Midweek Mayhem – Miglo Takes a Stand.


Good afternoon and welcome to Midweek Mayhem.

Our middle of the week retreat, where anyone and everyone that’s a bit flustered with all the discussion about torture, electricity, and pig flu, can seek some respite.

Now you may be wondering about this week’s title. It’s been inspired by this little genuine newspaper clipping that was sent to me the other day, by a fellow creative type (see below).

Aside from that, I’d like to mention prescription medication. There’s a lot of it around these days, and frankly I’m grateful.

Today, I had to front up to a very important meeting and found that I handled it with a significant degree of comfort, confidence and a certain suave laissez faire attitude all thanks to 5 milligrams of valium. Not that I’m endorsing recreational or innappropriate drug use. Heaven forbid.

I’ve also recently discovered the delights of chocolate. Not the cheap crap that most of you lefties would buy from K Mart, but the expensive courveture stuff handmade by boutique chocolatiers that would be favoured by the likes of me, Miglo and Tom.

Expensive chocolate also goes really well with coffee and port.

Anyway, on another note, I’ve just been over to JB Hi-FI and discovered an entire section dedicated to that ageing git Andre Rieu (or whatever his name is). Personally, I’d rather be gassed to death, than have to listen to his relentless mind numbing crap. What is it? The Blue Danube or something.. I don’t know.

You can’t expect me to remember everything around here…



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  1. I eat dark chocolate because I like the taste, but it has the added benefit that it’s good for you, apparently.

  2. Tony,

    maybe snorting coke would be an even healthier alternative (no saturated fats).

  3. Did you know that if you have a fear of being followed by a duck, or watched by a duck, that you suffer from anatidaaephobia? …

    “I cannae go ta pond today, dear wifey. Fer the ducks are oot and aboot and well guttered and I ain’t about ta be gubbed by a bloody duck agin, I’ll tell ye that straight, woman. Och.”

  4. Gone yerself Ross, yer nae ginnae tell me rat a big fella like yersel’ is afraid ay a wee quacka?

  5. Reb,

    Good idea. And of course it follows that the more you snort, the healthier you get.


    Scuse me, I’ve got the sniffles.

  6. Reb re snorting coke, doesn’t it make one’s nose go all sort of fizzy and give one a brain freeze? I personally prefer mine with a drop of ouzo.

  7. John Elliot on Richard Pratt:

    He always kept his word – you only needed a handshake.

    Indeed – especially when we are talking about prices.

  8. reb

    Acting like a snob with your chocolate and in the next sentence shopping at JB Hi Fi. LOL

    Get yourself to David Jones where you belong.

    (By the way DJs has been my favourite store since I was 16 all returns gratefully accepted, no questions asked)

  9. For a moment there I thought it said “Miglo takes the stand”.

    I’m always guilty of something, apparently.

  10. My mistake Shane.

    What I meant to say was…

    “I’ve just sent Jeeves over to JB Hi-FI….”

  11. Just got into bed last night around 11:30pm when all of a sudden there was this almighty

    Ka………..BoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooM !
    The 2 fury razor blades jumped 2 foot off the bed and woke up Mrs Walrus.

    What was that ?………………..she asked

    Don’t worry its probably just our local ATM being blown up yet again…………..I replied.

    Low and behold traffic jam galore this morning.

    The murderous low life scumbags that rule the night had blown up……………no not the ATM………………………..No not the local Bank……………………….Oh no ………..they stoop even lower.

    They blew up the brand new leb takeaway down the road.

    Where the hell am I gunna get my “beef kebab with chilli sauce……………hold on the cheese please” this Friday night ????????????????

    Low life bastards………………..first the jihad on pork……………now the jihad on beef kebabs


  12. Background: for ever hubby has had what I consider a very bad habit of trying to get friendly with wildlife, especially snakes and other critters (spiders excepted which he loathes). When he picks up snakes this has always caused all some consternation but hubby a great deal of amusement.

    Yesterday evening we were visited by a small family of bush rats and hubby proceeded to trying to capture one. It bit him.

    Phone call from hubby today, ummm how long since I’ve had a tetanus injection? Me: years, go and have it done. Hubby: but who is going to hold my hand. Ans: just do it.

  13. and hubby proceeded to trying to capture one

    Min, on April 29th, 2009 at 3:57 pm Said:

    Would you like to borrow any one of my 3 cats………they’d be able to “capture” one for you no probs…….!

  14. leb takeaway, sounds like a sale, pull up and take your leb today.

    What are you having tonight? ” chinese”.
    stop eating the asian population.
    Lol Min, just do it.

  15. Thank you Walrus..you can drop all 3 around to help out this evening if you like.

  16. Aqua..won’t find out until hubby arrives home as to whether he whimped or not.

    Hehe..I personally am having Italian tonight, that is if he isn’t too crook from the tetanus injection 🙂

  17. Min i find welding gloves good for most reptiles as the leather is really thick and bites feel like a slight pinch instead.

  18. Yes, aqua I did subsequently mention to hubby that if he had decided to try to capture and pick up a bush rat that his leather work gloves would have been a good option.

    And for Walrus..an excellent way to turn community opinion against you, blow up the local kebab takeaway. Am missing the wonderful Marie at Ocean Shores and her lamb tzatziki. The kebab place at Tweed City is but a pale imitation.

  19. IATW, Your kind is in demand:

    Wow, Friday night drinks will be an absolute blast 🙄

    Can’t see these companies making this list:

  20. Dave55, on April 29th, 2009 at 4:36 pm Said

    Good……………after 12 years in the same place I need a change………..might just jump on a queue.

    I always find it easy getting a job in a recession……….I just act like I’m a disciple of Al Dunlap (famous cost cutter once employed by Packer) and I’m hired.

