The Five Most Loathed Dead Australians.


Take your pick…


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  1. Reb, not funny. I would prefer it if you removed it please.

  2. Nope can’t name but one. When you’re dead, then you’re dead and have lost your loathe value. A couple of baddies come to mind such as Hitler but fortunately Australia seems to have missed out on those loathed after they’re dead..disliked, hated yes but no one of Hitler’s status.

  3. “but no one of Hitler’s status”

    Stalin stands out easily enough………..

  4. Yea, I hadn’t noticed the jab but hardly a suprise here…What no Mohammed? Of course not……….

  5. James:

    Reb, not funny. I would prefer it if you removed it please

    Um, why..?

    Is five not enough?

  6. Jo Bjelke Petersen – he was from Queensland, but born in New Zealand. That’s reason enough.
    Albert Fields – he was from Queensland too.
    Christopher Skase – I think he lived in Queensland.
    John Kerr – he was from Sydney, NSW.
    Russ Hinze – he lived in Queensland

  7. Skase would have to make the list – in fact he’s the only definite I can think of …

    John Kerr possibly (to those on the left in particular) and Sir Garfield Barwick lost a lot of respect from the legal fraternity for his advice to Kerr on the dismisssal.

    Not sure if Pratt would qualify – even those who dislike him for his corporate shenanigans generally accept that he did a lot of good as well – you can’t say that about Skase.

  8. Stalin too of course Sparta eg the forced famine in the Ukraine and Pol Pot, but no Australians. Plus the pertetrators of the Spanish Inquision.

  9. You know why, Reb, it’s a deliberate insult, and I, for one, despite not being particularly religious, am insulted. I mean it.

  10. Tom..Jeff Kennett for that bug-ugly edifice on the way back from Tulla. At last visit, painted slime yellow. Whoopsie, he’s living, however still worth a mention.

  11. Tom

    Not sure I agree with Jo and Russ being on the list (although I did contemplate them and they wopuld be on my personal list). They weren’t liked but I’m not sure about despised – most Qlders (the ones who should despise them) even look at the old buggers with a kind of fondness ‘yeah, they were crooked and no idea but they did OK and Russ’s grandaughter is HOT’.

    Given the list is for the most despised, it isn’t a personal list but a Aus wide sort of one. Now if Keating or Whitlam were dead, I’m sure they would make the list (although not my personal one).

  12. Min, last time I noticed Kennet was still upright, not yet dead.

    There are 2 criteria to make this list and he does not qualify on the grounds that he does not meet one of them.

  13. On balance, any list should include Bob Collins.

  14. reb,

    I agree with James, the picture should be removed – he isn’t an Aussie and there are people who contest he isn’t actually dead.

  15. Perfectly said Dave. Another vote here for off-loading the pic.

  16. I also agree with James reb. As we all seem to agree on Christopher Skase maybe a pic of him would be more appropriate.

  17. We’d all agree to use this photo to illustrate the point?

  18. I bet they get heaps of orders for that pic Tom. One wonders why they would bother offering it for sale …

  19. I didn’t know Jesus was Australian…?

  20. Nice work reb, I like it, but the picture needs to be inverted.

  21. I nominate the well known and notorius cop killer…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    Ned Kelly !

  22. Sir Henry Bolte anyone ……………?

    Sir Robert Askin……………………..! Definitely

    Bob Trimbole……………….! Definitely

    Barlow and Chambers…………….! Definitely

  23. I dunno, I don’t think that I loathe anyone who is dead.

  24. James:

    it’s a deliberate insult, and I, for one, despite not being particularly religious, am insulted. I mean it.

    Okay, fair enough…. I’ve changed the picture…

  25. I agree with Tom – Christopher Skase (just because he’s from Queensland. As well as:

    2. Steve Irwin
    3. Bindi Irwin (it’s just a matter of time)
    4. Stam Zemanek
    5. Philip Ruddock (let’s face it, he’s clinically dead)

  26. Robert Holmes a Court was a nasty piece of work by all accounts. I did not like him. I actually smiled when I heard he had died.

