Easter Sports Thread

Well here I am seeing if I am techo enough to post a blog topic. If it works, look out!!!

In Australian Football this weekend (I will NEVER call it AFL) we have some pretty good matches.

Geelong v Collingwood tonight will be the match of the round. Almost impossible to pick with both sides showing solid, if not great, form. I’m going with Collingwood in the absence of Brad Ottens and because I wasn’t impressed with the Cats over Richmond last week.

St Kilda v West Coast. St Kilda at home fairly easily. Baker will take Kerr, lose the battle, but do just enough to prevent Kerr putting on a show like last week.

Carlton v Essendon. One of what some may call the “traditional blockbusters” Carlton are flying and the Bombers are fighting amongst themselves. Carlton by plenty.

Brisbane v Sydney. Brisbane haven’t beaten the Swannies in I don’t know how long and the Bloods are coming off a flogging of the current premiers. Yet Brisbane start favourites? Go figure. Tough one to pick if you’re neutral. I’m not. Swans.

Port Adelaide v Melbourne. You heard it first from me. Port Adelaide are crap this year. Melbourne are worse. Port to win at home.

North Melbourne v Hawthorn. This would have been a tough pick if The Age hadn’t decided to report a stupid video about chickens as representing some sort of underlying degradation of women. Now North probably won’t play a couple of their best players and Hawthorn will win.

Fremantle v Adelaide. Fremantle couldn’t even win in the WAFL at the moment. Adelaide by plenty, even without the wife beater. FFS when will these blokes learn that if grog makes you aggro, don’t drink. Not really that difficult.

Western Bulldogs v Richmond. Was Richmond’s effort against Geelong last week the real deal or were Geelong just loafing. We will find out on Monday arvo when they come up against the Dogs. Richmond haven’t convinced me. Dogs to win.

Too early to give any punting tips yet but I hope to drop in on Sat morn with some sort of analysis.

Happy Easter Gents and Lassies.

James of North Melbourne


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  1. The big question is who will referee the car park punch up? With lager louts looking to turn on a stink I think the main action is off the field.

  2. If it works, look out!!!

    James of North Melbourne, you good looking fellow!!

    I wont be looking out…………………..!

    Why dont you cover real football like NRL !

    The Game where the teams do not need to get their rocks off on porn movies involving chickens.

    I bet you people can hardly wait for the new broadband roll out.

    It’ll mean faster “Chicken Porn” downloaded off the internet

  3. Walrus, I put it out there, and didn’t get the threshold of 5 takers. But happy to add an NRL analysis if you’d like to email me at jshannon1971@yahoo.com.au. Do it once, you do it all season though.

  4. Um, Walrus, I might add that the Australian Rules footballers have a way to go before they can match the misdeeds of their counterparts up North. Probably not strong ground there mate.

  5. I’d personally like to apologise to any poultry who may have been offended by the film in question.

  6. Go Manly [waves flag meekly in hope of a win … finally]

  7. James, Rocca on the bench for the ‘pies. Am thinking that they might give him a run.

  8. If it was a duck being f***ed I’d be plenty upset. But, I have an inkling that this sensationalism might just inspire the Roos to prove a point.

    And James, Port aren’t crap – they only put in 1 shocker.

    I remember in 2001, the Lions were flogged by 72 points by Carlton early in the season. The Lions went top that year.

    In 2004 Port lost to the Roos by 92 points late in the season (after trailing by 104 points at one stage). Port went top that year.

    In 2007 Geelong started the season with a string of losses. Geelong went top that year.

    Most of your other tips I agree with, although I’m leaning towards Brissie over your mob.

  9. Only a few sanctimonious sporting scribes were hurt in the making of this film.

  10. Great Post James!!

  11. Great Post James!!

    Don’t encourage him reb.

  12. Migs,

    I don’t understand anything to do with AFL, NRL or RSL, so I’m easily impressed by anyone who does.

    I’m hopeless at pretending I do to.

    People think I’m from another planet.

  13. Reb – ” People think I’m from another planet.”


    I love the oldies.

