Midweek Mass Mayhem!!


Good morning and welcome to Midweek Mayhem, the place where we get to talk about anything and everything – now shrouded in divine God-speak for the pleasure of all those who worship him, her, it.

May God bless you all. Move over Tony Abbott, it seems that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is champing at the bit to become the new preacher of holy-speak when drawing analogies with our earthly GFC predicament and what this really means in religous terms.

Praise the Lord.

Not content with the usual press conference venues like hotel conference rooms or impromptu door stops, Pope Kev during his current sabatical in London, chose the modestly appointed Saint Paul’s Cathedral to deliver his holy pronouncement on all affairs financial but with a Godly twist.

At St Paul’s Cathedral, more than 1,000 people gathered to hear Mr Rudd and Mr Brown reflect on the wrath of a new god – the god of mammon.

“Unfettered free markets became worshipped as a god,” Mr Rudd said.

“And we know that that god was false.”

“Shame! Shame!” belowed the crowd, “Damn those false prophets to hell!!” they wailed..

Pope Rudd and Bishop Gordon Brown reflected on values, the public good, and trust in a system that Bishop Brown says crossed moral boundaries.

“So, unbridled and unchannelled, they can become the enemy of the good society,”

“And we can now see also that markets cannot self-regulate, but they can self-destruct.”

“He speaks the truth” whispered one of the faithful to another.

And soon the message spread throughout the crowd of worshippers.

Bishop Brown said markets need morals, and an injection of the values that families and small businesses hold:

“And I say to you plainly, this old world, of the old Washington consensus, is over,”

“It’s over” cried the mighty throng.

“It’s over” as they punched the sky with their fists.

“And what comes in its place is up to us”

declared Bishop Brown

“Us! It’s up to us!” replied the masses!

And on that note the crowd saw that it was good. And rejoiced in their renewed good fortune!

“May the glory of God’s goodness shower us with abundant blessings” smiled Pope Kev, his eyes gazing skywards in heavenly praise to the almighty above.

And the crowd kneeled in glorious adulation.

“Abundant blessings!” they cried. “Abundant blessings!!”

“I suppose a job’s out of the question..?” asked one lonely soul.

“SILENCE!” shouted Bishop Brown, “who dare question the truth that we speak…?”

“Tis I” came a small wimper, as a shadowy figured moved cautiously into the light..

“Lo” Said Bishop Brown “It is ye, former Opposition Shadow Treasuer; Eyes Bishop. I thought you had been scurned and banished eons ago. REMOVE HER FROM THIS PLACE FORTHWITH!!”

“STONE HER! STONE HER!” wailed the crowd.

But Pope Rudd interjected. “STOP THIS AT ONCE!” he decried.

“Our challenge for all governments is to rebuild an economic system that people can trust.”

“For it is only by restoring balance between market and government, between individual and community, that we can rebuild trust in an economic system that encourages each and cares for all,”

The crowd fell silent and then all at once a heavenly halo of light formed a glow over Pope Kev:

“Kevin Rudd, a Prime Minister of great courage, a leader of great conscience and a visionary for reform, and I welcome him to our country,”

“Arise Saint Kev” said Bishop Brown.

And the crowd was pleased..

“Lord hear our prayer”


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  1. I hope there has been no cases of bashing brown over the GFC.

  2. Wonderful.

    It’s all so inspiring it makes me want to put on my joggers and go for it:

    Bring back amatuer olympics. So our paradise is no longer lost…and Mammon is banished to a penthouse near Wall Street.


  3. N’

    Seems like we will need another dedicated Conroy filter thread.

  4. Testify!

  5. “Seems like we will need another dedicated Conroy filter thread.”

    And joni, kittylitter would write a great post methinks. Luv her passion & forthright approach…and we certainly could use some gender balance on this blog. Or Min.perhaps? Both are inspiring opinion-makers.

    Isn’t that right ladies?

    Just a thought.

  6. KL

    Anyone who watched Conroy’s performance on Insight last night wouldn’t be at all susrprised by today’s backdown – which is terrific news BTW.

    He was completely out of his depth and ill-prepared to answer fairly straight-forward questions.

    Instead, he just resorted to this kind of embarrased school girl giggle (no offence to school girls) and tried to ‘join in’ in the laughter rather than come to terms with the fact that he was actually the subject of all the ridicule.

    It was embarrassing.

    He’s like the Steve Fielding of the Labor party.

    No idea. Zero credibility.

  7. Conroy handled the ‘censorship’ issue very well on Insightlast night. Kept stressing it was a trial and no decisions have been made.