    By the way Dave you posted the same link twice

  21. Bugger – second link should have been this one:

    Hey maybe I’m wrong – maybe you accountant types have an absolute blast behind closed doors when not engaging with non-accountant types…

  22. Al Dunlap – wasn’t he nicknamed ‘Chainsaw’ for his cost cutting techniques?

  23. Climate change for dummies. For those who haven’t caught it yet, from Crikey at: http://www.crikey.com.au/Politics/20090429-Climate-myths-Glickson-v-Bolt.html

  24. Al Dunlap – wasn’t he nicknamed ‘Chainsaw’ for his cost cutting techniques?

    Dave55, on April 29th, 2009 at 5:06 pm Said:

    Yep !

  25. Is “a stand” some form of public service stationery? That’s what Miglo usually takes.

  26. Is “a stand” some form of public service stationery? That’s what Miglo usually takes.

    Tom of Melbourne, on April 29th, 2009 at 5:44 pm Said:

    I always thought it was something he bends over each day !

  27. KEVIN Rudd sends 450 more

    What dipstick. Bring them home.

    One of the reasons i voted this guy was to pull our soldiers out apart from getting rid of Howard.

    Now we have a new ass licking contest to see who can stain there lips more. This is a massacre if they were serious, build up the infrastructure and give people a choice instead of controlling them through war. Nothing has been done but to advance weapons to kill more accurately.
    We have cults here but people have a choice to join it or continue on with life. Democracy is all mirrors.
    Bloody walrus, i cant stop thinking of eating a kebab with chilli.

  28. Hear, hear, Hexx!

  29. thanks Scaper.

    confedence from positive comments never hurts. 😉

    it hurt to read more soldiers being sent. it’s a let down from my view for both sides of the fence.

  30. Min, in many cases there Gilikson failed to even address Bolt’s point. Bolt is a columnist who collects information to push a particular point in which he believes. For that he is universally ridiculed. I guess he asks for it by putting himself out there. What I find insulting and condescending is the likes of Gilikson pontificating about the “delicate” balance in the Earth’s atmosphere. Bullshit!! The atmosphere has weathered that many changes over the centuries, even as described by the AGW believers, that it could hardly be described as “delicate”. The point about the failure to warm in the last decade is simply that if human induced CO2 were the cause of the previous warming then the warming should have increased. And if it’s more complicated than that then Al Gore ought be gaoled for the fraud he perpetrated on the world using the matching graphs as the simple basis for the theory. If AGW exists, then Gore and others have stuffed the credibility of the theory in their propaganda.

  31. fair enough about the weather but do oceans also get dirty and polluted every few hundred years James.
    Pollution has a role to play here no matter what lies are told from either side.

  32. A lot of the boutique chocolate is conched to all hell and gone – making it smooth but destroying the taste.

    There are some good and relatively cheap dark chocolate slabs in supermarkets. Whittaker’s Dark Guinea ain’t bad at all.

  33. Crap that sounded rude,James if you take it so im out of line, as my words arnt the end of discussion. i put to much emotion into that comment.

  34. I’m all for cleaning up the planet but not under the guise of man made climate change that the high priests are preaching, as sustainability has been hijacked by the money grabbing spivs and the yuppy feel goods who have taken over the green movement that would be more at home in their brown shirts!

    I want nothing to do with it, they’ve got more chance of getting me to go to church!

  35. “I’m all for cleaning up the planet ”

    Me too,i also dont care whats its called. as long as it starts. start with pesticide and chemical run off.

    most rivers around cities are not healthy to swim in or fish from. I can say this aint natural.

  36. James of North Melbourne, on April 29th, 2009 at 7:22 pm Said:

    Bolt is a columnist who collects information to push a particular point in which he believes. For that he is universally ridiculed.

    Bolt ‘collects’ information. True. To push a particular point . True. And for that he is universally ridiculed.</. Not true. It’s the facts he selects and the meaning he attributes to those ‘facts’ that renders his position ridiculous.

    For the moment, can we concentrate on the ‘is’ and leave the ‘ought’ to later. First, the ‘is’.

    The Bolta is not universally ridiculed. Indeed he is widely respected if ‘hits’ and ‘comments’ are to be the legitimate measures and in those categories, Rupert thinks he is fantastic. Hence his paycheck and continued employment even in the face of a general decline in the revenues of the MSM.

    As to the ‘ought’. The Bolta selects his ‘facts’ on the basis of preconceived ‘mental constructs’ and in doing so he is not alone. We all select ‘facts’ that suit our POV. The problem is that the Bolta and others are not conscious of that ‘truth’ and therefore are never conscious that any ‘conclusion’ or ‘fact’ is only as ever good as the ‘theory’ that generated facts or conclusions in the first place’

    Tis an ‘epistemological’ problem. But the Bolta (and others) don’t want to talk about that, for a whole range of reasons. Lo.


  37. Sorry I’m late. Wednesday night is our regular golf club night when I puff on half coronas and drink fine wines with friends.

    Jedda prefers to spend the night feeding poker machines.

    She was lucky enough to find a machine that, when you deposit a coin, the coin falls into the collect tray yet still registers the coin as in the machine.

    We stayed on an extra half hour, keeping ourselves busy putting coins into the machine and continually pressing collect to double our money.

    For the first time in my life I actually had a win on the pokies!

  38. Aqua. . what have you been up to this time?

  39. No offence taken, Aqua (are you my Barbie Girl?), and I’m also all for a cleaner environment. I’m forever picking up rubbish that isn’t mine. But take this thing about the last ten years. Bolt’s point is that the temperature has ceased to increase in line with the increase in CO2. The likes of Karoly counter this with 8 out of 10 of the hottest years on record have been in the last decade (or something). He is quite deliberately missing Bolt’s point. The temperature has deviated from the modelled expectation. It has in fact, albeit slightly, cooled. For a sceptic such as myself, when Karoly plays his little game of obscuring Bolt’s point, or when the Barrier Reef obstinately recovers from its annual bleaching, when the polar ice cap fails to melt, when the polar bears increase in number, when I find out there are no AGW refugees, I am driven further from believing it all.

