Can you feel the love?

Glenn Milne has an article today yesterday on the in-fighting that is occuring within the Liberal party, in particular the attacks against Julie Bishop.

THERE is a new grouping inside the federal Liberal Party. It is called “the big swinging dicks”. Unless of course you are not a member. In which case you call it, ironically, “the little swinging dicks”.

Julie Bishop knows who they are. She and her supporters are keeping a beady eye on them. And they would be well advised to, if she wants to remain as deputy party leader.

He goes on to say:

So much for the history of Bishop’s fall from grace. What of her future? Of this my Liberal emailer is certain: “The next phase of their plan to have Bishop dumped as deputy is already under way.”

If you think Machiavelli had said it all on political skulduggery, listen to this: “The strategy is to book her for fundraising events and so on, then cancel early due to a “lack of interest”.

Can’t you just feel the love in the party room?


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  1. “Then cancel early due to a lack of interest”

    That could apply to just about any Liberal party event couldn’t it?


  2. It’s impossible to say whether Milne’s “interlocutor” is a figment of his imagination, but the only member of the BSD’s Milne names – Sen Cormann – flatly denies any such involvement:

    From: Cormann, Mathias (Senator)
    Sent: Monday, 13 April 2009 7:00 AM
    To: ‘milneg@XXXXX
    Cc: ‘malcolm@XXXXX; Bishop, Julie (MP); Minchin, Nick (Senator); Abetz, Eric (Senator)
    Subject: Your piece today

    I strongly object to your reference to me in your ‘opinion’ piece today.

    Your suggestion that I am part of a group to undermine Julie Bishop is completely false. I have never ever briefed against Julie Bishop. I never have been nor am I part of any group strategising to bring Julie Bishop down.

    To the contrary, Julie Bishop always has and continues to have my strong support.

    The suggestion that I am looking to run for Curtin (or any other lower house seat for that matter) is just completely absurd. This is so wrong and so unbelievable that printing something like that without even talking to me about it is unprofessional in the extreme.

    You agreed to keep your email contact anonymous, who if he did indeed name me in his email was intent on damaging me without foundation, you didn’t mention anyone else in the story but me, yet you never gave me the opportunity to comment. Why?

    If the rest of your Opinion piece is as accurate as the references to me then I have to agree with the other anonymous comment, it is “absolute rot”.

    Kind regards


  3. Tony – he does not actually say that Mathias is part of the BSD’s. He just says that he is a “conduit”.

    This is so much fun it must be fattening.

  4. That’s not how Sen Cormann read it, according to the above email:

    Your suggestion that I am part of a group to undermine Julie Bishop is completely false.

  5. Well, that’s it, Cormann has just finished sharpening the knife he’ll sink into Eyes’ back. She must have felt that familiar frisson of fear all pollies have when one of their number says “* continues to have my strong support.”

    * insert name of choice

  6. Milne wrote..that there is infighting amongst the Liberals..that Julia Bishop flutter of eyelashes and wiggle of an extremely tight fitting skirt is INNOCENT (my bit).

    On the basis of jealousy, the MP says this group “decided some months ago that Bishop needed to be taken down, and laid out a plan to undermine her role as shadow treasurer”.

    Gotcha, there is some sort of conspiracy group within the Liberal party with their tincy little arrows (big dicks and little dicks) with nothing better to do than focus on a (YAWN) also-ran such as Julia Bishop.

    If the Libs are spending such effort into trying to undermine Bishop, just imagine the behind the scene shenanigans re Turnbull and Costello.

    Or else it’s Milne telling fibs.

  7. To stab someone in the back you need to be 100% behind them.

  8. Snicker, joni.

  9. Mathias doth protest too much, no threats to sue though. Notice that he’s careful to cc to the party playmakers

    malcolm@XXXXX; Bishop, Julie (MP); Minchin, Nick (Senator); Abetz, Eric (Senator)

    I almost feel sorry for Julie Bishop, but then I remember, she’s a Liberal.

  10. I almost feel sorry for Julie Bishop, but then I remember, she’s a Liberal.

    And a Christian too, most likely.

  11. And a Christian too, most likely.


  12. Why feel sorry for any of them. Our politicians are layabouts, no-hopers, spivs, liars, cozeners and inept. The reward is a sack of taxpayers’ dollars plus other goodies if you can stick it out.

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