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Here is the thread for all footy discussion. Last night the Socceroos went with a bees you-know-what of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup – a great effort.

This weekend I will be heading to the SFS to watch the Tahs play the Stormers in a vital game for both teams. Just don’t tell the boyf that it is an evening game as I will be heading out earlier for rugby juice to prepare for the game.

So welcome, and don’t forget to put in your picks for the tipping competition.

Comp Name: Blogocrats
Comp Number: 183040
Comp Password: wardrobe

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  1. Where’s that site to put in footy tips?

    Instructions again would be helpful.

  2. Tom – details updated in thread header.

  3. Here are my tips.

  4. Try again,

  5. Sorry. Not working. Back to the drawing board.

  6. I know it’s not working!

    I’ve just been rejected 20 times. I thought it was just set up to reject me!

  7. Hope it works this time. here are my tips;

  8. Tom, you could have copied the link into the web browser anyway. It would have worked.

  9. Oddly enough Miglo, after noting your outstanding selections, I decided to access your earlier effort.

    I copied the script and pasted it into the address thingo.

    These tips were equally superb.

    Good work, keep up the effort – us lads down the back of the bus really appreciate this consideration of our tastes.

  10. Migs

    You could have warned me. I will have nightmares tonight.

    I know my physio said I can now start to breast stroke but that is ridiculous!


  11. Sorry joni. I got tips and tits mixed up.

  12. New brand of Footballs Joni.

    Not for kicking. They’re not Sherrins. Good for handball.

  13. Nice ‘tips’ Migs, Very Nice. That used to be James’ job but he has let us down recently since getting married (congrats on that BTW James)

    My goal for this week is to drag my sorry arse off the bottom of the AFL tipping ladder; that and hope like hell that Manly pick up their act and win a game – I’m starting to feel like a Richmond supporter 😦

  14. Looks like it may be wet for the game in Adelaide tonight.
    Not sure who this will favour, hopefully teh Crows.

  15. Actually Dave, I gave up because I thought my efforts went unappreciated, then I copped some abuse from the “sisters” who had saved it up and used it as evidence of me being a sexist pig. Oh, and thanks. Miglo, I’ve clicked on your “tips” a dozen times now and I still can’t see them. Perhaps if I keep trying all afternoon I will have more luck.

    This week in footy, there are a few toughies.

    Adelaide v St Kilda. Both sides come off wins last week but you would have to say Adelaide’s was the more impressive. The Saints played half a game against a pathetic Swans whereas the Crows win was much more hard fought. Robert walls has declared St Kilda potential premiers so Adelaide will win this comfortably.

    Collingwood v Melbourne. Collingwood are a top side. Melbourne are a bottom side. Collingwood by plenty. We will begin to love Melbourne as the year goes and their performances improve with youthful enthusiasm, but not yet.

    Geelong v Richmond. Geelong in a flogging. TV Terry sacked by Round 5.

    Sydney v Hawthorn. Could be close. Hawks have a lot of injuries. Swans have a lot of pride. At ANZ Stadium and it will be soggy. I’m going with the Bloods because I am nothing if not loyal.

    Carlton v Brisbane. Match of the round. Both sides had good wins in Round 1, both sides have high hopes for this season, and justifiably so. Carlton at home for mine.

    Essendon v Fremantle. Freo were an absolute disgrace last week. The Bombers, whilst a bottom half side, at least look like they have some sort of a plan. They will win for this reason.

    Bulldogs v North. Doggies are one of the top 4 teams, North are middle of the road. But North seem to always beat the Dogs. This result will say plenty. If the Dogs get up, then they are a serious force. If they don’t, the jury remains out. Dogs by 10 points.

    West Coast v Port Adelaide. There’ll be more interest in the ferals fighting in the car park than in the actual result here. Port are the slightly better side but West Coast are at home. I reckon West Coast in what history will say was the start of the slide that saw Chocko finally given the boot.

    In racing, there’s a huge day of punting at Rosehill tomorrow. And there’s some big money to be won. The wet track will a number of red hot favourites come a gutser and I’ll be going very wide in the quaddie. I love Master O’Reilly in the BMW and Manhattan Rain has drawn beautifully in the Slipper. Annenkov, who I anchored to bring home the Quaddie on Melbourne Cup Day, looks good in that field at Caulfield.

  16. I appreciated your efforts James!

  17. Looks like it may be wet for the game in Adelaide tonight.

    No chance of ruining the vines I hope.

  18. James. I don’t post onto the sporting thingy because my knowledge is zip zilch and zero. I barrack for the ‘pies win or lose, I barrack for the underdogs mostly whatever sport.

    And to my knowledge you have never been a sexist porker.

