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Midweek Mayhem!


Good afternoon and welcome to Midweek Mayhem, our middle-of-the-week idle chit chat thread.

Of course the big news today is that the economy actually grew a bit, by 0.4% I’m led to believe. Now that might not seem like much, but it flies in the face of all the so called “experts” that were predicting a contraction of 0.2%.

So, technically, and it’s purely technical, Australia may avoid a recession. Meanwhile unemployment continues to climb especially in NSW.

While the Opposition bleats on about escalating debt, for those of us who are managing to hold down a job, things are actually looking quite rosey – low interest rates are allowing us to pay more into the mortgage, the Aussie dollar is rising against the green back which is just dandy if you’re planning an overseas trip, and house prices are either rising or falling depending on who you listen to, so nothing’s changed on that front for about 15 years.

In terms of real estate, there’s been much speculation in the meja about a last minute rush of first home buyers entering the market before the grant extension expires. Could this be the “storm before the calm?” I can’t help but thinking that it may well be. Particularly when Winter is traditionally a dead period for real estate sales..

Anyway, on another note I have created another blog called Gutter Trash which is purely designed as a piece of self-indulgent nonsense and a haven for those that want to make politically incorrect, blasphemous and anti-religion, anti- christian remarks et cetera. Seeing as that sort of thing seems to strike a raw nerve around these parts.


Here’s some midweek musics..

227 Responses

  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwww !

    I cant say I’d blame ’em.

    I cant think of much to say about Dutch food. I think its why they drink so much beer in the Netherlands ……just to wash out the taste in their mouths.

    In fact……..what is the Dutch “National Dish” ?


  2. To complement your own selection, here’s mine …

  3. And to celebrate the launch of your very own blog of blasphemous perversity, all I can say is knock wood, boyo! …

  4. Here’s mine:

  5. Groupthink!

  6. Has anyone got any acid?

  7. Reb

    do you mean ac-eeeeeeeeeee-d???

  8. Min runs to the kitchen cupboard. Yes indeed I have an antacid for you. I good dose of mylanta.

  9. What a hoot. Julia Gillard shouted down by unionists.

    I think it is just for show. Unions are never happy, never satisfied. Always unreasonable.

    They need to get over it and do some work occasionally.


  10. Min runs to the kitchen cupboard. Yes indeed I have an antacid for you…a good dose of Mylanta.

    **With apologies if this comes up twice..which is obviously..umm, due to Mylanta.

  11. Aw.. I resemble that Walrus having been bought up on Dutch food and loving every bit of it.

    What wimps, they should of tried SCRAN when I joined the Navy and see how they would have liked that day in day out, and that was Australian food.

    There’s another one for you to look up Min, SCRAN.

  12. Mylanta..

    That’s not quite what I had in mind…

    But if you can crush it up and snort it I might give it a bash.

  13. Will this do, Reb? I do think you may appreciate some of the … er … figures appearing.

  14. Ahh Reb, but the government cannot take credit! The narrative is :
    we are in recession no matter what the figures state and the stimulus is not working and even if it is it only delays things and we will be in a shitful of debt that will doom us for years.’

    and you are a heretic if you think any different!

    “Chris Caton, one of the wise old men of economics here, says: “The so-called “technical” definition of a recession – two successive quarters of declining GDP – is nonsense; we know we’re in a recession because of what has already happened to unemployment!”

    That’s how most Australians will measure how the economy is travelling. When people lose their jobs, watch their children struggle to enter the workforce, or see their work hours and incomes dwindle.

    Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/06/03/2588151.htm

  15. Ross,

    That guy can blow my bath foam any time he likes…


    Is it getting hot in here or what…

  16. IATW,

    I had some Dutch neighbours back in the early 70s and they invited me in for dinner for one night. One of the side dishes was boiled lettuce. Sounds unbelievable I know.

    As for Dutch beer, having drunk several cases of Grolsch in the past few months, nothing else will do any more. I couldn’t get any last week and bought a case of Carlton Cold Filtered which used to be my choice and after a few gave the rest to my son. 😕

  17. “Is it getting hot in here or what…”

    I refuse to get hot and horny on a Wednesday. I go to a pub open mic on Wednesday nights and there are some really hot numbers there, but it’s a pretty butch working-mans’ pub and I want to get home in one piece.

  18. Strange Daphon, having Dutch parents and growing up a short distance from many Dutch rels and their acquaintances I never had boiled lettuce.

    Now potatoes I had an over abundance of.

  19. Mobius, I can’t remember whether there were things added to or what. All I can remember is asking them what the mushy stuff was (I doubt I said mushy stuff although I was only 19 – that’s a great title for a song) and they answered boiled lettuce.

    A quick Google (Dutch boiled lettuce recipe):


  20. I had some Dutch neighbors and they used to poison all of the other neighbors trees.

    Lettuce is a vegetable, and is wonderful lightly steamed. It’s just the western Europeans who know it only as a salad item.

