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Easter Weekend Frolykz!!


And welcome to the Easter Weekend Frolykz..!!

I thought I’d open the door to Frolykz a little earlier, so jump on in.

Whatever you’re doing this long weekend, take it easy and travel safe…


234 Responses

  1. More work for me this weekend I’m afraid. Might try and convince the boyf that we need a night out on the town for some dancing. Not that he’ll need much convincing.

  2. Oftenbark. Give me an Oi if you’re about (re Moonee Valley tonight).

  3. I saw Jesus again at lunchtime.

    This time he was standing in Elizabeth Street mall handing out brochures…

    He was still holding the cross and the plackard…

    What is it with these people…?

    Doesn’t he realise how abso-f*ckin-ridiculous he looks??

  4. Give us something, Tony, just did me testes on my horse at Bendigo (Barachetta). Need to get out before the missus notices the $$ missing.

  5. Hubby’s tips:

    Bendigo R7 No.14 Fire of Desire

    Moonee Valley R7 No.6 Roof Raiser.

  6. Sorry, Min, but I’m going to need to see some form from your hubby before I start throwing cash on his recommendation. He was a disgrace last week, as he would well know. and he would understand my reluctance I’m sure.

  7. Need to get out before the missus notices the $$ missing.

    Lol James.(Don’t you run a sly kick?)

    Was keen to back Cameo Minx at Caulfield last weekend at reasonable odds, but it was scratched. It’s running in Race 4 at the Valley tonight, and should win, but will be quite short in this weaker field.

    However. The same stable has Alltalknoaction, No 11 in Race 3, a first-starter in a 2040 maiden. If any trainer can get a horse to win first-up at this distance it’s Mick Kent. I’ll be having something on spec on the running double. (There’s enough early money on the tote to suggest it will run well.)

    If the first one doesn’t salute, I’ll back the mare straight out in Race 4.

  8. Only been married a few weeks, Tony, I just need ONE WIN to get it started but I’ve punted pretty badly in the last few weeks.

  9. just did me testes on my horse at Bendigo (Barachetta).

    James, I had shares in a (slow) horse with Dean Lawson’s father, Ray (a lovely man he was, too, God rest his soul). The horse was finally sent to a Darwin trainer, who couldn’t get it to improve. So, the last I heard, it finished up as lunch for a crocodile.

  10. Oh I love the Markets……….!

    Up goes Unemployment and so does the ASX

  11. “I saw Jesus again at lunchtime…Doesn’t he realise how abso-f*ckin-ridiculous he looks??”

    Speaking of which, Is this you reb?…you Godless heathen:


  12. Yeah, Tony, I must say I’m not convinced by him. Bara needs a slow track and we’ve been dead unlucky with that, it poured after we ran 9th in the Derby 2 years ago, and the track was simply too hard for him today. If I had any dough I’d buy him out and send him to Sydney.

  13. Hi Tony: Oi!

  14. Hi OB. As explained to James above.

  15. James, a very splediferous avatar.

    Disclaimer: Hubby’s racing tips have no resemblance to his wife’s and so any losses there upon incrued can only be paid out via meatballs.

  16. I hope there are meatlessballs too for the vegies?!

  17. “so any losses there upon incrued can only be paid out via meatballs.”

    I think I’d prefer money:



  18. Speaking of which, Is this you reb?…you Godless heathen:

    nasking, on April 9th, 2009 at 4:15 pm Said:

    I assume you are referring to the little tea pot on the coffee table ?

  19. Hi’yall!

    Thanks Tony. Noted.
    Off to purchase ‘Sportsman’, also to attend the weekly meeting of the Autonomous Collective of The Politics, Industry, Sports and Sciences Experts Diety, better known by the acronym of ACTPISSED.
    Sydney racing this long weekend should be quite interesting.
    One good winner will suffice; well . . . maybe two.
    back later. Much to do.

  20. Jon..As a cook, I could manage to take the meat from the balls, just for you thereby rendering them meatlessballs. I should image that I make them meatless but a wee bit tricky to make them ball-less..cos even if vegetarian they still have to made into balls.

    That’s All (I think that it’s called) from The Wedding Singer..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyl5XPWZW4Y&feature=related

  21. Whoops..too many dots. It’s That’s All (I think that it’s called) from The Wedding Singer..

  22. Woof, do dogs get drunk?

  23. Just saw this from Peter Martins blog with additional HT to Crikey:

    Good old ABC – making do with less (just)

    I’ve gotta say though that I am impressed that Minchin took it all in good humour. While I don’t like his politics, I think I would probably enjoy having a beer with him at the pub.

  24. “I hope there are meatlessballs too for the vegies?!”

    joni, how about paneer kofta balls?:


  25. Naskin,

    Yes that’s me in le blue shirt….

    I really must stop posting pictures of myself on the intertubes..

  26. N

    Tonight’s viewing includes “Dying Breed” the Zombie movie about some treckers who travel to Tasmania!!

  27. “Yes that’s me in le blue shirt….”

    You seem pretty relaxed on that couch young man…but

    “If we see you smoking we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.”
    – Douglas Adams

  28. reb, enjoy. I’m hoping it’s worthwhile watching.

    But whatever you do don’t read Margaret & David’s review beforehand…keep it for later and see what ya think of their review:


    We watched the first four episodes from Battlestar Galactica season 3 back to back the last coupla nights…kicked arse!

