Just back from a city tour of South Mumbai (I was finally let out of the office). Here is a clip I made from some of the photos.

Last night I ordered a bottle of red, the second cheapest as per the rules, and it was the most disgusting disgusting red wine I have ever tasted – it was hot and just horrible. I could not drink it at all. Room service just called and apologised and will be sending a replacement (better) bottle up… but I wonder if it will arrive. As today is the final day of the election, India is a dry country today. How can I possibly watch the rugby and IPL without a Kingfisher?

The trip I did this morning was down to South Mumbai where I visited:

– Dhobi Ghat – which is the cities washing machine.
– Gandhi’s House – an inspiration on what can be achieved with non-violent protests.
– Victoria Station – utter chaos
– Crawford Market – the first market in Mumbai. Interesting smells and sights.
– Gateway of India – built for the visit of King George V.

The traffic here is the scariest I have experienced. I just have to put my faith in the driver – and other drivers.

PS. While writing this my new wine has arrived…. should I taste it?