    There are other who are nastier but they are still with us. Like a circling vulture I await their demise, probably for no other purpose than to hear the truth about them.

    Jo Bjelke Petersen’s death was rejoiced in many parts of Australia, particulary within Indigenous communities. His policies may have stopped at the Qld border, but his disgusting treatment of Aborigines blanketed the whole country.

    Kerry Packer was also an asshole in the opinion of some. After his heart attacked in the early 90s he donated $10,000 to St Johns. They had, after all, saved his life. Within weeks he was tipping casino staff $60,000.

    John Kerr deserves to rot in hell, but I’m not sure if he was an Australian. What he did was definitely un-Australian.

    I was never against Christopher Skase, but more against the financial institutions that allowed him to get into all his trouble on the strength of secured gurantees only. They were stupid.

  27. Walrus,

    Trimbole was a scape goat (although clearly pretty dodgy), surely his bosses would be more despised (even though we don’t know who they are).

    Roger Rogerson?

    Barlow and Chambers were idiots but I’m not sure we despise them any more than we despise the Bali 9 or Schapelle. (Still remember the old joke though – where do Barlow and Chambers go to for their holidays – Noosa Heads).


    Zemanek is a good one. Not much to like there.

    What about Peter Andre? (his career is dead!)

  28. Missed the image. Given we’ve got Jesus nailed to a cross wearing the aussie flag (and the insult seemed to be religious in meaning) – what did I miss.

    Religious intolerance and religion-based “over-sensitivity” are things I like to mull over.

    Reb – mind sending me the image so I can at least be on the same page as the rest of us?

  29. lol @ Jesus wearing an Australian flag as a nappy!

    That appeals to me in many ways; multiple violations of sacred cows.

    Still needs to be inverted though, maybe also try working Mohammed & George Washington into the background.

    Naughty reb.

    Totally agree about Zemanek also.

  30. Miglo,

    Skase running away was what made me despise him. Good points about Jo.

    Disagree about KP though. He was undoubtadly a hard bastard but he did bring us 1 day cricket. He also donated more than $10K to the ambulances – according to wiki, he contribted 50% of the cost of outfitting every ambulance in NSW with a defribulator. He should be despised for inflicting us with James though.

  31. reb, what is that nailed above his head? Is it a DNR sign?

  32. On the subject of loathed dead Aussies – I personally can’t think of any.

    Two reasons really. Firstly, I find it hard to “loathe” anyone in general. Even with my intense distaste of the previous government, I only get to “disliking” Howard & his cronies.

    Secondly, for me, once a person dies – that’s the end of them as far as strong emotion is concerned. I can be strongly affected by their death and may miss them alot to start with, but as time goes on – the simple fact they no longer affect my life dulls any emotional attachement I might have had. Obviously this is different with family, but I don’t loathe any of them (as annoying as one or two might be).

  33. Reb..just add a Ned Kelly helmet and you have it. Not that we your loyal servants of Blogos would ever dream of telling you what to do 😉

  34. reb,

    Just do what Min says OK!

  35. Askin – agree
    Bolte – he was a traditional conservative, but didn’t quite have the overpowering stench of corruption that went with Askin.

    How could anyone loath Henry Bolte? As Wikipedia points out – “His populist attacks on the trade unions, intellectuals, protesters and the press won him a large following.”

    Rex Jackson amply meets the corruption criteria, but I don’t know that he is dead yet.

    Stan Zemanek – he was a buffoon, nothing to loath about them!

  36. That’s pretty disappointing, Reb. I’m asking you politely, for a third time now, to please remove that picture.

  37. Dave, maybe I just hate tax dodgers, and KP was the grand daddy of them all.

    James, there are many offensive images on the net. Just turn away if any of them offend you.

  38. With regard to the photo, I’m willing to register my approval.

    It isn’t Easter, so there is no specific need for cultural and religious sensitivity. I probably wouldn’t approve if Reb put up the photo over Easter or Christmas.