  21. A butch working man’s pub?

    An open mic….??

    What did you do..??

    “Somewhere over the rainbow..???”

  22. Yes I know its a Dutch thing, but I’m saying that growing up in a Dutch household and surrounded by Dutch it was never put on the dinner table. Now witloof is a different matter.

    Maybe it’s a regional thing, my family came from southern Holland.

  23. Yeah Min the Dutch can be nasty and arrogant that’s for sure. Just look at Bolt.

  24. Nice bit of selective racism, Adrian.

  25. So Dutch cuisine consists of steamed lettuce and potatoes.

    Oh well……………..great !

    Joel Fitzgibbon should be walked blindfolded into the surf and shot in the back of the head if that’s what our guys and gals in the front line have to put up with.

  26. Yeah, that was a bit uncalled for, Adrian. There is no need to slur the Dutch with Bolt’s reputation! After all, Piers is an Australian and Australians are not all arrogant & racist … hang on a second – I think Trujillo is telling me I made a mistake…

  27. “What did you do..??”

    More like who’d I like to do.

    I’m a geetar player – a bluesman mainly in the style of pre-WWII Mississippi plantation boys.

    No ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ but I can do a bloody good ‘Dueling Banjos’ which gets those straight boys’ glasses of Tooheys a’quiverin.

  28. Adrian

    What the F*** is “witloof” ?

  29. James..re Adrian’s comment..it’s a joke. You have to have been brought up in the locale to understand this.

    Hubby’s granny was the 6th of 19 children..Germans.

  30. My tankards would be tinkering too if I heard duelling banjo’s!

  31. witloof
    1. Widely cultivated herb with leaves valued as salad green; either curly serrated leaves or broad flat ones that are usually blanched.

    2. Young broad-leaved endive plant deprived of light to form a narrow whitish head.

    Mum did it in a white sauce, similar sauce to that used for cauliflower. She also did endive the same way.

    Loved the stuff.

  32. lol B.Tolputt

  33. Daphon. You are a muso too? Eldest is a classical pianist and partner plays when he isn’t busy with being an IT journo.

    But, but…I love over the rainbow. My late father loved the blues especially Fats Waller…all that early black’fella’ music. I have 78s (the records, not the year) Fats Waller.

  34. You don’t know some of my uncles James.

    The Dutch can also be generous, warm and fun loving, which describes the great majority of my family both here and in Holland.

    You would probably put me in the former though James.

  35. Reb..your tankards twinkle anyway.

  36. joni……….reb,

    You might want to delete a post (the last one) over at the “Is Australia a Rascist Country” Thread as having read though the Link it could be deemed libellous as most of those named are not dead yet…………..!

  37. Now everyone races over to the “Racist” Thread to see what the F*** Walrus is on about………..!

  38. Walrus,

    I thought it was quite a nice poem.

    But then it did originally get caught in the spam filter.

    Should we delete it or not ??

    I don’t know … what does everybody else fink?

  39. I’m not a lawyer but I’d be concerned about the bribery and blackmail allegations contained in the link even though I know some to be true (having worked for one of those named)

  40. Re Fats Waller..here is one from ’43. If there are any dummers on board, it’s worth a watch.

  41. Reb, get rid of it to be on the safe side.

  42. what post?

  43. There’s nothing libellous about the “poem”, but the commenter is obviously just whoring for hits to the linked “blog”. You could delete it on that basis, I suppose, but that’s up to you Reb, and Joni.

  44. As we say in the business “it’s been taken care of”

    Death to those whoring bastards!

  45. What post? I cant find any poems?

  46. Joni come lately…..

  47. Ya go off to get a haircut and you miss all the fun!!!!! Bloody typical!

  48. Whoops, I means drummers not dummers…

  49. Which hair???

  50. I didn’t think you had any hair left to cut…!!!

  51. … and this is the thanks I get…. 😥

  52. I didn’t think you had any hair left to cut…!!!

    reb, on June 3rd, 2009 at 4:34 pm Said:

    Crack………..Back………………….and Sack………….Perhaps ?

  53. That’s it – I am turning off the webcam!

  54. Do you blog in the nude?


  55. Doesn’t everyone?

  56. I thought you were supposed to wear pyjamas.

  57. Re: Dutch food (The Minister was born in Holland emigrated when she was 18 moths old). Took her to her birthplace in 2005 – literally – we went to house she had lived in before her family emigrated and the people living there remembered/knew her straight away! They used to babysit her and then took the house over when her parents vacated for Oz …

    Anyway – food … never had a bad meal there IATW …

    Profiteroles, (pancakes), beef croquets and they make the BEST hot chips (always served with a mayonnaise/dijon) had to ask for my tomato sauce.

    The best Chinese Resaurant I’ve been to was in Amsterdam! Amazing manager – who knew The Minister’s cousin well – came to say hello at our table and talked to TM’s cousin in Dutch, switched to English talking to us and give instructions in Chinese as staff passed our table – she was incredible … so was the food, service and the resaurant …

    … and don’t forget Dutch cheeses …!

