Stunts, Punts and Politics…

Things have descended into a bit of “show and tell” this week in the engine room of democracy.

Earlier on in the week, we had Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, holding up laminated pictures of tractors and diggers ostensibly to demonstrate that tangible work was indeed being carried out on the infrastructure spending that the Government has allocated as part of its nation building strategy.

Mr Rudd pointed out, much to the chagrin of the Opposition, that while the Opposition were determined to oppose much of this expenditure in Parliament, local members of the Liberal party were quite happy to be photographed on-site where the on the ground developments were taking place.

Happy snaps of Liberal members attending launch projects were presented by Mr Rudd which sent the Opposition into a frenzy of howls of derision, clearly miffed at being unequivocally caught out.

There are around 35,000 of these building projects across the country, so this show-and-tell thing could go on for a while.

Wads of “evidence” of these tangible projects were waved in the air by Mr Rudd, while the Opposition became increasingly frustrated with the whole idea that they were beginning to look obstructionist and immature.

Nevertheless, and not to be outdone, Joe Hockey also turned up to school with his show and tell homework, being an oversized laminated “Ruddbank credit card,” and then later in the week a multiple page chart, held loosely together with sticky tape apparently illustrating the level of Government debt that is expected in the years ahead.

Despite claiming that Mr Rudd was playing with “silly props, and all sorts of antics which were quite demeaning of the office of Prime Minister,” Julie Bishop was quite happy to assist the not-so-avuncular Joe Hockey unfold his own “silly props.”

Eventually the Speaker decided he’d had enough and objected.

“Outrageous!” screamed an apoplectic Joe Hockey.

The Speaker signalled that posters on their own were acceptable, but posters taped together were not.

So a rather large pair of orange scissors was found and given to Big Joe, who, somewhat deflated (metaphorically speaking), set about hacking up his homework, while muttering something about economic incompetence and bitter and twisted old Speakers.

The Opposition is also hell bent on continuing its losing streak to nothing by focusing on another subject that no one else really gives a toss about.

That being the appointment or non-appointment of some guy called Hugh Borrowman who could or couldn’t be the ambassador to Berlin because he could or couldn’t speak German.

Who cares? The Liberal party apparently.

So much so, that when the PM was asked about this appointment, or non-appointment as the case may be, it compelled the Liberal leader for Bowman, Andrew Laming to yell out “You’re a bottom dweller..!!”

The relevance of the remark clearly lost on everyone else in the room.

Curiously the Opposition refuse to be drawn on precisely what figure the deficit ought to be, despite their relentless criticism of the Government’s spending.

Could it be that they’re bereft of any original thought, and have just returned to their traditional playground of fear and smear? It certainly looks like it.


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  1. Hockey – all flash, no substance.

  2. Could it be that they’re bereft of any original thought, and have just returned to their traditional playground of fear and smear?

    To return to their “traditional playground of fear and smear” assumes they left at some point?

    Did I miss something?

  3. Has anyone mentioned –?

    • Spending stimulus money on dead people?
    • First class travel rorts by advisors, media officers and hacks?
    • Ministers whinging about having to catch a taxi?
    • Broken promises?

    Wasn’t the general sense that the previous government lost the election because they were out of touch?

  4. “Curiously the Opposition refuse to be drawn on precisely what figure the deficit ought to be, despite their relentless criticism of the Government’s spending.”

    Ha – Curiously, the media are playing Rudd’s game and are more concerned with what the opposition are doing, and what they would do if they were in government, than questioning what Krudd and his bums are actually DOING to stuff our economy and put us into unnecessary debt for years to come ! welcome to the club reb !

  5. Talk about childishness from the Coalition. Holding up a real photograph to illustrate a point is fair enough. Holding up a fake oversized credit card and then wanting to table it? LOL. Get real Joe. Holding up a grouping of charts that require other members to get on their feet to hold it up? Cmon, that’s just silly.

    Does the Coalition have any policy substance? They seem to be about spin and antics.

  6. welcome to the club reb !

    Thanks Davo…!

  7. Obviously the PM is not too keen on Public Service recommendations of political suicide.

  8. In relation to Superannuation perhaps we need a mechanism that restricts the amount people can take out as a lump sum so that they cant squander the lot and then go on the Aged pension later.

    Then perhaps on death the government could then claw back some of the tax breaks it gave by taking it out of the remaining lump sum before its handed over to the deceased’s estate.

    But I suppose that gets howled down as a new Death Duty.

    Just thinking out loud !

  9. Davo: re his bums are actually DOING to stuff our economy and put us into unnecessary debt for years to come ! welcome to the club reb !

    Davo..would you like to provide some specifics re ‘stuffing our economy’ and about what debt isn’t ‘necessary’. Now I mean it, I would like some specifics and not just blah blah quotes from the popular press.

  10. Gee I dunno, how about sending cheques to people living overseas to stimulate our economy ? Clever stuff.

  11. Davo..your son is an OS post grad student and he/she shouldn’t receive the cheque? A person living overseas YET PAYING THEIR TAXES IN AUSTRALIA should not receive the $s. Sorta compares with people livng os and not paying taxes doesn’t it.

  12. Min, how about saving $4,000,000,000 on home insulation? Another $10,000,000,000 on cash handouts, including paying the dead.

    I tend to think that this is rather a lot of money being thrown around.

    But as long as the political advisors and media officers can travel first class…

  13. Tom. Hello gorgeous..and to Mr/s Tom as well.

    Insulation is doing very well indeed, in fact Malcolm Turnbull (via John Howard) have claimed that it was all their own idea in the first place..but that it was Costello who poo-poo’d it.

    Who first proposed that the Federal Government should pay you to put Pink Batts in your ceiling? If you think the answer is Kevin Rudd, you’re wrong. It was Malcolm Turnbull..

  14. Min, I’ve not been an advocate of any of them.

    The fact that Turnbull, Howard or Costello claims to have had a stupid idea before Rudd and Swan does nothing to persuade me that it has suddenly become a sensible way to spend BILLIONS.

  15. Now I for one would never defend the D***head that Alan Jones truly is but should not we expect that our PM is a bit above this sort of thing.

    It seems very petty and infantile of him

  16. “Davo..your son is an OS post grad student ”

    What a load of bollocks. This is why you lot still think the whole thing was a top idea. No one is entitled to the bonus. It’s nothing to do with who is paying taxes or making sure no-one feels left out. The idea is to stimulate the AUSTRALIAN economy and any money spent should have been targetted to do that. How is that achieved when the money goes overseas?

  17. Costello has been sounding particularly shrill this week.

    Maybe the clown has finally realised that time has passed him by?

  18. Does anyone else around here think of that Kings Cross Bogan, Clare Werbeloff, whenever Joe Hockey pipes-up about Government debt, or is it just me?

    “Then the fat Deficit said to the skinny Deficit: Hey Bro, you screwed my Surplus, Bro….Chk..chk..Boom”

    Yep, definitely a Bogan.

  19. I agree with Howard’s position on one thing: Costello.

  20. Noice work Evan.

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