    The topic itself is poor taste, even though I suggested it.

    I think one of the strengths of this blog is that it provides an outlet for poor taste.

    Miglo is proof.

  39. Miglo might be proof, but reb and I are the poof in the pudding.

  40. Just me, but I think that James is more important than a dumb thread (Tom has agreed..wave, wave). Put a helmet on JC and you have it.

  41. I think one of the strengths of this blog is that it provides an outlet for poor taste.

    Hence your constant dribble.

  42. Tom..ummm, religious and cultural sensitivities should extend to only public holidays??

  43. I don’t loathe any of the dead Australians.

    This would be a suitable replacement for the picture at the top…I thought Jebus Croupe was black.

  44. That’s a much better pic scaps. Well done.

  45. Just to be fair.

    And eighteen months later…

  46. Sadly not good enough reb…the pic requires a Ned Kelly helmet to get rid of those haunting eyes.

  47. Min & Dave,

    I tried the Ned Kelly helmet but it didn’t quite work..

    So I’ve added an “epitaph” instead.

  48. Min – During religious and cultural events/celebrations I think it is inappropriate to hector & wind up the devotees. Just allow them to celebrate/respect the event without need for justification or distraction.

    Other times, I don’t have a problem with disrespect, teasing, hectoring

    Miglo “Hence your constant dribble. “

    It isn’t a dribble, it’s a gushing torrent.

  49. Fair enough reb..probably the wrong angle so that it would have looked skew-whiff…what about a sleeping mask?

  50. I just hope we don’t lose James.

    Agree or disagree with him it is great to have him here.

  51. Sunglasses Min..?

  52. min,

    Or a hospital mask – wouldn’t want him getting swine flu …


    DNR ( “do not rescuscitate”) is (if I may say so myself) much wittier – Damn, exposure to Tom’s posts must be rubbing off.

  53. That would be fine reb.

    Another thought is, toss the whole thread. What about the 5 worst business names, or would that cause problems? Maybe worded the 5 most spectacular business names??

  54. Min

    5 funniest (or worst) band names? It was run by 1233 Newcastle ABC here this week. Best (or worst) I heard was “the Pork Hunts”.

  55. Ben,

    The original image had Jesus wearing his normal terry toweling loin cloth (rather than the Australian flag).

    Oh and he wasn’t wearing Ray Ban’s either…

  56. “DNR”

    I like it Dave…

    Maybe I should get one of those tats myself..

    (a removable one just in case I change my mind at the last minute)….

  57.’ve got to do something with that hair..surely you can come up with something a little more trendy. This pic is sooo ’80’s.

  58. Dave55..and in Newcastle you say?

  59. I don’t think James should be overly offended by this photo.

    I think he should see the image as symbolic. The thread is about the posthumous crucifixion of some loathed Australians.

    Nothing to do with Jesus or religion.

  60. Min,

    I think it was a band in the early 90s — I’d never heard of them but then again, I’m not sure they’d get a lot of air play with a name like that – too many complaints by wowsers.

  61. If the complaint is about the current image and/or things like it – I think James is being overly sensitive.

    The image is not terribly offensive unless you are on the same fanaticism level as those that threatened jihad against the Danish cartoonists. Poor taste maybe (I could care less, but I’m not known for my classy humour) but taking offence to the level James seems has is a little too much.

    The simple solution is for him to simply avoid this thread 🙂

  62. That’s fine ben, but have you listed your 5 dead Australians?

    Please stick to the topic.

  63. I don’t deliberately set out to offend people – it just seems to come naturally.
    Where’s kamahl when you need him? Actually I’d add kamahl to the list.

  64. This is a good place to start, but regrettably not all are dead.

  65. Tom of Melbourne, on April 30th, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Great link Tom. It shows a very high conviction rate for politicians in Queensland who engage in criminal activity as opposed to other States where turning a blind eye seems to be the norm. Lol.