    I’m a financial adviser. Have been for around 15 years. I have had various people try to convince me of new market paradigms in tech stocks, property, collateralised debt securities, pine trees you name it. Mathematically, I was never good enough to put my finger on why the projections were wrong but in my mind they simply didn’t stack up. If I’d gone with it I’d be a rich adviser with poor clients, instead I’m a poor adviser and my clients are ok. But I’m still in business. I have the same gut feel about the AGW debate. To my mind, the numbers just don’t stack up and there is simply too much of a willingness on the part of the proponents to “sell” the idea.

  40. scaper…, on April 29th, 2009 at 8:19 pm Said:

    that the high priests

    high priests?. Whose pejorative terminology is that? Yours? Never have I heard any AGW advocate or advance the ‘high priest’ claim so one can safely conclude it’s a personal ‘smear’. Yes or No?

    Wow. And you say you’re off the piss. Not a good recommendation for sobriety. Lol.

  41. Hi Angel,
    Just diving and drinking and sometimes eating.
    I also did a job a little while back where i lifted a boat but the guy got into an arguement with me before i tied the boat off to the wharf about payment. So i sunk the boat again and left without a cent. I let it crash to the bottom again this time into mud.

    Yes im cruel. but it felt good.

  42. Points taken, Nature, but why does a site like Crikey devote so much space to ridiculing him with stuff all basis?

  43. You bee drinking again?

    How did you manage to have an argument so quickly?

  44. Yes Angel is it that obvious.

    Not sure i was just sitting here.
    — what have you been up too?

    Your not arguing, thats unusual. 😉

  45. Honestly, I can’t be bothered. I’m in one hell of a mess here. That’s about all I can say about it.

    Yes, it is obvious. To me, anyway.

  46. oh, trust you to notice im drunk.

    focus on my good pionts and if you cant find any look harder. 🙂

  47. Ummmm. A large pale head, big nose, huge eyes, and your wife has a halter on you.

  48. James of North Melbourne, on April 29th, 2009 at 9:04 pm Said:

    Maybe. But hopefully yes. As for:

    but why does a site like Crikey devote so much space to ridiculing him with stuff all basis

    In simple terms it’s beacause the Bolta is so powerful and influential. The Bolta isn’t a windmill. Ignore him (and his nonsense) at your peril.

    And if you want explanations as to his his postings and the problems try this site


  49. thats a start.(bloody…)
    what gave it away that im drunk.?

    was my nice charming personality

    Lmao, large pale head.

  50. Another technical stuff up. Is it possible to fix same? Thanks.

  51. I need to walk off some of this alcohol. even if its sideways.

  52. I ca tell because your syntax changes. 🙂 Go walk it off.

  53. Aqua’s on the turps and Angel is in need of a friend at the moment.

    Here I am.

  54. N5…. did I fix up the editing OK?

  55. Technically perfect! Thanks.

    As to the validity of the (long-term) argument? Only time will tell. Lol.

  56. Read it Nature. No one managed to name 3. Some mocked, a couple defended, someone called “confessions” told someone called “rad” to fornicate off……..

  57. Hi Miglo. Ummmm. I foud a new game o facebook called Farm Town, now I’m up till 2am making sure my grapevines don’t die.

  58. Angel, I fall for those little games too. I’ve downloaded snooker onto my iPod Touch and now I can’t stop playing the damn thing.

  59. Yes, I love it. It’s keeping my mind off other things, which is a very good thing at the moment.

  60. I downloaded Stanza – the free book app for my iTouch this evening… now the boyf will not give me my iTouch back. Now he is downloading downloading every free book he can find.

    From what I did see from a brief look, it looks like pretty cool software.

  61. James of North Melbourne, on April 29th, 2009 at 9:59 pm Said:

    Read it Nature.

    IT? Sorry, but what should i read?

    Does your it refer to the extensive links or what?

  62. Some of the apps are great fun. They get you really caught up. Exuse me whle I plant the spuds.

  63. Joni I definitely need to keep away from the App Store in iTunes. I’ve downloaded applications that I’ll never get to look at because I’m too busy playing snooker or looking at WorldView. I even downloaded a mini piano which was a complete waste of time because I can’t even play a piano.

    I’ll now go in and look for Stanza. Is it free? I only download the free stuff.

  64. Exuse me whle I plant the spuds.

    Can I find that in iTunes?

  65. Yep migs… free. And a really cool app. Gonna be great for plane flights.

  66. “Excuse me while I kiss the sky” I know, or is that “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”….


  67. Thanks joni. I’ve already downloaded it.

    Speaking of plane flights, I bought a pair of Sennheiser noise-reducing head sets for my iPod Touch for when flying. A worthwhile purchase indeed. The only issue is that Jedda (who flies more than me) forgets to turn the batteries off so by the time I need them they are flat.

    JB Hi-Fi have this particular model for about $450, or you can do what I did and buy a new set from eBay America for $150 which includes shipping and insurance.

    Makes a bloke wonder why reb still does his shopping at JB.

  68. I have the Audio-Technica noise-cancelling headphones – just fantastic.

    I think he might shop there thinking the initials are the other way around.

  69. Don’t forget you have to water the plants, and look after them. if you don’t they die. You have to spend a fortune on buildings and fences before you go up levels. You need to beg for work at the market place. etc.

    Don’t plant grapes unless you are there to harvest n 4 hours. I planted one night before I went to bed, they were dead in the morning.

  70. I also download lots of podcasts from iTunes. A weekly video I watch is called “Cranky Geeks” which covers all the latest news from the computer world.

    Last week there was something so amazing about mobile phones of the future. It was so incredible and exciting and I couldn’t wait to tell people about it.

    I just can’t remember what it is.

    Typically, I’ve deleted the episode.

