Mick Keelty has decided to step down.

About time if you ask me.

More later as the story develops.

Keelty is going to stand down on the 2nd Sept as the AFP Commissioner.

From the OO:

Mr Keelty has been under mounting pressure over the case of former Queensland doctor Mohammed Haneef, arrested in 2007 on suspicion of terror-related activities.

A report into the arrest, detention, charging, prosecution and release of Dr Haneef by former NSW Supreme Court judge John Clarke SC presented to the government late last year found the evidence against the Indian-born physician was “completely deficient”.

Keelty has been involved in other controversies covering matters ranging from his 2004 comments on the Madrid train bombing to the AFP’s involvement in the case of the Bali 9 that has left Australian citizens facing the death penalty in Indonesia.

In my opinion, he should have stepped down after the Haneef affair.


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  1. Keystone Cop Keelty Quits.

    About bloody time!

  2. Good riddance, though I resent that he gets to ‘step down’ in his own time, rather than be sacked.

    What’s the matter, can’t he get any satisfaction in his job any more?

  3. Hopefully Dudd has the decency to do the same thing before he sends Australia into debt for the next 20 years!

  4. Too funny Davo, too funny.

  5. Come on Kiddies…………….Kelty was human don’t forget. The Haneef affair was ridiculous but to a great extent he did not have control of the bus steering wheel. Howard and that moron Andrews had control and Kelty foolishly went along for the ride and then found it very difficult to hop off.

    But I do think he should be congratulated on improving relations with Indonesia, and wrapping up the search for the Bali Bombers, greatly assisting with the aftermath of Bali……………………..OK he blundered perhaps with the Bali 9 but there is an argument from both angles there and so far no one has been put to death.

    But what does most endear him to me is the way he pissed the Libs off by saying our foreign policies made us a bigger target. He stated the obvious thank God

    Ouch !

  6. Re Keelty, I believe that Renae Lawrence’s father Bob is worth a revisit.

    Lawrence’s father, Bob Lawrence, said in October 2005 he wanted to meet AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty face to face after learning of the comments made by Lee Rush.

    “As far as I’m concerned, and excuse the expression, [Keelty] is an arsehole. These kids were forced into this … they should have been either arrested at the airport here or followed to get the big guys. I don’t know how they can sleep at night … even if [the Bali Nine] were guilty of doing it willingly, it still doesn’t deserve the death penalty.”[18]

  7. Keelty had just too much Howard-Era political baggage to remain viable.

    All his own doing, too.

  8. Min, on May 6th, 2009 at 12:12 pm Said:

    Keelty had no room to move. He could not knowingly allow the Bali 9 idiots to export heroin out of Indonesia.

    To do so would risk the Indo/Aust relationship on everything…………….And you know what if that saves innocent Australian lives by avoiding terrorist attacks I’d prefer that to the lives of 9 Dealers in Death
    if in the end it comes to the death penalty anyway.

  9. I’m still angry about the feds setting up the Bali 9…they should of let them come here and get the king pins instead of getting the Indonesians to do their dirty work.

    So now seven drug mules and two of the lesser lieutenants are rotting in prison, lazy police work if you ask me!

    I noticed just after the boat people were coming here again there was an alleged people smuggler extradited here for an offence that happened earlier on this century.

    I suppose the government put pressure on the Indonesians because it was to their political advantage opposed to putting pressure on the Indonesians to extradite the Bali 9 as the heroin was destined for Australians, for no advantage.

    I suppose the PM thinks that “they can just rot in hell!”

    Not impressed.

  10. A greater good was served by sacrificing the Bali 9 so that a good relationship can be maintained with Indonesia.

    Lord knows how many innocent people would now be dead or injured without Australian/Indonesian Police co operation.

    The Bali 9 decided their own futures. No one else did.

    I for one am not prepared to save them but then possibly sacrifice innocent others.

    Besides they are still breathing so far…………!

  11. Walrus, the king pins have most probably imported a hundred kilos of heroin since then!

    It seems that the trade is still thriving but they got a few minnows, locked them up in the name of saving others?

    I suppose a good relationship is more important than Australian lives in the grand scheme of things.

  12. You’re right on this one scaper.

    The Bali Nine horror: silence from Labor

    These Bali nine young people were MULES, remember. The AFP has never explained why they didn’t let them bring the drugs back here and lead them to the big time crims.

    Govt could prevent repeat of Bali Nine: Democrats

    “This year Australia entered into the Lombok Treaty with Indonesia that formalised intelligence and security cooperation between the police and armed forces of the two countries.

    “While Indonesia maintains the death penalty for many offences, the treaty contains no human rights safeguards whatsoever.

  13. I think that one of my favorite Keelty moments is when he argued for a complete black-out of all info re terrorism cases (and associated items I should imagine). Keelty complained that information was being leaked to the media (shock!)

    This immediately followed the AFP leaking information re Haneef to the media.

  14. “I suppose a good relationship is more important than Australian lives in the grand scheme of things….”

    No……. Saving of innocent lives is more important than guilty lives in the grand scheme of things.

    And you stated “Australian” …………..not me.

  15. Besides scaper……………………perhaps the Bali 9 could see the Recession coming and decided they’d learn from the mistakes of others and make sure they had plenty put away for a rainy day by dealing in the misery of others.

    You like that dont you ………..?


  16. Walrus, I did like that…very interesting reply to the point I was making.

  17. Last post on here I recon. (too crony)
    I agree with scaper, you want your neighbor to belt your kids for their misadventure, or set them up for such?, would be called “tricky and underhand, devious?” now why does that bring to mind Howard/Andrews/ Keelty.
    Remember the adage ‘you clean up your own backyard’.

  18. Walrus says :

    “Keelty had no room to move. He could not knowingly allow the Bali 9 idiots to export heroin out of Indonesia.’


    But he could easily have arranged to arrest them when they landed here with the goods, rather than leaving them to the tender mercies of the crappy Indonesian legal system where they face the death penalty.

    His choice. And a fu*king poor one at that, IMHO.

  19. “But he could easily have arranged to arrest them when they landed here with the goods…..”

    Ah !

    But that risks (and it’s his call) a herd mentality of panic by the 9 (if they feel unsettled at all) on the plane over…………they all flush the lot down the Garuda dunny….

    They made their bed………….!

    They now get to lie in it………None are dead yet

    He could not take that risk…………….Lets face it he could never win whichever way he went….!

  20. There’s also the question of the AFP’s role in the sinking and sabotage of refugee boats, Keelty refused to answer John Faulkner’s questions on the matter.

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