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Budget Right of Reply – Add your thoughts…

Following on from Last night’s LIVE BLOG, what did you make of Malcolm’s performance and announcements.

Apart from adding 3 cents to the cost of a pack of cigarettes, did he really say anything worthwhile at all?

Already there is some internal bickering with Bronwyn Bishop disagreeing with the 3 cent tax on ciggies.

This was the Minister for Health under the Howard Govt that wanted to bring back tobacco advertising! 🙄

Where do they get these people from?

233 Responses

  1. Add “Cash Splash” to the list as well.

    If he says “Orwellian” or “Whitlamesque” it’s a full glass scull.

    Every second “irresponsible” should result in a drink as well (bit harsh to say every utterance of “irresponsible” because me thinks it will be said quite a bit and I have to work tomorrow).

    Hopefully I’ve finished Touch Football in time to partake.

  2. I wonder if he will mention that he used to live in a rented flat?

  3. Hopefully I’ve finished Touch Football in time to partake.

    Dave, I think there’s another thread on that topic.

  4. I think I’ll be smashed before Kerry O’Brien arrives with his verdict.

    Maybe we should all dress like Malcolm for the event?

    I have dibs on the Roman Emperor costume.

  5. Good point Joni.

    I can see “rented flat” being mentioned early on in the piece…

  6. Tony,


  7. Indeed reb, you would not want to dress any differently just for the Right of Reply speech.

    Pontius Reblate.

  8. Reb..anyone else watched the series I Claudius.

    Hubby and I always called it (due to the letteration). I CLAVDIVS. Clavdivs has a certain ring to it.

    For those who haven’t seen it, just a snippet.

  9. Reb and Joni..does this mean that we have to dress up or dress down for tonight’s right of reply?

  10. So that would be LIVE @ 7:00pm in the better part of the country then?

    I CLAVDIVS was cool min, I remember it from waaaay back I think.

  11. I wonder if Mal will work “The World’s Greatest Treasurer” into his routine?

  12. And so Toiletboss..are you and I going to be dressed in togas aka fluffy dressing gowns for tonight?

  13. Unfortunately, this evening I’ll be stimulating our essential hospitality industry.

  14. Woops, that was me, I used “Thomas” yesterday on a thread to post some support for a comment I’d made.

  15. Ewwww Toiletboss, you don’t consider that Turbnull will actually acknowledge little Pete do you? Am wondering why Tunblun hasn’t offered little Pete a position on the front bench? Maybe because Ms Wiggles would scratch his eyes out.

    Am thinking that the goer will be ‘generational debt’..which means sweet ba to everyone. The younguns don’t give a toss and neither do the oldies. That is, it’s someone else’s responsibility but not mine. So Tullybun is on a loser re this one.

  16. Yes Tom/Thomas – I saw that no-so-sublte piece of sockpuppetting – and let it through because it was so obvious.

  17. As we wait in eager anticipation, feel free to list your predicted “Malc’s Remarks”

    Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts

    Socialism, socialism, socialism

    Pretty much whatever the US republicans are saying!

  18. Kitty: surely it’s got to be interest rates are always going to be lower under a Howard(delete), Costello(delete), Nelson (delete), Costello (delete), Turnbull (delete) umm Hockey/Costello government.

    But what the heck, we will even if we can’t do anything else we would have had a lower something or another.

  19. I am less than impressed with this display of childish immaturity directed towards the Leader of the Opposition Mr Turnbull.

    Mr Rudd and Mr Swan have effectively mortgaged our country’s future for generations to come, and I for one, will be looking forward to an alternative sensible approach from Mr Turnbull.

    This Budget is the beginning of the end of the Federal Labor party.

  20. Kate..am waiting with anticipation about how Turnbull will do it better.

    Yes, indeed maybe he has some very good ideas but he has to specify where he will makes cuts and how he will raise revenue.

