He’s just not that into Jew.


The Vatican has blundered into another public relations fiasco after seeking to rewrite the biography of Pope Benedict XVI by denying that he was ever a member of the Hitler Youth.

The controversy is playing out during the Pope’s current visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. The Pope, affectionately known as “THE ROTTWEILER”, presumably because of his sweet and compassionate nature has come into criticism for not being sufficiently sympathetic to Jews that suffered during the Nazi holocaust.

Although the 82-year-old German pontiff has admitted in numerous interviews that he was drafted unwillingly into the Nazi youth movement towards the end of the war, his spokesman came up with another bizarre version.

The Pope was never in the Hitler Youth, never, never, never,” Father Federico Lombardi, chief spokesman for the Pope, told a press conference in Jerusalem.

But Father Lombardi’s comments contradicted statements the Pope himself has made.

In the 1996 book “Salt of the Earth”, the Pope told Peter Seewald, a German journalist:

“At first we weren’t, but when the compulsory Hitler Youth was introduced in 1941, my brother was obliged to join. I was still too young, but later, as a seminarian, I was registered in the HY. As soon as I was out of the seminary I never went back.”

In clarifying his suggestion that the Pope had not been a member of the Hitler Youth, Father Lombardi said he had intended to dispute suggestions in the Israeli media that the Pope had been “an enthusiastic Nazi as a boy.”

“This fact of the Hitler Youth had no role in his life and in his personality,” Father Lombardi said.

The puzzling claim about the Pope’s membership of the Hitler Youth is the Vatican’s third stumble this year.

In January he caused outrage when he lifted the excommunication of a renegade British Catholic bishop, Richard Williamson, who denied the extent of the Holocaust.

Two months later he was criticised by governments, NGOs and health experts when he said during his first papal visit to Africa that condoms can “aggravate” the Aids crisis.


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  1. What was that? Was that a very high pitched whistle I almost heard?

  2. Tony, on May 13th, 2009 at 10:29 am Said:

    I agree


    Woof……Woof…………to that…………..!

  3. What about his attitude to ‘liberation theology’ and how it creates a slippery slope leading to terrorism and militant feminism. Lol.

    But he is one hell of an operator when it comes to Vatican politics.

  4. Well, as a one-time (alleged) member of the Hitler Youth and now the head of the Catholic Church, one could at least say his stance on homosexuality has been consistent throughout his life.

  5. What is it with you gays and the catholics? Never miss a chance to put the boot in eh? A pity you don’t hold our dear leader up to the same scrutiny – he has a lot more influence over your day to day life you know !

  6. Tony, on May 13th, 2009 at 10:29 am Said:

    Although Tony……………………..it has been………… what…………………a full 2 weeks or so since we had a Catholic bashing topic up…!

    A bit overjew I must say…………………!

  7. Silly of Lombardi that the pope was never a member of the Hitler Youth, which IMHO is no big deal because every kid in Germany had to be a member in those days, it wasn’t something you chose it was something you had to do like going to school.

    And I don’t think many 15 year old boys have the courage of refusing something like that on ethical grounds a la White Rose resistance movement.

    More problematic is the lifting of the excommunication of a Richard Williamson, or at least a demonstration of a severe dressing down from the Vatican (or a demotion? I don’t know whether you can do that in the Catholic Church)

    The other issue is the proposed beatification of Pope Pius XII. I don’t know why Popes have to be automatically beatified. It’s like conservative PMs getting automatically knighted. Jewish people have been very critical of the War time pope who did diddly squat to help them, when it was clear even in the late 1930’s that they were persecuted and when they tried to escape the doors were often shut.

    I have been reading Haaretz and the general impression is that the previous Pope did better.

    But I wonder whether being the head of the Catholic Church and a German who was alive during the Nazi regime Benedict was on a hiding to nothing. I mean, how many button can you push in Israel?

    Maybe he should have stayed at home.

  8. “a bit overjew?”

    Well it’s better than having nun.

  9. Whoops ! I forgot we’re trying to re-create the Tim Dunlop sheltered workshop here! Guess the catholic bashing does give it that authentic touch 😉

  10. Those crazy Chaser guys are up to some hilarious new tricks:

    Julian Morrow, The Chaser’s executive producer, and comedian Craig Reucassel decided to fly a helium-filled blimp at the front of St Peter’s Square, close to St Peter’s Basilica. The blimp was flown in Vatican City airspace which, for obvious security reasons, is a restricted zone. Both “The Boy” Morrow and “The Boy” Reucassel were detained by Italian police for over six hours before being released. It is not clear whether or not The Boys will be charged by Italian authorities and the ABC has no information on this matter.