  71. Angel, grapes are very important. From grapes comes wine.

  72. I think he might shop there thinking the initials are the other way around.

    What a strange little man he must be.

  73. One thing I remember from Cranky Geeks is hearing that the Google phone (the G phone) has a bar-code scanner.

    Now you can scan the bar-code of the presents from friends to see who spends the most money on you.

  74. I’ve planted some grape vines in the back yard. Just a few, not too many. Picking is so hard at my age.

  75. Gosh, Aqua is taking a long walk.

  76. And you’re awake, it’s after 9pm.

  77. Not for long Angel. Sleep beckons. Tomorrow I have to work hard to keep the tax payers happy (even those that are never happy).

  78. Bolt’s point is that the temperature has ceased to increase in line with the increase in CO2.

    (Not having read him lately but assuming that he hasn’t change his tune), I assume his point is that he thinks this relationship proves that CO2 doesn’t cause climate change.

    That’s good for point scoring down at the pub – if your punters don’t understand science and you’re happy to leave them that way.

    Firstly, climate is a long term attribute, generally measured over quite a bit more than 10 years. Secondly, in our climate systems there are many feedback loops (often with significant delays in the feedback loop, which as any control engineering student will tell you makes things a lot more … interesting.) Unless you can measure the state of all those feedback loops and discount their effects, along with similar analysis of all the other climate-affecting variables, you can’t conclude that CO2 doesn’t affect climate. There’s a huge amount of scientific work that goes into figuring out all of these effects so that we can in the end draw some conclusions with reasonable certainty about the relationships between the various inputs and climate. And there’s a reason why we have highly trained scientists doing it rather than your average journalist – because it’s so easy to draw unjustified conclusions if you’re not highly trained and rigorous in your work.

    But as I said, it’s an effective way to bamboozle the less scientifically literate, or those who have an answer in mind already and hope you can provide a rationalization for it.

  79. A US court has pooh-poohed Bush and Obama’s position that state secrecy concerns can be used to kill off an entire lawsuit due to its very subject matter. The court was hearing an appeal by five victims of the CIA’s rendition and torture – er, … outsourced enhanced interrogation practices – program, whose lawsuit was previously dismissed on these grounds.

    The court noted that the two President’s assertions effectively put them (and the CIA) above the law and eroded freedom from arbitrary detention by eating away at the separation of powers.

    Who’d have thought it?

  80. Don’t know if many Aussies have seen Stephen Colbert, but apparently many conservatives don’t think he’s satirising. In that case, his now legendary performance at the annual President’s press correspondent dinner (can’t recall the official name right now) must have been particularly difficult to process.

  81. Lotharsson (12:36 am),


    “You plebs people shouldn’t listen to arguments on global warming climate change from mere journalists like Bolt – however logical, reasonable, and intuitive they might sound – because scientists- scientists people! – are handling this incredibly complicated issue for you, and they know best. So just go back to your TV and fish-fingers and beeer, stop being curious asking questions, and leave “the most important issue to face mankind”™ – evah – to them. OK?”

  82. Tony,


  83. More of the “make believe” horde as some like to insist and more proof that “economic migrants” are claiming “refugee status” as a means to circumvent current law….I know, where is my compassion. How about starting with those within your own borders that live in 3rd world conditions before trying to save the world….Hmm……..nope, just not compassionate enough……We must not only allow Australians to remain in 3rd world conditions but tend to the 3rd world itself outside of our borders….Super plan…..brilliant……..


  84. Geez even the NSW Labor Party are catching up to the coalition in the latest polls.


    While I am a sceptic on polls I would have thought it would be going the other way no matter who they asked.

  85. James

    I respect Bolts right to have his opinion. What I don’t respect is a man who has his comments vetted to ensure the majority of them agree with his opinion.

    Same for Akerman. Actually I think he is worse.

    That is not free speech, that is manipulation of societies repsonses to make it look like the majority of the population agree with their comments.

  86. Newsweek:

    Selling the Green Economy

    Environmentalists maximize the dangers of global warming while pretending we can conquer it at virtually no cost.

  87. Tony, does Shane’s observation about the Bolt ‘method’ of opinion ‘formation’ on and ‘testing’ of social scientific matters…

    a man who has his comments vetted to ensure the majority of them agree with his opinion….manipulation of societies repsonses to make it look like the majority of the population agree with their comments

    … affect the mechanics of a translation of Lotharsson’s piece which seems to contain two key ideas, and perhaps a third…

    But as I said, it’s [1] an effective way to bamboozle the less scientifically literate [1b and you’re happy to leave them that way], or [2] those who have an answer in mind already and hope you can provide a rationalization for it….

    …only one of which reappears, in an almost unrecognisable form, in the translation?

    (I’m not sure, also, that it’s fair to be fleecing poor Sparta by selling him yet another ‘strawman’ (even if that is Bolt’s MO, also), no matter how highly esteemed Sparta would rate his purchase of that ‘strawman’, to add to his esteemed collection of ‘strawmen’ and ‘aunty sallys’. 😉 )

  88. Legion,

    Subsequent reader comments (published or ‘moderated’) can have no bearing on Bolt’s initial arguments as published – barring amendments or updates.

    Lotharsson implies most if not all Bolt readers are scientifically illiterate or intellectually incurious. That is highly unlikely – the fact they are even reading a ‘political’ blog infers a level of engagement.

    A percentage of his readers no doubt fall into the ‘mind already made up’ camp, but what possible relationship can that have with Bolt’s arguments?

  89. I downloaded a bottle of baileys that came with a free bar of Lindt chocolate.

    I have made good inroads on both fronts.

  90. shaneinqld, on April 30th, 2009 at 7:50 am

    Shane, I recall that on Blogocracy, Tim Dunlop used to exercise a fair bit of editorial control.

    He seemed to allow discussions to start, but was sometimes very arbitrary about how he would allow them to continue.