    Even Tony Abbott (eww) says that raising the pension age makes sense. Scary..I agree with Tony Abbott.

  21. Min- “where he will makes cuts”

    If he has any sense he will save $4 billion on insulation, and another $10 billion on handouts.

  22. Tom

    How can he save on something that has already been done?

  23. Tom..you did that deliberately didn’t you. I used to work for Australian Gypsum eons ago and so I’m a believer. For you with huggy ones.

  24. “I am less than impressed with this display of childish immaturity directed towards the Leader of the Opposition Mr Turnbull”

    And many of us are sick of the childish immaturity that is jokingly being referred to as an “Opposition”.

    “and I for one, will be looking forward to an alternative sensible approach from Mr Turnbull”

    Me too. I just won’t be holding my breath in the vain hope that he delivers. Their track record to date doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  25. Hi Kate, great & insightful comment as always.

    Tell me, what do you think of UNIONS?

  26. Joni, past performance is a good indicator of the future. Anyone is entitled to use past waste, inefficiency and indolence as an indicator of future outcomes.

  27. What – sort of like a “never ever” promise? 😉

  28. I hope that Turnbull does OK tonight.

  29. Joni.you are on a promise (so to speak). Count down is 4.45pm and then we are doing a round of the kitchen viz kitchen dancing. Music provided as per above link, unless anything is forthcoming in the next 20mins from any musico’s.. Where is Nasking by the way????

  30. Will Turnbull come clean about the Liberals’ plans for the next instalment of SerfChoices? Will he outline how much they would spend instituting and propagandising their IR “reforms”?

  31. I hope that Turnbull does OK tonight.

    If he doesn’t, he’s finished, with a capital F*****.

  32. Mr Lovely Legs..I hope that Turnbull goes down in a screaming heap. Turnbull wasted months and months of energy try to oust Nelson which he succeeded in, and more or less bloodlessly. So far Turnbull has been a disappointment..I was expecting grand statements and visions for the future.

    I think that unless Turnbull faces up to who he is..probably left of Rudd re A Republic, then he is a goner.

    Mind you I blame a lot of this on Costello. He was following his master and refusing to assist with a turn over to the newbies. Costello is hanging on by a thread and loving every minute of it.

  33. Yep, I was always under the impression that he was the caretaker after Nelson called the spill.

    Whatever happens I doubt he will be the leader of the opposition next election unless the PM has the DD bower in his hand.

  34. Tony @ 4.28

    Well put!

    I suspect Turnbull will do OK tonight but only if he actually offers some suggestions. I don’t suggest that he agree with the budget or have to support it but if he opposes it, he has to offer alternatives or justification based on something other than it isn’t tax cuts and we would have done better. If he sticks to the Goldilocks routine that he has been running for the past 6 months he will fall flat. Lets hope for his sake that the Press Club speech last week wasn’t a dress rehersal because that was woefully short on anything productive. I hope for our sakes it is better than that as well, otherwise we’ll all be very drunk and won’t remember the last bit.

  35. D55

    Yeah – youse’ll all be drunk and I will still be at work, working my poor programming fingers to the bone.


  36. Scaps, you were certainly there on Matty Price’s blog and later Tim’s where the consensus was 3 leaders of the Opposition before The Real Leader took over.

    Everyone thought that it would be Turnbull. However, I do think that he has made his run too early..yet Hockey isn’t it and there is no one else except Costello who’s star is fading and fading and fading. In a year’s time people will be saying Costello, who? Some old bloke from eons ago.

  37. Joni,

    No need to worry – I’ll be doing my best to drink your share as well.

  38. Min

    Thanks for the drink offer – I will make up for it tonight with Kingfishers by the pool.

    And on Turnbull, I was thinking last night that Rudd is like Blair, in that he followed a tired government (Thatcher/Major) and that the opposition leader who will lead them to victory (Cameron) is not in parliament yet.

