Friday Frolykz!!


Good afternoon and welcome to our end of the week, beginning of the weekend general chit chat thread.

For a change I’m not going to say anything.

Usually I’ll attempt to start the ball rolling with some scintillating conversation. You know like do you believe in psychics n’ stuff like that. However this is usually just met with much mockery or worse still, just ignored.

So today, I thought. “F**K IT. Why bother..?”

I mean what’s the point…?

Is there in fact a point to all this..? I ask myself..

The relentess effort to keep you lot entertained, only to be met with repetitious criticism about how some people feel all cut up that their opinions are getting stifled, or it’s “not like the old days at Blogocracy..”


Frankly I’ve had a gutsful.

From being accused by one individual who shall remain nameless (BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) as being brought up with a silver spoon in my mouth to not knowing what it’s like to grow up poor and impoverished…!!

Well “QUELLE F**KING SURPRISE” as they say France.

Had I been in the ‘right’ frame of mind, at this point I might’ve mentioned what I had planned for the weekend, you know, maybe a dinner out somewhere or a nice bottle of wine, and welcomed everyone else to share the same.

But let’s face it. No one really gives a flying f***

So let’s all just drop the pretence shall we.

Why do I bother….

And Why, oh why, do we pay taxes?

This week’s music is all about me.

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  1. Perhaps if you asked nicely Ken would come here and entertain us with some very, very erudite and worldly pontification, ending with “doncha dude?”

  2. Eddie Izzard and the Death Star Canteen sketch …

    There’s a Lego version too.

  3. reb, you’ll have to keep a handle on that temper; the more tender-minded among us may be reduced to tears. In fact……. *sniff*… where’s those BLOODY TISSUES?????? I TURN MY F*CKING BACK FOR A F*CKING NANOSECOND AND SOME BASTARD’S BUGGERED OFF WITH THEM!!!!!!

    WELL I’VE HAD IT……Flounces off, stage left wiping eyes (and nose) on sleeve. Oh sod! I’m not wearing sleeves!

  4. Jane,

    I like your style…!

    But is there enough room in this place for so many drama queens…?


  5. Jane, Ruddy’s missus has sleeve enough for all!!!

  6. Well, will wonders never cease?

    The Wilcox report into the legislative framework for the construction industry has been published. It will be interesting to see how the government reacts.

    Wilcox seems to have shown a reasonable level of independence of mind.

    He has recommended retention of –

    • a specific policing division to replace the ABCC.
    • the national code for industrial relations in building and construction, one of the hated, so called anti union instruments of the previous government.
    • the requirement of compulsory interview, another of the so called anti union instruments.

    He does say that the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act should no longer apply, but be incorporated into the Fair Work Australia structure.

    There must have been plenty of evidence for Wilcox to propose so much of this legislation.

    We can expect howls of outrage from some of the militant unions. It will be very interesting to see how the government reacts.

    Interesting developments.

    Any interest in a specific thread on this?

  7. reb, on April 3rd, 2009 at 4:22 pm Said:


    I like your style…!

    But is there enough room in this place for so many drama queens…?

    I don’t know reb, a place where too many drama queens is barely enough……..

    James of North Melbourne, on April 3rd, 2009 at 4:29 pm Said:

    Jane, Ruddy’s missus has sleeve enough for all!!!

    James, that is a shallow, sexist comment which I will treat with ignore and contempt.

  8. “Jane, Ruddy’s missus has sleeve enough for all!!!”

    Hey! j’adore the voluptuous Therese Rein…even when she is slimmer.


  9. Long live the DRAMA QUEENS w/ talent…and many other hip Queens

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Touch Me


  10. Tom of Melbourne, on April 3rd, 2009 at 5:20 pm Said

    Wilcox? Wasn’t he the one who claimed that

    Australia was becoming an ‘elected dictatorship as a result of a concentration of power in Canberra and the position of Prime Minister of Australia at the hand of John Howard

    LOL. As for:

    He has recommended retention of –

    • a specific policing division to replace the ABCC.

    • the national code for industrial relations in building and construction, one of the hated, so called anti union instruments of the previous government.

    • the requirement of compulsory interview, another of the so called anti union instruments.

    a specific policing division to replace the ABCC. Well given the Terms of Reference and the Government’s election commitment, one should not be surprised.

    the requirement of compulsory interview, another of the so called anti union instruments Well no matter how it’s spun, it is anti-union or at least anti some unions. You would think some of these union officials rode Harleys and gave stuffed toys to children at Christmas.

    Bikies and Union Officials: The Decline of Civil Liberties in Australia. Perhaps a title for a paper?

    Tom I for one would be interested in such a thread It will be a welcome change to those that feature huge cut and pastes, old links, and an obsession with the GFC. Lol.

  11. I feel bad for Ken right now.

  12. Nas..why should the spendiferous Ms Rein be slimmer? I think that she is wonderful.

    Anyway..Jane..I posted it somewhere but it’s got lost. But did you see that very nice pic of Ms Rein. As I stated, must have taken 2 hours in the hairdressers to tame the hair. And this I can appreciate as my crew all have ultra curly hair courtesy of their Italian grandfather.

    I personally would love to have hair as splendiferious as Ms Rein’s.

  13. Why aquanut? Ken is a mature person. He is always happy to dish out a bit of a barb, and is reasonably willing to accept some back.

  14. “why should the spendiferous Ms Rein be slimmer? I think that she is wonderful.”