    Apparently the blimp contained a rude message for Pope Benedict XVI (no surprise here) and the stunt will be shown in the new Chaser series which is an ABC co-production.

    Of course arguments like the following are sure to be derided by the usual suspects here:

    Top Five suggestions on where to fly blimps/threaten urination/provoke security and really annoy people:

    1. Put a rude message about the Prophet on a blimp and fly it over the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

    2. Put a disrespectful comment about the God Ram on a blimp, fly it over the Tirupati Balaji Temple in India and wait around and see how the radical Hindus react.

    3. Place a mock cartoon of Guru Nanak on a blimp, fly it over the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, and see how angry the Sikhs become.

    4. Put a “Free Tibet” message on a blimp and fly it over Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Talk about your feelings with China’s secret police.

    5. Pretend to have a leak on the Kremlin Wall in Moscow, right near Vladimir Lenin’s Tomb. Try telling the Moscow police that you are a Lenin-hater and are merely engaging in a “piss-before-you-diss” routine.

    The evidence so far suggests that The Boys are happy to engage in that kind of international prank which is not likely to result in a Boy having his throat cut – or being on the end of a truncheon or policeman’s bullet.

  11. Oh really Mike re,

    What is it with you gays and the catholics? Never miss a chance to put the boot in eh? A pity you don’t hold our dear leader up to the same scrutiny – he has a lot more influence over your day to day life you know !

    For starters, I don’t think that Rudd enters the bedroom whereas the Pope does. The current Pope not only suggests that if you use condoms that you will languish in Purgatory (and where is this thing called Purgatory mentioned in the bible??..I might have missed it, so let me know) but that if you use one you will be contributing to the spread of AIDS. [Note: one rots in Hell, but one languishes in Purgatory..am yet to work out what one does in Heaven ;-)]

    The sin is to avoid a pregnancy based on the Old Testament viz casting one’s you know what upon..well somewhere. Fair enough 2,000 years ago when life was tenuous and only 2:10 children were likely to live past 2 yrs of age. Which is also the reason why gay goin’s’ons was only acceptable for the upper classes.

    Progress is immunisation and improvement of conditions in 3rd world countries so that ‘casting one’s you know what’ is not a sin because the majority of children will live after age 2 yrs.

    Shall now step down from the soapbox.

    And…I’ve just dropped my pepper grinder onto my handblown glass plate which I bought at the Byron Bay market circa 1999, smashing it somewhat. Reminds me of when I set fire to the kitchen curtains.

  12. Min,

    I think the Church abolished Purgatory………or was it Limbo a few years ago.

  13. “Reminds me of when I set fire to the kitchen curtains.”

    Yes, we all remember that. I hope you fire alarms installed in the new place…

  14. Walrus and Reb..it was indeed Limbo that was absolished a few years ago by Pope Benedict.

    Pope Benedict XVI in the middle of December 2005 threw the state of Limbo into a state of chaos.

    Not certain as to the meaning of the above, does Purgatory now mean ‘languish’ but Limbo is ‘chaos’??

    Thank you reb, yes we do indeed have fire alarms plus I have also learned that eucalyptus oil is not suitable for an oil burner.

  15. Umm… absolished..well you lot know what I mean. Actually absolished is quite a good word.

  16. What a shame.

    Thats a great photo for a caption competition.

    Min relocating the kitchen so it ends up under a smoke detector is what i pictured. 😉
    (after all i did sink my boat to clean it)

  17. I’d prefer Limbo to Purgatory. Limbo has a sense of calm and nothing happening. Purgatory comes from the same word as ‘Purge’. I have this images of never ending enemas for some reason.

  18. Damn you Guido, im eating yogurt.

  19. Caption competition? CAPTION COMPETITION?! Woo-hoo!

    “Ah, yes my child …Santa Claus is coming, is coming, is coming, is … JESUS CHRIST!

    Or …

    SHOCK NEW PICS! Madonna’s latest facelift nightmare!

  20. Ewww…Guido re I’d prefer Limbo to Purgatory.

    Limbo is where you don’t have a brain whereas purgatory is where you suffer a little but not a lot as per Hell.

  21. “Limbo has a sense of calm and nothing happening.”

    Guido, on May 13th, 2009 at 3:39 pm Said:

    Much like Miglo’s thought processes !