    I was/am going to try and put a comparsion together of the Thatcher/Howard vs Blair/Rudd teams in the lead up to the 1997 (?) and 2007 elections in the UK and Australia.

    The change in “appearance” that Cameron has made for the Tories is amazing. He has made them much more moderate – then again, the leadership (?) of Brown has helped the Tories a lot.

  39. Just make sure the king fishers are of the legal age of consent.

  40. B I T C H

    (sorry you blogcrats had to see that between reb and myself)

  41. S L U T !

    KHAMAHLODERATOR: Would you two mind refraining from the childish name-calling and get back to the topic if you don’t mind.

  42. Just when it was getting interesting Kamahl makes an appearance…

    I wonder if Malcolm’s getting nervous yet..?

    I bet Costello will turn up half cut.

    And I bet Crazy Eyes and Hockey will be practising their “HEAR HEARs” with much gusto..

    Crazy Eyes actually said “Hear Hear” the other day and Talcum hadn’t even said anything!!

    It just kind of came out..like baby’s puke…

    “hear hear” she muttered with this bewildered look on her face. Daft Cow that she is…


  44. I heard Malcolm say “Reckless Spending!!!” on the news just before & decided that it was close enough to a “key word” to have a chug. glug, glug, glug…

    Gotta duck out with Phelpsie briefly before the Mal’ster struts his stuff…or is that stuffs his strut?

  45. Whatever he does Toiletboss, I’m sure it will involve a lot of strutting and a lot of stuffing!


    I’m an early starter…

  46. 10 minutes to go,…if i play these drinking games I have a feeling I’m going to be plastered by the time its all over.

  47. “*hic*

    I’m an early starter…”

    Shame on you reb!

    You can’t hide that smell of Corona’s (the beer, not the cigars preferred by some of Port Adelaide’s more affluent tragics) on your breath; even over the intertubes.

  48. Just one glass so far TB although it looks like it need’s topping up…

  49. Did you send out the invites, reb?

  50. Welcome Ray Gun…

    Your posts should now update live as you submit them..

  51. Yup, Tony.

    Nice gold embossed “wedding style” invitations

    (because it is for Malcolm after all)

  52. Good,

    I’ve gone for the champagne tonight. (Keeping up appearances, don’t you know.)

  53. oh my god ! It’s about to start!!

  54. Debt and Deficit. *Guzzle*

  55. there goes the first one

  56. “reckless spending”

    *gulp gulp gulp*

  57. Dammit, I’m switching over from the replay of Man U VS Wigan for Mal, I hope he proves as entertaining as Carlos Tevez but I doubt it somehow.

  58. “a budget that just doesn’t add up”

    nice touch.

  59. Man woman and child *snort*

  60. “towering summit of debt”


  61. ruddbank


  62. F@ck, curse stupid timezones.

    My ABC is half an hour behind!

  63. Hmmm, Props for his oratry, not sure about the content.

  64. CRazy Eyes looks heavily sedated…

  65. I can’t see it but I’m gonna have to take your words for it…glug, glug.

  66. gulp gulp gulp gulp

  67. “Ocean of Red Ink”

    Seas of blood…..

  68. CRazy eyes is disgusted.

  69. Well Obama could learn something from Turnbull..pretty good without a teleprompter..

  70. Is Herr Costello present?

    Should that be heir Costello?

  71. WTF is CRazy Eyes muttering about…????

  72. This liveblogging is gonna cause wordpress to meltdown.

  73. We haven’t seen Custard yet TB…probably in The Dining Room…

  74. Alright, i can see how this would appeal to already rusted on liberal voters, but does Mister Turnbull realise that is not who he is trying to convince here? the swinging voters in the center are less impressed by smirking mocking and hollow rhetoric.

  75. CRazy eyes is disgusted.

    I couldn’t see her on Foxtel. Had to switch over to wider screen digital. She’s mad as hell, and she’s not gonna take it anymore.