    Gonna watch a recording of ‘Lost’ tonite. Then more ‘Threshold’.


  29. Hey reb! I see ‘Quarantine’ is out on DVD here next week. I’m looking forward to it:

    Quarantine TRAILER 2008 {TRUE-HD} Sony Pictures


  30. Nasking,

    Yes! I’m also eagerly awaiting quarantine.

    BTW watched a really good horror/thriller the other night called Shuttle (as in airport shuttle). Definitely worth getting out (New Release on DVD)

    I love the tag line – “all they wanted was a ride home..”

  31. lol…

    Reminds me of this reb…was also entertaining:

    Joy Ride trailer (2001)

    “Candy Cane”…shudder.


  32. I’ve selected this shiraz for a dinner on Saturday night. A good wine at a good price.


  33. I extended my cellar during the week. This is the east wing.

  34. Miglo, after the description on that site it got me yearning for a red…haven’t had one in ages:

    followed by a very long aftertaste of black pepper, blackberry and dark chocolate.


    BTW, I looked up that iPod thingy on the internet but it took me to a sensory deprivation tank site.

    And as for the iSnatch…let’s just say those sites weren’t showing these:

    I’m confused



  35. Miglo, how on earth did you manage to get a pic of my cellar??

    Obviously your alter ego (the duck) has been compromised by a football team!

  36. Migs, I can see you in that cellar now:


    I luv a duck who enjoys a good drink


  37. Jesus was English! (according to Alf Garnett)


  38. Very sharp N’. You’re quick tonight.

    Angel, here’s the west wing.

  39. Infiltrated twice. Clever Duck!

    Just think, I could sell the vinegar and make a fortune.

  40. Here’s a song from Canada…a wee band called Klaatu:

    Anus Of Uranus – Klaatu

    Anus of Uranus, he’s a friend of mine
    He’s a first-rate party and a real fine time
    Anus of Uranus, he’s a friend of mine
    He’s a first-rate party and a real fine time

    And to think that some teen Canucks thought this was The Beatles in disguise. Games people play in the media.


  41. Some might recognise this song…but a different version:

    Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (45 edit) – Klaatu


  42. Can’t beat Karen’s voice for this song. Still gives me goosebumps:

    Carpenters – Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft


  43. Nasking

    Can I have a request:

    “Journey to a Star”

  44. This one reb?:

    A Journey to a Star – Alice Faye

    from the 1943 movie The Gang’s All Here


  45. Or this?

    A Journey To A Star – Lemongrass


  46. You Made Me Love You medley – Judy Garland, 1963


  47. Where’s the politix thread? (I can’t find one.)

    Oh well, at the risk of disturbing the festive and their festivities:

    A multiple choice question: Who said this?

    “From getting rid of Saddam, to reducing violence, to stabilizing the country, to facilitating elections — you have given Iraq the opportunity to stand on its own as a democratic country. That is an extraordinary achievement.”

    A) G.W. Bush
    B) J.W. Howard
    C) Tony Blair

    Answer here.

  48. reb, jesus is hunting for your lost soul.

    you WILL be incinerated eternally for your thought crimes.

  49. ‘Woof, do dogs get drunk’? – Angel

    No Angel. Never. Not this Black Dog (cue nasking)..
    Hey hey mama, this Black Dog values his drivers licence, muchly, as do all members of the Autonomous Collective.

    Brill. The Brill Building, New York, office of songwriters Neil Sedaka, Carole King.

  50. He’s playing the role Tony.

    WTF else was he gonna say? the truth doesn’t wash that well with the apple-pie chompers.

    Nice loaded question BTW.

  51. Tony: I watched the (Minx) Moonee Valley race at the TAB.
    Odd far too short for me in a mares and fillies race, which I try to avoid at most times.
    Nevertheless, thanks for the thought. Better days ahead.

  52. Je suis en train d’écrire en français parce que je ne veux pas de l’encourager, mais le sauvage du parodee Ugly BWOOCE et tres bon.

  53. Odd far too short for me in a mares and fillies race, which I try to avoid at most times.

    Yes, me too. I always (well, nearly always) stick to the “odds-on, look on” wisdom.

    BTW, Discorsi is entered for Caulfield Saturday.

  54. Le pensez-vous est de la parodie ? Ou Bwooce est-il simplement fou ?

  55. Interesting news Tony. Thanks for the alert. Sportsman sold out locally. Perth airport will have one for sale tomorrow, I hope.
    Shall check out. These lads are certainly chasing a cheque/return from this horse. Worth watching, caution, as always.

  56. Sacrebleu!

    Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (live 1973)


  57. Sorry OB, he was entered for Moonee Valley Monday, not Caulfield, but I have just found out he’s been scratched.

    BTW, I distinctly recall Lee Freedman saying, when Discorsi was a 2YO rising three, that he was probably the most talented two-year-old he had. He said if he could keep his mind off chasing fillies, he may be a very special horse.

    I presume he has had injury problems since then, since he’s now five and has had only 16 starts.

  58. Sweet Seasons – Carole King


  59. Darn, that Black Dog got away from me…over the hills & far away:


  60. Consultez votre dictionnaire Tony. Definitely parodie, parodie sauvage.

  61. Sacrebleu!

    Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf: More Blue Than Your Eyes

  62. Cool Tony. Patience.
    BTW Tony. I liked the run of Headway last week at Rosehill. Mount Verde was even more impressive, dogged. Both good results por moi. Two to keep in mind.

