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Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack, our beginning of the week complete nonsense thread.

It also happens to be the first day of Winter. Congratulations.

A recent poll reckons that the Prime Minster has a “nasty streak,” at least that’s what 43% of respondents think. Which is a really interesting finding. Seeing as the only stories in the meja that would allude to such a vile temperament, have been second hand news stories about a ham sandwich and a hairdryer. Have these 43% of people been on the receiving end of a Rudd dressing down? I suspect not.

Besides, if 43% of people reckon Rudd’s got a nasty streak, what the hell must they make of Tony Abbott…??

In more important news, Michael Jackson’s worried his nose is going to fall off, Susan Boyle’s in rehab and a man has chopped off his willy just for the sake of it.

Do people ever cease to amaze you..?


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  1. Michael Jackson has a nose?

  2. I think it’s a plastic clothes peg that has been re-shaped – as far as humanly possible – to look like a nose. But it still looks like a clothes peg.

    I wonder what he looks like without the wig and makeup or after a hard night?

    Probably something like this…

  3. Sen Joyce has an interesting take on Mr Rudd’s alleged diva-like behaviour, and a colourful turn-of-phrase to boot:

    Senator Joyce, Nationals leader in the Upper House, was unsurprised by the poll’s findings.

    “The guy’s a psycho chook,” he said of Mr Rudd.

    “Who in their right mind gets onto a plane and because he doesn’t get the right colour birdseed has a spack attack?”

  4. reb, on June 1st, 2009 at 1:32 pm Said:

    So are you saying that Betty Davis is really Michael Jackson.

    The more I think about it the more sense it makes.

  5. Tim Dunlop’s back blogging:

    Music blog not politics.

  6. On the Music thing, is anyone else going to vote in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of all time

    Nasking could be in for a hard time narrowing down his choices because you can only vote for 10 songs.

  7. Interesting 20% of Harvard MBAs pledging in effect to act consistently with “I live in a society, not an economy”.

  8. D55

    That Dunlop guy better not steal our readers or it will be war – WAR – I TELL YA!


    (great to see him back online)

  9. And so 80% have decided to not act consistently with the statement – good to see things have not changed.

  10. That Dunlop guy better not steal our readers or it will be war – WAR – I TELL YA!

    I’d be quite happy for Tom to defect.

  11. On the poll regarding Kevin Rudd’s “nasty streak” – isn’t this a classic case of push pulling? Aside from people desperate to pull the approval ratings of the Labor party down; who really cares how many people think Rudd has a nasty streak?

  12. Eminem wasn’t happy about Bruno dropping in (LOL)

  13. I agree BT. Didn’t 75% of respondents to a poll taken in 2006 or 2007 agree that Howard was mean spirited.

    It didn’t stop the Murdoch media from lapping up to him.

    Howard nasty = good.
    Rudd nasty = bad.

  14. So Miglo, Tim Dunlop has a blog on music. As if I’d”defect”.

    As you would imagine, my favourite music is the hillbilly banjo stuff out of Deliverance.

    I don’t think he’d be interested.

  15. Tom, weren’t you in a band called the Strawbs?

  16. @John:
    Link didn’t work well with my browser and then sounded crap when I switched to , but found an alternative link for those interested in watching it. It is funny 😛

  17. Miglo – I’d never heard of them. But having just looked at their site, they look fine. Particularly the from a maturity perspective.

  18. Tom, I think you might be going down the wrong path. Try this one:

  19. Oh, them. Never heard of them. What a ridiculous song.

    Still it was the 70s and that was a time for stupidity and irresponsibility.

  20. It went number 1 in England.

  21. Went no 1 in the UK?

    That’s because Margaret Thatcher hadn’t started suppressing that type of nonsense in 1973.

    Pity she didn’t start in ’73, because we could have done without this irresponsible, trite BS.

  22. Tom of Melbourne, on June 1st, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    That’s an ANTHEM! Tommy, bhoy!

  23. On another note, I see a Finnish Court has charged some Rwandan dude over the Genocide there in the ’90’s.

    About time, too.

  24. I take it TB, that Tom likes neither the song, the message, the band, 1973 or the unions.

  25. Now he says it’s ok. Bit late, mate. You had the power to make it a reality once.

    Cheney on gay marriage: ‘Freedom for everyone’

  26. My comment a few minutes ago went into a black hole?

  27. You’ve been rescued Daphon.

    And I think we need a dedicated thread to Gay Marriage!

