It’s all Pooh Flooh


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  1. I object to that picture joni, it encourages people to go without pants and fosters distruct between races …
    Please put an aussie flag around Pooh’s nether regions.

  2. hmmm. distruct = distrust (although it could be freudian)

  3. I demand that you pull it off immediately..

    Seriously, this is really offensive.

  4. oh this could be fun … playing with joni’s fear of conflict 😈

  5. We should not be making fun of a disease that threatens the entire population of the planet.

    You need to take it seriously………all of you.

    It’s a pity our governments find it impossible to provide even the most basic of services.

    Last night I tried to call the Pig Flu Hotline but all I could get was…………………………crackling

  6. If I was wearing pants I would make a mess in them, and fling the results at you all.

  7. are you talking about pooh, joni?

  8. “it encourages people to go without pants”

    …but everyone who is anyone is going without their pants. As evidence I cite Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Britney et al.

    Does that mean Pooh is trash?

  9. Pig (pancho) and Pooh (pedro) at Buller? This is serious (sh*te).

  10. Huh,

    Does that mean Pooh is trash?


    Next thing we know is that Pooh will be on the front cover of New Weekly etc either battling an eating disorder or asserting that ‘I’m not fat, I’m sexy!’ (yeah whatever, love handles!).

  11. “all I could get was…………………………crackling”


  12. Classic Walrus,

    Got anymore?

  13. baught a two cabin boat today and am in a great mood 28 foot twin motors. i know your all proud of me.

    I also got new diving gear.

    Yes Min, dads back with my bag full off goodies.
    My father stole my money and when overseas, i had a hard time talking about it and dealing with life in general. again i know your all happy for me.

  14. It’s in Hong Kong, apparently. Someone with the flu came in on an overseas flight, stayed at a 5 star hotel and has headed into China. Pub and guests have been quarantined. Our informant doesn’t know if the Chinese have caught the infected person.

    We’re reckon it’s most probably right, as the person who told us has lots of contacts in Hong Kong and does lots of business there and in China.

    Re Pooh Bear, maybe he’s just taking precautions against the dreaded Nadja plague.

  15. Chinese isolation: A bullet in the back of the head followed by a quick burial.

    I reckon Farmer Hoggett has already planted Babe, just to be on the safe side.

  16. Q. What will Winnie the Pooh be when he dies?

    A. A dead shit.

  17. It’s all part of a plot apparently

    “What better way to sneak a virus into this country than to give it to Mexicans?…Get it going real good and hot south of the border, then just spread a rumor that there’s construction jobs available.”

    — radio host Neal Boortz

    Right! But wait, there’s more ‘evidence’:

    “Make no mistake about it. Illegal aliens are carriers of the new strain of human swine avian flu from Mexico… Could this be a terrorist attack…?”

    — radio host Michael Savage

    Only in America? Or maybe those people arriving in boats from . wherever .. are also part of the plot?

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