    As for Dutch beer – very similar to German – has anyone tasted Amsterdam Mariner? I haven’t and I’ve just bought some with a “bubbly” bundle fom Dam Murphy’s …

    Anyone give me a text taste review (bitter, sweet, light, strong etc?)

  58. I’ll have to give it a go.

    I’ve been slothing today and I’m still in my pyjamas!

  59. Apologies for typos – in a hurry, big night here – of course up to the son’s for THE GAME and a two minute stagger back home!


  60. Pyjamas? People still wear pyjamas? I thought the only place you saw them today were hanging on high racks in Coles as colourful but boring decorations.

  61. Piffle TB – the Blues will be victorious tonight!

  62. But, but, but…they are Pierre Cardin and maroon.


  63. Piffle? Piffle?

    …and since when did you follow football, joni?

  64. Many critiques from both sides of the blogging-MSM divide are accurate, if sometimes misplaced. The chief criticisms of blogging from defenders of the MSM are, one, the pajama charge — that is, bloggers are not professional journalists and don’t do much reporting (thus the image of them sitting at home in their pajamas) — and, two, the incivility charge, that many bloggers use impolite language.

  65. I am more a rugby supporter, but I do watch the SOO. I am just about to head to an Amnesty meeting, and then onto the Madison to watch the game.

  66. That’s it…now I’m turning my web cam off!

  67. Where’s the “Madison” ?

    Just curious as I’ve never heard of it ………!

  68. I Am The Walrus, on June 3rd, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Mumbai? Hehehe!

  69. I’m watching the ” football” – football?! TB? – to see Israel Filou take a speckie*. He’s the only one among your lot who could play real football.

    *If you don’t know what a speckie* is, then watch this instructional video.

    *Short for spectacular mark.

  70. Just next to Central Station in Sydney…. a 24hr pub! Expect a drunken post later tonight.

  71. I am just about to head to an Amnesty meeting

    Oh, I’m so sorry Joni – I didn’t even know you drank.

  72. LOL Tony – too funny!

  73. Daphon, on June 3rd, 2009 at 5:10 pm Said:
    Pyjamas? People still wear pyjamas?

    Daphon, most of the people on this blog wear nighties.

  74. Oh Yeh ……………..I know where it is now !

    Have not been there for soooooooooooo long I’d forgotten the name of the joint.

    God……………….must be 20 years………!

  75. The best Chinese Resaurant I’ve been to was in Amsterdam!

    I can just imagine it. Real authentic stuff no doubt.

    The best mongolian lamb in town!

  76. Uh Oh…………………………….!

    The jury in this trial have now gone off to consider a verdict.

    Just wait for the outrage in India if the verdict is guilty.


  77. Actually I went to a floating Chinese Restaurant in Amsterdam………………it was surprisingly good (although our Chinese are better) but………………..blooooooody expensive compared to what we get here in Oz.

  78. Best Chinese restaurant. The Lotus Inn, China Town Melbourne.

  79. reb, on June 3rd, 2009 at 5:59 pm Said:

    web………………you sirry iriot……………………………Mongolia not in China………!

  80. Perhaps a touch of Korean cuisine tonight……………….anyone………….?


  81. ALLEZ LES BLEUS…………!

  82. Remember how I changed jobs a couple of weeks ago because my boss was a schitzo, loop head, psychotic paranoid bitch.

    Well I’ve been in the new job a whole two weeks.

    I want my old boss back.

  83. Tu est certainement un beau walrus, mais malheureusement c’est allez les maroons.

  84. With apologies for the Year 12 French..

  85. Miglo – don’t tell me they want you to do some work. Bastards.

  86. Migs, why do I get the feeling there’s more to this story than you’re letting on…?

  87. LOL!! Good one Tom!

  88. “All of the money that they are spending is not going to stop us going into recession, it’s not going to stop the recession being long and deep,” he said.

    “I would argue that the recession will actually be worse in the long run because of the measures that they have taken.”

    So sayeth Tony Abbott, and here endeth the lesson.

  89. Was thinking this too Migs..as in out of the frying pan into the you know what..

    Walrus..are you sure that this wasn’t a description of the next Liberal/Nat Party meeting? I mean to say..naked women and swallowing live fish..you would have to do something to get the Nats on board re an ETS. However..it does state American music..and from what I’ve heard of American music lately it would not encourage anyone to do much of anything.

  90. Go on a strike Miglo, whats the chances of getting your other job back?

    Im half way watching a movie called 10 canoes.

  91. Miglo – don’t tell me they want you to do some work. Bastards.

    Unlike your good self Tom. I’ve noticed that you’ve done some posting during working hours.

    LOL!! Good one Tom!

    Prick. And to think I was just wrapping the 2002 Coriole Shiraz with bubble wrap to send to you.