    While there were any number of critics, he was more impressive than I have ever seen him Somewhat surprised.

  8. kitty/min

    If either of you want to write the conroy-versy thread email the address above and I am sure that reb will post it.

  9. Nature 5.

    You cannot be serious.

    Were we watching the same show…?

    Howabout the 17 year old who claimed it would be easy to workaround whatever filter the govt put in place not to mention the ISPs that maintained the whole concept is completely unworkable..?

    I agree that Conroy kept insisting that it was only “a trial”. But that was his standard response to EVERYTHING. He was completely vague about what types of sites would/could be blacklisted without being able to explain whether ‘innocent’ sites would also be blacklisted or not by mistake.

    He was way out of his depth, and responding to every question with “it’s just a trial” purely served to illustrate how little he understood about the technology or even clearly explain what it was he was actually trying to achieve.

  10. Reb, that was brilliant!

    On Conroy, I watched him on Q&A last week and felt that he has been much maligned. I can’t claim to have an in depth knowledge of the internet filter type issues, I don’t fully understand the mechanics of them, but it appeared as though much of the criticism of him came from ill founded bases. He corrected much of those ill foundations from the start yet continued to cop criticism from panellists and the audience on those already shown to be ill founded bases. I think this is one area where I for one, will now shut up and wait until the full details are explained to me properly before forming an opinion.

  11. I see Stephen Conroy has been busy…seems he announced this morning the most recent appointees to sit as ABC & SBS board members. Let’s hope we finally get some real balance:


    Bit more ARTS focus in the news would help too. Always amazes me that sports gets its own special place in news programming but THE ARTS and such are thrown in almost willy nilly.


  12. Nas’…wonderful! This was eldest’s music when she came 4th for gymnastics in Victoria. The music was chosen because she was a little too tall (compared with her mum 😉 and therefore slow re the athletic segments of routines (eg front flips). Hence the slower music.

    Most athletes (and ballet dancers) are amateurs until they reach a situation ’round about the age of 18 where they have to choose between study and sport. There are scholarships re the AIS (daughter missed out because she was too tall).

    There are 2 alternatives, survive on the dole and pursue sporting interests (amateur) or seek sponsorship. I helped a friend out with the latter alternative..took some excellent photos of his very wonderful daughter (surfing sportsperson) and voila..a decent photo and his daughter gained several sponsorships.

    Of course I would must rather that friend’s daughter would have been able to gain funding without all this foo-fah, but this was a family with limited funds and so the only current option is to try to gain sponsorships.

  13. reb, on April 1st, 2009 at 12:53 pm Said:

    I am deadly serious and I am certainly not a fan of Conroy. Blind Freddie knows that this censorship can’t work bu the Government has to be seen to be trying. And to keep trying. Politically, governments can’t ‘give up’ on important issues.

    Take the single father at the beginning, he wanted the government to take ‘control’ of his daughter and censor the Net completely. He is not alone as more that 53% of the voters fall into the category of favouring government action.

    As everyone knows, it has to be the parents that provide the cemsorship BUT the government must be seen to be assisting. I stick with the view that Conroy did himself no harm politically.

  14. Joni..not a hope in Hades. I don’t even know what an internet filter is. As long as the old girl keeps on choofin’..we have a rubber band problem at the moment as the DVD slidely-drawer thingy won’t work.

  15. I don’t even know what an internet filter is..”

    It’s a bit like a coffee filter, but without the pourin’

  16. Reb, that was brilliant!

    Reb wrote that? I thought it was a cut and paste job.


    Seriously, funny stuff Reb.

  17. Thank you James and Tony.

    Clearly I have way too much time on my hands…

  18. “not a hope in Hades. I don’t even know what an internet filter is”

    lol…yer probably like me Min. Had their time in front of the class & preparing lessons for the day…nothing better now than sitting at the back of the class and opining, having a chuckle & passing notes along…or finding time to bury yer head & read whatever ya fancy.

    “Hence the slower music.”

    I learn something new everday on here. Who woulda thunk it? I’ll be watching those gymnasts much closer now…& listening out for the choice of music.

    “Of course I would must rather that friend’s daughter would have been able to gain funding without all this foo-fah, but this was a family with limited funds and so the only current option is to try to gain sponsorships.”

    I see your point. I guess the Olympics don’t happen often enuff for governments to be funding so many athletes for such a long period. Unless they could come up w/ a way for the athletes to be employed F/T…as sports teachers/coaches perhaps? On a temp basis? So they had time for training.

