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  1. It’s fortunate that economic indictors are so clear. We can rely on News to be up to date with what is going on.

    Housing market fine –,28323,25412757-14327,00.html

    Housing market is in decline –,28323,25425279-5013951,00.html

  2. Rudd Roots Reef

    INTRODUCTION of the Federal Government’s emissions trading scheme has been delayed until mid-2011, 12 months later than originally planned.

    Has Kevin Rudd just signed the death warrant for the Great Barrier Reef, and our economy? Take this recent Rudd rationalisation:

    Because the fact is if we do not begin reducing the nation’s levels of carbon pollution, Australia’s economy will face more frequent and severe droughts, less water, reduced food production and devastation of areas such as the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu wetlands.

    (And don’t even get me started on the smoking ruin we’re going to leave our children, and our childrens’ children.)


  3. From today’s Crikey:

    A closer look at the REIV data for the year ending 31 March 2009 poses a far more somber image than the recent data compiled by the RP Data-Rismark index last week.

    On a suburb-by-suburb basis, the effect of the first home owner’s grant is profound. Median property price in Craigieburn rose by 21.6%, Lalor by 15%, Westmeadows by almost 18% and Broadmeadows by 12.8%. All ‘affordable’ suburbs, which recorded a median price of around $300,000.

    By contrast, Melbourne’s upper-end housing suffered a drastic fall — Hawthorn East slumped by 36.7%, Albert Park was down 25.7%, Hampton fell 30% while Mentone witnessed a 32.7% drop in median prices for the year. While the sample size is questionable, these falls were not altogether indifferent to the scale of the equity market depreciation. So much for that old chestnut, ‘property never drops in value’.

    The message is: If you live in a ‘cheap’ house, then sell it now. If you live in a more expensive property, then hang on till the market improves.

    For the vast bulk of the population, the supposed, current value of the house is completely irrelevant to how they live.

  4. Tony, it’s called ‘political reality’ but don’t get too excited because there’s a political trap there for Turnbull. With the timeline extended as Turnbull wanted, what excuse can he now use to reject the legislation?

    Have the Coalition been wedged?

  5. Have the Coalition been wedged?

    Possibly, making a new leader inevitable. Thank God.

  6. Yes Nature 5. Those of us that reside in the leafy suburbs have lost a packet.

    Forced sales everywhere. Houses in some have fallen by the price of the average Melbourne house.

    It’s a disaster for the over extended wankers.

  7. “The message is: If you live in a ‘cheap’ house, then sell it now.”

    Is that really the message?

    If you live in a cheap house, aren’t you better off paying a low mortgage, rather than sell up everything and pay a high rent?

    Perhaps a better strategy would be to switch your mortgage repayments to “interest only” if they are financially strapped, until the market improves, rather than sell up everything, pay rent (dead money) and then be slapped with stamp duty, lawyers fees etc, all over again when they want to buy again…

  8. “Those of us that reside in the leafy suburbs have lost a packet..”

    Would that be Tom of “Toorak” Melbourne?


  9. What reb said at 2:56 pm, I agree with.

    The mortage payments on a cheap house are less than the rent on an average house.

    Unless there are reasons beyond your control that force you to sell, then why sell?

  10. “Those of us that reside in the leafy suburbs have lost a packet..”

    Reb, I think Tom was referring to the tree he lives in.

  11. I think the jury is still out on house prices. If Swan screws around with superannuation again I for one will be looking at real estate once again as it’s pretty much the only way to “negatively gear” a retirement plan short of getting too far into the ASX.

    And I don’t think I’ll be alone.

  12. As I’ve recommended previously, if you’re after real estate investment, you can’t go past the sunny shores of Lake Eyre.

    With the halt on the CRS, we’ll have sea levels increasing before you know it. It’s the time for clever investors to make the most of this policy u-turn.

    The lake will be full permanently, transforming the surrounding area into an oasis. Waterfront living at its best.

    Contact me at –

    Get in quick.

  13. Tom of Melbourne, on May 4th, 2009 at 3:41 pm Said:

    But do you also get a private jetty ?

  14. A set of cuttlery knives will seal the deal.

  15. In the same week that I hear on the ABC that house prices rose by 1.6% in the March quarter, I read on that they dropped by 2.6%.

    Somebody’s telling fibs.

    Tom, now tell me if you will how people like you have lost a packet. Have you sold your house recently? Did you first purchase that house about a year ago?

  16. “But do you also get a private jetty ?”

    Ye of little faith Walrus.

    As this recent picture confirms, the private jetty’s are not only complete, but are proving a hit with new investors showing off their luxuriously appointed motor launches in the sparkling marina.