  28. Julie Bishop kicks 7.1 million own goals.

    This was the criticism against Julia Gillard:

    Every school in the country has been ordered to put up plaques in praise of Gillard and her wise generosity.

    On spending $3.8 million for plaques:

    The trouble with losing billions is that you no longer care about wasting millions.

    Question Time in parliament:

    Mr RUDD— … I go to the question just posed by the Leader of the Opposition on signs and plaques. The amount referred to [$3.8 million] equates to 0.02 per cent of the $14.7 billion investment in Australia’s schools under Building the Education Revolution.

    Ms Julie Bishop interjecting—

    Mr RUDD—Under the Investing in our Schools Program guess how much those opposite spent on the question of commemorative plaques? How much do you think you might have spent, Julie? In a total program of $1.1 billion, guess how much our Jules spent on plaques and overall announcement strategies? They spent $7.1 million out of $1.18 billion, which actually equals one per cent of the total program. That is 50 times the amount that this government is proposing to spend on this particular program.

    Touché Rudd.

    Look on Julie’s face, priceless.

  29. Mobius

    But I wanted her to do her cat-claw thing.

  30. Thanks for the link to Tim’s music blog.

    I just know he’s gonna lavish praise on awesome tunes from Deicide & Cannibal Corpse one day soon.

  31. Toiletboss,

    No probs, it was only by chance that I saw the link to it on Possum’s twitter links over at Pollytics. Looking forward to reading some of Tim’s reviews – the first one is a cracker.

  32. Mobius,

    You know what – after reading that, I reckon Labor did the plaques thing deliberately knowing how much the Libs had spent and wanting to make a point of it knowing that the Libs couldn’t resist taking them to task over the plaques. Part of me thinks that is great but the other party thinks its a waste of 3 million for petty politics – funny … but petty none the less.

    I don’t suppose you posted that over at Bolts site by any chance?

  33. Nah Dave, these plaques are a standard practice and have been for centuries, not just here but around the world. It’s hard to find a government built or instigated item anywhere without some form of dedication plaque attached to it.

    The Rudd government were doing nothing more or less than following the norm for these sorts of things, but the opposition and their rabid RWDB opinion writers yet again wanted to accuse or blame Rudd for something as long as it had the appearance of making him look bad, no matter the truth or facts behind the attack.

  34. Back to music for a minute – these are my current front runners for my best 10 songs of all time (for the Triple J Hottest 100):
    Pearl Jam – Black
    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
    Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    Lamb – Gorecki
    Andy Prieboy – Tomorrow Wendy
    Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the wall
    MGMT – Kids
    Otis Redding – Sitting on the Dock of The Bay
    U2 – One
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

    Some other songs that may still make it – and I’m going through my more recent stuff to see if anything else warrants selection. To only have 2 from the last decade seems a little light to me.

    Seal – Crazy
    Midnight Oil – Beds are Burning
    Cordrazine – Crazy
    Crowded House – Distant Sun
    Guns and Roses – Welcome to the Jungle (although Sweet Child O’ Mine also runs close)
    Blur – Tender
    INXS – Devil Inside

    Over to you guys to remind me of songs I’ve missed that are worthy.

  35. Mobius

    No doubt you’re right but I do like a bit of entrapment. I still reckon Rudd wrote his Monthly essay to stir up the Libs and put them on the back foot – worked for a while …

  36. ABITW? Oh come on, a Floyd song with a disco drum beat? Great guitar solo, but not much else going for it.

    Try Comfortably Numb for the top 10.

    (IMHO 😉 )

  37. joni – it was close between those two and CN may still make it into my list.

    The thing that put ABITW up was the anthemic (is that a word?) nature of it – it still hasn’t gotten old 35 years on which I can’t say for most other ‘anthem’ type song.
    There should be some Kinks and ACDC in the mix as well. Stones – Paint it Black, Beatles – Yesterday and , a couple of more recent ones) Coldplay – Trouble and Cat Power – The Greatest.

  38. And Mobius..let’s not forget the flagpoles..

    For the schools funding quadrennium 2005-08, a condition of Australian Government general funding to schools was that all schools have a functioning flagpole flying the Australian flag.

    The FFI assisted eligible schools to meet this requirement by providing up to $1,500 per school to install, replace or repair a flagpole.

    A further note on the site is:

    The FFI is now closed.

    No further federal government funding will be made available for flagpoles. State governments and non-government school authorities may provide funding for flagpoles from their school maintenance and infrastructure budgets. Schools should contact their respective state education department or school authority for information about possible funding for flagpoles.

