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Budget Right of Reply

Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7.30pm on ABC1, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey Leader of the Opposition Malcolm Turnbull will deliver his Budget Right of Reply Speech in Parliament.

Join us here, for a LIVE blow-by-blow, on the spot commentary and analysis of the Opposition’s alternative vision for the country’s economic future.

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14 Responses

  1. I hope Hockey calls Swan a goose.

  2. By the way, I think it is the leader of the opposition, rather than the shadow treasurer, that makes the speech in reply.

    So perhaps it will be Turnbull that calls Swan a goose.

  3. You’re right again Tom.

  4. “I think the only way it will be a temporary deficit is if it’s a temporary government,” she said.

    I think Bishop could well be correct in the above statement.

  5. How interesting, One listing on the ABC web site says the Joe Hockey will deliver the reply, but another says Malcolm’s going to do it.

    I think Tom’s right and it’ll probably be Malcolm.

    Pity, Joe would’ve been more entertaining I suspect.

  6. Can we add the “Jeckyl and Hyde” analogy then if Talculm’s taking the stage…

  7. Hockey is a turkey.

  8. Hockey is a tit with man boobs

  9. Hockey’s going to cause a food shortage – fat bastard ate all the pies

  10. Migs

    Hockey’s favourite food? Turkey. I think you know him better than you let on (wink)

  11. Yes John, you’re right (wink).

  12. hmmmmm…. roast duck with orange sauce…. hmmmm


  13. John, he’s also a liar. (One day I’ll get around to telling you THAT story).

    I have no respect for the gobbler.

  14. Roast duck with orange sauce sounds revolting. Do they serve that shite in India?

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