  63. Une parodie (prononcé [pɛɹədi ː] US [paɹədi ː] Royaume-Uni, aussi appelé
    send-up ou faux), dans l’usage contemporain, est une œuvre créée à
    fantaisie, un commentaire, ou ironiser sur une œuvre originale, son
    sujet, ou de l’auteur, ou à une autre cible, par le biais de
    humoristique, satirique ou ironique imitation. Comme la littérature
    théoricien de Linda Hutcheon (2000: 7) dit, “est la parodie …
    imitation avec une différence, pas toujours à la
    dépens de la parodie du texte. “Une autre critique, Simon Dentith
    (2000: 9), définit la parodie comme «toute pratique culturelle
    fournit une polémique allusive imitation d’un autre
    la production culturelle ou de la pratique. ”
    Parody mai être trouvée dans l’art ou de culture, y compris la littérature,
    la musique (bien que «la parodie» dans la musique a plutôt un sens plus large
    que pour d’autres formes d’art), et le cinéma. Parodies sont parfois
    familièrement dénommé spoofs ou lampoons.

  64. Attention all bloggers. Please. Plastic Bertrand is BANNED on this blog. Don’t even think about it!

  65. This was forbidden fruit here in QLD for awhile:

    The Last Temptation of Christ

    Music by Peter Gabriel


  66. Quelle coincidence! Vous et Bwooce arrivez ensemble.

  67. OB, Don’t discount Pre Eminence from the Mick Price stable in the Derby tomorrow. Made up a lot of ground last week from near last. (Should be around $15.)

  68. I’m waiting patiently for the second (?) coming:


    Have a goodie all.

    BTW, new long weekend only gravatar pic taken by the lovely S’ tonite…one choc for her, one for me…those wascally wabbits are lit by the LIGHT from our wedding photo…coulda quite easily have been a CIVIL UNION photo…whatever. Let LOVE in.

  69. Also, he ran him in the G1 Australian Cup two starts ago. M Price just wouldn’t run a 3YO in that race unless he had a very big opinion of him.

  70. Let LOVE in.

    Nick Cave: Let Love In

  71. Noted Tony. Thank you!

    Tony. Can you link me to or nominate a website which has Eastern States, i.e. Melbourne and Sydney weekend fields?

  72. That was for Vic only. For all states go here:


  73. Cool work once more Nasking. Well done.

    BTW, bout time we dedicated a blog to “music” in an endeavour to ascertain the musical tastes of blogocrats, and, more to the point, what blogocrats are listening to or have recently listened to/bought.

  74. Noted once again Tony. Ta!

  75. Excellent Tony ( nodding in approval of). Ta!

  76. Dayam!
    you guys love a punt eh?!

    Tis one thing I’ve never been able to fathom.

    Definitely not a gambler.

    Good luck though, hope you all rape the probabilities.

    …& now I believe Senor Phelps is awaiting.

  77. Seasonal only, and selective TBoss. Spirng in Vic, Late summer/Autumn in Vic And NSW.
    Between times, hibernating.

  78. Nite all. Time to reflect on the week that was.

  79. I don’t see one of ‘its’ parodies’ on this thread …

  80. Too true Aubegene.

    I for one love cheese eating surrender monkeys…don’t go much for Sarko though.
    M. Royale was more to my liking.

  81. Apologies Aubegene.

    “it” is a very poor choice of words by me.

  82. Have to go now. Thanks for the conversation Tb. Apologies to any absent friends who were spoken about, but we shall no doubt resolve those matters in due course.

    Bonsoir. 😉

  83. Pas le vous anus?

    Guten nacht.

  84. I don’t think that this has been reported on:

    ALP Senate Support up 2.7% since 2007 Election

    Greens would hold Senate “Balance of Power” with 8-10 Seats in half-Senate Election

    Interesting..Fielding would lose his Senate seat according to Morgan’s.


  85. I’m with you Tboss, I wouldn’t know a good horse from a bad horse, and a gambler I am not.

    Min, it’s comforting to know that Fielding would lose his seat. IMO, his power intoxicates him.

  86. Wow. There’s Goodies marathon on the Fox Comedy Channel.

  87. Miglo

    I know – I am flipping between Homer and TBT/BO/GG.

  88. Nice to see Cardinal Pell making the headlines in time for Easter with his usual intelligent commentary….



  89. Reb..spotted this one this morning too. First thought..umm, Pell agrees with the Pope?? Wow!

    Let’s tear strips off the argument.


    AIDS-afflicted countries “awash with condoms”

    Next is:

    Cardinal Pell also said a non-Catholic health worker, with whom he had travelled back from a trip to Africa, had told him condoms were not an effective solution to Africa’s AIDS problem.

    “He made the point that the people in remote areas are too poor to afford condoms and the ones that are available are often of very poor quality and weren’t used effectively,” he said.

    From Pell:

    Cardinal Pell compared the AIDS infection rate in Catholic Philippines with that of Thailand which, he said, was struggling to cope with an epidemic of the disease.

    “If you look at the Philippines you’ll see the incidence of AIDS is much lower than it is in Thailand which is awash with condoms,” he said.

