Flick Crit: Let the Right One In – Vintage Vampire

Låt den rätte komma in/Let the Right One In is vintage vampire. I thought I’d never enjoy another in this genre but this film took me by surprise. A real gem!

This is the best foreign language, pubescent female vampire movie of 2008 by far. It’s set in Stockholm in 1982, obviously a memorable year for Swedish horror. Kåre Hedebrant as the bullied boy Oskar and Lina Leandersson as the girl vampire Eli are magnificent! They even outshine the child actors in Slumdog Millionaire.



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  1. You’ve got me looking forward to this one Kevin. Never heard of it before your review. Good stuff!

    I luv fanged films in the lands of ice & snow.


  2. It’s very limited release. Only Cinema Nova in Carlton were showing it in Melbourne.

  3. Well you liked it Kevin, and you’ve got pretty good taste…& I just checked IMDb (Internet Movie Database) where it got 8.2 outa 10 after 21,401 votes.

    So I reckon it needs a wider release.


  4. nasking

    Couldn’t agree more. It was virtually a full house last Saturday. Definite cult movie potential. Hopefully the DVD will be readily available.

  5. “Hopefully the DVD will be readily available.”

    agree…& Kevin, I hope World Movies & SBS grab it too…down the road.


  6. Yay, thanx Kevin.

    Love the fanged ones.

    Speaking of…”I luv fanged films in the lands of ice & snow.”

    I watched “30 days of night” a few months back & thought the premise was very cool!
    Awesome brutality. Prime for a sequel.

  7. Am loving True Blood ATM. (On Showcase.)


  8. I got Austar this week but none of the movie channels.
    Sounds good though Tony, so long as it’s not some kinda strange convolution on abstinence & piety ala the happy clappers as that “Twilight” movie is supposed to be.

    Give me gore & fangs with an edge of reality. Preferably not penned by whomever that female was that wrote “Interview With The Vampire” etc.
    Name escapes me.

  9. The name you are looking for is “Anne Rice”, and yes – please no more vampire stuff from her. But if you think her “vampire” stuff was a little over the top – read her “Sleeping Beauty” series.
    Warning: Anyone that thought Ms Rice was a little too “alternative” with the sexy gay vampires, REALLY needs to avoid the “Sleeping Beauty” series. I mention it only as a background to the author.

    On the subject of foreign horror movies, I am quite thankful for the recommend. I pretty much loathe the quality of horror films (or lack thereof) coming from the US studios. The only halfway decent ones are rip-offs of foreign films. Japanese horror has always been a good source (pooor US rip-offs including The Ring, The Grudge, The Eye, etc), but some good thrillers are coming from Europe (The Outbreak, Intacto, etc).

    Kind of wish there was some decent film appreciation groups around the Central Coast *sigh*

  10. Oh, and whilst not quite as bad as “Twilight” (seriously the worst modern vampire mythos to ever see the inside of a movie theatre); True Blood (based on the “Southern Vampire Mysteries” series of Charlaine Harris) is still a bit tame, though it has it’s moments.

    You have to remember that it is coming out of a fad in Urban Fantasy where the main character is a woman (generally with some magical powers) who has multiple sexy creatures of the night infatuated with her. It’s been a Mills & Boon staple for a while, but has moved “mainstream” killing off the genre for those of us that like a good “modern fantasy”.

  11. I read the book last year. Excellent.

    As far as the film goes, WHY THE F**KING F**K IS IT ONLY SHOWING IN F**KING SYDNEY??

    Just because I live in f**king Brisbane, doesn’t mean I want to watch f**king McLeod’s f**king Daughters and buy fish ‘n’ f**king chips at f**king Ipswich!

    F**king sh*t.

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