  92. Good grief..just when you think that it’s safe to come out of the water..splash..a camel!

    How is the boat going? I should imagine that it’s almost finished.

  93. Miglo, Reb moved address.
    I’ll send you the new one via email.

  94. Fortunately Aqua, people with my skills are highly prized and I expect to be head-hunted by another department as soon as the word is out that I’m on the market.

    Duck for sale.

  95. Min, i sold it.. I replied late to your comment in frolykz.

  96. But i did get photos Min.
    I have a bag of goodies to show you , for when i visit.

  97. “Duck for sale.”

    “Min, i sold it..”

    I hope we’re not talking about the same thing Aqua. If we are, I’d like to know who you sold me to.

    And what will you do with all that money?

  98. You seen 10 canoes(movie) Miglo.?

    If not make at the top of your list.

  99. Well done Aqua..I know that you mentioned a buyer but didn’t realise that the deal had happened.

    Migs..I’ll hire you. Ducks work for stale bread plus they are excellent in the garden re fertiliser. However, you are warned off our pool area

  100. I haven’t seen it Aqua. I’ll check it out.

  101. your safe for now migs, but thats not to say i havnt tried

  102. Min that buyer left a deposit for my other boat and never returned. I like free money. That was for the 16ft savage, i still have that one.

  103. “Duck for Sale”

    Is that like your rendition of “Love for Sale?”

    Just whip off that orange frock from Shirley and let it rip Miglo….

    Duck for sale,
    Appetising young duck for sale.
    Duck that’s fresh and still unspoiled,
    Duck that’s only slightly soiled,
    Duck for sale.
    Who will buy?
    Who would like to sample my supply?
    Who’s prepared to pay the price,
    For a trip to paradise?
    Duck for sale…

  104. A sixteen foot savage?

    Are you talking about Adrian of Nowra..?

  105. This one is for Joni, Daphon, Sans Blog and any other friends of Dorothy…

  106. C’mon reb you know I’m about as savage as sixteen foot limp saveloy.

  107. Who’s Dorothy?

    Turdball, Scraper and now Dorothy…where’s the BEX?

  108. A sixteen foot saveloy, yum

    Adrian you do have that viking look 😉

  109. “A sixteen foot saveloy, yum”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself..

    And aqua is right, it’s the viking look I was referring to..


  110. Mobius..the sixteen foot savage is Aqua’s missus minus ten and a half foot.

  111. and her anger is measured by horse power

  112. I’m too young to remember the Tiananmen Square massacre but my mum was telling me yesterday that this event was the most soul destroying event of her whole life. When the Chinese Army opened fire on thousands of people protesting for more democracy, it was shattering for her circle of hippy friends. It was the day she lost her faith that a better world was possible she said in a sad voice.

    I saw the old tv pictures of some Chinese guy standing in front of tanks the other day and was amazed at how brave he was. It got me thinking and talking with mum. Tomorrow is a sad day but I hope that one day soon China will become a free country and all those who died can rest easier knowing they did not die in vain.

  113. Aubegene,
    I was a little young to understand it, but the impact hit the globe.
    I still dont understand what it was about but understand the government killed its own people who were unarmed aswell.

    That footage you saw was amazing, not only its content but the fact any proof made it out at all

  114. I got to see masterchef tonight, Reb i have to say i agree as i looked at the judges i could see every detail you described in front of me.

    felt like i had seen it before

  115. Aubegene..with apologies, I have to finish for the evening. Just to let you know that I agree. Perhaps we can persuade the Blog-Masters to put up a thread on this most important issue. That is, how Tiananmen Square did indeed drag China into considering becoming a world partner..that China’s actions could no longer be hidden from the world (a benefit of the media revolution).

  116. A quick ps Aqua..Jeff has Monday off and so I have pencilled in 10 Canoes.

  117. Min i got it just to see something different, half way through a i wonder why i havnt heard of this before i hired it.

    rabbit proof fence and tracker are nothing but a good story line compared to this.

  118. Tony, on June 3rd, 2009 at 5:37 pm Said:

    I’m watching the ” football” – football?! TB? – to see Israel Filou take a speckie*.

    Also known as a screamer, Tony.

  119. Yes Jane. Or a speccie. Folau hasn’t taken one yet – apparently Spud Frawley’s got something to do with it.

  120. Carn the Pies!!!!!

  121. My lovely Gene quotes me accurately, What happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 was the most soul destroying event of my life.

    REM’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It was popular at the time of the massacre and I still get teary if I hear that song today. I used to own the album but gave it away as I could not bear listening to it anymore.

  122. Emma,

    My lovely Gene quotes me accurately, What happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 was the most soul destroying event of my life.

    (Aube)[G]ene is your child? And you were a hippy, in 1989?

  123. Yes and yes, Tony. There are still plenty of hippy-types about today.

  124. SOO refereeing appalling for both sides. NSW try disallowed on a dodgy line call, NSW try allowed on a forward pass.