    Therefore the problem is not poverty, not being able to afford condoms of reasonable quality (and having to reuse them, my mention) it’s because the blighters aren’t Catholic!

  90. I think that I would like to add, that it’s not just a matter of bonking but in the poorest nations having children is a matter of survival especially when you might expect only 1:4 of your children to survive past childhood.

    The subtext of the Pope’s and Pell’s message is that only promiscuous people contract aids.

  91. And just to prove that idiocy isn’t limited to the Catholics.

    From: http://www.smh.com.au/national/condoms-and-virginia-woolf-to-blame-20090410-a2os.html

    “The idea that you can solve a great spiritual and health crisis like AIDS with a few mechanical contraptions like condoms is ridiculous,” Cardinal Pell told Sky News.

    Dr Phillip Jensen, Anglican Dean of Sydney, told AAP on Friday he sympathised with Cardinal Pell’s views, but did not believe condoms alone had made society more promiscuous.

    “In terms of adultery, in terms of divorce, in terms of grandchildren, yes we are in big trouble as a society because of the sexual revolution,” he said.

    “It came out of Virginia Woolf and that crowd (in England in the early 20th century).

    Why don’t the whole crew just spit it out, that AIDs is a punishment against the sinners with emphasis on the unchristian.

  92. Just while I was sitting chatting all alone 😦 while Jeff is out mowing the lawn, I thought to do a Nas’ and play an old time favorite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnHksDFHTQI

    Love the baritone, basso baritone and contralto resonating bits.

    I’ll give it to those Christians, they could paint nice ceilings and come up with some good tunes too.

  93. Our friends, the Chinese:

    So when an ex-professor in his 70s puts up notices at Shandong University announcing that he was going to pay his respects to Zhao Ziyang, some in power saw this as a threat. Twenty police warned him not to go.

    Sun ignored them and walked towards Heroes’ Mountain, past a group of parked police cars, until he reached the men who dragged him along, threw him down a two-metre drop and bashed him for over 10 minutes.

    SUN WENGUANG (translated): Their purpose is to create an atmosphere of fear. Lots of university students in mainland China now have no idea who Zhao Ziyang is. They don’t know that he was once China’s premier and the general secretary of the Communist Party.

    So their purpose is to make people forget about history and forget about Zhao Ziyang’s political reforms.

    STEPHEN MCDONELL: Sun says the men who beat him were either plain clothes police or paid off by the police.

  94. “Nick Cave: Let Love In”

    lol Tony…ya knows how I luvs a bit of irony & ambiguity now & then. Well caught.

    Fortunately my relationship only experiences them ugly twins on the odd occasion. The rest is LIGHT. Sometimes ya gotta take the risk. Take the dung aspects and turn it into growth.

    Ellie’s Love Theme – Isaac Hayes


  95. “BTW, bout time we dedicated a blog to “music” in an endeavour to ascertain the musical tastes of blogocrats”

    Agree Oftenbark…& danke.

    Listened to this today…

    Imaginary Man – Ray Davies


  96. Ray Davies – Working Man’s Café


  97. So many have faded away…we wish we could find the words, the songs to bring them back to VITAL.

    But alas, sometimes it’s only memories and a remembering spoken, the trace, whispers on the banks of foggy rivers and lakes…other lone places…or a VOICE that tells all, that we have left of what was…might’ve been:

    The banks of Sullane sung – Niamh Parsons


  98. I imagine a fella, mythical or real…woke up w/ the same idea…fire, light in his eyes…drawin’ from hers:

    Ruthie Foster – Woke Up This Mornin’

    N’…wink & nod to a great mate…pal. Great day. Better night.

  99. An amazing voyager:

    Karen Dalton – Something on your mind / How Sweet it is


  100. N’, here’s another oldie, from people who are now oldies. You may remember them.

  101. N; he’s going to step on you again.

  102. Also from 1987, the Saints.

  103. I think a fair proportion of contributors here fit the baby-boomer generation, so for those of us over 47:

    perhaps the original Steppenwolf as well?

  104. “You may remember them.”

    Oh yea, I know The Quo Migs…fine stuff….plenty of pubs under my belt…ya can see it in a certain light…:)

    Here’s a song from the learning that goes on day by day…if we bother to REALLY listen…take the TIME:

    Townes Van Zandt – Pancho & Lefty (live 1993)


  105. So you two stop talking to yourselves, watch this.

    Nice blues. Seasick Steve.

  106. Angel & Migs, let’s open the sky…

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch – Origin of Love


  107. I thought Hedwig was Harry’s Owl. I think my speakers just stopped working!

  108. Who who knows what an owl gets up to in their spare time…:)

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch – Makeup (Wig in a box)


  109. Nasking, I think you need …something to aspire to. You poor man! Maybe this will help.

    Night all.

  110. Something from my era.

  111. “I think you need …something to aspire to. You poor man!”

    Hmmm… I think you’ve got yer wires crossed Angel. Don’t forget, this blog finds its roots in difference. Some of us play music for our hosts, other participants, lurkers…& sometimes ourselves…occasionally all of the above.

    I prefer diversity. “Sanctimonious” is not an outfit I’m interested in wearing.

    Just sayin’…

    joanna newsom – cosmia


  112. Hullo Angel: Still with that Bocelli bloke eh? (And . . . you’ve been watching Spicks’n’Specks re Seasick Steve).
    For god sake. Go out and purchase CD ‘The Very Best Of Ry Cooder – Why Don’t You Try Me’. Second hand at around $10-$15. Bloody bargain.