    I remember often being pressed fro links to support my opinions! Why? I always pointed out that they were opinions, based on observations and experience. I preferred the exchange, debate and dialogue, rather than just posting links, as if that proved anything.

    Once I tried to post a quote from a newspaper. I’d gone to the trouble of retyping it. Tim wouldn’t post it unless I could provide a link. Even though I explained that it was only in a newspaper, he still wouldn’t post it.

    My experience is that this type of arbitrary censorship occurs on all points of the political spectrum. So get over the idea that there is any conservative agenda here.

  91. Shane, I have posted many comments on Bolt’s site, both in agreement, and violent disagreement, much as I post on this site. I have never had a comment not appear. Although sometimes they take ages. He has, I understand, a number of moderators, and has, I understand, had to defend his blog against the heroes from Crikey hijacking his comments section to make it look more fascist than it actually is. It is his blog, and he is entitled to moderate it as he sees fit.

    Bolt is far more right wing than I, but he is worth reading because he is articulate, references his sources, and provides a good balance to what I consider to be an almost overwhelming left wing influence in the media. And I actually believe that he is motivated by good rather than evil, however misguided I might think some of his opinions.

  92. Tony

    What you do not see is all of the responses that provide arguments against Bolt or Akerman. If the response provides some sort of true argument or link to information disputing their opinion it is trashed.

    I speak from many, many trashing of my responses which contain no foul language or abuse, (which according to Akerman are the only ones not permitted and this is an outright lie to start with)

    Bolt and Akerman do not permit many links which point out anomolies or alternatives to their own opinions. They simply rely on the scientific evidence that supports their own argument and dismiss with a flick of the delete key any scientific evdience which disagrees denying their readers the opportunity to make an informed decision. That smacks

    There are scientists for and agaqinst most things on the planet not just climate change/global warming but have you ever seen Bolt or Akerman post anything other than their own onesided arguments.

    At least here we all have our say and can post what we like regarding links for and against an argument. Thats true debate, whether we win or lose.

  93. James

    I have had many, many rejections from Bolt and Akerman otherwise I would not have formed the opinion I have.

    Having said that there are times I agree with both of them as well. What is surprising is when I agree they are all posted with such amazing speed.

  94. James:

    “[Bolt] provides a good balance to what I consider to be an almost overwhelming left wing influence in the media”

    Clearly, you don’t watch the Insiders…!!


  95. Shane, I think that this censorship is in the eye of the beholder.

    When Tim Dunlop used to refuse to post some of my comments, I considered it an outrageous contradiction of the ethics expressed about blogging.

    I pointed this out on a number of occasions.

    There was a period where he simply refused to post a single comment I was seeking to make about a report.

    Eventually I sent one in complimenting the report on the choice of the font used, and the colour and layout of the cover.

    He posted that one.

    I don’t think this type of limitation/censorship was very different to that you are referring to.

  96. Tom

    I was not claiming a conservative agenda ( you are )

    I do not have leanings to either political spectrum and surely you can realise that from the times we agree and disagree.

    If I experience rejection on another site, here will be the first to know.

    I never had a rejection on blogocracy so cannot comment. Requesting the conversation be back on topic is not the same as refusing to post comments that disagree with your opinion. Isn’t that what their sites are about, create public debate for and against their opinion. if not they may as well simply leave their column in the newspaper and forget their blog site.

    Any site that chooses to vet comments ( other than dafamatory or possibly libel comments) is stifling debate.

  97. Shane – “Requesting the conversation be back on topic is not the same as refusing to post comments that disagree with your opinion.”

    And Tim did plenty of both. My experience was that from time to time he did decline to post comments that he did not like, as I’ve outlined above.

  98. Well, Shane, I don’t work there, but there are plenty of posts in disagreement with him, and being a NGO, I’m not sure that they owe you or anyone an obligation to publish your opinions. He does put up an extraordinary amount of blogs, and receive an extraordinary amount of responses.

    Reb, I do on occasion, and I think it’s better than most on the ABC. But I also know that Labor supporters think it’s biased, perhaps I should watch more. I don’t believe it is, and it certainly doesn’t go close to balancing the bias of Tony Jones, Kerry O’Brien, Jon Faine etc etc etc.

  99. …and provides a good balance to what I consider to be an almost overwhelming left wing influence in the media.

    Clearly you don’t read The Australian.

  100. Tom

    If Tim blocked any of your responses then I completely disagree.


    Its not a matter of owing me or anyone an obligation. My understaing about blog sites is that they are there to initiate debate, and if that debate is manipulated by the responses permitted, then it is not a true reflection of those who are replying after reading an opinion. Left or Right.

  101. Tom, if I were the moderator of this site you can rest assured that I’d block every one of your posts.

  102. Thanks Miglo, I thought I could rely on you for a very amusing intervention. I actually laughed!

    I realise your objective here is to keep the discussion very low brow, thankfully you generally succeed!

  103. Kittylitter, as one who has advocated the restrictions of many to an opinion on many subjects, I find it odd that you would jump in on a discussion regarding freedoms of speech. The Oz has many columnists, both left and right, with which I agree and disagree on many subjects.

  104. What is it with you Melbourne people ?

    This purification/justification/restoration of integrity in relation to the life of Richard Pratt is making me wanna throw up !

    What don’t you get that the rest of Australia does ?

  105. I agree Walrus.

    The same thing happened when that fat pig Stan Zemanek snuffed it.

    Suddenly, we were all expected to remember him as a misunderstood loveable rogue..

    Pratt may have given a lot of money to charity, but it was from millions he made from ripping off companies that bought his products, which ultimately would’ve been paid for by the consumer.

    Pratt by name…..

  106. Walrus, there’s a bunch of Carlton supporters who love him for saving their footy club, and there’s a bunch of others who he helped out along the way. Most are pretty ambivalent down here about it all. When someone dies, it’s kind of the right of those associated to have the floor, whether it be a celebrity, an entrepeneur, or Jack down the street. It’s no big issue, and will die down soon enough. Just a bit of hysteria.

