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Is it true that the reason Belinda Neal wore the mask is because the waiters in Mexico City do know who she is?

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  1. Belinda Neal:
    I know Rudd wanted to gag me but this is ridiculous!

  2. ” To keep in the S**T coming from my mouth”

  3. “Do you know who I am?!”

    Unfortunately, even with the mask, we still do…

  4. My husband, John Della Bosca, has me wear one of these, and a paper bag in bed.

  5. Tom

    LOL, on what part of the body does he make her wear the paper bag ?

  6. It isn’t lipstick on a pig if you can’t see it!

  7. “We were just about to say something about Catholocism and then these were slapped on us”

  8. There’s only way to defeat this flu…we will breed it out of the swine with Australia’s number one sow!

  9. Hey fellas, I’ve got an idea. If we each wear one of these then they’ll never be able to tell us apart…nor our policies.

  10. “Hey – I look like Warrick Capper in this mask!”

  11. The scrum…guess who is the hooker?

    That person disgusts me and the sooner she is voted out, the better.

  12. Michael Jackson fans found hiding in Mexico; WHO declares it a pandemic!

  13. Moe: Hey, Joe, how can you tell when a politician is lying?
    Joe: Their lips are moving.
    Moe: And if they’ve hidden their lips?
    Joe: They’re definitely lying and trying to hide it.

  14. Brilliant Dave and Legion!!

  15. Which one is Belinda Neal by the way?

  16. Stephan, she’s the one that joni thinks looks like Warwick Capper.

  17. Joni or Reb

    Since Rudd won the 2007 Elections I have been pursuing his party into righting the wrongs of Howard and the Conservative Party misdemeanors, on the 30/4/09 I received a letter from my local Federal Representative, in which it leaves me somewhat dumbfounded, I want to send these letters to you via email but I do not have an email address, so I would appreciate it if you could send one to the above email address
    regards Crowey of Queensland.

  18. there is an email up the top right of the page

  19. Arthur L J Crowe

    The email address is at the top right hand corner, just reduce it to standard form.

    I would like your permission to view these letters as I have an interesting collection ready for the next election!

    I’ve got a beauty from the Bligh government that I will be giving to the ‘Save the Mary River’ group at the appropriate time concerning the proposed dam!

  20. No sabes quién soy?

  21. Strewth Belinda lay off the garlic prawns will ya ?!

  22. Suggested caption: “Ok, who farted?”

  23. Do you think the cashier recognised us?

  24. Re the bloke on the right. Don’t these things come in Big Men’s sizes?

  25. Who farted?

  26. How else can I prevent CNN from showing Americans that my boys have taken to wearing lipstick?

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