  22. DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (Or minors. And maybe our more refined female readers might prefer not to click.)

    KAMAHL THE MODERATOR: Image removed. Come on Tony. You know better than to post images like that.

  23. Walrus..with due respect I think that I said it better. You said, ‘calm and nothing happening’. I said, Where you don’t have a brain.

    With due respect to those ‘chaosing’ in Limbo. It sounds a bit like next week’s Liberal Party meeting.

  24. Tony. Why on earth would you want to post a porno picture to this site? Is this how you get your jollies?

    Hmmm, yes probably..this is how you get your jollies. Are you wanking yourself while you pressed Submit Comment?

    I’ve been married for 35 years and so I have most definitely seen both male and female genitalia before. I do not need you Tony to post your porno pics. Get lost idiot.

  25. Yes…………very naughty Tony………………..Especially on a highly religious thread like this one…………….!

  26. I’ll ignore your more hysterical comments, Min, and put them down to another ‘Mrs Slocombe’ moment.

    As for the picture, my warnings were quite clear that it was unsafe for work. It isn’t porn, and is presented in a humourous way: a spoof on the “American Express – priceless” genre. We could, however, debate its appropriateness for an adult oriented blog like this. I would be interested in others’ comments.

  27. Walrus..it’s zilch to with religion. And don’t you try to make it so. You know that posting a porno pic is not something that you would do yourself.

    Anyway..am taking a break, will be back computer permiting.

  28. Min

    If I really wanted to upset you I’d post a porno of …………………………….me………………………………………..Yuk !

  29. “KAMAHL THE MODERATOR: Image removed. Come on Tom. You know better than to post images like that.”

    Please rebuke Tony. He did it.

    KAMAHLODERATOR: Noted and fixed thanks Tom. Apologies for the false accusation!

  30. Yes it was me, and I am sorry I upset Min.

    This is about taste as much as it is censorship. I know I was pushing the envelope, and may have found the limit as far as Kamahl is concerned..

    Is any form of nudity appropriate for an adult blog? A ‘wardrobe malfunction’ presented in a humorous way, in my view, is. What do others think?

  31. (If anyone wants to view the picture, just google search “limbo” under images, and it’s the first one that comes up.)

  32. I didn’t see the image, but I was just falsely and outrageously accused of posting it. I’ve already briefed my lawyer – Stuart Littlemore, and I think he got a big defamation settlement for Mercedes Corby.

    Nonetheless, if the photo was gratuitously offensive, I think I’d be in favour if it.

  33. Yes Tony…………………….you should know by now that porn is not acceptable on this blog ………..especially when we are once again trying to work out why every single Catholic Priest is a pedophile and every single Catholic harbours ambitions to become a priest or a nun.

    You should know not to upset people’s sensibilities with porn images.

  34. Good grief..as I said, I’ve been married for 35 years, given birth 3 times, lost 2 babies due to miscarriage and so the image of male or female genitalia is not a shock to me.

    And no Walrus, I have absolutely no interest in a porno pic of you and myself..which would have to be cobbled together as I would not come within cooee of yourself. As above I have a hubby and son in the Navy plus son in law who will punch your lights out if you even try to come within cooee of me.

  35. It appears I missed something earlier.

    I heard that barely audible whistle & hoped to join in the attack on Ratzinger (who was surely being groomed by the creator to be his voice on Earth even as he was being dragged into Hitler Youth) & was surprised to discover a pornographic tangent (which I’ve not seen BTW) two thirds of the way down the page.

    Santa looks mighty creepy without his beard, I’m not sure that he should be trusted around children.

  36. I just call him Mr Bishop (scary eyes) when I see him on TV.

    And is it just me, or does this Pope look like he enjoys the attention (smirking like an ex-treasurer) whereas the last Pope seemed to show more humility in public.

  37. Bedroom eyes

  38. He certainly doesn’t strike me as a “true believer” in this shot…….

  39. Is that for real sparta? lol

    A portrait in time.

    Seriously though, as much as I could care less for the office of Pope, I don’t think that anybody living as a german citizen at the time (particularly the young) had much realistic option but to join the Hitler Youth. I’m unsure what the alternative was but I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been pretty. I doubt that all of them were blind nazis.

    Who would have thought that that innocent looking (nazi uniform aside) young boy would transform into the wizened old Santa above?
    CVheck out the EYES! ZOMFG!

  40. Toiletboss,

    “Is that for real sparta? lol”

    I believe so…..

