar and punctuation, let alone the consistency of thought, required to pull off such a stunt.

    And I’m only surmising, and may be totally wrong about this. So prove me wrong, Tb.

  179. “FYI, Legion definitely is not BWOOCE”

    Not so sure about that, he/she made his/her first appearance in response to an exchange between Legion and I…….Tend to agree with you Tony……

  180. I always thought that BWOOCE is ross sharp.

    And like Tb, I say plarnt, brarnch, carstle and the names frarncis and grarnt!

  181. kittylitter, on June 7th, 2009 at 8:49 am

    I guess that then makes it kartylartter 😉

  182. For those interested Dexter series 3 is due out around September, if my memory serves me correctly.
    I also assumed Bwooce was Ross S. minus the expletives.

    Lotharsson, Deadwood is a must. Guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

  183. I guess that then makes it kartylartter 😉

    hehe, I’m not a kiwi 🙂

  184. To hubby’s kiwi mates, we are Jiff and Kiril 🙂

  185. Just back from lunch (not lurnch..)

    My dear old Mum is 87 years old today…

    I do hope I have lots of her genes …. 🙂 I think …

    She will forget her lunch today (probably already has) – ’cause she forgot her lunch with my sister and her family yesterday …

    Her sense of humour reamins though …

  186. Many happy returns to your Mum TB. Ah well, as long as she enjoys the moments even if the memories are gone the next day. And VIP a sense of humour. My late Dad was suffering from memory loss and used to get a bit agitated when he was questioned. The doctors asked him: Who are these people, what are their names. Who are they? Dad’s reply after some thought (and our names having been ‘lost’) was: Offspring. He was very pleased with himself.

  187. Offspring. He was very pleased with himself 😆 LOL!

    Ah! … but whose?

  188. Oops! Bad manners … thanks, Min, (for Mum)

  189. “Not so sure about that, he/she made his/her first appearance in response to an exchange between Legion and I…….Tend to agree with you Tony……”sparta

    As I’ve said before. Bwooce didn’t just “appear” here.

    He/she has been around for a while on other blogs.

    Come on Bwoocy, chastise the doubters & tinybrains. OK?

  190. Please, Dear Lord, take away these unwanted thoughts I am not having in relation to kittylitter’s discussing kiwi-speak and anything ‘Clare’ might have said in relation to an occasion involving six with sex football players.

  191. Legion, on June 7th, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    And , yes, kitty, that was, I guess, a shot across the bow concerning at least a couple of those ‘degenerative threads’; I’m still not happy that future Clares haven’t had some of their innate powers, mental or otherwise, restored to them to influence ‘what happens’ to them, for preference of pillorying random footballers. I want future Clares to be aware of certain things before they encounter such situations, where those situations have a ‘before’, a ‘during,’ and, especially, an ‘after’ which goes to justice and is predicated on the entire sequence. I want future Clares to know: that such things can and do happen in the real world and to have a better appreciation of risks; that a heuristic for response has at least been rehearsed ‘before’ and is tentatively available should that risk crystallise; that the getting of some forms of justice is, in part, predicated on the not giving away of that power, or not appreciating the significance of that power, because it hasn’t been rehearsed. Imho, to deny future Clares those kinds of knowledges is to leave future Clares no better off than Clare was in the first instance, in the absence of an ability to absolutely prevent future crime ‘happenings’ in advance. Clare was only 19; ergo, that power needs to be ‘restored’ to future Clares sometime before that age, even if that involves some of the naivety about the world being formally taken away, say in general and routinised ‘sex ed’ classes, with a side-benefit of it being rammed home to both sexes in advance (and well before they’re playing international footy or hitting the nightclubs) that some situations aren’t ok, and that there are short-, medium- and long-term consequences, as an embedded prophylaxis.

  192. even if that involves some of the naivety about the world being formally taken away, say in general and routinised ’sex ed’ classes,

    Hi legion, yes, give both sexes the knowledge about these kinds of issues before they are faced with them.

  193. Who finds something very wrong with this.?

    Thankfully the US backed March 14 Group has defeated the Iranian backed March 8 Group in fair democratic election in Lebanon.