    Now that there are two referees there are twice as many bad decisions.

  125. Can’t get your link up Tony, something tells me it’s probably a good thing …

  126. Emma,

    It was just a link to your earlier comment.

  127. While we’re on the Bassey/Bond classics, in my view you just can’t beat Goldfinger.

    And here’s the original from the movie (still the best version, I believe):

  128. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25582112-601,00.html

    One day soon, she said, people might look at Mr Costello’s career and ask: “Is that it?”

    Its too early to laugh but that cracked me up.

  129. “..and from what I’ve heard of American music lately it would not encourage anyone to do much of anything..”

    Min, on June 3rd, 2009 at 6:30 pm Said:


    It did not say the “latest” American Music. So Lord knows what this psychopath gets off on.

    As for the game last night the Maroons were the better team on the night. But although I almost felt like switching off I was encouraged by the “revival” of the Blues later on.

    I note that Weyman and Poore were not on the field when Queensland scored their 3 tries. I thought Ridley, Wallace and Campese had shockers. I have no idea why Craig Bellyache took Farrah off and why the Hell did he take so long to put Wing on.

    NSW needs Brett Morris on the wing (at least he has the pace to chase Slater et al down), Jarrod Mullen at halfback and perhaps Barrett at five eightth. Because Campese is out of form even for his club side.

    You cant say the Blues were “picked on form” when the scrum base clearly was not. Or dont the selectors regard form as important in those 2 spots ?

  130. Interesting comments from the NYT’s Gail Collins and David Brooks on Guns, Gays and Abortion…

    Worrying about gay marriage, let alone gay civil unions or gay employment rights, is a middle-age issue. Young people just can’t see the problem. At worst, gays are going to win this one just by waiting until the opposition dies off.


  131. IATW – agree on your assessment.

  132. joni/IATW

    I notice no mention of Mr Gidley’s performance?

    A couple of shocker ref’s calls (in the Blue’s favour) …

    … particularly a try that was awarded from a forward pass …

    … let me explain… if a person passes a football from the corner post towards the goal post, then to reach the in goal area it MUST go FORWARD … its not rocket science …

    … quite frankly the Blues deserved to lose (poetic?) at one stage (as you say IATW) we were saying the game was slower than a club game – not the best SofO I ever watched …

    … still, a win is a win and the stats say that the winner of the first game usually takes the series … again 😉


  133. And why the Hell does Matt Orford never ever get a look in as a Blues half back ?

    Does Craig Bellyache hate him that much for leaving the Storm………………….?


  134. TB

    Gidley had a shocker, but I was more upset with his performance at the end of the game. He just stood at the back nearly crying. he should have been in the middle of all the players saying that he was proud of them for the comeback, and that they can beat QLD.

    A captain must lead – even when they make mistakes.

  135. “I thought Ridley, Wallace and Campese had shockers”



    Re: Ridley……………………..Cant you bloody read !

    “Refs calls in the Blues favour”………………..well that’s original !

    Oh………and by the way the definition of forward momentum in relation to physics and forward passes……..well……………it is Rocket Science.

  136. And the NSW kicking game sucked big time…………….Bring on Jamie Soward………….get Matt Cooper back as a defensive centre…………………..put Ben Hornby at half back…………………..Brett Morris on the Wing…………….Keep Poore and Weyman up front…………………Keep Ben Creagh in the second row

    Now that’s looking better already……………….!


    In fact it reminds me of something…………!

  137. joni, absolutely … and as I’m sure you know – we have the best of the best in Lockyer … if he had to stop playing today he has had stellar career – a prediction I made when I saw him first play for the Broncos when he was sixteen … and always leads from the front and by example … a truly great role model …

    Speaking of which – WTF was that turkey W Sailor doing on the commentary panel?

    Answer: (sorry for the Rudd moment) Another turkey (Ben Ikin) had quit because of a story being run on Sunday (seems he and his father have made a lot of money at the expense of a lot of people …)

  138. TB

    Re: Ridley……………………..Cant you bloody read !

    IATW, did you mean Gidley – he’s the Blues captain – its Guh, mate, not Rrr … 😀

  139. TB Queensland, on June 4th, 2009 at 10:37 am Said:

    Storm Financial………………..The Ikin Family……………………………..

    What goes on in northern Queensland…………?

  140. OK TB…………………..I meant Gidley

    I was all “fired up” about how poorly the scrum combination played and was not paying proper attention to the fullback’s name

  141. Unions have threatened disruption at the ALP conference, booed Julia Gillard, demanded all sorts of “rights” that they have never had in the past.

    The Age says – “Victorian Trades Hall Council secretary Brian Boyd said the issue would be pursued at next month’s ALP national conference, and that union support for the Government “could not be taken for granted”.

    Affiliated unions are far more trouble than they are worth in the ALP.

    They push their own agenda, their own interests to the detriment of the party. They carve up preselection to make parliament simply a career path for ambitious union hacks.