    Your twisting my words Min. Reread. I think she’s wonderful too.

  15. “I feel bad for Ken right now.”

    Why aquanut? Did I miss something?

  16. nasking, on April 3rd, 2009 at 6:38 pm Said:

    “Did I miss something”


  17. “Yes!”

    No need to get narky about it Nature 5. I’ve always treated you w/ respect.

    So what did I miss?

  18. Tom
    more so the blog heading was used instead of a post to put one down.

  19. “I’ve always treated you w/ respect.”

    …so show some gratitude!

  20. nasking, on April 3rd, 2009 at 6:47 pm Said:

    No need to get narky about it

    Please, who is getting narky. You asked a question and I gave you a simple direct answer. Not narky in any shape or form.

    Can I suggest you read or reread the original post. The person is ‘nameless’ but identifiable nevertheless. I suspect he will have something to say on the Wilcox Report, or at least I hope he will.


  21. Nasking i was refering to the topic of today thread.

  22. “You asked a question and I gave you a simple direct answer.”

    So why be smart about it N5 instead of filling me in? I thought it might have something to do w/ Unions but wasn’t sure.

    “…so show some gratitude!”

    Tom, yer a dill mate.


    obviously the vego has commented too much today for some people’s sensibilities. Nothing like being made to feel welcome. Just like most BBQs I’ve been too here.

    C’est la vite! Cliques don’t interest me.

  23. “Nasking i was refering to the topic of today thread.”

    Thnx aquanut, at least you had the decency to reply appropriately. Just realised…

    yea well…Ken has done same on posts. He can take it.

    Been a long day. Need a beer.


  24. “Frankly I’ve had a gutsful.”

    reb, I know exactly how you feel. Even the facetious element…:)

    Seinfeld – Serenity Now Montage

    Off for a cold beer.


  25. nasking, on April 3rd, 2009 at 7:11 pm Said

    So why be smart about it N5 instead of filling me in

    smart? Please! Naskin, I was giving you an affirmation (in response to YOUR question) that you had indeed missed something. Personally I find it difficult to believe that anyone could have read the original post and completely missed the point..

    Not sure what meaning I should give to that.


  26. Nah, nah, nah, once a-flippin-gain yer 123% wrong about China cyber bludgers. I mean, what a surprise, A?

    So let me put yers straight once an fer all, OK? Moi an moi extra-special corporate mates are makin a bloomin fortune outta China. Wake up to yerselves immediately an stop gettin flippin gettin ideas above yer station in life, OK? Nothin, I repeat nothin, is gonna stand between moi an moi mates an a ship-load of dough, OK?

    Besides, the reality is yer prejudiced tiny brains have got no idea at jest how clever we suits are. Workin with the top blokes of Beijing – he has a quick fiddle with the family jewels – workin with these top blokes we’ve developed some flippin incredibly innovative solutions to the problems of the world yer always dronin on about.

    Take renewable energy for example, OK? We’ve developed serf power generators. We’ve got 6 million bloomin Tibetan ‘volunteers’ chained to exercise bikes that are connected to generators an batteries. The serfs are ‘encouraged’ to pedal 24/7 an – hey presto – we’re feedin enough green energy into the grid to run half the flippin Pearl Delta.

    What a genius corporate business model it too. No wages to pay, no pesky interferin union mongrels, no worries about bloomin OH&S standards, an no greenhouse gas emissions.

    I mean what more could yer flippin work shy greenies possibly want?

    Jest remember this important fact: us super stars of management have got a process, a flow chart an a PowerPoint presentation fer every bloomin occasion, OK?

    We’ve got the business of international relations all sussed out. So quieten down an get back to work cyber bludgers, otherwise I’m gonna drop kick this baby koala right outta the stadium, OK?

  27. Nice spin you put on the report there, Tom.

    Interesting the bits you chose not to mention, such as that the compulsory interviews should only be AFTER ordered and that the fines should be the same as for other workers and not three times higher.

    Wouldn’t be your anti-union bias showing there would it 😉

  28. “Not sure what meaning I should give to that.”

    Any meaning you choose to smart-arse.

  29. Huh, as for the defamation stuff…doesn’t surprise me. It’s how the gutless & the rich…usually both combined…protect their privileges. The greedsters & bullshitters of the world use the courts to SILENCE the truthspeakers. Instead of playing a fair game responding to each other. And just dealing w/ it.


  30. And I might add…this will probably kill free speech on the blogs. And the slimey characters w/ all their slow, gradual, incremental needling, TRICKY DICK ways will win the day again…dominate the masses…by using FEAR of the big stick.

    And don’t think this wasn’t all part of a deliberate campaign. Certain media companies & rich politicians can afford to go thru defamation.

    Regardless of how many are destroyed in their wake.

    We always knew it would come.

    GUTLESS SODS! Once again the MEEK & weak-willed shall INHERIT. And money shall be their footpath to splendour.


  31. And all those who have now slunk their way into privileged positions shall KOWTOW to it.

    And as a commentor who never made a penny. Nor would take one….

    i have NO RESPECT for them.


  32. No, not end.

    Worth thinking about:

    Gandhi – His Triumph changed the World Forever

    Never think YOU can’t make a difference.


  33. “now here’s the sun, it’s alright!”

    The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)

    Sleep peacefully. W/out fear. Stand tall each day.


  34. Future Mayor of Crapperville? Twill be a real contest or maybe a ticket in the making?

  35. nice words nasking.

