I am stuck in a hotel room in Singapore, bored as ever. Tony has just opened a 5 litre keg of beer and so we have decided to put up a thread to exchange youtube clips.

This thread is only limited to music! Any abuse of this rule will be met with a severe warning from Kamahl.


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  1. I will open with BTO and “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”.

  2. Toiletboss – our resident death-metal afficionado – will be clocking off work about now, and this is one early Aussie blues number hedoesn’t mind – Matt Taylor and Chain – Black and Blue.

    “We just copied the great black masters for two and a half years and all of a sudden it just hit me. What I’ve got to do is get the feeling and the blueprint that they presented me with and write an Australian blues’.” – Matt Taylor

    Chain’s ‘Black and Blue’ was genuine Australian blues. A chain-gang song about the convict past with authentic roots, it struck a raw new chord with young suburban audiences.

    (Joni, I’m getting the heavy ones out of the way early.)

  3. I think I’ve horrified joni. Oh well, never fear. More to come.

  4. Not heavy at all Tony – very bluesy.

  5. Ron Sexsmith – Great songwriter.

  6. And I’ll see your heavy and raise you a Bob Mould track:

  7. Ok, playing dirty eh? All righty then. Hows about a bit of this:

    (Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.)

  8. And one for Reb (God forgive him):

  9. I love his version of Tower of Song on the Leonard Cohen compilation. And I will respond with Pavement.

    Door jammed – sorry 😉

  10. Jeff Buckley choice nice – but again I actually prefer the John Cale version (which Buckley copied).

  11. Why not put it up while I get another drink choose another song.

  12. Stereolab. One of my exes was a massive fan, and put me onto them.

  13. John Cale’s version:

  14. Lou Reed – Sweet Jane (live)

  15. This to say goodnight:

  16. Bunch of pissheads…..

    This was our wedding waltz….

  17. Here’s one for reb. Rage of anger expected.

  18. LOL Migs.

  19. Miglo

    YOU C*** !!!! “nuisance”

    KAMAHLODERATOR: This comment has kamahloderated.

  20. I am sure you mean that in the nicest possible way reb.

  21. Yes, of course Joni…

  22. I found one of Miglo’s own performances…

  23. LOL reb. What do you think of this one?

  24. I love those Fritz Freleng documentaries.

  25. Tony, I’m just about to watch another documentary: “How to get flogged by 10 goals at the SCG”.

  26. LOL Migs. I watched a horror movie last night of the same name.

  27. Migs – what a great cartoon. I loved it.

  28. (Only mine was set at the G – in dreamtime.)

  29. Cool thread. I’m really tempted to try & imbed some real music, chortle, but I doubt anyone’s ready (or willing) to watch the new Cannibal Corpse clip or get down to Beneath The Massacre.

  30. Not before lunch, anyway.

  31. That was brilliant Migs..

    I loved those crazy dance steps…

  32. what about this one Migs

  33. I’m interested in moogli’s documentary. It sounds like it would be fine viewing of a much deserved flogging (I do rate the scum a chance BTW).

    Alas I’m off to work again soonish so I’ll have to be satisfied with news of the scum’s pulverisation later in the day.

    TOSY, re the Nazi “question”. I thought Legion’s response best articulated my pov…totalitarianism etc.
    IMO the people that call Hitler “a leftist” are commonly the same people who are prone to blaming “the left” for absolutely everything & that’s just a ridiculous position to adopt for a reasonable stance.

  34. Enjoy the rest of your day good people of Blogocrats.

  35. Reb I just love the way that dog laughs.

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