    It’s about time the unions and the ALP had an “amicable divorce”, as John Button recommended years ago.

    I suggest a thread on this subject, on why unions are past their use by date, and should leave the ALP to the people that voluntarily choose to join the party.

  142. “Storm Financial………………..The Ikin Family……………………………..”

    Governments can only do so much to protect people and their investments.

    People do need to do their own risk/return analysis (get an independant expert) before mortgaging their whole house.

  143. “………..and should leave the ALP to the people that voluntarily choose to join the party.”

    So Tom…………if it happens will you sign up ?

  144. IATW, I was a member for a decade and a half.

    I’d think about rejoining if the party structure and representation was reformed.

  145. I didn’t see it but it looks as though The Chaser covered itself in glory again last night


    But the ABC has plenty of defenders on this blog so I suspect we will hear a spirited defence of the ABC right here today

  146. I see Fitzgibbon has just resigned his ministership…pushed I suspect.


  147. scaper…, on June 4th, 2009 at 1:43 pm Said:

    Well there are only so many times that you can be forgiven for forgetting things…………………!

    A very “untidy” look

  148. I thought the Chaser skit was hilarious, but then I’m just an ABC apologist..

  149. The Chasers has gone for one series too many: they are attention-seeking juveniles these days. I haven’t found anything funny in the last two episodes.

  150. reb, on June 4th, 2009 at 1:51 pm Said

    Well I suppose you would regard it as hilarious if you believe sick and dying children are responsible for their own predicament.

    It’s a bit different to picking on cops, football players, priests, popes, presidents et al. No matter what they do they can be held responsible rightly or wrongly for their own predicament.

    But a terminally ill child…………..?

    So do you also giggle at the man with the white cane feeling his way down a street…………….reb ?

    You must roll on the ground laughing at the sight of a paraplegic in a whelchair….?

  151. Yes the chasers war, The whole thing was so staged the kids probably laughed about it before and afterwards.
    From what i saw on the news they charged into the hospital to offend as many kids as possible.
    I just shook my head and smiled.
    Correct me if im wrong but did any of the children or perants of them complain?

    (Different side)

    Make a wish helps so many kids
    It also is not big enough to help all the terminally ill so for some kids it is a stick.

    I bet the kids enjoyed the visit and attention.

  152. You must roll on the ground laughing at the sight of a paraplegic in a whelchair….?

    Well I did when I watched Little Britain..

  153. “………..The whole thing was so staged the kids probably laughed about it before and afterwards………….
    Correct me if im wrong but did any of the children or perants of them complain?…………..”


    They were actors…………………!

  154. They were actors…………………!

    Fair enough. why are you so hyped up?
    Its hard to choose not to watch it when the media through it in your face, but there is a choice.

    Some of there stuff is a little embarrassing and at times over the top. I have heard many comedians push the boundries on many subjects, but i guess its different if its verbal and not on film.

  155. Fair enough. why are you so hyped up?

    aquanut, on June 4th, 2009 at 3:38 pm Said:

    Why am I hyped up……?………….Why am I hyped up ?

    Just F*** Off Aqua………………….!

    For F**** sake I’m fired up because the Blues lost and I’m itching for a “fight” so I’m waiting for someone to take the bait.

    I thought I could get reb going but he’s wandered off somewhere else.

    There must be an ABC hugger out there somewhere…..!

    So just F*** Off Aqua and leave me alone as I’m waiting in the shadows for someone to stroll by…..


    Do you think anyone heard me ……?

  156. I understand Walrus, the blues played like they were wearing skirts, i can see why your fired up. Still it was funny to see once again all talk from NSW with so little follow up.
    Pick another team, any team that dosnt loose so much. 🙂

  157. Piss Off…………… you oxygen deprived camel………!

  158. Being a Walrus is there a shadow big enough for you to hide in?

  159. Haha..it was make a realistic wish kids..just a pencil case or something realistic because you’re going to die anyway.

    “Why go to any trouble when they’re going to die any way?” was the punch line.

    Aqua is right, it’s about children with terminal illness and their worth and it matters not one iota whether or not they were actors..t’is the principal of the thing.

  160. I really did think it was a real hospital just like Walrus thought NSW would win.

  161. t’is the principal of the thing

    Min, on June 4th, 2009 at 4:03 pm Said:

    So why would the Chaser apologise …..?.

  162. OMG..is Aqua oxygen deprived? Anyone with expertise in camel mouth to mouth..or anyone willing to learn on the job?

  163. Min, on June 4th, 2009 at 4:08 pm Said:

    He’d spit in ya mouth in appreciation……….!

  164. Back off Walrus you have just overstepped the mark, all camels are mine.

    #So why would the Chaser apologise …..?.
    Public pressure.
    Besides why are you still carrying on, its not about the kids for you. Its the fact your skirt wearing team lost.
    (did i mention they played bad) 😎

  165. Walrus..one of The Chasers main claim to fame is being in realistic situations. From the clip there is no disclaimer that the situation as against what they normally do, that is actors on a stage. I think that most reasonable people, given The Chasers normal performance would assume that this was indeed a hospital with terminally ill children.