  66. Nugan


    Charlie Court

    Stan Zemanek

    Ex President Cheney (an honourary strayan these days, eh Sparta, who leads the living dead contingent)

  67. Let’s add:

    (it’s just a matter of time)…

    1. Sam Newman
    2. Kevin Sheedy
    3. Danni Minogue
    4. Anyone who hosts Australia’s Funniest Home Videos
    5. Will Anderson

  68. Well, if you want to make it: ‘Who would you not miss if they were dead”, then my no-brainer is Bob Brown.

    Oh, and Tara Brown. (Are they related?)

  69. Tony, how about Terry Wallace?

  70. Yeah, I wouldn’t miss him either, although he has a temporary reprieve after last week.

  71. Can I just add Pru Howard, oops, Goward to my non-existent list of people who are alive that I cannot stand, even though she is alive? Her school-teacher holier than thou attitude on Qanda is just appalling.

  72. Feel free to add whoever you like joni. We welcome all contributions.

  73. Bon Scott. He (still) owes me money. (I’m prepared to forgive, not forget).

  74. Only joking Bon.

  75. joni, on April 30th, 2009 at 10:05 pm Said:

    Pru ought to be encouraged. The more appearances on national TV the better!

  76. N5

    What – as a negative for her party?

  77. Well I’ll call your Pru Goward and raise a Maxine McKew. Did you see her dancing on election night?

    Middle aged women shouldn’t do that, better to leave it to teenagers.

  78. Tom


  79. Maybe we need our own weekly Qanda thread?

  80. joni, on April 30th, 2009 at 10:17 pm Said:

    What – as a negative for her party?

    Of course! And BTW I think Barnaby is doing a very good impersonation of TOSY re climate change. Lol.

  81. Tom, you haven’t named any unionists. Maybe you don’t dislike them enough.

  82. I liked the idea of Maxine dancing on election night. She was, afterall, dancing on Howard’s poltical grave.

    I think that a lot of people were dancing that night for the very same reason.

  83. If Garret says “at this point in time this government is committed too…” one more time I will wander down Harris St (I am at the other end) and will slap him myself!

  84. Now have more time for Garrett’s political skills. Didn’t f$ck up.

    As for Barnaby. he is really thick even though he is a fairly good politician.

  85. I like Barnaby – at least he says what he feels.

  86. I wish my boss would drop off the perch.

  87. Don’t you just hate it when you bump into somebody you haven’t seen for a while and you ask “How’s hubby?” and they reply that he’s dead?

  88. joni, on April 30th, 2009 at 10:33 pm Said:

    at least he says what he feels.

    Indeed he does. He is Pauline Hanson in drag.

  89. Belinda Emett

  90. Just for trying to sing of course

  91. Miglo – “Tom, you haven’t named any unionists. Maybe you don’t dislike them enough.”

    Most aren’t dead enough to qualify.

    But OK then, Norm Gallagher.

    I’m not listing Laurie Short.

  92. Here’s one for you Tom: Clarrie O’Shea.

    The stuff hit the fan big time about 40 years ago and just about every union member in the country went on strike in support of Clarrie O’Shea, who, incidentally, had been jailed by that person now rotting in hell, John Kerr.

    PM McMahon gave an address to the nation threatenning to abolish all unions. I heard my dad mutter “and about time too”. As a lad who knew nothing, I agreed with him.

    I’ve wised up since then.

  93. General Blamey was a bod passionately hated by diggers who served in New Guinea. First he tells them that they have to wear brown uniforms in a green jungle (making them excellent targets), and then he says that they ran away from battles like rabbits.

    My father hated him so much.

  94. No Miglo, I didn’t refer to Clarrie O’Shea, even though he is dead.

    I probably should have, his action represented civil disobedience. He thumbed his nose at authority and the rule of law. He deserves to be condemned, and the few days he spent in Pentridge were entirely insufficient.

    He’d still be there if I’d had my way.

    The strike that followed his gaoling was typical union irresponsibility, bringing the nation to its knees, as it did.