  76. Meanwhile, in the Liberal Engine Room

  77. WTF John. 😀

  78. The terrorists are praying for a Malcolm Turnbull victory.

  79. But Ronald, he’s trying to appeal to small businesses………like as if they care..

    Oh “a tax loss carry bag”

    WTF Is that??

  80. CRazy Eyes looks she’s about to say something and stops herself.

    What the F**K is it with that woman??

  81. Joe takes after his father’s side

  82. Is it live on Foxtel Tony? you mean I don’t have to wait in the South Aus Twilight Zone for the ABC?

    What channel?

  83. “Budget Honesty”

    Gulp, gulp gulp..

  84. Yeah, because treasury forecasts are determined by the government and all that…..

  85. Hear Hear nods crazy eyes..

  86. Channel 102 where I am.

  87. That word, “honesty”, should be barred from that particular building.

  88. Malcolm gets tough on terrorism

  89. “policies” ? its gonna be a long night

  90. Indeed Toilet boss.

    We just got a shot of Joe Hockey.

    It wasn’t pretty..


  91. Thanx Tony. Switching over again now…

    It has begun.

  92. Hi folks,

    I must say, I’m amazed, he’s actually announcing policy. Pity its got bugger all to do with the budget – sounds more like an election launch speech. Plus, the simple response to most of it is these are things that the last Government should have done when they were in.

  93. welcome peter

  94. too bad for mr turnbull the stimulus is actually working

  95. F**ck you, John. You’re fu**king with my rhythm, man.

  96. oh Labor hates private health insurance…


  97. Who’s the potplant behind Mr. Turnbull?

  98. Oh we’ve got the “shame” thing happening now…



  99. I thought he was security.

  100. LOL, very loud “here here” to “Labor hates private hospitals” until it became obvious what they were saying here here to!

  101. Never mind the potplant TB wait to you see the one in blue next to her!

  102. Joke! SKOL!

  103. Yes, the liberals just love to laugh amongst themselves

    ha ha ha!

  104. Tax the ciggies …

    I thought they already were!

  105. It’s on now.

    Joking about Rudd joining the UN or some such bullshit…

    GLUG, GULP, SWIG, gargle…..belch

  106. Why does the coaltion advocate increasing tax on cigarettes, but oppose the alcopops tax?

  107. Leave me frickin ciggies alone.

    *Cough* *Cough* *Rasp*

  108. actually he’s on to a winner about taxing cigarettes

    and nice segue into “Labor has an addiction to debt”

    “Drowning in red ink”


  109. Nothing wrong with your lung Tony.

  110. Ray,

    Conservative. Nobody ever said consistent.

  111. Oh dear, Senor Swan looks like he’s had too many sedatives.

  112. joke- gulp

  113. who’s idea was it to seat crazy eyes anywhere near that camera

  114. We’re gonna be worse off than our parents, yay!

    Malcolm looks like he used to live in a flat.

  115. “Our children”

    *Drink straight from the bottle*

  116. she’s always got that seat Ray…

    She does the Liberal party no good service…

  117. Who’s the gormless twit on Turncoats left?

  118. yeah 2007, before the GFC maybe?

  119. Turncoat rhetoric at its best

  120. Talcum’s going for the heart strings now…

    Cue the violins…

  121. John who?

  122. He did live in a flat Tb.

    A 60 square, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, Harbour view, FLAT!

  123. Is he even alive TB?

  124. Did Turncoat answer the Budget Speech or just TALK BS?

  125. “Blames the bad news on anyone he can identify”

    John Howard?

  126. I’m not sure what he’s talking about TB, but the Liberals seem to find it very entertaining…

    which is all that seems to matter to them (as usual)

  127. En route to fridge. If’n Mal hits any key words while I’m gone I’ll have to have a cumulative gargle.

  128. “Cut and run”


    (F**k the code words. I just want a drink.)