  36. Thnx reb.

    I guess this means I’ll have to go off & write a book. Like Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller. Or Noam Chomsky.

    Passion has to go somewhere.

    Once the centre-based rebels are bulldozed…leaves little space for anyone but the extremists. As I try to be a pacifist…try…not the type prone to demonstrate and chuck objects thru windows…nor join Weather groups…I guess I’m left w/ little option than to tap away, one way or another…until a new day is born.

    “the centre cannot hold” it seems.


  37. Hmm, this is an interesting exchange.

    Nasking, let’s be quite clear on this.

    Context – Sometimes I have a look at this site, having been doing something else for an hour or 2 or even 3. Quite often ALL the recent comments are yours! Every one of them. You often make it impossible to keep up with a subject.

    You hog it. Successive comments, a minute apart. Some with photos of stuffed toys, some with clips and music links that are completely out of the context of the subject. Some with just random words.

    You do this and then make silly, false allegations.

    In this context why would you expect a free ride here?

    A worthy Lord Mayor of Crapperville nominee.

  38. Huh – “Nice spin you put on the report there, Tom.”

    No spin. Wilcox has recommended the retention of the National Code of Conduct for Industrial Relations in the Building and Construction Industry.

    Unions have an intense dislike of this restriction. Wilcox has obviously heard evidence that satisfies him that the conduct remains in a state to require this code.

    He has also recommended the compulsory interview, as he considers a code of silence to exist.

    I think the enquiry appointed by the ALP has made some interesting recommendations.

    The pressure will be on the government to dilute them. I think referring the report to the state IR ministers is conditioning the public for some walking away,.

  39. Tom yer so sweet in yer most envious moments

    Grizzly Bear – Knife


  40. nasking, on April 3rd, 2009 at 9:01 pm Said:

    I guess this means I’ll have to go off & write a book. Like Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller. Or Noam Chomsky.

    Naskin you seem to be quite select in your meaning making. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Lol

    BTW, the Broncos just lost. Bragging rights to St George or maybe Wayne?

  41. You’re going to write a book?

    That’s a sensational idea. Off you go now.

    I’m really, truly sure that you’ve got lots and lots of hidden talent.

    Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  42. “Talk about delusions of grandeur.”


    “truly sure that you’ve got lots and lots of hidden talent.
    Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

    You’ll both be hearing from my solicitor:



  43. Min, on April 3rd, 2009 at 6:23 pm Said:

    “Anyway..Jane..I posted it somewhere but it’s got lost. But did you see that very nice pic of Ms Rein. As I stated, must have taken 2 hours in the hairdressers to tame the hair. And this I can appreciate as my crew all have ultra curly hair courtesy of their Italian grandfather.

    I personally would love to have hair as splendiferious as Ms Rein’s.”

    Indeed I did, Min. She has a wonderful smile and always looks as though she’s enjoying life and I just love that glorious, exuberant, unruly mop of curls! You can see why Kevin fell for her.

    I hope the minders never tame her or her hair.

  44. nasking, on April 3rd, 2009 at 10:37 pm Said

    You’ll both be hearing from my solicitor

    solicitor? Actually I thought there’d be a battery. Nice to see you have a sense of humour.

    BTW, how’s the book going?


  45. “You have to tell the American public and the world that there’s a new sheriff in town without opening up the jail and letting all the prisoners out”

  46. “Nice to see you have a sense of humour.”

    N5 we are little w/out it. BTW, you got me thinkin’ about depth & perception…my Enlish teacher years ago told me I shoulda poured more attention into The Magus…read between the lines more…”too BUSY w/ love & other things” he said…or such.

    …I retract the smart-arse comment…yer usually a swell individual. And smart as

    “BTW, how’s the book going?”

    I thought i’d begin w/ a poem:

    there’s a light in the window
    when we arrive
    too often bloodshot
    seeking truth
    it’s not what we expected
    we stand now, bereft, absent of the clock of youth
    in that uncertain & paled light

    what if we can’t see youth
    in the illusions of tomorrow

    the fire’s now in stranger’s eyes
    we’ve had better days
    as we discern the truly tragic
    stars, energy flows…then ebbs
    …and dies

    i(I) don’t want this noise of confusion
    of momentous obscurity…indecision in the rain
    as snow drifts in once sunlit eyes
    and gas lamps are extinguished
    to wake us to the power
    of our end times…

    can you see me lover spiral
    in the uncertainty of space
    without season,
    without race,
    without objective,
    without gender,
    without goal,
    without me

    there’s a strange light in the window


  47. “You’ll both be hearing from my solicitor”

    You mean you’re not a solicitor? Heavens, you had me fooled, with the crisp points you make, you have the precision in the use of words of a learned member of the bench.

    Please don’t waste your time here, go off and write a book. And don’t hurry back.

  48. Catch The Sun

    The Doves

    I love birds

    and of course crows get hungry, just like us.

    I find them quite civilised when treated like Humans.

    Very smart.

    And they don’t start wars.

    For now.

    Tho they gather info well. Have lookouts.

    Anyway…back to Doves


  49. For joni & reb…our WILD ONES…

    Suede – The Wild Ones

    reminds me of my part thumb out, part train, part nouveau riche autobahn, part milk truck trip across France, Switzerland, Germany & Austria in the early 80s…very early sometimes…cold, drunk, amazed, inspired, broke.