  107. …….and I think it’s a time when manners dictates that his critics remain just take a step back and allow family and associates their moment.

  108. I find Jack the Insider at the Australian Blogs not to be bias, he sticks it into all sides which is refreshing.

    George over at Meganomics is always an interesting read and he is taking blogging to a new level concerning partisanship which tends to lower the quality of debate.

    Bolt makes no secret about where his loyalties lie and he has been critical of the conservatives on occasion.

    I’ve had plenty of comments binned over the years which is to be expected as one can only push the envelope so far or as my colleague, Tom would attest to…lack of intelligence.

    I suppose it’s like location, not everybody’s cup of tea.

    Heard from Tim this morning, writing away and enjoying more time with his family…wouldn’t be dead for quids.

  109. “……………and allow family and associates their moment.”

    James of North Melbourne, on April 30th, 2009 at 11:21 am Said:

    Only to a certain extent James as I hope you are not including that complete scumbag John Elliot in all that.

  110. Is it distasteful to suggest a thread on the 5 most loathed dead Australians?

  111. Tom of Melbourne, on April 30th, 2009 at 11:34 am Said:

    Thats a great idea……………..but why stop at the dead ?

    Oh……….that’s right ……………..libel laws and stuff………….bugger !

  112. For what it’s worth, these are the words of the Federal Court judge on the “admissions” made by Pratt in relation to price fixing.

    “in the present case, as I have earlier suggested, there is an anterior question. That is whether statements contained in the prima facie admissible documents, which were clearly brought into existence by or with the concurrence of Pratt’s legal representatives acting with his authority, were admissions at all in the sense of being previous representations of fact. In my view, that question is one of mixed fact and law to be resolved independently of, and before, any final determination of whether the statements imputed to Pratt were actually made, or made with his authority.

    The conclusion is at least equally open that Pratt’s acceptance of the Proposed Form of Order was intended to be only a basis for its incorporation in a body of consent declarations to dispose of the cartel proceedings. That conclusion derives some support, perhaps slight, from McHugh’s evidence that at the meeting at which the Proposed Order was signed Pratt continued to insist that he had not had a discussion with Jones on 21 May 2001 to the effect alleged by the ACCC; see par 13(b) of the extract from McHugh’s statement set out at [30] above. The conclusion of fact which I prefer in relation to the Revised Form of Proposed Order entails that, in respect of it, Question 1 must be answered, “No”.”

    He’s dead now, let his family and friends mourn, let him rest in peace.

  113. I loved the Max Gillies mimicking of Elliot, in the early 90s, when he was pressing to become PM (!) –

    “I’m just a typical Aussie. I love footy, so I’ve got myself a footy team.

    I love beer, so I’ve got a brewery.

    I enjoy politics, so I’ve got myself a party too”

  114. Given the recent discussion re torture, I was thinking that President Obama’s comments were worth a mention.


    “And the reason was Churchill understood if you start taking short cuts over time that what’s corrodes what’s best in a people. It corrodes the character of a country.”

    During the speech via Sky this morning Obama also stated that it was ‘unknown’ whether ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ even produced any useful information. Obama is of course right, use of torture, use of rendition gave the terrorists recruitment tools rather than making America safer.

  115. Tom of Melbourne:

    Is it distasteful to suggest a thread on the 5 most loathed dead Australians?

    Apparently not.

  116. “He’s dead now, let his family and friends mourn, let him rest in peace.”


  117. …however logical, reasonable, and intuitive they might sound – because scientists- scientists people! – are handling this incredibly complicated issue for you, and they know best.

    Hilarious Tony 🙂 And no doubt you think your characterisation refutes my point, at least under pub rules 😉 If you do, more fool you. It’s not even a good characterisation, amusing though it is.

    I’m quite happy for any journalist to present the issues, providing they do a reasonably good job of it. With Bolt, you can almost always find stuff that doesn’t accord with reality. Sometimes it appears like it’s probably deliberate; other times he may not have the nouse to understand what he’s writing about.

    In this case his argument about the temperature and CO2 graphs is clearly simplistic, clearly unjustified, and fairly clearly designed to rabble-rouse/provide people with certain beliefs with a comfy rationalisation for holding them. Any responsible journalism on the subject would have talked to a bunch of scientists of different views and would have quickly been disabused of the notion that it was as black and white as he wrote.

  118. Lotharsson, that would be a great point if it were applied to Tony Jones, Jon Faine, Kerry O’Brien, or any of the other “independent” taxpayer funded ABC presenters. But it never is. And Bolt is unashamedly a columnist, not a reporter. He writes opinion pieces.

  119. James

    So it is fine for Bolt to have a right of reply and criticise others opinions, yet subject his own opinions to censorship of the replys.

  120. FFS, Shane, I have said that I have no idea what gets moderated. I have never been moderated. I don’t know why you have. It is quite apparent that many dissenting views get published by him. Beyond that, how can I possibly comment. He may have a set of rules. I can assure you that the likes of Jill Singer never EVER publish my responses to what she writes, and rarely does Robyn Riley.

  121. James

    And now I know why maybe some of your responses to other sites don’t get posted.

  122. Why? I said the same thing in defence of Bolt as you did in defence of Dunlop.

  123. How sad is this

    shaneinqld, on April 30th, 2009 at 1:11 pm Said:

    Why do we need all these sprays and pest controllers

    Just buy them a cat !

  124. IATW

    Yes buy a few cats, animal therapy ( a proven therapy for the elderly) would be the other bonus.

    I would be horrified if it was my grandparent.

  125. that would be a great point if it were applied to Tony Jones, Jon Faine, Kerry O’Brien, or any of the other “independent” taxpayer funded ABC presenters.

    You mean they don’t do their science homework, and no-one calls them on it? I don’t watch them much – do you have examples?

    He writes opinion pieces.