    Walrus, I didn’t say that The Chasers should apologise. It would be too little and too late as they’ve already got what they want..the publicity.

  166. “………..all camels are mine. ”

    You probably look like the back end of a camel anyway !

  167. Min,

    They overstepped the mark last night..

  168. Lebanese boys are excellent spitters…

  169. And if i did walrus youd only want a closer look.

    You need to settle you stress pot, its only a lost football game, no wait… you sound like this everyday.

  170. Besides the ABC picks good stuff for us.

  171. Go hump ya-self camel…………!

  172. Go build up your fat supply, Walrus

  173. Where’s scaper……?

    I want to know what happened to the sex scandal he aluded to last week or was it the week before ………?

  174. sex scandal, maybe Costello and Bishop come out after years of bed games.

  175. i think im drunk so excuse my rantings or if your Walrus just eatme. 🙂

  176. It’s someones birthday in the house tomorrow so I’ve been out stimulating the retail sector.

    Sex scandal?

    If you find my comment you will see that it was not me that alluded to a sex scandal but someone else who was mischievous and you swallowed it.

    I’m still waiting to see how it is panning out so there is nothing new yet.

  177. …a man in the know.

    If only we all had such reliable access to inside information. I’m sure we’re all just panting in anticipation.

    Julia has looked glowing lately. An affair with Steven Smith? Though perhaps she was just blushing, having been booed out of the union conference.

  178. “……….but someone else who was mischievous………”

    Was it Legion…………?

    I cant remember whether it was mid week or end of week……….!

    So nothing to add then………….?

  179. Walrus…yes, nothing to add yet but a juicy sex scandal would liven up the house.

    Gee, we haven’t had one since the last PM had that fling many years ago!

  180. Scaper…..what house, the one where the birthday is? the parliamentary one? Or the House of Blogocrats?

    And can we not talk about swallowing in the context of sex scandals please?

  181. Walrus, i think you should sleep with Scaper to see what information you can gain

  182. Gee, it’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow and there has not been a sex scandal since the Howard affair many years ago in Parliament House!

    And I won’t sleep with a Walrus as I’m still trying to live down the scapegoat episode and I repeat there was no evidence…lol!

  183. a walrus has big lungs, he might blow on your face.

  184. “………Gee, we haven’t had one since the last PM had that fling many years ago!”

    You mean the im-pru-dent one

  185. im out of here, talking to myself is so entertaining but i want to do something boring instead.

  186. FFS

    I can’t believe the furore over this chaser skit.

    The commercial channels are feigning outrage and disgust on their “news” and “current affairs” shows..

    Meanwhile they screen crap like Australia’s Funniest Home Videos that has kids hurting themselves all the time for everyone to laugh at, and The Footy Show which I reckon is far more offensive than chaser.

  187. Reb, my only guess is that the commercial channels are disgusted that they don’t get the same ratings.

  188. Tom, the rouge-ish CFMEU does not speak for the entire Trade Union movement. Far from it. That’s drawing a long bow, even by your standards. Your allegations are about as inaccurate-by-design as me claiming that Kevin Andrew, or the AMA, speaks for the entire Liberal Party!

  189. Mark, you’re wasting your time arguing with Tom. He has tunnel vision.

  190. I know, Miglo, but silly perjorative assertions need to be challenged. Regularly.

  191. Tom is challenged. Mentally challenged.

  192. On yer Big Pete Costello!

    Howard was wrong about yer bein gutless, all these chatterin little ppl are 123% wrong 2 son. Let yer Uncle Bwoocie, convenor of the NSW Zombie Faction, help yer out here: just shove them ear plugs back in, smirk, an yer shall overcome, OK?

  193. I have no idea what you are on about Mark.

    Are you some type of tosser or a communist?

  194. Projecting you own intellectual inadequacies onto me won’t help Tom.

  195. Will some of you please get an avatar already for Pete’s sake……(Tom, Mark, Walrus, Nature 5, Lotharsson, Ray etcetera…….).

  196. Hello Sparta. I’ve found an avatar for Tom:

  197. Miglo,


  198. Man in pic is too young miglo.

  199. “rouge-ish” CFMEU …”rogue-ish”?

    I hardly think the branch I’m in is “rogue-ish”.

  200. Will some of you please get an avatar already for Pete’s sake

    Sparta of Phoenix, AZ USA, on June 4th, 2009 at 11:15 pm Said:

    Now listen here Sparta………………You try and find a Walrus wearing a silly helmet with some plummage

  201. im out of here, talking to myself is so entertaining but i want to do something boring instead.

    aquanut, on June 4th, 2009 at 6:10 pm Said:

    Dont take it personally Aquanut but clearly you need to do some work on your personality

  202. What about this?

    Preparing for an ATO audit?