  50. Spiritualized – Electricity


  51. Spacemen 3 – Hypnotized (Full Version)


  52. Spacemen 3 – Revolution


  53. The Velvet Underground – Heroin


  54. lou reed – sad song


  55. Lou Reed & John Cale – Open House


  56. Lou Reed & John Cale – Smalltown

    From ‘Songs for Drella” LP


  57. Lou Reed & John Cale – Hello It’s Me


  58. Lou Reed & John Cale – Style It Takes

    my heart leaps w/ this LP


  59. One of the songs that goes beyond the idea of FAVE…

    it reaches into my very core…

    no matter if i’m falling…

    or rising…

    snow…or mud…or red dirt…

    sun(s) blazing…

    winds cold, harsh…raging…pelting

    this combination, friendship…muse-driven…music

    transcends, alters, moves beyond…

    falls into the

    rises from the

    calls…or lack of…


    dang dang dang!!!

    SHAME…he didn’t know

    the long-term friends…

    “Too Busy…show me…no…you show me…no you show me…lovely all…now you…lol.”



  60. Here it is…:

    Lou Reed & John Cale – A Dream


  61. Yo La Tengo – Damage


  62. Migala – The Guilt


  63. Tindersticks – Another Night In


  64. For kittylitter…as a friend (I hope)

    and S’…always…into the ever ever…:)

    Songs Ohia – Lioness


  65. Songs: Ohia – Tigress

    another king of lyrics…


  66. Songs: Ohia – Farewell Transmission

    memories of Neil Young


  67. Neil Young – Sugar Mountain


  68. Isobel Campbell – The Breeze Whispered Your Name


  69. Neko Case – Maybe Sparrow


  70. Matthew Dear- Deserter


  71. Plants and Animals – Mercy


  72. Antony and the Johnsons – “Another World”


  73. Belle and Sebastian – A Century Of Fakers


  74. Television – Marquee Moon (1977)


  75. Hey – Blind Mr. Jones

    do you know shoegaze…origins? and beyond?



  76. Slowdive – Shine

    I wish Rupert’s children all the best…the child is not always the adult of the man…or woman…but the SHINE in-between…

    I hope L realised that my prediction/assault (good movie) helped bring opportunities for LIGHT.

    SHINE….whilst YOU have the chance…we too often miss the OPPORTUNITY.

    Ruddy & Therese haven’t.

    Give OBAMA a chance…


  77. slowdive – catch the breeze


  78. Slowdive – Allison


  79. Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station


  80. Pale Saints | Half-Life


  81. Pale Saints – Throwing Back The Apple


  82. Swervedriver – She’s Beside Herself


  83. Catherine Wheel – “Flower To Hide”


  84. catherine wheel – i want to touch you


  85. The Chameleons – Inside Out


  86. The Chameleons – Second skin


  87. To my good Californian mate Michael Sussna who introduced us to this and much more over the years…:

    The Chameleons – View from a Hill


  88. Butterfly Explosion (live)

    This band needs to be picked up SERIOUSLY…this recording is not brill…but the album is superb.

    Listen…so much potential…


  89. aaaahhh…much better recording…

    Butterfly Explosion – Carpark


  90. Echo & the Bunnymen – Cutter


  91. Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking.

    for reb…


  92. simple minds – waterfront

    for Ken

    still there


  93. Simple Minds – Mandela Day

    For joni:

    keep on keepin’ on…peace and freedom live in YOU


  94. Simple Minds – New Gold Dream

    for John

    dream the dream bro


  95. Simple Minds – Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel

    for Min.


  96. Simple Minds – Someone, Somewhere In Summertime

    for Migs


  97. Simple Minds – Belfast Child

    for me blood grandma…and grandpa

    and me…

    griffin…family…”brothers, sisters…where are you now?”

    I will return…we will return…


  98. winding up…was fun night…

    hope you have a

    Perfect Day

    featuring Lou Reed


  99. Jeepers Nasking, no wonder you’re so angry all the time. Go to bed!!

  100. I think you need to meditate James…you & Tom M.

    Work out where the need to LABEL people comes from.

    Distortion is not positive.

    Kinda sad really.

    Try to FLOW man…

    have a goodie

    peace out

  101. It might just be me,

    but I quite like the way that Nasking gives us our own al night blog version of ABC’s “Rage”.


  102. aah Saturday!

    There’s a lot to be said for Saturday, isn’t there?

    Actually there’s a lot to be said for not having to work for a living too.

    But then after a while off work, I start to feel a bit edgy.

    It’s like our work helps to give us a sense of personal wellbeing and self-worth.

    Why is this the case? It’s just a job after all….

  103. Good morning Nas’ and Reb. And thank you Nas for the music just for me. Sorry, Nas’ I did take your comment re Therese the wrong way. A good case of Friday-itis..cos hubby has to work all weekend (6.15am starts), and it’s still raining and so I can’t even get out in the garden and then this morning we discovered that the roof had sprung a leak…directly over the kitchen table and now all of my knitting is WET!

    But I suppose that if that’s all I’ve got to complain about, I’m doing fairly well.

  104. Morning Richie, morning all…. I need to head to work, but just thought I’d pop in to see what is happening.

    And maybe we need a “Nasking R-a-a-a-a-ge” thread on the weekends for the music lovers out there?

  105. But then after a while off work, I start to feel a bit edgy.

    It’s like our work helps to give us a sense of personal wellbeing and self-worth.

    Why is this the case? It’s just a job after all….