    You’re psychic Nasking. I’d just been listening to Ruthie Foster’s ‘Hole in My Pocket’ prior to logging on to Blogocrats.

    Saw Ray Davies in concert here, solo, around 1998. Told his life story from behind a podium, reading from a book ( Autumn Almanac, no doubt) holding a beautiful Ovation guitar.
    One of my favs of all time.
    And . . . Led Zep live at Subiaco Oval, around 1973-4?
    Nasking, another of my favs was Keb Mo, live here around 1996-7.

    Now here’s a blast from the past for you and others Nasking:
    Jeannie Lewis, at UWA, around 1974. Brilliant. Never gained the deserved recognition. Jeannie sang Ray Davies’ “Celluloid Heros” in her own unique killer theatrical style.

  113. Ok Nasking: We’ll get our Music thread happening yet.
    Shall I begin? Ok then.

    What has OB been listening to, music wise, this week?

    Ruthie Foster, Betty James, Kiki Dee, Bobby Blue Bland, Donny Hathaway, Andy Cowan, Raul Malo, Buckwheat Zydeco, Brand New Heavies, Oakridge Boys, Old Crow Medicine Show, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Garbage (leave it out, Angel), Portishead.

  114. BTW Nasking. Am in the process of converting some of my favouritve vinyl albums to digital (wav, cda, cd quality) at a friends music conversion-internet cafe business (cheap cheap).
    This month: Rolling Stones, Aftermath
    Muddy Waters, The Real Folk Blues
    Kiki Dee, Loving and Free
    Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection ( my one and only Reggie Album, his first and IMO his very best, by far).
    Glenn Frey, No Fun Aloud
    Robert Palmer, Clues
    Elvin Bishop, Struttin’ My Stuff (no Angel, he ain’t catholic)
    Larry Carlton, Friends
    Lee Ritenour, On The Line

  115. I agree Aubegene.

    Ugly Bwooce’s send up of corporate activities in China, Tibet and the developing world on last week’s Weekend Frolykz was parody at its savage best.

    Bitter sweet. Brutal. Hilarious. Very very sad. Often all in the one sentence. A lively reminder that the written word is mightier than the sword. And the jack boot.

    Tres bon indeed!

  116. And didn’t the last 50,000 visitors to Blogocrats come along in a hurry! Just a few weeks, if a late-convert like me is not mistaken?

    Good work all round.

    You guys ought to be congratulated.

  117. Good stuff Oftenbark…sorry i missed ya earlier…we watched Babylon 5 and hit the sack. Was up for a drink of water & thought i’d check in…saw yer list.

    I’ll throw a few yer way before retirin’ again:

    Elton John – Where To Now St. Peter


  118. Kinks – Celluloid Heroes


  119. S’ & I dig this big time:

    David Bowie – Suffragette City


  120. Rolling Stones – paint it black (live 1966)


  121. Buckwheat Zydeco – Make A Change (live 1989)


  122. Keb Mo – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (1997)

    enjoy Oftenbark…he’s a plenty talented fella.


  123. My last for the night…lest i fall asleep in the chair & wake up in the paws of our cats

    Julian Cope – Pristine – Live 1991

    Cope’s ‘Peggy Suicide’ Lp is one LP I luv to rip up…when washing up…and such.



  124. “You guys ought to be congratulated.”

    I agree gab:





  125. Bacchus,

    That cartoon is hilarious!!


  126. Yes reb – I got quite a 😆 out of it. I reckon it might be worth posting again down here, to disentangle it from the work of our resident DJs from last night.


  127. bacchus

    very very funny.

  128. A late catchup with Nas’. I am Hedwig fan also. The one that I love apart from the 2 that you provided is Midnight Radio:

  129. Bacchus,

    That cartoon is hilarious!!

    I found nothing amusing about it.

  130. Just in case some haven’t seen it yet..from our furry friend Poss: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/pollytics/

    Turnbull no Ladies Man…Turnbull really has only one big weakness – female voters.

    Agree, can’t argue with the stats. Why is Rudd sexy for women (stats do not lie) and Turnbull is a turnoff??

  131. Bacchus, I had a good laugh at the cartoon. Very Funny.

  132. Strewth, I reckon yer need lay off the sauce bottle Gab.

    Havin been damned by the faint praise of the original bloomin Doctor’s wife has made moi gut crook.

    So can yer tell what time hubby’s surgery opens tomorrow mornin girlie? Am confirm the bloke bulk bills 2? Yeah, I’m fair dinkum. I’m a banker an I’ve grown 123% accustomed to everyone else payin moi way, OK?

  133. Gosh, bwoocie, you are a hard man to please.

    Sorry but I am going to have to let you down gently pet. Being good Mercedes-driving socialists, we do not practice on public holidays and our surgery does not bulk bill, OK?

  134. reb,

    We are off for a night of dancing tonight at the shift (upstairs).

    Hope everyone is having lazy and good Easter.

  135. Ok, here you go, track down this Lady if you like quality, this is a peek into the woman, she’s brilliant.

  136. Oh.! well try this..

    If it don’t work. Well look her up :).