    “Seriously though, as much as I could care less for the office of Pope, I don’t think that anybody living as a german citizen at the time (particularly the young) had much realistic option but to join the Hitler Youth.”

    I agree in regards to the youth…..It is no wonder every ideology on earth seeks to get their claws into them…. “The Bridge” by Gregor Dorfmeister, certainly brings this point home. Boys sent to their slaughter in the name of a dying ideology…

  41. Like all the poor young men who lost their lives in pursuit of the delusions of Washington’s morally-bankrupt, neo con kleptocracy – Cheney’s ugly bunch of blustering chicken hawks: tough talking, draft dodging, religious fruit loops, who invaded irak in a ‘brave’ crusade for personal profits, cheap oil and a major media distraction from Bush and Cheney’s personal roles in the collapse of ENRON and Worldcom?

  42. The Pope has reportedly called for a Palestinian homeland …

  43. Mark,

    Another “rational” mystery poster……Who is to say what drives men to enlist these days but “enlist” they do. Does your rationale include the “Good War”, a.k.a Afghanistan? Of course not…….One in the same knuckle head…….

  44. Yes, I do believe it was the ‘knucklehead’ ideology which led Amerika into the equally asinine Afghanistan war. To wit:

    “Hand over UBL, knuckle heads! Can’t do that because he’s hiding out somewhere in a lawless border region? Too bad, knuckle heads, for you, your government and your country! Take that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, knuckle heads! Oops, we haven’t managed to do in 8 years what we demanded of the knuckle heads in 8 weeks, either. But, no way was the knuckle head ideology responsible for that, or the ADDed loss of focus in manufacturing war somewhere else and chasing invisible WMDs. Mission accomplished! Nothing to see here, knuckle heads; move along, the good war is being won one village of civilians blown to smithereens at a time. La la la. Tora Bora. Tora Tora Tora. It’s all one AND the same.”

    The End.

  45. Legion,

    “Yes, I do believe it was the ‘knucklehead’ ideology which led Amerika into the equally asinine Afghanistan war. To wit:”

    Here I thought it was a NATO “led” conflict? I had no idea a successful NATO operation so relied upon the USA? Please explain……….

    “Oops, we haven’t managed to do in 8 years what we demanded of the knuckle heads in 8 weeks, either.”

    Perhaps if we leveled Afghanistan to the ground as we did Germany and Japan in WWII it would be over and done with in a quick enough fashion for you but then we would have your ilk complaining about that as well….This is how you fight a “PC” war genius……You never cease to make me laugh………

  46. I have absolutely no interest in a porno pic of you and myself.

    Min, on May 13th, 2009 at 6:00 pm Said:


    Do you actually read people’s posts or do you just like to misrepresent them as Tom complains.

    Where in the following post did I mention you in a porno photo. Would you care to point it out to me ?

    “If I really wanted to upset you I’d post a porno of …………………………….me………………………………………..Yuk !….”

    No I did not think so but that does not deter you from these chest beating unsolicited threats of violence.

    Pull your head in……………….!

  47. I’ve put the pic of Bad Santa on my desktop wallpaper to scare the cats off of the computer desk.

  48. And to think I was going to re-package the vacation at the Lakes of Fire as a big ‘fire bath‘, courtesy of Phelpsie. Mind you, I must be going Sgt Schultz on the Ho Ho Ho business, given the subtext of Tony’s limbo link, and also ignore any references to cats, for same reason, for the time being.

  49. lol Legion.

    I assure you I mean real cats…not trouser cats.

    They find Teh Pontiff’s benevolent gaze & disarming smile quite disturbing.

    I still haven’t checked out the limbo.

  50. What a novel idea.

    “Kailash “Kalau” Singh replaces bathing and brushing his teeth with a “fire bath” every evening when he stands on one leg beside a bonfire, smokes marijuana and says prayers to Lord Shiva, according to the Hindustan Times. ”

    I wonder if it has any other benefits?

  51. I wonder if it has any other benefits?

    I don’t know, but it does seem to be worth considering as a model for a day spa or health retreat; maybe with the swim in the Ganges thrown in for good measure on the final day. In fact, it could probably be run as an exotic version of the four Western elements thing, if mud packs and deep breathing exercises were included in the total package.

    Me, I just make mine all-black familiar do the limbo daily; he makes a lap and the desktop sets the bar, when he isn’t out and about crossing others’ paths. And I’ve taught him to say an intelligible version of “Hello” for the full Crazy People effect on anyone he happens to stumble upon.

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