    Reb, you’re inside my head, aren’t you?

    Work gives us so many things. Social intercourse being one of them. It was predicted some years ago that the next big thing would be an increase in the number of people working from home.

    Have you tried working from home? It’s awful. Where are the people to socialise with? We need pople around us. We are social animals. Work provides us with social intercourse, and for the lucky ones, it can develop into sexual intercourse.

  106. Nasking, a request. Play Circle of Steel by Gordon Lightfoot for me please.

  107. Fine for you Migs re sexual intercourse at work. (pssst..Migs and the Missus work in the same department). Hubby and the aforementioned is a big no, no.

    Yes I’ve tried both working and studying from home. No exchange of ideas and no challenges.

    However, back to Reb’s problem of fizzling at home. Then Reb you need a project. HEY..I’ve got an idea (lightbulb moment). Why not try setting up a blog??

  108. LOL Min… or he could finish the painting.

  109. Min, I have an admission. For 5 years I was having a steamy affair with my secretary. It certainly provided me with the added incentive to go to work. But don’t worry, it was before Jedda came along.

  110. Yes, reb certainly should finish the painting.

  111. Joni – “And maybe we need a “Nasking R-a-a-a-a-ge” thread on the weekends for the music lovers out there?”

    That’s a good idea. Have a separate thread for people that want to endlessly post music links and photos of stuffed toys, and please make use it doesn’t default to recent comments.

  112. Maybe we could have a thread about one’s visualisation of Tom of Melbourne as a stuffed toy?

    [Tee hee..with due respect Tom].

  113. Maybe we could have a thread about one’s visualisation of Tom of Melbourne as a stuffed toy?

    I have a picture of tom

  114. Interesting post on what Pacific Brands are actually doing by moving offshore.

  115. I believe that it was Reb who suggested buy Aussie Bum instead. It seems that mega unknown persons are reading this blog:,28383,25279390-5007192,00.html

    SALES of Australian made underwear brand aussieBum have soared 40 per cent following a public backlash against competitor Bonds, which will soon be made offshore.

    Actually..a rather nice torso pic. Not that I was looking.

  116. I agree with your assessment of the pic, min… not that I immediately looked at it.


  117. Agreed..joni. They are obviously very well constructed undies.

  118. ps..I hope that no one followed hubby’s betting tips at Moonee Valley or they will have done their dough.

  119. With apologies..have to now choof. Fish 1/4 cup sweet chilli, 1/4 cup soy, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, juice of 1/2 lime. [good simple marinate for tofu too]. Serve with jasmine rice, steamed broccolini/juilienne carrots.

  120. mmmm…. black jellybeans.

  121. For Nask;


  122. joni, on April 4th, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    joni, this is Blogocrats not Twitter (I know you have a busy life…)

    …and sreb, some of us get along really well without going to work anymore (I can assure you 45+ years of “commercial intercourse” was enough for me) – remind me to expand when I’m not on this ! @#%$^&^&^%&*^ laptop!

  123. This one’s for Nasking also. Fleetwod Mac’s best song IMO. “One Sunny Day”, 1968.

  124. This is for all of us who put in a days work, ( I kicked off my career cutting mine props for a coal mine near Sydney, I was thirteen and lived in a tent, true, then Sydney built a big dam, end of mines), for some reason Min comes to mind, some others don’t.;).

  125. Well, I’e just been watching SBS News and after seeing two particular items, I gotta have a spray.

    First, our friends in Afghanistan (being the democratic Government we support there) have just passed some screw-ball law permitting men to demand sex from their wives every 4 days. If the missus objects, apparently old Abdul or Omar or whoever, can force her.

    That’s right, folks, lawful rape, courtesy of the Afghan Government.

    And our soldiers are fighting and dying for this?

    The next little gem came from right next-door, Pakistan.

    You will recall that our good friends in the GWOT there recently implmented Sharia Law in some backwoods valley in the North to keep the local tribesmen happy.

    Well, Da Boyze have wasted little time.

    SBS screened a lovely video of some poor 17 year-old girl being publicly flogged by some greasy turd for an “unspecified offence”. There was a whole crowd, of men, of course, assembled to enjoy the show, too.

    The Taliban representative interviewed later alleged that the video was some sort of plot against Islam, but at least the little fu*k did not deny that the flogging occurred.

    I dunno about you people, but I’ve just about had it with this lot.

    Why are we supporting the Afghan regime? Do we like women treated like animals? Are we fighting for their right to rape them?

    And why are we pally with the Pakis? What on Earth do we have in common with these medieval creeps?

    If we really wanted to help the women there, maybe we oughta be arming them instead.

  126. …for some reason Min comes to mind, some others don’t.;). Lang Mack, on April 4th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    Innuendo…really p!$$e$ me off, LM.

    …and how much did Rita donate to the families of the six men whose deaths she made a profit from…

  127. Last post from TB Queensland

    This laptop has a mind of its own!


  128. ND, on April 4th, 2009 at 7:05 pm Said:

    …for some reason Min comes to mind, some others don’t.;). Lang Mack, on April 4th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    Innuendo…really p!$$e$ me off, LM.

    …and how much did Rita donate to the families of the six men whose deaths she made a profit from…

    What the hell are you on about,Min talks about the trials and problems we all face in life, work, family, Government, cost of getting by, a bit of music that reflects hardship in a particular field pisses you off?, what are your credentials to attack me,Ace..
    Drag up the background for the song and we’ll all know what your claim is, seems you don’t, so don’t ask me.
    We have to vet music to appease the easily wounded?, that case suggest some nice non (in your case) neutral songs that don’t mention life.