  137. Her version of La Vie en Rose will make you weep. Better than the ‘Little Sparrow’.

  138. It didn’t make me weep. As per Naskings post pointing out that we all have different tastes, maybe: you and N’ can have a play off? I’ll turn my speakers off! 🙂

  139. Now Angel, ( Ah, the thought of Nask and I in music heaven whilst a grumpy ..)
    So, to suit, hope you tolerate cats ( felines).

  140. Ok Nask, while Angel has her education self limited , this you may enjoy:

  141. For Angel,who can’t hear it:

  142. For the blogocrats..

    and brother Nask. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwA4M7-8NZ8

  143. No pleasin’ some peoples LM…:)

    Here’s thinkin’ about a big plump red thing gonna be in my fried brekky tomorrow:

    Homegrown Tomatoes by Guy Clark


  144. Woof, you’ll love this!!! Pachelbels Canon played on electric guitar. Amazing

    AND on Violin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huplhRTXGOc

    OK, I’m going to look at yours now.

  145. May I throw one in? (Don’t wish to rain on your VJ parade, but it looks like fun 🙂 )

    A kind of a bluegrassy siren-songy type ballad:

    Go To Sleep You Little Baby

  146. Gracias LM, top music…luv the geography…and that bear is just me sneakin’ my way thru the spaces in-between.

    As for Ute…good choice…here’s another:

    Ute Lemper – Ghosts of Berlin

    She’s special LM


  147. Ok,appears Angel has her head in the clouds, and the sound turned off, so an Angel tune:

  148. “Go To Sleep You Little Baby”

    Them there are sirens Tony…singin’ bootiful music…from one good mudda of a movie…nice choice…here’s another:

    The Belly of an architect: music by Wim Mertens


  149. Ah, Tony I have that ,excellent: you may like this,

  150. Guys, are all these people not on this earth any longer??

    Sarah McLachlan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVbkz_3lO3c&feature=PlayList&p=F185D82FFD4849FD&index=0&playnext=1

  151. Nask: Ute Lemper will visit you soon, the more you hear ,it only gets better. You have to appreciate German society between their defeats.

  152. Speaking of sleep Tony…& LM’s hilarious pomp & ceremony choice (this band have been accused of same…but I dispute it)…and Angel’s taste for refined things …and my adoration of narration…

    Sleep: – Godspeed You! Black Emperor


  153. reb & a few other lovers, like me, of 28 Days Later might recognise this edited piece from:

    “East Hastings” – Godspeed You! Black Emperor


  154. Minimal but emotive:

    Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit


  155. Well, as a non user (this makes me wish ,maybe, perhaps!!) Dave Van Ronk

    What an Angel is required for..

  156. I get no kick from champagne

  157. Chat soon LM.

    Angel, you might like this one:

    Nanci Griffith & John Prine-Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

    I’m off for the night…m’Lady & I havin’ a late roast, incl plump roasted chillies…& takin’ in a film or two.

    cheers all, was fun.

  158. An Angel is required for COCAINE?? Never beed down that road. Was that Keith Richards? Nearly dead.

  159. Nasking, liked the pics.
    I don’t get a kick from champagne

    This is very old, but I like it.

  160. Angel, use your powers and read ,and listen, and that was a reference to the song you put up by Sarah McLachlan and it’s all to do with drugs.
    It is by van Ronk
    to go back, Memphis Jug Band in the twenties sang Cocaine Habit Blues, always been, always will be…..Always will need an Angel.

  161. Here ya go Angel. Real Folk music, played by real musicians.
    Sing along now.

    Ry Cooder – Goodnight Irene

  162. I saw Ute Lemper’s one woman show in London way back when. She was amazing.

  163. Angel power is powered out by all this old stuff.:) The only time I really listen to lyrics is when I’m very down, or trying to go to sleep. Or when I’m thinking about my drug addicted son.

    Woof, I can’t get to your link.

  164. Woof, I found it myself. Lucky he can play the guitar, he sure can’t sing.

  165. Oftenbark,this is a pretty good take, great film and great CD,like a lot of these Cd’s you can get them cheap, the value lies within.
    How I’d like to play like this..

  166. JH Voodoo Chile’

    He sings too!

    What the name of that classical guitarist that Tim put up one weekend?

  167. Or when I’m thinking about my drug addicted son.

    That’s tough.. I wish you both well, I have no idea what I would do, so again ,I wish you both well.
    Makes me sad.

  168. Me too. Nothing we can do. Have done everything we can. It’s up to him now 🙂

    My absolute FAV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80srmV8eas

  169. G’day Lang Mack. Good choice there. I saw ‘Paris Texas’ the film. I’m obviously a big fan of Ry. Thanks.

    Nasking: Great effort on your part for last night’s entertainment. Do yourself a favour. Check out a Keb Mo tune on youtube entitled ‘Henry’. Have not seen it yet, but know the tune well. No doubt it will be up on youtube (hopefully).

    Bout time we introduced Angel to Buckwheat Zydeco, and perhaps Jon Cleary.

  170. For Angel (whom I admire after a stuttering start)

  171. Lang Mack, I had to smile at that one. Slightly different that my type of Arabic,

    In reply to that one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tTm3rkmBt4

    Woof, Buchwheat is Hagrid’s Hippogriff.