    Please note that the flagpoles email address has been decommissioned and any emails sent to this address will not be received by the Department.

    I was pleased to note that flagpoles under the Howard government were to be ‘functioning’…pity about navy ships and the SeaSprites. Whose you-beaut idea was the flagpoles? Was it Nelson?

  39. Hi Min
    getting to your Q in frolykz.

    I nearly finished the boat but i could refuse the offer. I sold it, after taking photos of the nearly finished product.
    I still have my savage so im not boatless.

  40. Some of the speculation on this plane crash are disturbing as they rule out other things.

    Hope they find the wreck to rule out even more of this talk.

  41. Just a question to pose.

    Communist North Korea is being groomed for the current leader to hand over to his son.

    This would be three generations of leadership under the one family.

    Surely this is not communism but rather one of the following.

    1) Dictatorship
    2) Monarchy

    What do others think ?

  42. Shane thios article provides some depth to the political situation in North Korea.

  43. Anna Bligh is selling off 15 billion of assets. Now I am totally disillusioned with both sides of politics.

  44. Nature 5

    Thanks for the link, amde plenty of sense and as the dear leader is preparing to hand over to his youngest son the sabre rattling and missile launches will ensure the countrys citizens and army remain in fear of the outside world and remain loyal to his son, as they know nothing else.

  45. Anna Bligh is selling off 15 billion of assets.

    shaneinqld, on June 2nd, 2009 at 2:06 pm Said:

    Yeh right at the “very top” of the market as well……………….I wonder who is advising her and what the fee is ………?

  46. Some of the speculation on this plane crash are disturbing as they rule out other things.

    aquanut, on June 2nd, 2009 at 11:06 am Said:

    Yeh…… this rate it might prove to be all the plane’s fault…!

  47. Re Bligh and her asset sales. It’s clearly a case of short-term gain for long-term pain. Rail freight charges are used to subsidise commuter usage which will mean rail fares rising significantly over time.

    But her decision to remove the 8 centre a litre subsidy on fuel makes good economic sense and should’ve been done years ago. Nevertheless she will pay a political price for that as well.

    Ironically, it’s these ‘sell-offs’ that will restore the AAA credit rating.

    Shane to understand further what is going on in North Korea, the concept of ‘Juche’ is fundamental. Here’s a Wiki link.


    Is it any wonder that no one wants to invest in NSW while these morons continue to govern.

    The NSW Government is introducing legislation that will give tenants a 4 week rent holiday if their landlord’s bank repossess the property the tenants are occupying. The fools that this State Government are think it’s a great idea as the repossessing bank will of course just wear it (the rent free period that is).

    What idiots they are. The Banks will just roll the unpaid rent onto the unpaid mortgage. So the Landlord cops it in the end.

    And what if the tenant’s failure to pay the rent is the cause of the repossession in the first place.

    Oh no mention of that of course…………………..Idiots

  49. # Yeh…… this rate it might prove to be all the plane’s fault…!

    You seem to know a lot, i think you had something to do with it.
    Do they not have satellite tracking in the black box?

  50. Walrus..just a quick’un due to dinner duties. Previously NSW had the worst tenancy laws in Australia. For example, a tenant might have lodged a $1,200 bond one week, the next week the sherrif arrives to throw the family onto the street because the owner of the property had defaulted on the property’s mortgage. And of course when the tenant signed the tenancy agreement and lodged their bond they would have had no idea that the owner of the property was about to default.

    In other jurisdictions the lease of the property would have had some weight..but not in NSW..too bad, out onto the street.

    The ability to do this as you can imagine lead to some rorting such as landlords on the cusp of defaulting leasing the property.

  51. Min, on June 2nd, 2009 at 5:38 pm Said:

    OK Min………………….that’s all well and good or bad and should be prevented i.e. instant eviction.

    But why give rent free holidays.

    That’s ridiculous !

  52. aquanut, on June 2nd, 2009 at 5:33 pm Said:

    I have a very simple philiosophy in regard to the French manufactured Airbus.

    “If it’s not Boeing I’m not going….!”

  53. Anna Bligh is selling off 15 billion of assets.

    I didn’t know there was anything worth 15$ billion in Queensland.

    What’s she selling then? The State’s stockpile of hydrogen peroxide??

  54. Reb, she’s selling off the safari suits.

  55. Walrus..I suspect that the 4 weeks is to enable the family to find new accommodation rather than previous…having to go to a caravan park or apply for emergency lodgings.