  129. LM – Min, springs to mind, others don’t – who others?

    That’s innuendo…! Ace…

    …why not just say – this is for, MIn… Ace…

    …easily wounded, Ace? I think you missed the point.

  130. LM – Min, springs to mind, others don’t – who others?

    Not easily wounded at all, ‘others don’t’ was a reflection on folk I have met, who have nothing to do with this Blog, general thoughts have to confided?.
    So be it, if a cartel of thought is required prior to making a post that was about me and music about hard work and injustice, and a mention of another person who contributes, one gets attacked . I feel that’s unfair, however,if that’s what is required, I wish you all well.

  131. Baltasar Garzon, the Spanish anti terror Judge best known for successfully issuing a warrant for the arrest of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, has this week referred a criminal prosecution brief against six senior legal officers from the Bush Administration to Spain’s Chief Prosecutor seeking formal approval to issue warrants for their arrest.

    If the brief is approved – and Spanish legal chatter suggests it is already a ‘done’ deal – the six face prosecution for facilitating the torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

    The officials are: Alberto Gonzales, former Bush White House lawyer and Attorney General, David Addington, former chief of staff to Dick Cheney, Douglas Firth, former under secretary of defence, Wiliam Haynes, former Pentagon general counsel, and John You and Jay Bybee, former senior Justice Department lawyers.

    Spanish Court documents allege the six “participated actively and decisively in the creation, approval and execution of a judicial framework that allowed for deprivation of fundametal rights of a large number of prisoners, the implementation of new interrogation techniques including torture, the legal cover for the treatment of those prisoners, the protection of the people who participated in illegal torture and, above all, the establishment of (legal) impunity for all the government workers, military personnel, doctors and others who participated in the detention centre at Guantanamo.”

    Meanwhile, former State department lawyer Vijay Padmanabhan this week told The Guardian newspaper that the establishment of Guanatanamo Bay and a network of other secret detention centres around the world was “one of the worst over-reactions of the Bush administration.”

    Separate US media reports claim former Vice President Cheney fears he too could be subject to criminal proceedings after the impending release in Washington of three May 2005 Executive memos that detail specific torture techniques that were authorised by Cheney and Bush.

  132. Here’s one for some realistic reflection about the legacy of the hippies, and their 2009 successors –

  133. And ND and TB of Qld, try this and see if you both feel qualified to bring the pedant against reality:

    Namh Parsons has an excellent album called ‘The Old Simplicity’, on that is also a song called ‘Blue Murder’,
    guess I’ll be castigated.

  134. TB of Qld, , I know it’s elegiac, it’s life,(Ace,considering you made a point of my being disgruntled),you want to be ingenious hanging of a coat tail, tell me about the in extremis disillusioned and dilapidated family, friends and mates that you have held hands with, and then attended to when they passed away.
    The genus of music was a homage to the average person.

  135. From:

    Am pleased that with all the talk about the economy that (hopefully) this won’t get lost. Interesting that the former government suspended The Racial Discrimination Act, thereby suggesting that these were Aboriginal problems rather than pertaining to poverty.

  136. And Glenn “I get drunk at presentations” Milne gets the Freudian slip of the week award when discussing the link between Howard and Bush by calling the former member for Bennelong “George Howard” – LOL.

  137. George Howard was a good friend to John Bush something kevin Obama and Barack Rudd wont have.

    I rest my case says Milne, hickup.

  138. And a Milne moment is: Joquanut..Rebking. Umm..Minking?? Or Migmack?

  139. Had to purchase a new mouse (of the computer kind). I said to daughter: why do they make the cords so short!

    Daughter: Mum, it’s because you’re left-handed and so you have the computer on the wrong side of the screen.

    Oh, so I do.

  140. Ok, took some time off to look after M’lady, she’s got a stinker of a chest cold. She’s just havin’ a nice warm bath w/ herbs and stuff. Seems a wee bit better. Change of season & the ongoing wet, sometimes penetrate and knock her for six. Gotta spoil her, get her on the mend.

    Thnx for the positive comments re: the music.
    reb, joni & others. Migs, loved that track. Spoke volumes.

    And that’s cool Min…I was a bit antsy Friday arvo…more than I realised. just ignore me if I’m “rambling”(love the Jelly Roll Morton LM…got me chucklin’). My brain is wired weird & travels down winding & windy roads when I least expect it..

    Helps w/ my poetry/lyric writing sometimes tho.

    “The genus of music was a homage to the average person.”

    My good pal Lang Mack is a worker’s best friend. He knows that Min. is same.

    This is for the LM:

    Julian Cope – East Easy Rider


  141. Miglo, couldn’t find that track you requested…but the track you posted for me got me thinkin’ about this song, you might like it/know it – and reb & LM’s comments about a day’s work…I remember workin’ day & night in Brighton…walkin’ those beaches alone after my girlfriend went back to Germany…sometimes the loneliness can be crushing…but ya gotta let it out in the sea spray or such…and move on:

    Love, Reign O’er Me – The Who

    Sometimes we just need that little bit of LOVE and understanding…or to give it to others. Move beyond our own pain & see others for theirs.

  142. “And a Milne moment is: Joquanut..Rebking. Umm..Minking?? Or Migmack?”

    hehe…how about kingjane, or aquakitty?