  172. Popped in for a second. Thnx Oftenbark. Luv Ry Cooder. Good choice LM.

    “The only time I really listen to lyrics is when I’m very down, or trying to go to sleep. Or when I’m thinking about my drug addicted son.”

    Angel, from a comment like that one would think you were doing a bit of labelling. Interesting.

    I take it you don’t sing-a-long to many songs then?

    The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”

    I’m not down tonite, I don’t have a son to judge, and it doesn’t put me to sleep…in fact it makes me smile & chuckle as I sing along.



  173. Aren’t we all tagged with labels, of one sort or another? As for judging, walk a mile in my shoes.

    Anyway, tired now. Night all.

  174. Oftenbark, on April 11th, 2009 at 10:49 pm Said:

    G’day Lang Mack. Good choice there. I saw ‘Paris Texas’ the film. I’m obviously a big fan of Ry. Thanks.
    He does some good stuff, River rescue is an introduction, some I can’t spend the money on.
    You know your heading into Taj Mahal territory,try ‘Big Blues’ as a listen, and Toumani Diabate, he gets around.
    For some neat slide, Kelly Joe Phelps is value.
    Then drift to ‘Pop Staples’ for a bluesy listen, and one of the few Bluesmen who plays mandolin,Yank Rachell.
    If you get the bug 🙂 chase up ‘Negro Prison Blues and Songs’ by Alan Lomax, and’ Negro Songs and Services'(edited) by Lomax from the Library of Congress ,Archive of Folk Culture., I have obtained these by wandering (on motor cycle journeys) for basically nothing, there you get the roots of (Rock and Roll), Blues.

  175. Nask, go to bed young man ,here’s a lullybye;

    The things I do for the people I care about.

  176. Joni, your one lucky man, seeing Ute Lemper, and she’s a very smart lady, for intellect and talent, I can’t bring another to mind.

  177. The more things Change! – the more they stay the same:

    So that Barack Obama — the one trying to convince Democrats to make him their nominee and then their President — said that abducting people and imprisoning them without charges was (a) un-American; (b) tyrannical; (c) unnecessary to fight Terrorism; (d) a potent means for stoking anti-Americanism and fueling Terrorism; (e) a means of endangering captured American troops, Americans traveling abroad and Americans generally; and (f) a violent betrayal of core, centuries-old Western principles of justice. But today’s Barack Obama, safely ensconced in the White House, fights tooth and nail to preserve his power to do exactly that.

  178. Always fun to bash the Christians, especially at Easter, but a read of this might enable some perspective.


  179. Good point James.

    I’ve always admired the work of Father Riley in Sydney too.

  180. Joni,

    I guess you’ll still be sleeping in after your night of toe-tapping on the tiles…

    I’m having a bit of a David Lynch festival in the reb household this weekend. Watched Lost Highway last night.

    It’ll be Mulholland Drive this evening.

    What a brilliant director he is.

  181. Lang Mack,

    Also saw Ute in the London production of Chicago.

  182. And reb… Sunday is going to be a slow slow day 😦

  183. PETA asks the Pet Shop Boys to change their name.

    Pet Shop Boys respond by telling PETA to f*ck off and get a job. (Not really – they didn’t mention jobs at all.)

  184. Tony

    Have to agree with you 100% there.

  185. ‘Woof, Buckwheat is Hagrid’s Hippogriff’ – Angel

    Don’t be silly Angel, close, but no cigar.

    Thanks Lang Mack. Good info.
    Some info I can pass on in relation to traditional arrangement/s, re-arrangements of traditional blues songs, to be found on a site named ‘Turn Me On Dead Man’, which in part deals with the arrangement of old blues songs by Jimmy page and led Zeppelin; or, a CD entitled the Blues Roots of Led Zeppelin: example, their arrangement of Robert Johnson’s ‘Travellin’ Riverside Blues’; Skip James’ ‘Hard Time Killing Floor’ (the Lemon Song); Willie Dixon’s ‘You Need Love’ which Led Zep re-arranged, morphed into ‘Whole Lotta Love’; Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Bring It On Home’; Leadbelly’s ‘Gallis Pole’ morphed into ‘Gallows Pole’; and more.
    Led Zep’s only grammy award came in the form of ‘lifetime contribution’ (to the best of my knowledge). Strange days indeed, most peculiar mamma.
    ‘Blues Roots of Ry Cooder’ CD is also very impressive; featuring original versions of blues songs by Blind Blake, The Rev. Washington Phillips, Sleepy John Estes, Mississippi John Hurt and many more.
    The pick of the crop would be to hear Ry Cooder and Linda Ronstadt’s versions of Washington Phillips’ ‘You Can’t Stop A Tattler’, retitled simply ‘The Tattler’. Great stuff.
    However, Willie Dixon still remains an absolute giant of the blues with a seemingly never-ending array of catchy blues songs, covered mainly by McKinley Morganfield aka Muddy Waters; Chester Burnett aka the Howlin’ Wolf.
    Chuck Berry’s unmistakable guitar riffs undoubtedly had their genesis in the original guitar playing style of the great boogie guitarist, T-Bone Walker. T-Bone is highly recommended listening for any budding blues player.

    Ciao for now, OB

  186. Tony,

    “The more things Change! – the more they stay the same”

    Yes, well much easier to lambast when you have the luxury of not being held accountable for your rhetoric! Welcome to reality there Mr. Obama……..

