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Question One:

If Sally has two apples, and Ben has three pears, how many sardines does Nicolas have?

Question Two:

Two Zen Buddhist monks are walking through a field. One monk says to the other:

“The Sakura blossoms are particularly radiant this Spring.”

“Yes” replies the other monk. “But I had an apple and cinnamon muffin for breakfast.”


Question Three:

Is having better than wanting or not?

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  1. A1. Is Ben?
    A2. Is Sakura a game?
    A3. You have to build the pie first.

  2. Ans 1: None: Nicolas is a vegetarian.
    Ans 2: The monk who had eaten the muffin is not a Zen Buddhist as the muffin contains animal fat and non-organic flour. Also although apple and cinnamon are an harmonious combination, their presence within a muffin is likely to create discord aka indigestion.
    Ans 3: Be careful what you wish for.

  3. 1. Four (too easy…)
    2. The second monk manipulates the stock market(greed is good)
    3. Absolutely!

  4. Q. If Joni had a glass of red, reb had an absinthe, and Tony had a beer – who’s shout is it next?

  5. The stork market?

  6. joni, on May 24th, 2009 at 4:45 pm Said

    Me ’cause I drink, WT (had two bubbly’s so it may be an issue) – here goes…absinthe? bloody absinthe? That’s what you wash yer feet in isn’t it?

  7. A: the first monk says to the second monk: “Don’t be a smart arse.”

  8. It all proves that Hockey is a goose.

  9. 1. Not sure
    2. Zen monks choose to be silent(i think)
    3. both are desires

    Hockey is a goose
    A. true

  10. Bugger! Apparently I got Question 2, wrong, according to The Minister the answer is SIX…Ben has three pears … Nicolas must have six sardines (2×3 = 6 … how easy is that?)

    In her defence I read it out to her, she didn’t see the spelling…

  11. You lot are far too logical and practical. This is a philosophy quiz. I ran the questions by hubby and he gave the correct answer: No idea and the footy is on.

  12. joni, on May 24th, 2009 at 4:45 pm Said:
    Q. If Joni had a glass of red, reb had an absinthe, and Tony had a beer – who’s shout is it next?

    A. Miglo’s of course. And the camel will supply the ice to keep it at Canberra room temperature.

  13. The drinks are on me.

  14. These are all trick questions. We all know that the answer is “42” and the real question is “How many roads must a man walk down?”

    This post brought to you by the number 9 and the letter Ψ

  15. 1. The three have what they want.
    2. Both see what they like.
    3 All in 1&2 are quite happy with the way things are.
    “Self is image experienced as real”

  16. Very well-considered answers there handyrab!

  17. War thank you Reb. When’s the famous cd collection going to be sent!

  18. 42 (to all questions)

  19. Actually, the answer to q. 3 is that “having” is definitely better than “wanting or not”.

    “wanting or not” is sooooo overrated. Who want’s not; and wanting without having is just frustrating and leads to policies aimed at ‘aspirational voting”.

    This whole question if leftist and plays on the politics of envy … shame on you reb 😉

  20. Dr Cat’s policy

    Comments policy: be nice or be binned.

    Perhaps a reasonable starting point? Or at least a discussion starter?

    As for ‘philosophy’, perhaps a ‘joke’ or two on the topic, or pearhaps an insight or two:

    If the answers to prayer are merely what God wills all along, then why pray?
    ~ Dan Barker, Losing Faith in Faith

    Why does the Vatican have lightning rods?

    Then there’s

    “Faith” means not wanting to know what is true.
    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

    Nothing fails like prayer
    ~ Annie Laurie Gaylor

    You pronounce sentence upon me with greater fear than I receive it.
    ~ Giordano Bruno, to his inquisitors

    A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.
    ~ Nietzsche

    But then again we have ‘faith’ in ‘science’. Don’t we?

  21. Nature 5, on May 24th, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    N5, Doonsbury…appropriate for a draft I’m still working on…

    handyrab, on May 25th, 2009 at 7:30 am

    I hope not…

  22. 1. Cuttlefish.

    2. Crusty epochs go vanilla with extra pillows.

    3. With gooseberrys you get six.

  23. If a tree falls in the forest how many Zen monks does it take to subdue & lynch Neil Diamond in the clearing left by the fallen tree…& would Neil be suitable contents for the inside of the pies?

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