    And he writes pieces like this one that claim to be on their face scientific. Busting “myths”. “The fears are being contradicted by the facts”, and “…let’s see if facts matter more to you than faith, and observations more than predictions. ” Those statements are difficult to read in any other way than as an assertion that what he is presenting is fact, not opinion.

  126. Just heard Mr Rudd on the news telling us all to wash our hands with soap. I might even try wiping my arse.

  127. Uh oh. Now everyone under 20 who’s not in school must be in training. For what? The governments going to decide what jobs will be needed? Mandated, more like it.

  128. I wonder where the government will locate the nuclear waste dump?

  129. The radiation (which generates heat) could be used as a geothermal power source for a certain place we know (just teasing scaper) – trying lighten the tone of the blog today – which is damn hard work.

  130. joni, now you got me thinking.

    I’m sure I can work the waste into the grand scheme of things.

    It’s coming to me…a troupe of trained flies that glow in the dark, cheaper than neon lights.

  131. “Right-wing” blog LGF – it’s author, Charles Johnson, anyway – has finally jumped the shark. Pity.

  132. Agreed on all the sickening Pratt who-ha, I am the walrus.

    Ask almost anyone who had the misfortune to work for the pratt empire about him and you are likely to receive an expletive-laden spray in reply.

    There were no corners he would not cut. The ACCC findings were just the tip of the iceberg.

  133. There were no corners he would not cut. The ACCC findings were just the tip of the iceberg.

    Seems if you are very wealthy in this country, you can do no wrong, how distasteful and crude even thinking of the wealth crazed pricks as criminals and making them appear before court, let alone possible jail time – unthinkable!

    And Bolt is unashamedly a columnist, not a reporter. He writes opinion pieces…

    I thought he referred to himself as a journalist the other day on Insiders!
    Very convenient to fall back on ‘opinion writing’ where he doesn’t have to be factually correct, keep to ‘balance’ or strive for fair and impartial reporting, especially when he demands that and more of others.

    Bolt, Albrechtsen and Akerman, right wing shock jocks in print. Sometimes I think they can’t even believe the rubbish they write themselves, it’s all a dog whistle to sell papers and garner personal popularity as pin ups for the right wing loonies.

    Kittylitter, as one who has advocated the restrictions of many to an opinion on many subjects, I find it odd that you would jump in on a discussion regarding freedoms of speech.

    I don’t think so, when have I advocated that people should not have an opinion? Or restricting free speech?

    Not agreeing with an opinion…is entirely different from wanting it restricted in any way. Are you snidely referring to the abortion debate…again?

  134. Bolt, Albrechtsen and Akerman, right wing shock jocks in print. Sometimes I think they can’t even believe the rubbish they write themselves, it’s all a dog whistle to sell papers and garner personal popularity as pin ups for the right wing loonies.

    Beautifully put, Kitty. I’ve often wondered if they believe the crap they write. I just can’t imagine that they would, given the level of bile they spew forth.

  135. I just can’t imagine that they would, given the level of bile they spew forth.

    I have no difficulty believing that some are doing it for cynically commercial reasons, but others are True Believers(TM). Seen plenty of the latter online, if not in real life.

  136. Petraeus Gives Stark Warning of Potentially Imminent Pakistani Collapse

    This is the culmination of a long, patient slow-motion insurgency by the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance suddenly propelled into a fast-moving and aggressive push on many fronts and forms. The jury is still out on the level of commitment of the Pakistani military push to take back Buner and, presumably, the Swat district from Taliban-al-Qaeda control…There is trouble ahead. And, as General Petraeus is trying to warn, the next two weeks will by critical to whether Pakistan survives in the short term, let alone the long term. The clock is ticking and time is running out.

  137. Tony

    I have been reading about the Taliban insurgency and the allowance of the Pakistani government for introduction of Sharia Law in areas. This indicates to me the slow disintegration of Pakistan as it capitulates to unelected fanatics demands and permits a portion of its own citizens to suffer as a result.

  138. Shane,

    Not to mention the problems for the west if the Taliban gets its hands on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

  139. Tony, on April 30th, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Subsequent reader comments (published or ‘moderated’) can have no bearing on Bolt’s initial arguments as published – barring amendments or updates.

    Are you sure that you really want to run with that line of reasoning in relation to a man who writes for the very purpose of eliciting comments and with such an audience in mind?

    Lotharsson implies most if not all Bolt readers are scientifically illiterate or intellectually incurious. That is highly unlikely – the fact they are even reading a ‘political’ blog infers a level of engagement.

    Indeed. What to make of a man who seems to think that his intended audience (most of whom he alienates from the central process of his piece, because he’s setting a challenge ultimately only for himself, and for which he gives himself an unmerited A+ as test-setter and test-taker and test-marker in a tick-and-flick exercise which seemingly consists of only the two choices appreciated by that framing testing authority, before going on to attach an unsupported normative outside that fabulous framework) won’t notice his extended strawman argument which is arguably worthy only for a Burning Man festival, if not the pub raffle? What are the chances, hay hey, that any literate reader will immediately identify how Bolt must conceive of Bolt’s readership when Bolt is making his stand-alone ‘argument’ designed in such fashion and for reason of provoking a pre-framed response in the Bolt-created sandpit, which Bolt and co have an interest in ‘shaping’, both ‘argument’ and subsequent ‘commentary’ over-time, with or without skewing of feedback per Shane’s anecdotal and Tom’s and James’ tu quoque observations?

    All rhetorical questions, Tony, of course. Front foot would say that it’s not possible to separate Bolt’s arguments from their intended audience and effects as part of an ongoing dynamic; that Bolt does know that his arguments are severely faulty in his having to so closely frame them that he excludes large chunks of his audience and whole domains of thought outside the Bolt mental construct he provides his test subjects to even render his ‘test’ tenable in Bolt’s head; and he does know that he’s likely to inspire a reaction in readers, but even his early attributions for the source and the quality of that reaction is a strawman, insofar as it isn’t his nominal desire for inspiring not-anger and not-blame; his strawman argument merely inspires disappointment. And all that without touching on the actual science. 😉

  140. Tony

    Agree. I think the major threat to the world at the moment is the possibility of the Taliban getting hold of the nuclear arsenal.

