God hates Tai Chi.

Embracing the Devil - A Group of Senior Citizens Defy God

Embracing the Devil - A Group of Senior Citizens Defy God

First it was rock music (the work of “the devil”), recently it was condoms (spreading AIDS), and now it seems that Tai Chi, and devotees thereof, are on “a highway to hell.”

In yet another demonstration of tolerance and acceptance, a Christian Church in the northwest coast of Tasmania has banned a group of senior citizens from practising the gentle form of excercise – ostensibly because it will lead to “devil worship.”

According to news.com.au, the Wynyard Baptist Church took offence at a senior citizens’ Tai Chi class that emerged “by stealth” under its roof.

Church leader the Reverend Viv Morse says a council of leading parishioners decided the gentle martial art’s philosophies were incompatible with the Bible’s teachings.

“This is a clash between Eastern mysticism and Christianity,” Reverend Morse said.

“Half of Tai Chi is Taoism and Zen Buddhism, which is in total contrast to what we as a Christian church believe in,” Rev Morse said.

“Now, as far as we are concerned, it had nothing to do with the exercises, and if they remained ‘gentle exercises with Arthritis Tasmania’ we would have been happy – but they didn’t.”

Rev Morse said “all of a sudden” the class became “Tai Chi”, in advertising material.

“It’s about a type of meditation, and what they call search for enlightenment, where you go into things like yoga do (yoga do) or, like in the martial arts, meditations where you just emptied your mind and let it go wherever it wanted to.

“Well that stands in opposition to Christianity, which says we are to be in control of our faculties.”

“Yoga do?” Does this guy actually have any idea what he’s talking about? We’re talking about a group of senior citizens doing some gentle exercise for heaven’s sake.

Jackie Slyp from Arthritis Tasmania reckons the church could show a bit more understanding of Tai Chi’s therapeutic benefits.

“I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have the opportunity to talk to them about the benefits of Tai Chi for arthritis,” Ms Slyp said.

So here we have another example of the Christian church declaring that their religion is “the one true religion” and that other forms of spiritualism or perceived views of those “faiths” – however ignorant and ill-informed – simply cannot be tolerated.

Jesus Wept.