Never Mind The Frolykz, Here’s Weekend Wonderland!


Good afternoon, and welcome to Weekend Wonderland. The thread that drags us kicking and screaming into the weekend.

What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours….

The other day Big Kev was suggesting that the home owners’ grant was coming to an end (by which he meant that it would revert back to the original $7000, I’m presuming anyway).

Now, some secret squirrel insiders are suggesting that there may be an extension to the grant. I suspect that the truth is somewhere inbetween, and that there will be some sort of stimulus package designed to keep the residential construction industry humming along as part of a broader infrastructure strategy to be announced in the forthcoming budget.

But that’s just pure speculation on my part, and what would this wealth crazed prick know anyhow?

However, me thinks there is method in Kev’s madness of not revealing any snippets about the forthcoming budget as well as any details of the recent asylum seekers incident.

For one thing, it starves the Opposition of any material that they can seize which effectively deprives them of any oxygen for media doorstops and sound grabs.

No wonder Joe Hockey is looking so flabbergasted lately while Malcolm Turnbull looks like the five year that didn’t get to see the Wiggles.

Now I’m not usually one to participate in the glorification of war and all that sort of thing, but I’ll make a bit of an effort here…

Saturday is of course Anzac day. While many people of my age, have been fortunate not to have any direct experience with a war time situation, it’s worth remembering that many people who have lost their lives during wars were just kids basically – a lot of teenagers and young men and women in their early twenties.

While I disagree with terms like “sacrifice” and “bravery” (basically because there’s nothing brave about being forced onto a battlefield by your commanding officer only to be shot dead), it’s still important to remember that our lives would be dramatically different today, if it was not for the young men and women who were prepared (voluntarily or not) to face death for the rest of us.

One of the relatively few things that I’ve admired about my father, was that he always maintained that Anzac day or Remembrance Day is about remembering everyone who lost their lives in all wars.

Not just the Brits, Australians etc, but also the Japanese and Germans, which I thought was quite a broadminded perspective for someone who was so narrow-minded in so many other ways. Perhaps that was his way of expressing his feelings about the futility of all war. (He actually spent some time guarding Rudolph Hess after WWII)..

Anyway, that’s another story…

Here’s an old favourite to dissolve us into the weekend…

Friday Footy

Well it’s been another big week in politics and economics. Reb has joined the ever growing list of climate sceptics in signs that the Gordon below Franklin could be dammed at any time. It’s pissing down in Melbourne as I write so I will enjoy sitting back and watching another year’s worth of drinking water flow into Bass Strait taking a few dozen heifers with it as the Mitchell floods. At least it means I have an excuse to shower with the missus, not that it gets me anywhere, if you get my drift.

In footy this week, it’s been all about the umpires. I have an opinion on this, so excuse me as I climb aboard my soapbox. Year after year, the AFL create new rules that have the effect of, if not the intention, making umpires front and centre of early season football debate. Most of these new rules have little effect of improving the game of Australian Football, but I guess it cures a few people of their relevance deprivation syndrome. Now lately we’ve been talking about umpire contact. Don’t touch them. Fair enough. But it has gone well beyond the discouragement of violence towards authority and language such as “sacrosanct” and “duty of care” are coming into it. A footballer has one duty on the field and that’s to get the bloody football. All this stuff is dressed up as being designed to encourage young umpires into the game. Well when I was growing up into a man, the last thing I wanted was to be considered so fragile as to warrant suspension or thousand dollar fines if I was to be touched, so, as a man, I would be far less inclined to turn towards umpiring than I was previously. A man wants respect, he wants to be a man. Affirmative action in this situation can only have the effect of attracting relevance deprived pussies to umpiring fraternity and that’s the last thing the game of Australian Football needs.

In matches this week…..

Port Adelaide v St Kilda. This is an interesting one. The Saints have performed beautifully so far this year, and I stand by my opinion of Port as crap. That said, Justin Koschitske has been a lot of the reason for the Saints success this year and he is out. I reckon Port might win a close one.

Essendon v Collingwood. I am a massive believer in Anzac Day, but I think it’s a disgrace that these 2 clubs get the honour of playing the annual dedicatory match. It ought be shared. Collingwood will win because they are a better side. Although if Medhurst doesn’t play, it could be close. Rocca doesn’t matter one way or the other, and never really did.

Hawthorn v West Coast. Hawthorn’s form has been deplorable and West Coast have been quite good. However it’ll be effing freezing down in Launceston and I reckon the Hawks will get up.

Fremantle v Sydney. The Bloods haven’t travelled well this year but have been great at home. Freo have been woeful. This could be a frustrating game to watch over in Perth and I’ll be frustratedly watching the Swans get up by not much.

North Melbourne v Richmond. Coughlin is back for the Tiges so that’s one good thing. More important, much more important than Cousins in my view. Gee Richmond were bad last week but I just have a feeling they might turn it around this week. North have failed to impress me this year, so I’m going with the Tiges.

Geelong v Brisbane. At Geelong. It’ll be pissing down and cold. Brisbane did well against the Swans in the wet the other week but 10 degrees less makes a difference. Geelong.

Western Bulldogs v Carlton. The Blues have lost their last two and the Dogs lost in Perth last week. The Dogs draw in the early part of the season has been criminal and their legs will still be a bit weary. Carlton to get their season back on track.

Melbourne v Adelaide. I’m picking Adelaide because they are the better side. Melbourne are an enthusiastic young group though and it would not surprise me to see them back up last week’s win with another at home in the wet on Sunday.

In racing it’s the Sydney Cup this week and it’s a pretty tough one to pick. I’d be looking at horses like Ice Chariot, Newport, and Master O’Reilly in a very wide quaddie, that is, wide in the Cup and the last leg, and a bit narrower in the All Aged Stakes (Racing to Win, Masked Assassin) and the Queen Elizabeth Stakes (Vision and Power, Pompei Ruler). At Flemington, just back anything that’s won in the wet.

Barachetta (or Barashitter as my lady wife likes to call him) will probably run at Ararat on Monday and is worth backing if the track is slow.

Oz Flick Crit: Closed for Winter

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is Closed for Winter: unlocking summer’s secrets

Australian writer/director James Bogle has given us the very introspective Closed for Winter, an adaptation of Georgia Blain’s 1998 novel of the same name. This dark film brought to mind the recent French language I’ve loved you for so long, “This is a sombre, desolate tale. It is as much about her complex relationships as it is the past.”

Both stories explore coming to terms with loss, about achieving the dreaded ubiquitous cliché and about creating a new beginning.


In theatres now.