Arctic Ice – A favourite of Bolt

Andrew Bolt (and others) has a few pet issues with Global Warming, one of them being the amount of ice at the North Pole. He says things like this (from Dec 2008):

In fact, the Arctic’s ice cover this year was almost 10 per cent above last year’s great low, and has refrozen rapidly since. Meanwhile, sea ice in the Southern Hemisphere has been increasing. Been told either cool fact?

Here is a short clip that shows that the issue is not the ice cover (which is area) but is the amount of ice (volume).

There are a few other videos in this series that I will put up over the next few weeks.


Wil Anderson. Just not very funny really.

Wil Anderson. Just not very funny really.

Hello and Welcome to Friday Frolykz, our end of the week wind down thread.

Recently I wrote about a show called Masterchef which is currently screening on Channel Ten.

Despite feeling initially quite seduced by the sheer spectator sport of watching the contestants relentlessy humiliate themselves, and in some cases, simply burst into tears, the show was a one hit wonder for me.

It’s the smarmy sanctimonious hosts that did it. So I haven’t been back since. I’m sure Channel Ten will be bitterly disappointed.

Another show that I’ve stumbled on recently is The Gruen Transfer. This is a show about advertising, which by all accounts could border on being mildly entertaining if it wasn’t for the show’s host Wil Anderson.

For the uninitiated, Wil Anderson is a comedian, or at least, he keeps telling us he is.

The reality is that he’s just a complete and utter w@nker.

In fact words cannot express, the words I cannot express to describe how completely unfunny Wil Anderson is.

Wil Anderson started off his career as a “political journalist” which I suppose gives him a bit of street cred, and then ditched that to become a stand-up comedian, or at least that’s what he would have us believe.

By way of first hand experience, he was once “the entertainment” at a luncheon I attended in Sydney about ten years ago, and it was without a doubt the worst performance of any so called “comedian” I have ever witnessed.

Even the complimentary grog didn’t defuse from the fact that he is complete crap. He didn’t raise a murmur from the audience of 100 or so, but persevered as if he was the funniest thing he had ever encountered.

Wil, evidently, thinks that he’s really funny, as evidenced by the fact that he constantly laughs at his own jokes, sometimes hysterically so. And I guess if he thinks he’s funny, that’s all that really matters.

He also has a penchant for wearing black nail varnish and bare feet with thongs with a suit as if to say “Wow, look at me, I’m a real out there, kind of hip dude”.

Way to go Wil. 🙄

He’s also appeared in one of the most embarrassing TV shows to grace the Australian airwaves – “The Glass House” also known as “That Complete Pile of Humourless Shite”.

This had Wil once again practically apoplectic with his own unique style of “zany” humour, coupled with the moronic drone of another complete f**wit Dave Huges.

And when he’s not pissing himself, he’s telling us about what it’s like to do drugs “You know like, when you’re really stoned and you go to McDonalds….”

Yeah, that’s really funny Wil..I guess no one’s really lived such a wild “out there” life like you.. 🙄

A while back, he dragged his sorry ass ‘round the nation to non-sold out audiences for a show called Kill Wil. Another completely self-indulgent tour of mediocre muck.

Kill Wil. If only we did when we had the chance.

Friday Footy!

Footy Preview – Round 9, with Tom of Melbourne…

Well what a huge week this has been.

Did someone allege that the “bar towel in the bag thief mum” was a bogan? It was raised on this very site during the week. This is not possible. There is no evidence at all that this poor woman is a Richmond supporter. Has anyone seen any evidence of a tattoo on either of her breasts? NO!

Ipso facto, that woman is no Richmond supporter; therefore she is not a bogan.

Besides she is in her mid 30s and her oldest child is 12. If she was a tigers supporter/bogan, she’d have several grandchildren by now. She’d be known as the “bar towel in the bag thief nanna”.

Then Richmond sacked and unsacked their coach during the week. They’re confused and this is bad for Richmond . In my opinion that makes the whole episode worthwhile.

If it is bad for Richmond , the rest of us should make the most of the entertainment.

The games…

Geelong vs Dogs. Geelong is tired from kicking too many goals. They’ll remain tired. The dogs are gone, it is over. 300 games from Akka? That bloke talks so much that he will finish up being President of Hawthorn when he finally retires. Geelong by about 25 goals.

West Coast Eagles vs Collingwood. Eddie McGuire is the most successful person ever to support Collingwood, and he is only a failed TV executive.

West Coast are buffed and waxed, they’ve been taking their “vitamins” and “energy supplements”. They picked them up in bulk from “Bandidos Motorcycle Club & Health Supplies”. Eagles will win.

North vs Fremantle. Bland vs bland, can anyone name the captain of either club? Once the media have finished with devouring Terry Wallace, they’ll turn their attention to whoever it is that is coaching North. Fremantle will win a game that no one cares about.

Adelaide vs Carlton . Carlton people miss the glory days, when Malcolm Fraser was number 1 ticket holder, John Elliott was president of salary cap rorts (and chief of corporate dodgy deals), and John Doratich was arrested for exposing himself. Those were the days! Brendan Fevola tries but cannot match it with the great exposers of Carlton ’s past.

However, this is a rich Carlton tradition – Adelaide cannot hope to match it for decades, not matter how often they select Nathan Bock. Carlton easily.

Richmond vs Essendon. Richmond supporters were spewin’ after their narrow defeat last week. That’s the type of jargon they use at tigerland. It is good for football to have the them spewin’, they will be spewin’ again this week.

Sydney vs Port. Port Adelaide players celebrated their narrow and undeserving win last week with the traditional fashion – a gallon each of Jim Beam and coke. This is the upmarket drink in Alberton. They’ve been drinking it ever since. They drink Jim Beam and coke during the trip from Adelaide to Sydney , and Port always travel by bus, it allows more time for drinking. The Port bogans will tumble off the bus, full, and move straight to defeat. That’s also good for football.

St Kilda vs Brisbane . Remember when the Lions were a team of he-men? They roughed up poor Nicky Riewoldt after he had broken his collar bone. Brisbane is far more gentlemanly and polite these days, and that is exactly why they’ll loose.

Hawthorn vs Melbourne . Melbourne president Jim Stynes enjoys pontificating, he has been lecturing everyone about everything. His current subject is about not having strippers in the club rooms. What type of football club is he trying to run? A footy club for woosies? Hawthorn will win because Kennett will be tied up at the president’s lunch agreeing with Stynes and will be unable to deliver his demotivating motivational speech.

It’s about time James returned with a footy preview. Hurry up James.

It’s a good thing that Adrian has returned. Who do you barrack for Adrian ? I’m happy to prepare a review of your favourite team.