  129. Very heavy on rhetoric………….lite on detail….but are people smart enough to see through hollow ranting? we shall see

  130. Last comment into the ether – just like Turncoat’s waffle…

  131. CRazy Eyes looks like that picture of the pope I put on the other thread…

  132. They were last time, Ronald

  133. Finger pointing…mountains & summits of debt to chip away at.

    Longshots of Dutton are visually infuriating.

    Rudd as Santa Claus?

  134. mountain of debt, summit of debt blah blah.

    This is a f’n election speech which offers nothing but a past record. F***, I’m just going to skol my drink in the hope it will dullen the pain!

  135. Poor old Brendan is sitting up in the bleachers. I think Mal did a better job than Bren last year.

  136. “paying the bill for many years to come”

    gulp, gulp gulp…

  137. Let’s see what the judges have to say…

  138. Thank fuck that’s over.

    Looks like the libs have dropped the 5c drop in fuel excise.

  139. Poor Bren.

    Closing Gitmo?

  140. So John Howard & The Private School Bullies squander about $45 billion – Labor will build the new infrastructure and low and behold the Libs will then take the seats as we move into the next “boom” (even Turncoat said “the last boom” in his speech)…!

  141. Tony

    Yep better than Brendan but then that sets the bar pretty low.

  142. Simon won’t like him reb. (But Paula will say yes.)

  143. well that tobacco hike is very sound (sorry Tony)

  144. Alright, so what i got out of that, was essentially a whole lot of nothing about “HURRR HURR NASTY LEFTIES LABOR”….He announced a small level of policy detail, very sketchy however, and only committed the coalition to blocking 1 aspect of the budget.

  145. speaking of smoking – there was Ian (I’ve got an artifical voicebox) McFarlane!

  146. S’OK Reb. I don’t smoke cigarettes. Cigars and the occasional Phelpsie, yes.

  147. music break please John

  148. I smoke cigars when I’m smashed.

    and yes I inhale!

  149. FFS Dave , don’t encourage him!

  150. I thought he did a good job.

    Why hasn’t the excise been put up on tobacco or alcohol to cover the massive debt.

    Didn’t think much of the small business proposal as if a person fails he should not be bailed out.

    The budget commission or what ever the name was is a good idea, I reckon.

    Liked seeing the PM blushing too!

  151. “reckless spending”

    quaff, quaff, quaff…

  152. Liked seeing the PM blushing too!

    I think the make up artists just overdid it on the blusher scaper..

  153. I agree with Brissenden, Labor doing its own ad’s to sell the Budget seems a bit desperate.

  154. “Nation Building for Recovery”

    *Sip* *Swig* *Gulp* *Buuuuuurp*


    Oops, scuse me.

  155. So after that half hour of a nicely polished performance of the emperor, what did we actually get?

    a 3 cent price hike on the cost of a cigarette.

    Did I miss anything else…?

  156. “music break please John”dave55

    I’m currently enjoying a quaint English band called Trigger The Bloodshed. It’s taking my poor mind off of the mountainous summit of debt & Julie Bishop’s Ratzinger gaze.

  157. I think 12.5% raise in tobacco is not enough…20% is a round figure, 30% for alcohol and mandatory fines for whistling on a Tuesday!

  158. Didn’t hear Turbonull say how they would compensate for the massive government shortfall without going into debt.

    Cut spending and/or raise taxes must be the way, though he would never admit this.

    Doing either would cause massive job losses and financial pain for millions of Australians.

    Making the Liberals the party of lower services, higher taxes, higher unemployment and more financial uncertainty.

  159. What a whole lot of waffle. Where on earth were the policies? Plenty of mud, but no policy.

    I’ve always maintained that there is a line between policy and politics and not once did he cross the line into policy.

  160. Well he talked about cigarettes for a minute there Miglo.


  161. Did I miss anything else…?

    Nope don’t think so. But it was framed as a challenge. Take that, Mr Rudd.

