Flick Crit: Elegy – sex not quite everything

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is Elegy: sex not quite everything:

Kingsley and Cruz make an unlikely pair in Elegy. It took a while to suspend disbelief in this romance/drama. Its protagonist, David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley), is a Literature academic, a lecturer in Practical Criticism at a New York University. Literature, art, photography, and theatre are his milieu. He is also a minor media celebrity.

The story is based on Philip Roth’s 2001 novel The Dying Animal, which I haven’t read. Kepesh is the latest in a long line of ageing male intelligentsia who have libido issues. Self indulgence and total lack of commitment are their essentials.

He is a serial hedonist who seduces one of his mature age students, Consuela Castillo (Penélope Cruz). She comes from a comfortable Cuban American family. Kepesh sets his sexual sights high. However, he ignores all the old clichés: no fool like an old fool; be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. His motto: “When you make love to a woman you get revenge for all the things that defeated you in life.”


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  1. First enjoyed Kingsley in Ghandi. Then loved him in Sexy Beast, and , more recently, in You Kill Me.

  2. “enjoyed Kingsley in Ghandi. Then loved him in Sexy Beast”

    He was brill in those…agree Tony.

    Also, Suspect Zero, House of Sand and Fog, Death and the Maiden & Schindler’s List…to name a few others.

    I’ve been meaning to see War, Inc…& Lucky Number Slevin…& he’s part of the reason.

    Thnx for the review Kevin. Luv that word “carnal”. Spicey.


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