  17. Miglo……………….I suppose this is you ya bloody disgustingly wasteful petrol head………………..Well is it ?,27574,25425860-421,00.html

  18. Not me Walrus. In these diificult economic times I buy property, not cars.

  19. Miglo – hoon, petrol head, Port Adelaide supporter, finally admits – “In these diificult economic times I buy property,”

    “Severe housing shortages allow slumlords to charge higher rents.”

    And he does it while us god fearing, hard working taxpayers are coughing up more and more to pay his unearned wages.

  20. Well that means I’m not a slumlord Tom. My properties are in middle-class areas. I buy good houses for a good reason, which is one I need not declare to you.

  21. Tony, on May 4th, 2009 at 2:42 pm Said:

    making a new leader inevitable. Thank God.

    new leader? But who’d be silly enough to sip from the poisoned chalice at this stage in the electoral cycle? Care to speculate? Minchin descend from the Senate? Robb? Avuncular Joe? Who?

    One thing’s for sure, the deity will not be held responsible. Lol.

    reb, on May 4th, 2009 at 2:56 pm Said:

    Perhaps a better strategy would be to …

    Indeed! I was trying to point out that the ‘obvious’ is, more often than not, simplistic nonsense.

    BTW scaper make it simply a set of knives and leave cuttlery (sic) to those who can actually spell the word cutlery . Lol.

  22. Nature 5,

    Your efforts to be an annoying prat are always resoundingly successful, but never more so than when you stoop to criticising others’ spelling and grammar.

  23. That’s what lite weight trolls do, Tony.

  24. Dam rite!

  25. I see the government was successful today in stimulating the stocks…or is that stox???

  26. Stokz.

  27. Tony I’m surprised that you haven’t noticed that this blog has lots of traditions, particularly for one so new.

    One of the traditions is that the Lord Mayor of Crapperville makes an absolute tool of himself just about each day, and others point this out.

  28. Tom,

    I’m a non-traditionalist.

  29. Whose these ‘others’, Tom?

    Me thinks you have been in the master’s wine cellar again.

    Does your master require that you wear a bow tie during your butler duties?

    I can picture it now…

  30. Everyone that screws up here gets hammered.

    Those that unashamedly make absolute tools of themselves here and on Blogocracy get hammered more often.

    That’s the reputation you get when you suggest that you’ll “sack the dregs before Christmas”

  31. “Stokz?”

    Don’t you mean Bo-stokz?

  32. I love how my boss gives me lots of advance warning on my work trips. I have just been asked to fly to Singapore on Thursday, to Mumbai on Sunday and then back via Singapore around the 24th May….a three week trip with two days warning.

    Oh well, I will hopefully be able to post some interesting threads from India.

  33. And of course joni, it being equal opportunity your partner can accompany you?

  34. No – he has to stay and study 😦

    And he starts a new job soon as a “Sandwich Artist”!

  35. Joni, one of my jobs included instore demonstrations for Marven Poultry and included travelling from Bendigo and through down to Sale in Vic. Chicken, cheese and bacon roasts which I had to cook at home and reheat instore and some old dear would come up and ask, Are these suitable for diabetics?

  36. *Cough* *Cough* *Ahem*

    A “sandwich artist??”

    Does that require three of you…?

  37. A correction to my post of yesterday at 4:15 pm.

    I had another listen to the ABC podcast, and it was only capital city properties that increased by 1.6% in the March 2009 quarter.

    In the March 2008 quarter they fell by 3%. That’s interesting IMO.

  38. LOL reb…. and Min, yeah – people do ask stoopid things…

    BTW Min, how is the little one?

  39. Speaking of Unions..

    I’m glad we don’t have waterfront disputes anymore.

    I’me expecting to take delivery of a small consignment of wine this weekend.

  40. I might even take a few friends out on the dinghy this weekend if the weather holds up.

  41. Failing that, I may just take the jet over to Fiji for the weekend to see how President Bananarama is getting on..

  42. Reb, as you know, I spend a time on the Riviera each year.

    You seem to have posted one of my holiday snaps from last year.

  43. Reb, who needs unions to unload the shipment of wine when I will freely make myself available.

    When do I start?

  44. Tom has 2 dinghies, and a private jetty.

  45. Tom’s two dinghies – LOL!!

    Migs, I think we ought to have a day of sampling before we start unloading, or at least supervising, the unloading of the shipment.

    Just to make sure the quality hasn’t been tarnished during the voyage…

  46. Tom also has a luxuriously appointed private jet, specially designed for international long haul flights.

  47. Go to the Riviera every year?

    The master of the house sure looks after his butler.

    I reckon Tom is on the laptop in the larder again.

  48. Some more very important lessons of life from the Mayor, all learnt via the TV!

    Next we will have him suggesting that he is aware of a portable device that can change the weather. He’s seen it!

    No Lord Mayor, that was on Batman.