  14. Crash Craddock was an item , Johnny Burnett was crying, JO’K yelling, Pat Boone doing a Steve Fielding,
    I was a “Sticker for the Eels”.
    Just wait.

  15. Well done (Angel’s) Geelong, by 27 points over the, . . . over the . . . um, Wobbles.

    James, WCE midfield may be more than a one-trick pony. Kerr attracts one, and at times, 2 ineffective taggers, leaving other WCEs to run free. We shall see.

    Port did not seem to have turned up to play last week. I expect Port to improve greatly on last week’s effort.

    ‘Freo couldn’t beat a WAFL side’ – James.
    Perhaps true. A coaches nightmare. Time they left the beautiful Freo cappuccino strip training ground and ‘got real’. Then again, I do not give a rats. Wind them up, I say.

    Sorry Tony. Bullies to win, although Richmond may surprise IMHO. Bullies are definitely one trick ponies.

    You tell’em Mig.

    Good post, James.

  16. ‘Adelaide without the wife-basher’ – Settle down James.

    Adelaide to win.

  17. Not his wife.

  18. Carn the Pies!!!!

  19. lol @ ugly bwooce of the dark satanic mills.

    I echo your parody of the pies you ugly sack.

  20. Tb, did you notice the eggplant on the other thread booting up for Bwoocy? Speaking all Gallic and shit? Well…

    I think they are one and the same. In fact, I think they are both the alter ego of yet another commenter persona. Whaddyathink?


  21. Nah, not Legion. He’s very careful with words & ideas; note how he has made much more concise posts to better get his message across & mitigate the undigestible criticisms he was getting a while back.

    I rate Legion VERY HIGHLY & often wonder what he does for a crust, his thinking is generally a cut above the rest of us. In particular his observations of Dawkins (& religion in general) have made me moderate my own position (in my head at least)…I appreciate the alternative (broader) perspectives that he introduces.

    I’ve often encountered the musings of Ugly Bwooce on threads elsewhere (teh OZ I think) & I don’t think he is very easy to pin ideologically which is commendable.

    The reams of eggplant are amusing & if it’s a regular I’m impressed. If it’s a random it’s hilarious.
    One thing I think is lacking in the broader Oz population is the ability to be able to speak or comprehend a language other than English; which can certainly broaden one’s horizons.
    I can speak/comprehend very narrow splinters of about 4 languages other than our native & I reckon it’s intriguing.

    A mystery then. I have no idea what they’re saying. If it’s bwoocy then he’s doing well…even if it’s beyond normal comprehension.

  22. Yeah, maybe, but even Legion’s excessively verbose comments are a lot like an online persona someone might run. Just for fun. (Personally, I couldn’t be bothered.)

    I remember him saying he was running a High-Functioning Aspergers on-line persona.

  23. He’s dramatically curtailed the verbosity since then.

    I think, by referencing the Aspie persona, he was implying that he was trying to avoid “emotional” engagement online.
    ie. presenting the facts without having favourites or enemies; noteworthy, if difficult, I thought at the time.

  24. I enjoy Legion’s posts, I always seem to learn something and besides, he/she has a great sense of humour!

    Keep on keeping on legion.

  25. Legion makes some thought provoking points. I also enjoy his posts.

    But back to the AAA FFF LLL

    James, how could you not be impressed with the Cats last week over Richmond? In case you missed it, they WON by 20 points. Last night against Collingwood.they won by 27 points.

    Sorry, I can’t help purring.

  26. Angel, the Cats 20 point win was over Richmond…….that’s kinda the point.

    Anyway, turns out I was wrong last night with the Cats scoring comfortably. Unfortunately I was out celebrating the birth of my 3rd niece in 3 weeks so I missed the game, but I understand that I wasn’t far wrong in my assessment, but some lousy kicking at goal by the ferals let them down. But I’ll say this, there isn’t the daylight between Geelong and Hawthorn, and the rest of the field this season. On form so far (and a bit of reputation) I reckon there is a top 8 that includes Cats, Blues, Hawks, Dogs, Saints, Magpies, Crows and Swans. I can’t see any of the others coming up to the mark. And between these, there’s not much. This is a bit like 2005, a flag is up for grabs. If I were Rodney Eade or Ross Lyon, I would be making this point loud and clear to my players. These are the years where a flag can be stolen just through wanting it more, and these clubs should want it the most.