    The first thing that got my attention was US backed, which some media are reporting as Western backed, but when I starting researching exactly what this was, I came across a much deeper manipulation of the politics of the area.

    Firstly why aren’t the media up in arms that foreign countries are openly interfering in the politics of a democratic election, and supporting and backing one party over another. I could just imagine the uproar in America if the headlines were “Canadian backed Republicans win the election over the Mexican backed Democrats.”

    Fact is in most Western democratic countries it is illegal for foreign countries to donate to or back anybody or any party, yet it seems to be perfectly OK and endorsed in some non-Western countries. It is this type of interference that causes a lot of the long term problems in these countries.

    But then the surprise. What it boils down to is Sunni backing by Saudi Arabia (the world leader of Sunnis) with US support. And the problem with this is that there are only three countries all ruled by Sunnis that supported the Taliban. Pakistan that created them, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, who back and finance Wahhabi Sunni Taliban.

    The resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan was in large part because the Saudis financed them.

    So here we have Saudi backed Taliban killing US troops in Afghanistan whilst the US helps Saudi backed Sunnis win an election in Lebanon.

    Now someone tell me that isn’t screwed?

  194. “Who finds something very wrong with this.?”ME

    Another incredible lack of foresight; very much in national character.

    Just goes to show that the US is an institution & will not deviate much from its past agendas no matter who is the presidential hood ornament.

  195. Yeah but the Iranians are just as wrong in interfering by backing the March 8 Hezbollah group.

    I guess the US will use the argument it must counter that backing, but the problem is they are getting into bed with the devil (as they have for such a long time now) in Saudi Arabia and backing the Sunnis.

    To think this won’t cause further problems for the US down the track would be naive in the extreme.

  196. Oh and Syria also backed the March 8 group.

  197. “To think this won’t cause further problems for the US down the track would be naive in the extreme”ME

    That’s the crux of it; not to mention the future “difficulties” sure to be faced by those who actually reside within said “interference zones”.

    It should go without saying that I also abhor the interference of the Iranians, Syrians & others but I better say it anyway lest the Yankee-philes condemn me for Yankee-bashing. I would note that I am consistent & haven’t just jumped on the Obama bandwagon after a change in administration.
    I look at US foreign policy from a broader perspective than simply aligning myself with the current King of Teh Free World in a fit of ideological barracking.

    As you note, such blatant efforts to influence the outcome of “democratic” elections in the US or other “safe” Western countries would be howled down & (rightly) condemned.
    The manipulations are patronising to the region as much as they are dangerous & shortsighted.

    We do the bad publicity & smearing of Iran, Syria et al for them on an almost daily basis. The US, not so much.
    I don’t think anyone holds up Iran etc. as shining beacons of freedomTM, whilst the US is certainly (misleadingly) held in such regard.

  198. An argument could be made that such “influence” from the US in Iran in the 50’s lead to the monster that we are supposed to be so afraid of now.

    Onya Kermit Roosevelt.


    Not much shortsighted colonial interference happening there eh?

    You’d think that half a century should be time enough to have learned that lesson.

  199. Forget swine flu, there’s a monsterous new hemorrhagic virus called Lujo that’s just emerged in Africa. This was the main news I picked up from colleagues at last weekend’s AMA conference.

    Much worse than Ebola, Lujo appears at this early stage in its evolution to kill eight in every ten people infected and is right up there with Southern Africa’s nightmarish Marburg virus.

    The first batch of Lujo victims air-lifted to South Africa for treatment infected allied health professionals, some of whom died, before the hospital realised what it was dealing with and introduced maximum barrier nursing protocols.

    More on Lujo when I have a moment to spare. We’ve just had the busiest three weeks in years – missing my Blogocrats!

  200. To think this won’t cause further problems for the US down the track would be naive in the extreme

    They have it down to such a fine art there’s even a technical term for it – blowback (see the 2nd and subsequent paragraphs for the original usage of the word).

  201. Lotharsson, might I recommend the books by Chalmers Johnson if you want to delve a little deeper into blowback.

    Spinetingling stuff.

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