Things aren’t always as they seem……

…….and I simply love having my preconceptions ruined.




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  1. James..perhaps I’m clicking the wrong button, but the link comes up with Disabled By Request. Just thought to let you know.

  2. Min,

    I think that’s just a description of James…

  3. James you look like a cool bloke in that picture, whats that shirt say?

  4. Sorry, guys, but look them up on youtube. Worth the effort.

    Aqua, Booligal Hotel.

  5. James. I caught a snippet about this lady with an amazing singing voice. And now all threads and links have been pulled it seems. Well maybe someone can find ’em but I can’t.

  6. Min try this:

  7. Thank you reb. It’s for all the girls who have never been pretty, for all of us.

  8. By gee, how true..things aren’t always as they seem. Thank you James and Reb.

  9. That Susan Boyle has a sensational voice.

    You go girl.

  10. Ms Boyle’s Youtube clip has now reportedly received around 20 million hits worldwide.

  11. She claims to have never been ‘kissed’. They say there’s someone for everyone, and the publicity can’t exactly hurt her prospects in that area.

  12. Ohh noo..don’t spoil the illusion. I think that everyone on the production team would have known what an amazing voice Ms Boyle has. However, I enjoyed the story especially the obviously unorchestrated reactions from the audience.

  13. Geez, Tony, if it turns out to be a set up, boy will I be devastated. I shed a genuine tear when I first watched it and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being manipulated.

  14. Manipulated? By “Hollywood”? Perish the thought.

    (It does fit well with this thread’s heading, though.)

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