Midweek Mayhem!


Good afternoon and welcome to Midweek Mayhem, our middle-of-the-week idle chit chat thread.

Of course the big news today is that the economy actually grew a bit, by 0.4% I’m led to believe. Now that might not seem like much, but it flies in the face of all the so called “experts” that were predicting a contraction of 0.2%.

So, technically, and it’s purely technical, Australia may avoid a recession. Meanwhile unemployment continues to climb especially in NSW.

While the Opposition bleats on about escalating debt, for those of us who are managing to hold down a job, things are actually looking quite rosey – low interest rates are allowing us to pay more into the mortgage, the Aussie dollar is rising against the green back which is just dandy if you’re planning an overseas trip, and house prices are either rising or falling depending on who you listen to, so nothing’s changed on that front for about 15 years.

In terms of real estate, there’s been much speculation in the meja about a last minute rush of first home buyers entering the market before the grant extension expires. Could this be the “storm before the calm?” I can’t help but thinking that it may well be. Particularly when Winter is traditionally a dead period for real estate sales..

Anyway, on another note I have created another blog called Gutter Trash which is purely designed as a piece of self-indulgent nonsense and a haven for those that want to make politically incorrect, blasphemous and anti-religion, anti- christian remarks et cetera. Seeing as that sort of thing seems to strike a raw nerve around these parts.


Here’s some midweek musics..

Coalition Project for Re-election Scheme (CPRS)

I am confused. The coalition have stated that they support the CPRS, but just that they wanted it delayed until after the Copenhagen conference. But then Malcolm Turnbull got up last night and said that the scheme would “destroy jobs” and was wrong. I will try and get the transcript from Hansard up later today (someone remind me if I forget).

And the coalition does not seem to be united on this, and that is why Turnbull is trying to have a bet each way.

So – is the plan of the coalition to support and not support the CPRS just a scheme to get them through the next election?