Kevin Rudd Talks to God Everyday.


In the latest revelation in the unravelling of the PM’s constitution, it’s been revealed that the PM, Kevin Rudd talks to God every day.

Now there’s nothing unusual about this.

In fact, many well-respected, articulate and otherwise intelligent world leaders from all walks of life, have relied on heavenly advice when it comes to carrying out their day-to-day political responsibilities.

And fair enough too.

Former Prime Minister, John Howard, for example, was (and probably still is by all accounts) a devout Christian, and enjoyed a close relationship with George Pell (until they fell out over WorkChoices). Now they hate each other. But that’s another story…

Likewise the hugely popular US President George W Bush claimed to have a direct line to the divine from the Oval Office and went hell bent into the immensely successful war in Iraq firmly believing that “God was on his side”. And who would doubt him.

Following recent reports that Kevin Rudd might be a tad vain, The Courier Mail reports that Kev has to remind himself on a daily basis that “it’s not all about me.”

“When I manage to remember that principle . . . I’m much the better person for it,” said Mr Rudd.

Mr Rudd told the Salvation Army’s War Cry his preferred book of daily devotionals was “My Utmost for His Highest”, which features some spiritual “truths” for every day of the year.

“I work out of that and the scriptural readings upon which each day’s devotions are based,” he said.

“And I try very, very hard to reflect on that before I get stuck into the day.”

And who can blame him?

The only question I have, is, if Kevin Rudd talks to God every day, then what does God say back?

Surely it’s a fair question. And personally I’d like to know.

Even if it’s just inconsequential things like “I’m not sure if that tie matches those cufflinks,” or “perhaps you really ought to cut down on salt,” the fact that he is receiving divine counsel and “tips from the top” is something we really ought to know about.

I mean, I don’t really care about the trivial stuff, but if God tells Kevin to nuke Campbelltown for example, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t in their right mind, then I think the public ought to know where the PM’s getting his advice from before we read about the nuclear fallout in the day after tomorrow’s gazette.

Of course, talking to God is really like talking to an imaginary friend. A friend that probably looks a lot like Humpty Dumpty and just looks straight back at you with a blank stare.

I used to have an imaginary friend, but we had a disagreement over religion so I killed him.

Now we just have to depend on my own fickle judgement and limited common sense..

May God have mercy on us all.

Sol’s Parting Shot

Less than two weeks since ex Telstra boss Sol Trujillo departed Australia with some $30 million, he has delivered a parting shot to Australians and Australia by saying that racism is a “real problem” in the country.

Paraphrasing Australia’s own beloved international export Kylie (Minogue), Sol reckons that being in Australia is like “stepping back in time.”

Apparantly he was particularly miffed when Kevin Rudd quipped “Adios” when Kev was asked to comment about Sol’s departure from Telstra and the country.

Australia, a pack of racists? Surely not.

Frankly, I reckon Pedro should just piss off back to Mexico where he belongs.

What do you think…?

North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions

North Korea has once again defied the International community, this time detonating an underground nuclear device which some are comparing as equivalent in power “to the bombs which hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki”.

The force of yesterday’s blast was between 10 and 20 kilotons, according to Russia’s defence ministry, vastly more than the estimated one-kiloton blast three years ago.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency said that based on recorded seismic activity, the energy level of the test was four times bigger than the last one.

Meeting in emergency session, the UN Security Council unanimously condemned the test, while council president Vitaly Churkin of Russia said members would immediately begin working on a resolution to address Pyongyang’s latest move.

According to The Australian, the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said “the US thinks this is a grave violation of international law, and a threat to regional and international peace and security.

“And therefore, the United States will seek a strong resolution with strong measures,” she added.

“We believe it ought to be a strong resolution with appropriately strong contents, but obviously unless and until we complete the negotiation process, it is premature to say what its contents will be.”

Russia said the test would “provoke an escalation of tensions in northeast Asia”, according to a foreign ministry statement, while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the test was a “danger to the world.”

However, aside from issuing a statement of “international condemnation” and possibly imposing new sanctions, is there anything that can really be done to bring the rogue nation and its unpredictable leader into line?

What can be done now?

Despite moves last night towards a new resolution, most analysts say the UN security council can do little more than condemn the test and tighten existing sanctions since Russia and China are unlikely to accept new measures. “This time we will likely get a stronger response than [to the] rocket launch since there is no ambiguity … but whether the council will have any tools to use is another question. Against North Korea, it seems highly unlikely,” Tim Savage, deputy director of the Nautilus Institute, told Reuters.