  162. Why does turnbull only commit the coalition to opposing 1 aspect of the budget? if he truly believed his own rhetoric he would be opposing all this “reckless spending” from the ‘horrible and incompetant’ labor government he just spent half an hour railing against

  163. Would you go to the bank with a proposal without a business case?

    It will be interesting to see what announcement the PM will come out with this weekend to deflect attention.

  164. I wonder how long it will be before the RWDBs declare that it’s the greatest right of reply ever delivered in any house of government since 1605.

  165. Yeah “Take that Mr Rudd”

    Like that really means a lot when you’re in opposition.

    oh the humiliation of it all. The Libs are finally coming to terms with the fact that they’re in opposition..


  166. They’re gonna save us from roooonation reb.

    Not real impressed with either non-choice at the moment personally, but naturally predisposed to shut my hand in a car door before I’d vote Coalition.

  167. What about a fart tax?

    Oh that’s right, an ETS will cover that revenue!

  168. I wonder how long it will be before the RWDBs declare that it’s the greatest right of reply ever delivered in any house of government since 1605.

    Cue “Neil of Sydney” and anyone who writes for The Australian (apart from Mr Insider of course)

  169. In political terms I think the 3 cents tax on a cigarette will resonate. He has his headline and that’s about all he could expect.

    Must say, I thought he didn’t exploit his greatest asset which is to speak ‘off the cuff’.

  170. Toiletboss, I can’t help but draw comparisons with Turnbull to one of Neil Craig’s press conferences after another loss.

    “We’ll learn from this”.

    “We can only go forward from this point on”.

    “We only breed winners so we’ll be back”.

    “Nathan Bock is really a nice boy”.

  171. “I thought he did a good job.”

    His delivery was good, he spoke well.

  172. It was the greatest document since the Magna carta.

  173. It’s bigger than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  174. lol @ miglo

    Turnbull is MUCH more captivating to listen to than Neil Craig, migs.

    Crows won’t make the finals this year…you heard it here first.

  175. Neither will Richmond.

  176. More important than the Ten Commandments.

  177. This was supposed to be a budget reply speech, but what budgetary measures were there – apart from a very unoriginal “slug smokers more”?

    Turnbull – the empty loudmouth.

  178. No shit Sherlock Toiletboss.

  179. LOL @ Magna Carta!

  180. But it didn’t fall from the sky like the Bagavad Gita.

  181. LOL @ Tb

  182. “Turnbull – the empty loudmouth.”


    Yeah, you’re pretty safe with targeting smokers these days. They smell like swine flu & socialism.

  183. Anyone?

  184. Bueller?

  185. Clark and Dawe just pointed out..

    where was any mention that the Liberals would’ve delivered a surplus…?

    Or Joe Hockey’s saving of $25 billion??

  186. I’m trying to summarise but having trouble doing a RASPBERRY>>>

    …phphrpthprspppprrrprppr…or something like that…

    Taxing ciggies is clever but why not alco-pops? Especially those nice red raspberry ones…

  187. Bigger than the Declaration of Independence.

  188. I noticed Sherlock @ Bolt’s yesterday getting riled about a venomous (trust me, I actually agree with Bolt on this one) anti-semite being dragged before some PC board in W.A.

    He was quite rattled.

  189. The Sermon on the Mount has just been bumped.

  190. lol, Bueller!

    Bigger than Teh One Hundred Years of TraditionTM.

  191. Bigger than Daniel Motlop’s Gravitational cranium.

  192. Turnbull has no ticker.

  193. scaper, his proposal was for a sustainability commissioner to scrutinise taxing and spending to ensure intergenerational equity. It is a good idea – the irony is that had it been in when the Libs were in power, it would have been extremely critical of the tax cuts and middle class welfare handouts, first home buyers grant etc. That doesn’t stop it being a good idea but a tit,, and a lot of the ideas about smal business relief are things being looked at by the Henry review and all are things the last government should have done when it was in power – it’s not like these things have suddenly appeared under Labor.