  187. Always fun to bash the Christians, especially at Easter, but a read of this might enable some perspective.

    That’s their job isn’t it?

  188. Angel is right.

    They are coming from above.

    Put all NUCLEAR plants on ALERT.

  189. Ashes In The Snow – Mono


  190. NOW NOW NOW


  191. Mono – Follow The Map

    Somewhere nr. Paris Texas. Instructions re-routed.

  192. Mono – Flames beyond the cold mountain


  193. I swoop in

    feel the rge…untried…unlisten boy, girlll they say
    in the bam boom of the 41te nite

    not me…fell re sponse ability

    or so the doc tells me.

    and the red flows, from the blue vein

    i’m observin’/// absurd

    wonder in the light
    of mornin’ in the night of the show shot

    so tall buildings seem the compass of the serious
    yet i look down at the light of of the grounded

    laugh on the mixture
    somebodies recipe
    drunk on the tide

    can’t save yer son…daughter…decided
    to swin out

    unless yer here/hear w/ me

    on that/the beach

    ready to breath

    feel the wind


  194. Mr. Obama
    Ya can’t take their guns away
    not in times of unsuredness
    where thoughts of BIG and GOVERNMENT
    put the scares in all and alert to a sleeping

    where do YOU think the PEOPLE have been?

    not SLEEPING

    but WAITING on that porch

    some children, husbands taking up arms

    in faraway places…sending notes HOME

    thoughts, pictures devised in the RETURN

    once…and many…too many all…looking out

    thru the sun, the shadows, the sun’s glare


    yet, kinda suggested

    like this DOWNTURN…

    turns up on their doorstep

    mind, platoon, film, book, room…emptied

    as the lady walks tired of the predictions…

    and the previous sub-letee shades themselves

    and walks w/ a nod down the old carpeted stair


    are left

    w/ the empty room

    predict the future

    waiting for the morning paper

    in your sleep

    before it arrives

    you know

    take the risk

    go w/ the flow

    hear the music


  195. Bruce Springsteen – Jungleland


  196. Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road


  197. it gets this good

    Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run


  198. My fave…walkin’ home, wherever…late…neon lights blurred, smell of donuts…

    Bruce Springsteen – She’s The One


  199. Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell


  200. Meat Loaf – You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth


  201. Meat Loaf – Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad


  202. Boston – More Than A Feeling


  203. Peace of mind – boston


  204. Boston – Foreplay/Long time


  205. Fly Like An Eagle – Steve Miller Band


  206. Steve Miller Band – Keep on rocking me Baby


  207. Elton John – Benny & the Jets


  208. Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom


  209. Elton John – Someone Saved My Life Tonight


  210. Boz Scaggs – Lido Shuffle


  211. Bob Seger – Still The Same


  212. Bob Seger – Night Moves


  213. Al Stewart – Year of the cat


  214. Al Stewart – Time Passages (Live)


  215. Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty


  216. Gerry Rafferty – City To City


  217. Gerry Rafferty – The Ark


  218. J. J. Cale: Cocaine


  219. Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good


  220. Queen – Radio Ga-Ga


  221. Queen- Somebody to Love


  222. Queen – You’re My Best Friend


  223. Queen – You Take My Breath Away


  224. Yes – turn of the century


  225. YES…. Onward


  226. LM, I told you I wouldn’t be here tonite

    but my muse speaks

    driven am i

    and those

    cacophony of others

    telling, hearing

    Wondrous stories – Yes

    sun shines, turns…stories revolve…i’m all ears


  227. Nas’..I thought that I’d just drop by to say hello.

  228. Kittylitter @ 11.26pm:

    That’s their job isn’t it?

    What was that silly newspaper, The Age, thinking, with a headline like: “Kinglake thanks God for Sister McGovern”?

    Surely they could have dropped all the Christian praising nonsense, and headed the article with something more secular, like: “Priests, nuns, do their job.”

    (After all, The Age is supposed to be left-leaning, isn’t it?)

  229. Hi Min…hope you and the hubby are well.

    thought I’d do a mid – late 70s thing w/out the ads. and a later Queen song.

    Not sure why.

    Be cool Tony.

    Have a goodie all

  230. Nas’..was wondering if the subjects of your avatar are still in existence..or have they been mangled?

  231. Surely they could have dropped all the Christian praising nonsense, and headed the article with something more secular, like: “Priests, nuns, do their job.”

    Well tony, I did read the article looking for something exceptional as James from NM promised. But all I found was people employed by taxpayer funded religious organisations ministering to the public in their time of need, being of practical as well as spiritual assistance.

    Isn’t that the job of nuns and priests? Have I got it all wrong?

    …But across bushfire-affected Victoria they’re thanking God for people like Sister McGovern. Their churches may have been destroyed but priests, nuns, ministers and pastoral teams of all denominations have spent the last nine weeks tirelessly caring for parishioners and strangers alike. They have lent advice, helping hands and shoulders to cry on…

    …Sister Ryan distributes food vouchers and money from the Sisters of Mercy fund to help locals buy farming equipment or petrol. She hunts up firewood for one of the cafes, “anything that will help this town’s engine start turning over again”, she says.

    Of course, only the religious help out in times of crisis and need, don’t they, how many unsung, non religious heroes are beavering away without the need for media attention. I wonder where the money I and many others have donated could have gone.

  232. This is indeed a unique site.


    Well done Nas.

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