  203. scaper…,


  204. This is me just before my last ATO audit.

    It didn’t work…got stung for $29K!

  205. That photo looks like one of your russian ancestors, scaper.

  206. scaper…, on June 5th, 2009 at 9:40 am Said:

    Well if ya gunna turn up dressed so well the ATO is sure to think….

    “Hey this dude dresses too well to be paying all the correct tax…..”

    Clearly all that clothing is drawn straight from the latest scaper “Winter Collection”

  207. Walrus, I call my new line ‘recession obsession’.

    Coming to a Lowes near you!

  208. Thanks Walrus but that coming from you is hilarious.

    But i do get my drunk personality dosnt worrk out well. I get drunk to come into the room cause of useless attacks by people at times, otherwise i wouldnt defend myself online or feel confedent to chat these days.

  209. And now wait for the reaction from India………………..!


  210. And now wait for the anti Australian reaction from India………………..!


    I wish I was an burnable effigy salesman on the subcontinent.

    They are the only guys that are constantly busy………..!

  211. Shouldn’t that be; “This is me after an ATO audit”?

  212. No, this is after the ATO audit and got the interest bill.

  213. Now that’s a worry scaper, you went looking for a suitable picture using “Nude Males” as a search, or that you already knew where to look?

  214. As if reb and I would ever go looking for that sort of stuff 😉

  215. You or reb would have known exactly which websites to go to for an apt picture (and it is quite clever scaper), but that still poses the question if scaper typed “Nude Male” into the search, and what else would he have found when looking for the suitable piccie, or that he knew where to look?

  216. I’ve been a little tied up with revenue related activities so haven’t checked in.

    Miglo, thanks for the avatar suggestion. If you had chosen someone younger, with a calm demeanour you’d have a realistic image of me.

    You might recall that I had been committed to a cigar smoking rodent image, but didn’t get around to it.

    Mark, I still don’t know what you are on about. Don’t you follow the news. 500 delegates at the ACTU conference provided support of the thuggish unions by booing and jeering Gillard. They all adopted their protest tee shirts during her speech.

    She correctly pointed out some examples of their behaviour. They booed, disrupted, heckled her. Imagine how they’d behave towards a competent minister.

    The ALP would be better off without them.

    You should go and familiarise yourself with some facts, rather than engage in such childish abuse.

  217. Didn’t you write the book on childish abuse Tom?

    Toiletboss, I am not bagging the CFMEU per se, but there is a long history going back to the BLF of the construction division crossing the line.

    For example, the outrageous behaviour of the West Australian leadership directly contributed to the ALP’s soft WA vote in 2007. The clowns responsible should have been terminated in my view. No ifs buts or maybes about it. I still can’t believe the arrogant stupidity of the pair of them.

    Unions are only as strong as the weakest link. Bad behaviour by one union means every other unionist get tarred with the same brush – see Tom’s posts for detail – and it does not help the labor movement get better outcomes for the membership.

    I know that building work is dirty and dangerous and lots of people get killed and hurt on the job. I know the bosses are often bastards. But there is a clear line between robust advocacy for workers who need it and giving the wider community the bird. That’s the point I am making about the pattern of “rogue” public behaviour by the construction crew. Tough negotiations and robust tactical ploys should be kept behind closed doors. Save the strong-arm stuff for the mongrels who warrant it – don’t offend Joesephine Public as part of the process please.

    The union movement received tremendous public support in the battle against work choices. It’s why Australia’s largest community-based-organisations eventually prevailed.

    All Trade Unions must consider public perceptions in everything we do. Most Unions do this. Ordinary Australians need professional trade union representation and we are all much the stronger if the public continues to support the important work that every trade union does to ensure a fair go for ordinary people in the workplace.

  218. Yeah, I was just having a lend Mark.

    Tom often rubishes my beloved CFMEU. I don’t care.

    I credit the 100% membership where I work with the outstanding pay & conditions that we enjoy there. They actually have a very amicable & functional relationship with the company too.
    It’s a shining example of how industrial relations should work, but often don’t elsewhere.
    Being in a Union with teeth does seem to make a difference. I’ve been in a few that were toothless & they weren’t very useful.

    Thanks for the reply BTW.

  219. Personally, I recoil at the thought of how much worse off the average employee would be without Unions to humanise the face of the workforce.

    That’s why I still proudly say…”F@ck John Howard & the horse he rode in on”.

    Tom is a lot smarter than he lets on IMO.

  220. Tom is a lot smarter than he lets on IMO.

    Cue Miglo’s reply…

  221. Agreed about Tom but lets not pump him up.

    Public perceptions are really important. United we are much more effective.

    PS, I feel really sorry for that horse, mate.

  222. lol.

    I gotta go & play Guitar Hero Metallica with my youngster guys. Seeyaz later.

  223. Tom is a lot smarter than he lets on IMO.

    Tboss, if you believe that, then you’re a lot dumber than you let on.

  224. Touche.

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