    It’s been one heck of a journey so far:

    Jefferson Airplane – Embryonic Journey

    next chapter…


  143. Is 50 successive posts a record for this (or any other) site?

  144. Is 50 successive posts a record for this (or any other) site?

    Being a Cancer I just love the full moon, don’t you?:


  145. Nasking, now that you would be aware that some of us here often participate via a mobile, and content does not download if the page gets long, do you think it is reasonable to load up threads with up to 50 successive posts that generally only satisfy your indulgence?

    This means that I (and others, I’d imagine) can’t get to the end of a page via my mobile, as per this thread. You’ve clogged it.

  146. Just tempt him Tom…Nas will try to improve on this tally.

    Just while there is a quiet moment. I loved Lang Mack’s wonderful melody. The thought that came to mind was my late father. Without wanting to say too much..the visualisation was my father at Caritas Chrisite. Dad had schooling to only age 12yrs.

    Youngest came down to say goodbye to grandpa and brought some paper work with her. Dad rallied a little and asked, Can I have a read of this?

    Staff asked (amazed)…What is your father doing? I answered: He is reading his grand-daughter’s thesis. And so he did, sitting up in bed ‘like jackie’.

    Then Erin sang to him. A Welsh mining folk song. Dad passed away 4 days following.

    Anyway..just for Lang..thank you. And for TB too.

    ps..a doctor asked what was your father..a teacher? A lecturer at university. I answered, He was a factory worker.

  147. Nas’ I knew it…a Cancer. So is son. Tough and crusty on the exterior and soft and mushy interior.

    I am a Libra, and all things must be equal and if things can’t be made equal I will talk the leg off a wooden chair until I make things all equal.

  148. Min – “Just tempt him Tom…Nas will try to improve on this tally.”

    Now that he knows that this behaviour limits the participation of some longstanding contributors (such as me), I would imagine he would be less self indulgent.

    On the other hand, if he continues to make so many successive posts, it would indicate that he is not interested in the access of others.

    This is one of the reasons (access via mobile) that I think John Mc gets some requests to make his cut & pastes shorter, but Nasking is far more self indulgent.

    John’s comments are relevant to each thread that he participates in, so I don’t object.

    But when the commentary is relevant to nothing except obsessive self indulgence, I think I’m entitled to voice my annoyance.

  149. Go suck eggs Tom. Who else is on the 11pm to 5am shift.

  150. That’s quite unfair Min.

    It isn’t that I want to use the site overnight. It is that the page won’t download AT ANY TIME AT ALL!!!!!!!!

    Min, you might sit by a computer, I do a lot via mobile. It GETS CLOGGED.

    I’ll also expect you retraction this mean, ill informed comment.


  152. Tom you stated:

    But when the commentary is relevant to nothing except obsessive self indulgence, I think I’m entitled to voice my annoyance.

    I stand by my statement: Go suck eggs.

  153. “Then Erin sang to him. A Welsh mining folk song. Dad passed away 4 days following.”

    Brought tears to my eyes Min. Thnx for sharing.

    Gorffen y Pwll Glo / Pit Closure – Tatton/Evans/Jones


  154. Let’s all bend over backwards to make Blogocrats a better place for Tom.

  155. Let’s all bend over backwards to make Blogocrats a better place for Tom

    Do you know what you are saying!

    sreb and joni will want the same rights!


  156. Migs, did you see that mark by Motlop? Speccie!

  157. I’m doing my bit for Tom…I’m heading off for the night to attend to M’lady:

    dangit! , nowhere to put my mobile.



  158. This observation from one your ‘favourites’, Nasking 😉 :

    “The danger is that they throw so much money at it – the government, to try and get out of it quickly, that we’ll end up with inflation and everyone on fixed income is going to be hurt,” Murdoch said. “And, I just don’t see how we can borrow enough money to meet these deficits that they’re talking about. We’ll have to print and that just gives me an awkward feeling. And as the unemployment rises, how are you going to stop this Congress from being protectionist?”

  159. It was special Tony. But I’m giving up on the game and am about to watch Quantum of Solace. Speaking of solace, I need some right now.

  160. You shouldn’t give up just yet. Who knows? If they get the first couple in the last quarter…

  161. “You shouldn’t give up just yet. Who knows? If they get the first couple in the last quarter…”

    Then again…

  162. Tiges gave Geelong a fright yesterday Tony.

    Didn’t see it, have been on arvo shift but must have been a good game for ’em.

    Hawthorn winless after Rd2, whodathunkit?

    James must be pleased with the Swans.

    Also well done to OB’s WCE’s. Watched ’em with my Dad, they were very good against poor opposition.

  163. “Go suck eggs.”

    Well, how absolutely charming Min.

    I’d only point out that I’ve observed you have a couple of very emotional hissy fits over comments that were far more innocuous than this.

  164. Good evening Tome.

  165. It looks like I am still missing all the fun. As in temper hissy fits.

    How typical of me to miss the action!

  166. Me too Angel.

    A quick peruse of above leads me to conclude that the goodwill is in short supply.

    Probably very bad timing for me to take the piss about football matches.

    Ah well. Have a good one eh.

  167. I think this is the ideal opportunity to take the p155 out of a football match.

    I’ve got almost everyone off side, I’ll now try to complete the job. Here goes.

    Port played like a pack of girls didn’t they?