    Mine are St Kilda (cos of the bloke [council worker] who turned up wearing a St Kilda lanyard, north coast NSW) – The pies (YAY!) – Sadly Geelong – Swans or Hawks (either way the birds fly) – I suspect Carlton but local loyalty then I will be hoping for Bris – Am hoping for Essendon – Will defer to your knowledge re the doggies – Will be barracking for Port .

    No tips from hubby however if anyone follows the doggies then check anything in Victoria via Salash or where my cousin Brenda Kinder is the trainer.

  19. James, Port has the best winning record against the Eagles at Subi of any team in the competition. (5-12 Port’s way.)

    While the loss of Brogan for a this match is a real worry, I’m reasonably confident Thurstans or Giles will be able to plug the gap well enough for us to win. GO THE POWER!!!!

    Haven’t had a punt in ages, but might give your tips a go if I get the chance.

  20. Thanks Dave. There’s an even better one with water and stuff but I can’t find it. Cheers.

  21. James, I put in my footy selections earlier today.

    I noted your form.

    Note to all tipsters: best not follow the advice of James.

  22. James:

    This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community.

    😉 I think I need to become a member!

  23. Tom of Melb

    James, I put in my footy selections earlier today.

    I noted your form.

    Note to all tipsters: best not follow the advice of James.

    Could be worse, you could follow my tips!

  24. Get the quaddie cup day, Tom?

  25. Hubby’s tips for Moonee Valley tonight:

    Melb R1 No2 Xenaphon
    Melb R7 No2 Miss Badouts

    Each way.

  26. Interesting preview there, James. Annenkov on Melbourne Cup day was a good result at good odds, squared the books and then some.
    AFL? OK!

    Adelaide to beat St. Kilda. The Saints potential premiers? Robert walls is a strange fellow.
    Geelong, Tony will not be happy.
    Collingwood (a top side? I feel a bet coming on) to win.
    Brisbane Lions to beat Carlton. Impressive team, impressive coach.
    Hawthorn to beat Swans.
    Fremantle Crockas to beat Bomb Ers, this game like the fat rats cup. Buddy hell. Call in the liquidators.
    Kangas to beat Bullies, Kangas declined the Southport QLD offer to relocate. Kanga supporters should prepare to migrate to Surfers’ Paradise in the near future.
    The Carrara Kangaroos.
    Port Adelaide to beat WCE.
    WCE midfield still lacking grunt. How Chad Fletcher is even considered for a league berth is beyond me and all of us.

    Echo. Best not follow the advice of James!

  27. * last line of previous post, add ‘(grin)’

    Where art thou Tony? Which horse will pay for the fine weekend fare this time?

  28. Egads. Saints are 2 goals up at quarter time. Crows look horrid.

  29. Miglo, on April 3rd, 2009 at 8:44 pm Said:

    “Egads. Saints are 2 goals up at quarter time. Crows look horrid.”

    As always, migs. ROFL.

  30. Jane, they were absolutely pathetic. The umpiring was bad and I’m sure we’ll plenty of that during the week, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Crows are a fairly average team.

    But, I’m sure that The Advertiser will still carp on that they are premiership favourites.

  31. Migs, how true. But what can you expect from a little packet of lollies? And how nice that Wallsie’s got egg on his face.

    Yeah, the “tiser will find all sorts of excuses for them and puff Neil Craig’s ego up a bit more, no doubt.

    Oh well GO THE POWER!!!!!!

  32. Jane, I have proof. I posted a blog on the Advertiser site about the Crows, in which I said something positive about them (even though I didn’t mean it). The blog was published. It’s the first time one of my blogs have been accepted, as on each other occasion I have either slammed the Crows or their supporters.

    Maybe Bolt or Ackerman are also the moderators for the Advertiser.

  33. Sickening, I call it migs.

  34. SWANS!!!!!!! Oh, and Master O’Reilly ran a creditable 4th after being held up in the straight. Manhatten Rain 3rd for a payout of $2.90. Annenkov scratched. Wondering how ToM’s tips are travelling.

  35. And a good win (not pretty) for my beloved Tahs last night.

  36. Swans were very impressive James. A win for the true believers. Bolton, Malceski, Jolly were superb.

  37. Oftenbark, it was a very exciting game. All credit to the Swans, I thought they were superb.

  38. Wow, I’ve got 5 from 6 with the Dogs in front as well .. compared to 0 from 6 in the league so far and Manly behind at the moment 😦

    Shaping up to be my worst ever tipping week in the league 😳

  39. Indeed Jane. Though hawthorn missed a ruckman, and looked somewhat flat, all kudos to the swannies and paul Roos. After titanic battles in past days with WCE, they never cease to amaze us.
    Bout time the AFL allowed Port to wear their traditional SANFL historic B&W strip. Bloody ridiculous, and childish.

  40. Brownlow Votes: WCE v Port Adelaide

    D. Kerr – One Vote
    D. Motlop – 2 Votes
    A. Selwood – 3 Votes

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