  27. You’re right, they should want it the most. I must say that the Maggies had a good 3rd quarter, and I was wondering myself…..

    I changed the channel and watched Catylist instead. I’m really a woossy when it comes to watching the Cats play. I cry, win or lose.

    My other half is Carlton, daughter also, plus the Eagles (she lives in Perth), one son Essendon, and the other Geelong.

    Unless something drastic happens, I think possibly a Geelong / Hawthorn GF again.

  28. Unless something drastic happens, I think possibly a Geelong / Hawthorn GF again.

    I think a lot will depend on what happens this week Angel. If the Hawks lose they will be 0-3, and from that position it will be hard to make it into the top 4 at the end of the minor round. Any team that finishes outside the top 4 will have an uphill struggle to make the Grand Final, let alone win it.

    But, it’s still early days and anything can happen.

  29. Tell me about it Miglo!, I’m a Geelong supporter, remember?

  30. Angel, I’m guessing that you’ve had much to despair over the years.

  31. Migs..Angel has not nearly enough to despair of being a Geelong supporter compared with self as a Pies supporter. Droop..another loss for Collingwood. But Congrats to Geelong.

    My late Dad’s brother’s family live down near Colac..and so they’ll be happy…..

  32. Min, how long did it take Geelong to win a Premiership? 50 0dd years (I think), how many times did they get to the GF and lose, even with the great duo of Gary Ablett Snr and Billy Brownless?

    Miglo, despair all around for most of us supporters, whomever we support.

  33. Angel, that’s why we need massive wine cellars.

  34. Can’t argue Angel as t’other side of the Jenkins family (Dad’s side) is located in the Colac/Beech Forest area. In the olden days, the Geelong/Collingwood game was where the families met in Geelong and so was a meeting of the clans.

  35. Cellars? Not for me, I will hang my head in shame and admit it all tastes like vinigar to me. I don’t mind a Gin and lemonade now and then.

    Min, did it ever come to blows?


    Four outa five ain’t bad!

    …and plenty more in the tank!

  37. This is fantastic sporting analysis James…

    “Port Adelaide v Melbourne. You heard it first from me. Port Adelaide are crap this year. Melbourne are worse. Port to win at home.”

    Made me lol. Nice intro.

    I reckon you’re crazy not to pick Geelong by default every week though. They look a little less impervious this year but I still reckon it will be a major coup if anyone beats them.
    Thus, next week, they will pound the Crows even if they rush the recalcitrant wife-beater back into the side.

    My brother told me yesterday that he (Bock) blew .3something when he was arrested; is this true?
    If so he was PLENTY pissed.



  40. Hi Angel..fortunately no. A factor could have been that my Uncle Bob is 6’4″ and has a voice that you can hear a country paddock away whereas my late dad was 5’9″ and quiet. Dad would do a lot jogular hehes if Collingwood won/or lost however I do remember a fair bit of stoney silence in the car on the way back to town when they did lose.

  41. lol.


  42. Hey Toiletb..I think that I saw that movie..wasn’t it Rewolf and Grendal staring Gerard Butler.

  43. My brother told me yesterday that he (Bock) blew .3something when he was arrested; is this true?

    I don’t know if it’s true for a Crow’s player, but it certainly is the norm for their supporters.

  44. Was thinking of a nice layback movie for this evening and Toiletb’s mention of Rewolf (I am kidding) brought to mind. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0354595/ Underdog sports movie and Gerard Butler doesn’t do a half bad job in the role of Frank Borghi. Not just for soccer fans.

  45. Toiletboss

    Wot do you do with cauliflowers? Isn’t it painful? 😯

  46. Wink, wink, nudge nudge TB. Me thinks that we will have to wait for ToiletB to surface.

  47. Mathew Lloyd has again taken over as the umpire’s pet, after breifly handing over the title to Gary Ablett.

  48. Go MANLY

    1 From 5 – a win at last!!

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