  194. Bigger than reb’s biography “My Life as a Weath Crazed Prick”

    (well maybe not quite that big).

  195. Toiletboss,

    Seriously. I was half-way through writing a post on freedom of speech, censorship, in particular Brendan O’Connell and Frederick Toben when I was distracted by – something.


  196. Turnbull is no better than a lawyer.


    Have youse seen the bridal showz?

  198. ” I was half-way through writing a post on freedom of speech, censorship”

    I think we’re on the same page with that one Tony.

  199. Tony.

    Shamefully I admit that I’m watching it now…

  200. Dayam reb…lissed Masterchef!

  201. It’s like something out of Absolutely Fabulous.

  202. Toiletboss.

    I think one episode of Master Chef was enough for me.

    I don’t think I could bring myself to watch another…

  203. Ummm, lissed?

    I’m not that lissed yet.

    I blame the fire dance.

  204. I’ll get around to it, but I think I was trying to make it too broad.

    Perhaps you could do one Toiletboss, restricting it to the two particular “thought criminals”.

  205. I just came out of a meeting and reading the live blog here has been quite unnerving – it made me feel that Crazy Eyes was starring straight at me!

    Well done to all that are still standing.

  206. Toiletboss, channel 117 Iron Chef America. Looks like Offal challenge!

  207. oh go away off Joni.

    I’ve ben buzy her tryin to kep tings undre control an doin the drink thin an then ya just shwo up at teh lats mionut.
    KAMAHLODERATOR: This comment has been edited.

  208. Well he has his ‘headline’.

    “Turnbull trades rebate for cigs tax hike”


  209. Yeah Joni. Haven’t you got some duties at the call-centre or something?

  210. Did you watch the guy Bolt linked to (re protesting IGA selling Iraeli oranges; the story was the nutcase anti-semite) Tony before the youtube clip got plled?

    Quite something else, a real piece of work.

    Still, as repugnant as his message was/is he is his own worst PR enemy & shouldn’t be legislated against.

  211. Yeah! Answer soem f**kin’ phnoes

    Edited again 🙄

  212. pack of fukin , fukc knosw wyh I fukicn bother, fukerrin’ fukc, whres that wnie…

  213. “Well he has his ‘headline’.”N5

    Mission Accomplished I guess then eh?

    To be fair, he spoke bilge-so did Labor before him, he didn’t commit political suicide & stayed on message.
    About the best case scenario as far as Mal goes.

  214. Does that now make me the Blog-Wallah?

    If that is the case, then your next cup of tea will taste of almonds.

    And for the record (not that you drunkards would care) – this is nothing to do with an outsourced call centre, this is all for a new startup insurance company in India (for an Australian based insurance company).

  215. No, I didn’t see it. But speech or thought should never be criminalised. I feel very strongly about this.

    The state deciding what is or isn’t acceptable speech is not on.

  216. Joni,

    Where’s my lunch?


    /not really

  217. Hey Joni, while you’re in India could you drop into the Telstra call centre for me and demand my refund that is 3 months over due.

    You may have to learn a bit of the lingo first though. My English is non comprehendo.

  218. Joni,

    Could you look at my bill for last month? It seems a trifle excessive (if you know what I mean).

    Heyy. Where’s my f***ing lunch?

  219. It just came to me that I missed AFL League Teams on Fox because I was watching bloody Malcolm talk about how a 3 cents increase on a cigarette will relieve our children and our children’s children of an inherited lifelong debt.

    This 3 cents will save us from a return to the Dark Ages and we can again enjoy basking in the glow that Howard shone upon us.

    My tips will be stuffed now. I blame Malcolm.

  220. “The state deciding what is or isn’t acceptable speech is not on.”