    The tenant would have had to post a bond equivalent to 4 weeks rent and so the 4 weeks is the same money. I should imagine that a family having been evicted due to no fault of their own, but rather that the landlord had defaulted on the mortgage would need the 4 weeks just to find alternative accommodation/pack. If you have ever had to move house, then you know what this means, especially with kids.

  56. Migs, all fifteen billion dollars worth..???

  57. Reb..I believe that the Raptis Plaza is going for a song…don’t know which song tho’.

  58. Not quite reb. The other $5 billion are being donated to New Guinea.

  59. Maybe she’s selling off that paragon of subdued eloquence “The Palazzo Versace”

    Nothing crass or obnoxious about that dump, I mean joint.

  60. You realise that while you lot are loitering here, there are some very important headlines going unread at . Here they are..

    Giant feral pig ‘was eating a cow’

    Prince raped, tortured me – teen model

    Jailed beauty’s anorexia plea blocked

    Vacuum hose keeps drowning man alive

    Hubbie banned from buying $4.7m virgin

    World’s oceans ‘turning into acid’

    I must say it’s the vacuum hose that’s sparked my curiosity…

  61. Re Qld Selloff!

    What a bunch of incompetents!

    Maybe, Neil, is right!

    So we sell off the QR Coal contracts, Qld Motorways, Ports and lose the 9 cent fuel subsidy etc. Short term gain for long term pain … instead of increasing taxes for short term pain and long term gain when the boom times return …

    …these morons are just selling off the only “earners” we have …

    We may as well not have elected any politicians – pretty soon we’ll be governed by Coles, Woollies, BHP Billiton, the banks and Gerry Harvey …

    … what? We already are? I truly am just a visitor to this planet …

    Just roll over and let The Robber Barons tickle your tummy — 😥

  62. the oceans turning to acid…was a wee bit worried about Aqua’s wetsuit.

    You know..that’s about it isn’t it. And in the same breath Rudd did a tanty about a hairdryer and a sandwich (from un-named sources wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

    TB..I expect panic on the streets as the Gold Coast market has gone down the tube. For some strange reason the Japanese don’t want to go to the Gold Coast anymore..maybe because it’s bug-ugly and full of street walkers and girly bars.

  63. Reb re: Prince raped, tortured me..teen model.

    Did they happen to mention which Prince? Or was this left to the reader’s imagination…any hints?

  64. Malaysian prince. And the story, if true, makes the Cronulla boys look like boy scouts.

  65. Could you play about with those headlines ?

    Giant feral pig ‘was eating a cow’

    Prince raped, tortured me – teen model

    Jailed beauty’s anorexia plea blocked

    Vacuum hose keeps drowning man alive

    Hubbie banned from buying $4.7m virgin

    World’s oceans ‘turning into acid’

    Prince raped, tortured – giant feral pig

    Hubbie banned from eating a cow

  66. First Bowie appearance on TV.

  67. An early favorite.

  68. A great performance!

  69. I’m sensing you like Bowie scaper…

  70. Are Scaper and Nasking one and the same?

  71. James,

    I don’t think so, Nasking would have about 15 extra songs – and Mogwai would be in the mix.

  72. At least some of Nasking’s will be worth watching.

  73. Yes, I like Bowie and was having a reminiscant moment.

    Funny how music can summon memories of yore that pinpoint passages in one’s life.

    Lucky I was not in a classical mood or you would have to suffer Mozart or Tchaikovsky, amongst other masters!

    Most probably not your cup of tea.

  74. Huh……….!

    So the Economy grew by .4% in the March quarter.

  75. So whilst “We” are not in “Recession”

    If you are now unemployed and without an income it stands to reason that your household is in “Recession”

  76. So it seems that the government can now crow about not being in recession – but they still have the deficit to contend with.

  77. Walrus,

    That would be the case even if the economy was roaring along …

    The thing with these figures is that there is potential for the unemployment figures to be much less than they have been forecast (although still higher than where we are at the moment).

    Now if only we can turn around business investment.

  78. joni, This figure stuffs up all of treasury’s projections though. The $188Bn and $300 Bn numbers are now almost certainly wrong (too high).

  79. Too high?!?! No negative enough or too negative?

    That’s the problem with negative numbers – moving away from zero gets confusing.

    Maybe they need to an “i” into the mix ( i = square root of minus 1)

  80. Dave, I’m sure the recession in the future that the government has no allowance for in their repayment of debt will lift the numbers.

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