  95. reb

    Thank you very much. Moving on. 🙂

  96. In the absence of those that are off sooking and in the spirit of continuing to get everyone off side, I’ll offer this as a start for the Friday AFL preview…

    It’s been a big week on football.

    Hawthorn President Jeff Kennett has taken on the AFL administration/warlords over umpires.

    What a dilemma!! Who to barrack for?

    I’m supporting a nil all draw with lots of injuries. Kennett with concussion, Demitriou taking a tongue lashing.

    The former President of Carlton and consumer rip of and price fixing (that’s part of the selection criteria to become Carlton president) has passed on. Carlton used to win for Sir Robert Menzies, for Malcolm Fraser, for John Elliott. They cheated to win a flag in 1995, so expect a big game from them in honour of Dick Pratt.

    And fittingly Carlton play Hawthorn. On balance, the characters that hang around Carlton are shadier than those at Hawthorn and Kennett remains non dead. Carlton to cause an upset.

    Collingwood vs North Melbourne. Collingwood are pathetic losers, their president is a sook. Apparently he isn’t rich enough to be crooked. Loser. North to win.

    West Coast Vs Fremantle. Who cares? Since the various drug busts and suppression of bikies, the Eagles seem to have lost their way. Fremantle to cause an upset.

    Brisbane vs Essendon. I note that the Brisbane lads have put in a big week under the sun lamps. They’re very browned up. Essendon are pale, they don’t have a chance.

    Port vs Adelaide, ie Men on Remand vs Weak Jokers. Once again, the impartial observer would hope for a nil all draw with serious injuries throughout the game, both sides to finish with 12 players and call it off at three quarter time. Port are well to receiving and us physical punishment, they should win.

    Sydney vs Richmond. We can only hope that Sydney have a narrow win, after a very dubious free kick after the siren to cause more excruciating pain for all their supporters and coach.

    Melbourne vs Geelong. Melbourne are weak losers. I’d like to know who Geelong’s pharmacist is. I want what they take. Geelong to win.

    Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda. A game late on Sunday, which will suit St Kilda, they’ll be able to sleep in after a late night on the piss at the social club. The Bulldogs are hopeless, perennial losers. Being a traditionalist, that should continue. Saints to win.

    Kind regards to all


    Kamahloderator: I’ve transposed this into it’s own thread…. hope that is OK.

  97. freedom of speech, thats funny.

    the subject is about five dead australians, so if you had it in you you’d save it for a religiuos blog. because it was about five dead whatevers james entered a room he otherwise might not have entered.

    freedom to be a boofhead at its best under the guise of freedom.

  98. all i saw was author against author. Thats f”ked

  99. Min waves to aqua..

    On the topic of 5 loathed dead Australians try Telstra and Qantas, which inclues Jetstar.

  100. Can we add Nikki Webster to the list too.

  101. If we’re adding Nikki Webster can I add the entire cast of Neighbours, past & present?

    It seems only fair.

  102. Yes Migs, Blamey was a tosser of the first order, but then what do you expect of a corrupt ex-Copper? When he made that speech to the troops after the Kokoda campaign accusing them of cowardice, it’s a wonder someone didn’t frag the fat old fu*ker.

    And for those prepared to defend Henry Bolte, let me just remind you that he was the guy who insisted on hanging Ronald Ryan in order to win a Law ‘n Ordah election.

    My list for the five most reviled dead Australians, however, is:

    1. John Kerr (Drunken traitor).
    2. Chris Skase (Complete thief and weasel)
    3. Robert Askin (Sanctimonious corrupt prick)
    4. Billy Hughes (Puffed-up crooked little Bantam)
    5. Joh (Lying hypocritical bastard)

    When Alan Bond eventually snuffs-it, he’ll be knocking Joh off the list for the fifth spot.

  103. Evan – “Robert Askin”

    Robin Askin

  104. Evan, add that sleazy f@cker, McArthur to the Blamey shirt tails. He was equally scathing of the Australian effort on the Kokoda trail and elsewhere.

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