  49. I’ve just realised that iif you rearrange the letters to scaper’s name you (almost) end up with “crapper”.

    Maybe there was a premonition in there somewhere.

    Your surname’s not Acropolis is it scaper…?

  50. You intrigue me , Tom.

    The only input here by you is pathetic insults and union bashing.

    I think you pretend to be something you are not.

  51. Reb, I am thinking of changing my last name to Tom…seems logical.

  52. “The only input here by you is pathetic insults and union bashing”

    Not quite entirely true Scaper. Tom’s been known to recommend the odd good restaurant…

  53. Reb – “I’ve just realised that iif you rearrange the letters to scaper’s name you (almost) end up with “crapper”.”

    Well you don’t say?!!

    I don’t suppose you’d imagine there was some intelligent thinking behind the suggestion?

  54. The master of the house most probably frequents fine restaurants and brings the matchbooks home for the butler’s collection…lol!

  55. “The only input here by you is pathetic insults and union bashing.”

    Possibly, but the term “pathetic” is entirely subjective.

    Unlike you, I just stick to the subject I know something about.

  56. Wow, moved from the larder to the wine cellar for a quick quaff and is now full of insults.

    It must be time to take the lady of the house’s dogs for a walk…don’t forget the plastic bag.

  57. Are you in the Butlers Union, Tom???

  58. Change of subject…

    RBA leaves interest rates on hold at 3%..

    No surprises really…

  59. Who cares, the banks are not passing the full rate cuts anyway.

    When the rate actually rise the banks will lift their rate by the full percentage on borrowings and there is nothing the people or the government can do about it!

  60. True Scaper, true.

    Can the Govt not legislate and “force” the Banks to pass on the rate cuts?

  61. Reb, it would be the way to go, one would think.

    To tell you the truth, I have no faith in most legislation of importance getting through at the moment, the government is pig headed, sloppy and too poll driven and the opposition just seems to oppose everything to justify their existence.

  62. So tell me, did you “sack the dregs before Christmas”?

  63. I did not sack the two dregs a few years ago.

    One did a runner on his wife and kids after getting a pay advance and the other one just never turned up for work.

  64. So when you made the long post about the “need for a recession to teach the young about hardship etc” and that you intended to “sack the dregs before Christmas”, you were just posting BS?

  65. Yes, I did write that in October and I stand by the recession comment.

  66. Can the Govt not legislate and “force” the Banks to pass on the rate cuts?

    reb, on May 5th, 2009 at 3:35 pm Said:

    No it cannot……………..but it could change via APRA all the banks’ Tier One capital requirements (increasing share capital issued) which would make the banks safer by punishing the banks shareholders………………..Oh Boy would they be pissed off seeing their share price fall

    I’d do it ………………………..but I’m somewhat of a real vindictive little prick.(same mould as Keating ……….says Mrs Walrus)

    Pity we dont have a few like me in Parliament though

  67. Warning to the over-sensitive: The following links to Andrew Bolt, who appears to be the source of this story, after being contacted by those in question.

    Bishop, Andrews challenge Turnbull

  68. “Yes, I did write that in October and I stand by the recession comment.”

    You’ve been writing that type of BS long before October, and because of it you might as well get used to the commentary from me.

    Anyone who thinks young people deserve to be put through the hardship of unemployment caused a recession or that parents should have to worry about their ability to look after their children, is stupid, misinformed and ignorant.

    Recessions destroy families, businesses, jobs, individuals.

    Compound that with your vision…

    The complete nonsense from you is hilarious.

    You’re welcome to c continue to teach me all those valuable lessons you learn from the TV.

  69. Just when things are bad for the government the Liberal party goes back into canabalism.

  70. the little one. You mean the one that is yet to turn 5 months old and is already attempting crawl, can bear own weight, can grasp objects with both hands and can recall words attempting to mimic them and who never stops smiling. Obviously an exceptionally talented and intelligent child and this is combined with an endearing personality. Now as for looks..apart from the huge brown eyes..

  71. Do you really believe that recessions destroy families and the like?

    Oh I see…there is always something that is to be blamed for peoples inadequacies so they don’t take the responsibility for their own actions.

    I suppose there is none of these problems during economic good times.

    Your very shallow thinking has risen above the surface…quite sad, actually.

  72. Ah ha, the thick plottens. We start off with a Milne article about ‘dead wood’ and I’ll raise ya an article by Bolt. Bolt’s article therefore gives some credence to Milne’s article just by the fact that B.Bishop and Andrews have bothered to retaliate. If they hadn’t then Milne’s article would have been consigned to just another rumour.

  73. The idea that recessions provide valuable learning experience is stupid.

    It has nothing to do with whether people take responsibility for their own actions. A recession means the economy is shrinking, that there are fewer jobs, industrial plants close. People become unemployed. The sentiment of the population is miserable, they lack confidence in the future.