  168. I’m already onside Tome.

    Massaging my anti-port gland may make me even moreso.

    If you want to upset me your gonna have to do better than that.
    Maybe try some sanctimonious religious judgement on me, that usually works.

  169. …& yes they did play like such a pack.

    I won’t be too snide though, the other Sth Oz team bent over on Friday night too.

  170. I knew that my comment re Port wouldn’t bother you Toiletboss. But really, imagine being thrashed by the Eagles. Hopeless.

    Did you sleep with Tony Modra? I understand that he had his way with most supporters.

  171. lol, not me. I’m an observer not a groupie.

    He’s actually spent a few recent years down here playing for Keith in the KNTFL.
    Dominant, despite his age, as one may expect; the last consistant quality forward the Crows had.

    Pretty amazing to see him playing in the local country league.
    Maybe I should throw my knickers at him?

  172. How lovely to see you again Angel

  173. Yep, the goodwill is running dry. (?)

  174. What’s going on?

  175. Nothing happening here. Nothing at all.

    Though I think Toiletboss is about to own up to having an affair with a former Adelaide full forward. He’s apparently a neighbour these days

  176. Thanks Miglo.

    Tony who?

  177. Hi joni, you’re always good value champ.

    Dunno what’s up really.

    Leonard Cohen DVD is in the mail & I found out tonight that Mum has already bought copies for Dad & my bro so my selfless surprise has kinda blown up in my face.
    Such is life.
    I hope that the DVD is useful as a frisbee or a snazzy coaster for my beer.

    All in all I’m a happy camper, life’s damn sweet.
    “Could be worse” is a legit way of seeing things IMHO.

    How are you dude?

    I’m assuming that miglo knows that all of the back & forth about the footy is just incidental amusement & not a grievous attack on him by me. He’s too much of a nice bloke to take superfluous crap like that the wrong way.
    It’s but a game.

  178. “He’s apparently a neighbour these days”Tome

    Nah, I think he has a family & is living near Victor Harbor these days. Played for Keith a couple of years ago, fatter & bearded but still a gun.

    So far as I know I’m not pregnant with Tony Who’s child.

  179. Gary Who?

  180. Gary. Son of God???

  181. lol Angel.

    Yes, that would be Jesus Ablett.

    As miglo said, nice to see you about.

  182. I’m jobless. Again. But, the garden is getting a lot of attention.

    I’m sure something will turn up, like bankruptcy, a pension, old age etc.

  183. That’s the spirit!

    My own job is fkn fantastic but when I switch my brain on I seriously wonder how it can be too good to be true & thus unsustainable in the long run.
    Oh well.
    I think I’ll just ride it to the bottom, where ever that may be.

    Perhaps you could try shacking up with Tony Who, I hear he has money & caters to all comers?

  184. I’ve always found the cultural insensitivity of Geelong a bother – in the nicknames they give some of their players.

    Still thus far they haven’t provoked an international incident or even a jihad.

  185. Sorry to hear that Angel.

  186. Nah, couldn’t do that, even for money. I have principals. Good ones. Very good ones. $$$$, oops the eyes are wandering!

  187. Just to demonstrate my objective capability…

    I’d like to highlight the truth behind some of miglo’s observations about Crow’s players & fans…

    On Friday night a Crows fan in the crowd at AAMI threw a bottle at the umpires as they were leaving at the end of the match, it hit a young boy in the head.

    On Saturday night Nathan Bock (allegedly) pummelled his girlfriend & some “property” at the Havelock Hotel in Adelaide.


  188. “I’ve always found the cultural insensitivity of Geelong a bother – in the nicknames they give some of their players.”Tome

    huh?…no pun intended.

    Now I’m going thru their list in my head trying to think of their nicknames.

    Ryan Gamble is from my home town, I don’t think he has a fatwa against him.

  189. Well Toiletboss, of course I did mean a fatwa.

    Nice crowd, around Adelaide. I’ve seen a crowd of them at the SCG, after the 20 hour buss trip. Worse than Collingwood.

    I’m off.

  190. later Tom.

    A bit off meself.

  191. “This observation from one your ‘favourites’”

    Tony, thou art a Gremlin sometimes…:)


  192. “But, the garden is getting a lot of attention.”

    For the wonderful Angel…who I remember from Blogocracy. Wondered what happened to you.

    Secret Garden – Sigma

    A lovely, thriving garden is a mirror into yer own LIGHT.

    Good to see yer here Angel. Positive vibes sent yer way.


  193. Thankyou. Positive is good. Even my blog has disappeared. Can’t do a damn thing right!!!!

  194. Joni, I’m sort of sorry and sort of not. I missed your comment. Thanks, I will survive one way or another.

    Night all.

  195. G’day Angel, and goodnight. Trust you and yours are well.

  196. ‘Also, well done to OBs WCE’ Toiletboss.

    Well, at least the WCE. Twas bloody hot here today, around 30C. Nevertheless, can’t figure Port’s effort. Some did not seem to interested, as if some Port players wanted to go home early.
    ‘One week at a time’. Not writing off Port on one indifferent effort.

  197. Speaking of gardens, I’m sure aquanut will enjoy this one:

    Octopus’s Garden

    Great for the kiddies & grandkids too…

    sleep tight all, don’t let the bed bugs bite

  198. Angel, 🙂
    I wish i stayed up. Havnt seen you in ages and sorry to hear about the job.

    Nasking thanks for the thought.

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