  141. Tony, on May 1st, 2009 at 8:49 am

    You’ll be happy to know, also, that Pakistan and India were going hammer and tongs successfully launching test ICBMs at the same time the West were getting uppity about Korea and Iran failing to successfully launch their prototype non-ICBMs. The repeated successful test launches of ICBMs by two countries operating outside the NNPT, of course, was not much of a news item given those two nations’ strong alliances with those who would overlook condemn potential nuclear and other threats likely to affect the regional and global balance of power, and otherwise looking to transfer nuclear tech so long as civilian and weapons programs were kept strictly separate. 😉

  142. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm………..!

    Oh goodie………………….A nuclear war led economic recovery !

  143. shaneinqld, on May 1st, 2009 at 9:21 am

    It’s ok, Shane, the Pakistani nuclear arsenal is secured by the USA using US security and handling protocols. The Taliban won’t be getting their hands on any Pakistani nuclear weapons, and even if they did, those weapons aren’t viable devices without the enabling, and with the disabling, technologies. On the other hand, the Taliban could get its hands on materials capable of making a ‘dirty bomb’.

  144. Legion,

    Interestingly, the Bolt column you link to appeared in the print edition of Australia’s largest selling newspaper, the Herald Sun. So, while it ‘s fair to argue that blog posts are written with audience response in back of mind, the example you chose had to stand on the merits of its arguments – to the newspaper-reading audience, at least.

    By the way, I’m not saying Bolt doesn’t pick and choose evidence that supports his case, but the same accusation can be levelled at Deltoid, RealClimate, and the like (which doesn’t make it right, but that’s ‘climate science’, unfortunately).

  145. Legion

    Telling me that Pakistans nuclear arsenal is secured by the USA is not comforting to me at all.

  146. Tony, on May 1st, 2009 at 9:57 am

    There he is…

    Doubt it? Then here’s a test.

    * Have your say at Andrew’s blog

    And there he is, again.

  147. But Shane, it’s a new administration.


  148. It’s May Day today.

    Interesting that there is no celebration, no marches and we had a stoppage of the construction on Tuesday.

    You’d think the unions would have shown some respect for tradition and had it today.

  149. …construciton industry…

  150. Tony

    New or Old doesn’t matter. I simply doubt that any country can guarantee protection from these fanatics who seem to infiltrate all countries and societies. They may not get them tomorrow but these fanatics are patient and will remain vigilant even after we let our guard down.

  151. Yes Legion, and no doubt his web address appears at the newspaper version, to lure some readers to his blog – cross-promotion, I believe it’s called. But what of that portion of the 500,000-odd Herald Sun readers who don’t read blogs? How do they fit your argument (or are you, too, cherry-picking).

  152. Tony, on May 1st, 2009 at 10:18 am

    To be cherry-picking, Tony, I would have to entertain a ‘yes, but’ and focus only on the ‘but’ and not the totality across time and place.

  153. I’m taking my wife out to lunch today.

    I’m going to march into her bosses office and tell him we are going to have an hour lunch, then have sex so she will be a minute late.

    I’m such a stud!

  154. Correction,

    Herald Sun – Daily circulation: 554,000; Daily readership: 1,520,000.

    Bolt blog post in question: 283 comments.

  155. Tony, on May 1st, 2009 at 10:30 am

    I’m not sure how extending the ambit of Bolt’s presumed readership affects the suggestion that Bolt conceives of his readers as co-opted lab rats who are incapable of deconstructing an invalid test built atop a haystack; whether that’s offline or online. That the presumed readership has no effective locus of response in the larger place and is subjected to the potential skewing of feedback in the smaller place where direct engagement is most expected and actively solicited is concerning, but not a central thrust of that argument, or the prior argument which inspired it, as I read that comment. And, yes, Bolt’s arguments do succeed or fail on their merits, an element of merit being their construction as valid arguments. For mine, they fail on construction regardless of their content; which of course doesn’t necessarily invalidate the content of Bolt’s conclusion, just the means of reaching that conclusion and, therefore, Bolt’s conclusion overall, especially when ‘I’ mysteriously turns into ‘we and ‘is’ into ‘ought” at the end. But to disagree with Andrew in ways which Andrew hasn’t pre-framed within the microcosm of his nominally a-theoretical and wholly factual test of (ambi)valence is what makes fact-finding missions in the real world maze so much fun.

  156. Just received the following email:



    If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah.
    If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla and Four-eyes.


    When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it’s only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.
    When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.


    A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
    A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need but it’s on sale.


    A ma n has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel .
    The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.


    A woman has the last word in any argument.
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.


    A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
    A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.


    A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
    A successful woman is one who can find such a man.


    A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t.
    A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, but she does.


    A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the trash, answer the phone, read a book, and get the mail.
    A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.


    Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
    Women somehow deteriorate during the night.


    Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams.
    A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

    A married man should forget his mistakes. There’s no use in two people remembering the same thing!

  157. Wow.

    Condoleeza Rice “pulls a Nixon“, remembering that he infamously said words to the effect that “If the President does it, it’s not illegal”, i.e. the laws don’t apply to the President.

    She said, in response to questions about waterboarding, torture and the authorization thereof:

    The United States was told, we were told, nothing that violates our obligations under the Convention Against Torture, and so by definition, if it was authorized by the president, it did not violate our obligations under the Convention Against Torture.

    That’s awfully clear – she reckons if the President says it’s OK, then you just don’t have to obey the law.

    Anyone out there still not understand that the Bush administration felt that it was entirely above the law?

  158. Tony – thanks, gave me a smile.

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