    I totally agree, not least because every so often the state is embodied by someone like John Howard, Stalin, Thatcher, Adolf, Pinochet, Khomeini etc.

  221. “My tips will be stuffed now. I blame Malcolm.”

    Malcolm Blight is indeed a sociopathic egomaniac.

    Tips have been tricky for a while now.

    That blogger of yore, James of Nth Melb, is doing us all in at the moment!

    Where is Thomas of Melb. tonight.

    Malcolm didn’t do enough union bashing to be in his good books.

  222. Toiletboss,

    Exactly, my friend.

    Anti- whatever- ism is no excuse to suppress thought.

    I can’t seem to find the time, so will you write this up?

  223. Toiletboss said, “Where is Thomas of Melb. tonight.”

    Thomas of Melbourne, on May 14th, 2009 at 2:36 pm Said:

    Unfortunately, this evening I’ll be stimulating our essential hospitality industry.

  224. Min, on May 14th, 2009 at 3:13 pm Said:

    “Kitty: surely it’s got to be interest rates are always going to be lower under a Howard(delete), Costello(delete), Nelson (delete), Costello (delete), Turnbull (delete) umm Hockey/Costello government.

    But what the heck, we will even if we can’t do anything else we would have had a lower something or another.”

    Um, popularity rating? Lol

    reb, on May 14th, 2009 at 7:35 pm Said:

    “CRazy Eyes looks heavily sedated…”

    Situation normal then, reb.

  225. “I can’t seem to find the time, so will you write this up?”

    Back on shift, after 10 days off, tomorrow so it’s doubtful that I’ll get the time.

    Definitely deserves a post though. A fundamental issue.
    My proclivities aren’t exactly mainstream (that’s what makes me interesting, to meself anyhoo) so I well understand protecting the importance of self expression; not just the stuff I agree with (which isn’t a whole hell of a lot in the big scheme of things).

    If Kamahl doesn’t get here with my lunch soon I’m gonna chuck a shitfit!!!

  226. I made pea soup today, so a fart tax could be a winner.

  227. Thanks bacchus, I’m sure he’ll find the time to heap suitable derision upon all participants from his touchphone at some stage.

  228. night all…

  229. Hey Joni, while you’re in India could you drop into the Telstra call centre for me and demand my refund that is 3 months over due.

    Hah! That’s a mere frippery of a Telstra-riffic hogswallop! (Er, did that come out right?) They still owe me $22 from just on two years ago.

    I’ve been intermittently amusing myself by piling up the monthly statements – each one assuring me as sincerely as the last that I need do nothing, as the “credit will be on the next bill”. And sure enough, the next bill comes around AND THE CREDIT IS STILL LISTED! Geez, they’re good at prediction, those guys. Well, some kinds of prediction. Apparently they couldn’t figure predict that if they snubbed the terms of the government’s tender process, they might not get considered. Maybe they’re not as bright as they think.

    I figure it’s costing them $1-2 per statement, so they’ve already wasted as much as they owe me on telling me they owe it. I reckon no-one should buy Telstra shares until they cotton on and send me my money – they’re obviously incompetent at cost control, which is suicidal in this financial environment. And I reckon if I hang on long enough I can probably make some money from recycling the mass of paper that will result, or perhaps use it as free fuel one of those super-duper new micro-nuclear-fusion jetcar engines that we’ll all have in 2057 😉

  230. Lotharsson, on May 14th, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    Or a papier-mâché piñata of Sol Trujillo…just a suggestion, and only because I do think it’s important for people to get something positive out of their business relationships besides money.

    And very good evening to you!

  231. LOL Legion 🙂 Good evening to you too!

    It is important to get something positive – I figure in these harsh economic times, you can’t go past free entertainment value either 😉

  232. And that was it. Turnbull’s idea is to keep Private Health Rebates for people such as himself and to tax..wait for it..this is something very very original..let’s tax cigarettes. Wow! Who would have thought…

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