Just back from a city tour of South Mumbai (I was finally let out of the office). Here is a clip I made from some of the photos.

Last night I ordered a bottle of red, the second cheapest as per the rules, and it was the most disgusting disgusting red wine I have ever tasted – it was hot and just horrible. I could not drink it at all. Room service just called and apologised and will be sending a replacement (better) bottle up… but I wonder if it will arrive. As today is the final day of the election, India is a dry country today. How can I possibly watch the rugby and IPL without a Kingfisher?

The trip I did this morning was down to South Mumbai where I visited:

– Dhobi Ghat – which is the cities washing machine.
– Gandhi’s House – an inspiration on what can be achieved with non-violent protests.
– Victoria Station – utter chaos
– Crawford Market – the first market in Mumbai. Interesting smells and sights.
– Gateway of India – built for the visit of King George V.

The traffic here is the scariest I have experienced. I just have to put my faith in the driver – and other drivers.

PS. While writing this my new wine has arrived…. should I taste it?

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  1. should I taste it?

    Of course – just so long as they didn’t “open” it before they brought it to your room. 😉

  2. Joni,

    “This is a private video etc”

  3. Sorry – should be public now Tony.

  4. He opened it while he was here to see if it OK…. let me taste a bit.

    Maybe my taste buds are stuffed, but this one is disgusting too!

  5. Nice pictures Joni, but I don’t see any of the call-centre.

  6. You should go and witness a funeral whilst you’re there.

    Nothing like the smell of burnt human flesh!

  7. Nothing like the smell of burnt human flesh!

    Hmmm… barbeque….

    Seriously though, given the pollution & population situation where they live – that is probably one of the best ways to discard of their dead (aside from, say, the Soylent Green factories). Mocking them for using it shows a lack of understanding, not of their religion(s), but of the quality of living in India in general.

  8. I remember witnessing a funeral in Kathmandu in 1980, the dogs ate the barbeque!

  9. Now, for another culinary delight, I was in Indonesia when I was nineteen and witnessed a monkey having his skull cap removed, then a spirit poured into its brains, set alight then the men ate its brains.

    The monkey was alive until its brains started cooking!

  10. Joni,

    The trick with drinking “disgusting” red wine while overseas is to serve it chilled – like beer temperature – then it will (usually) be drinkable.

  11. reb

    Thanks for the tip, but after the night I have had, I do not think that I will be touching alcohol for a while.

    It finally hit in a big way, Delhi Belli – I am not in a good way. Thank deity for imodium.

  12. Indian red wine eh?

    Those guys do a lot of things well (like math and IT) but I don’t think plonk’s on the list.

    As for burning their stiffs, I’m with BT. There’s what, a billion or so of them? That’s a shit-load of biomass to plant.

  13. Not sure where you’re staying, but the Hardy’s with a picturesque label (I trust you are buying imported wine) is fine if not left out in sun enroute to your establishment, and as for a Kingfisher, -try an imported ‘Tiger’.

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