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Is it true that the reason Belinda Neal wore the mask is because the waiters in Mexico City do know who she is?

Now that’s a birthday present!

Not happy now with what the boyf got me for my birthday 😦

A US woman has written a book about the unusual gift she gave her husband for his 40th birthday – 365 nights of sex.

(and yes I am trying to lighten up the blog this afternoon)

Call me precious

I was raised a Catholic, went to a Catholic school, and am from one of the most prominent Catholic families in this country. I ceased practising Catholicism for a number of reasons. Selfishly, I put my social life first, but probably more importantly, I experienced a growing distaste for the witnessing of the politics of a church community. Increasingly it seemed to me that those who placed themselves in the front pews at Mass, or in positions of authority in church committees, were those least likely to practise the most basic of church teaching in everyday life. That most basic teaching is respect and tolerance for all, including those different from yourself. Now, however that message has been hijacked over the years by many groups, including some Catholics, and Catholic leaders, it remains the single most fundamental teaching of Jesus Christ, and as far as I am concerned, if the world did the simple act of revisiting that message and living by it, we’d have world peace and all of the benefits that go with it.

That message, and the bloke who delivered it, and regardless of whether you believe in the miracles and all the rest of it and I share reservations about those, simply do not deserve to be insulted and mocked. We claim this new found tolerance for women, other races, other sexualities etc but this bloke was saying all of that 2000 years ago. And for that he was crucified. That’s a matter of historical fact, not one of belief.

How any person in this blog can preach tolerance, equality, justice for all, human rights, peace or any of those niceties whilst allowing by open encouragement, silence, or only very muffled protest, the continued posting followed by the ongoing defiling of that image, having been alerted to its offensive nature by at least one blog member, three times, is breathtakingly hypocritical.

Ladies and Gents, it’s been fun.

The Five Most Loathed Dead Australians.


Take your pick…

Super, just super

I am not sure if it was mentioned yesterday, but it looks like the federal government is thinking about a ban on financial advisers charging commission on the 9% compulsory super contributions.

The Superannuation Minister, Nick Sherry, was forced to bring forward the announcement after the Herald yesterday revealed one option being favoured by senior ministers was a ban on financial advisers charging commissions in relation to the compulsory 9 per cent super guarantee.

They say that the over $14 billion in fees are generated from super commissions.  

I know that some on here are experienced in this area, but in my opinion this can only be a good thing. And in the current financial climate, a move in this direction would be well recieved received by the public.