Pow! Whack! Wollop! – and they are not even in a union!

It seems that this morning there was a “regrettable incident” in the Liberal party ranks this morning.

Liberal party sources say there was a “regrettable incident in the party room” on Tuesday morning when NSW Liberal backbencher Alby Schultz became angry and shirt-fronted Victorian MP Chris Pearce.

The altercation allegedly followed a dispute over three-cornered contests – when Nationals and Liberal MPs contest the same seat in an election.

Imagine the outcry if they were in a union?

Maybe Galaxy needs to push-poll with a question on whether Liberal MP’s will “turn nasty” if they don’t get their own way.


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  1. Can anyone tell me what exactly is “shirt-fronted?”

    Being a gentleman and patron of the arts, I’m not familiar with such terms of phrase..

  2. Is that because you always attack from the rear?

  3. We’ve never really got down to the specifics of “giving” and “receiving” with you blokes……and I’m not certain that I want to.

    Shirtfronting is when you bump into someone when they’re not expecting it. You used to be able to do it in football until the pansies got hold of the rules.

    I’m getting the impression that the “receiver” of the shirt front had it coming. Wilson Tuckey’s comments give cause for thought and I reckon this will die a quiet death.

  4. I was about to reply..but can’t because I’m too busy laughing.

  5. He should have ducked.

    I would’ve.

  6. and I’m not certain that I want to.

    Don’t flatter yourself Jimmy boy. I’ve never really considered terry towelling hats a “big turn on”

    But thanks for the explanation..


  7. Oh James – that is just priceless !!!! I have tears in my eyes, and that’s just because I am laughing so much.

  8. Shirt fronted? I just heard that one MP grabbed the other’s shirt. That’s not a shirtfront.

    These are shirtfronts.

  9. I’ve never really considered terry towelling hats a “big turn on


  10. West Australian Liberal Wilson Tuckey implored Mr Rudd to ease off, especially towards one of the participants “for reasons he would understand”.

    “Using his sharp and nasty wit is very unfair … just lay off,” the backbencher said.

    Just lay off threatens bovver boy Wilson Tuckey, how unfair of him to be using wit against an unarmed opposition!

  11. It would appear, Kittylitter, that there may be circumstances known only to the political participants which might give rise to this. And I’m not sure that that would qualify as a threat?

  12. Terry towelling hats? You couldn’t possibly know that for sure!

  13. I have cameras everywhere in North Melbourne James.

    Your movements and headwear are duly noted.

  14. I’m still trying to work out what a 3 cornered contest has to do with terry towelling hats.

    Most definitely have to choof..a wonderful evening to all.

  15. 3 cornered terry towelling hat as in a Napoleon complex?

  16. Look, look, look. If an MBA management superstar like moi can’t measure an alleged incident, it bloomin ain’t there, OK?

    I mean, the mindless bloomin experiences of yer little ppl in the reality-based communities are redundant, OK?

    All yers need to remember is this: vote conservative, we’ve got ALL the flippin answers, OK?

  17. “A pinch and a punch……” lol. Wilson Tuckey is obviously far more comfortable with an iron bar than sharp and nasty wit. raofl.

  18. “Imagine the outcry if they were in a union?”

    If they were in a union meeting they would have been laughed out for wimping a blue.

    At many union meetings jostling is pretty well compulsory. Fighting is fine. Firearms are supposed to be left in the car.

  19. Maybe we could have a Coalition “nightclub incident” next week

  20. And Andrew Robb last night on Lateline excused the incident by saying that tension was high and these things were to be expected.

    Funny, back in 2005 he said in Parliament:

    I rise to urge the union movement to change their ways….They have used violence, threats and intimidation to force employers into union-friendly agreements.

    But it is OK for a Liberal MP to use the same tactics against a fellow MP.

  21. Come on, Joni, there’s a slight difference between a pretty momentary dummy spit and systemic bullying.

  22. James – I know – I am just sh!t stirring.


  23. Alby of course is on the record saying with respect to Barnaby ‘I’ve killed better animals’.

    For Turnbull, it’s like trying to herd feral cats.

  24. Come on, Joni, there’s a slight difference between a pretty momentary dummy spit and systemic bullying.

    Yeah, and I think it is about time that Liberals follow the good example set by the unions and stop their systematic bullying of party members! 😛

    Honestly, this is a shirt-front in a teacup 🙂 Who really cares how the party members treat each other? We already know that a politician at federal level is either a patsy for power-brokers or is a devious back-stabbing weasel. The fact they bully one another occasionally is expected!

  25. And they couldn’t even get that right. Not even a good blew. Perhaps the rednecks are not getting their way…..but more likely they are frustrated that they don’t have any position to stand for.

  26. “Blew”??????

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