    People face hardship that they have no control over, and which they are certainly not responsible for.

    And your rationale about a recession is – “there is always something that is to be blamed for peoples inadequacies so they don’t take the responsibility for their own actions”

    You’re still a blow hard. Worthy of being Mayor of Crapperville.

  74. Recessions are an economic fact of life and hardship is the result for people who over committed themselves to debt or did not spirit some funds away to see them through.

    That is the lesson that needs to be learnt, some people learn from other peoples experience, some people only learn from their experience.

    Judging by your shrill attacks on me I must be getting under your skin.

  75. Thanks for the link Tony,

    I donned the garlic necklace with crucifix in hand and headed over to Bolt’s blog…

    Laughed? I nearly died when I read that “Crazy Eyes” had issued Talculm with an ultimatum to “ship up”.

    How funny…

    They really should make a comedy series out of the Liberal Party – “Fawlty Powers” or something like that.

  76. Rebsie, it’s Bronwyn not Julie. Now if it had been Julie challenging Turnbull with an ultimatum then it would have been REALLLLLY interesting, but sadly it’s just Bron.

  77. Reb, I think it’s Bronwyn Bishop he’s talking about, rather than Julie.

  78. Oops, beat me to it Min.

  79. Only by a split second Tony 🙂

  80. Under my skin? Scarcely. That’s a joke.

    “hardship is the result for people who over committed themselves to debt or did not spirit some funds away to see them through.”

    Yeah, all those 20 year olds that have been paying their way through tertiary education should have put some of their part time work money away until they need it – you know some them earn $14/hr at McDonalds! What on earth would they do with all that money?

    The factory worker with a child should have put some of his cash away, rather than spending it on feeding his family. He probably takes home $500 a week. How does he manage to spend all that money EVERY SINGLE week?

    Probably the “dregs” according to you.

    Blow hard.

  81. Tom and scaper………………………………….Hehehehehehehehehehe…!

    Priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Could we have 2 more dedicated threads please…..

    a) A Sparta/Lothason Torture Thread………To spare us the pain

    b) A Tom and Jerry, whoops I meant scaper, Thread

    Just for the pure fun of it……..!

  82. Nice bit of imaginary cherry picking there, Tom.

    I see that you infer that I call workers ‘dregs’, that’s pretty rich coming from a union basher!

    If you care to look out your master’s window there is a recession out there and there is nothing you can do to alter that fact.

    True, there is people out there that will suffer for no fault of their own, but that will always occur and that does not mean that they will not learn from this.

    Now I know that I’m getting under your skin.

  83. Walrus, I’m enjoying this!

  84. “imaginary cherry picking”

    Of course.

    In your circle of friends and acquaintances the idea of obtaining a tertiary education is entirely foreign. Vocational success is defined more along the lines of when someone can both prune and lay a meter of paving stones.

    The notion of working in a factory is also unusual to you. I mean, you can’t just knock off and go to the pub when you want!

    Imagine a recession causing hardship for people? The Mayor would say “the dregs deserve it”

  85. Tom, now you resort to knocking my friends that you don’t even know…an act of desperation.

    I’m quite happy with my station in life…are you???

  86. Then we’ll leave your acquaintances out.

    No doubt you would define success as the ability to pave, prune and dodge tax.

  87. True, there is people out there that will suffer for no fault of their own, but that will always occur and that does not mean that they will not learn from this.

    And what is this great lesson in life that people (whose suffering is no fault of their own), must learn?

  88. It looks like the Taliban will soon control Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal.


    I would not want to be travelling to India at the moment. The whole place is likely to be at least half toasted.

    No one here going to India ?

    Is there…………………………….?

    reb…………………… anyone off to India soon that you know of………..?

    If I was working for a Company and someone offered me a trip to India I’d be sending one of my staff………….I certainly would not go.

    Yeh…………I’d send one of the shit kickers below me.

  89. IATW

    Thanks for making me feel really comfortable with my trip to Mumbai….


  90. Oh…………………..are you going to India joni ?


  91. Actually, I was thinking of going to India…

    Joni, do you want me to go in your place?

    (I like living on “the edge”)

    Although yesterday, I made a most out of character ID 10 T error.

    The IT guys sent around an email – “when you log on this morning please enter “Company space user name” in the User ID Field.

    So I copied and pasted “Company space user name” and pasted it in the User ID Field and then complained that “it didn’t work”

    Fortunately, the IT guy that came to my assistance agreed to keep my gross stupidity between ourselves (I think it may me cost me a slab of beer further down the track). Maybe I should plant some porn on his PC just to make sure he keeps quiet…

  92. How hilarious. Employees of the Health Services Union have hired lawyers to try to get them paid. The UNION is not paying them!

    The Federal Branch has frozen the bank accounts!!

    Perhaps they if they got a real job…

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