    But then I guess the training & equipment is extremely expensive for some…& they feel forced to travel. It’s not something I’ve given much thought too…til now.

    I suppose it’s the BRANDS stamped all over athletes & ovals & ice hockey rinks & such that I find irritating. I find it distracts me. Consequently, I don’t watch much sport anymore. That & the constant niggling feeling that games are rigged. Seems more of a betting exercise these days. Guess in many ways it always was.


  19. Here’s sumfin’ for der ladeez …


    According to this twit, the reason WW2 happened wuz cos wimmen were allowed the vote.

    What a weird world we live in.

  20. On another matter entirely … Perhaps someone can help me with this …

    Has anyone had a good experience with an alternative site to eBay for selling things and what would that site be? Preferably an Australian-based site. I’m getting rid of my vinyl records and don’t feel like wasting time with eBay con-artists and Paypal.

  21. Joni: Speaking of Leonard Cohen.

    Leonard is back on the world tour grind due to Leonard’s former manager stealing ALL of Leonard’s money.
    Yes. Just a few short years ago, Leonard was totally broke.

    However, as Cohen toured Australia at the time of the disastrous Victorian bushfires, he was so affected by the loss of life and property, t’was reported he donated $200,000 to the Victorian Bushfires Appeal Fund.

    Min: Apologies for bringing up D. Anthony, Federal MP. Never to be mentioned again.

  22. Ross Sharp: Please contact me via e-mail. Joni has my e-mail address. If not, we can arrange same.
    Question: How many vinyl 45s, 33rpm do you have?

  23. Hehe Oftenb re old Doug. He sits on the beach at New Brighton and invited hubby and I over to share a wine as we were neighbors. Hubby said: I never thought that I would see the day that I’d be sitting on the beach sharing a drink with Doug Anthony. **Hubby is a staunch unionist.

  24. Interesting Min. Upon scratching the surface of a right-winger, one will find the hopes and aspirations, humanity generally does not differ between right and left, of course.
    However, to give some of these silly righties a podium from which to spew their diatribe, one finds they morph into a whole new persona. The born to rule brigade.
    To wit: Messrs. Pine and Hunt, the future of the federal Libs.
    Pine and Hunt remind me of a Fawlty Towers episode to which you may have recently inadvertently alluded to, where a ‘toff’ guest at Fawlty Towers addresses basil Fawlty by exclaiming: ‘your heading for a bunch of fives, Fawlty; your getting my dander up’
    (Fawlty Towers: Episode: Manuel and his pet hamster).

  25. Hi Oftenbark,

    Your horse is running at Sandown in about 20 minutes.

  26. G’day Tony, and thanks for the alert. Been too busy lately to check the midweek fields.
    Back later.

  27. Tony: Seems the wide barrier draw took its toll. Excellent run. Certainly one for the black book. Owners of Discorsi also own VRC Derby winner ‘Plastered’, Newmarket winner Scenic Shot, and Scenic blast.

  28. Yes, it did too much work. You might know this ex-WA runner in the next, Egatrice. Its form is mostly in listed mares races in Perth, and should be well and truly up to this field.

  29. Thanks Tony. Don’t follow Perth racing much, mainly Vic and NSW classic Group 1s going way back to the days of Vain and Daryl’s Joy (showing my age now, blast); although I have it on excellent authority that Perth form stands true. Not overly enamoured with backing mares either. However, I shall take notice of the run of Egatrice, on this occasion.

  30. Tony: Is there any truth in the rumour Richmond FC are seeking to employ a new assistant senior coach, preferably with surname Gromit?

    (Relax Tony, just joking, mate!)

  31. Oftenbark,

    Youse can email me at – rosss at ihug.com.au – and I can send a list if you wants to peruse.

    I sold a bunch of stuff early last year to a private buyer. Now, I’m getting rid of what’s left – a couple hundred singles, and about 200 albums (punk, post-punk, alternative, and soundtracks). 70’s and 80’s. No Eagles or Elton John or stuff like that.

    I don’t have a list completed of the singles yet, only the soundtracks, and I’m working on the other albums.

  32. “No Eagles or Elton John or stuff like that..”

    Thank Christ for that!!

    But why Ross, why are you parting with all your alternative music…?

    I sincerely hope you’re not going to let go of your Throbbing Gristle…?

  33. Would that be a 45rpm or 33rpm Throbbing Gristle?

  34. Reb,

    I haven’t had a turntable for about 8 years, and I’m sick of carting them around. I was very reluctant to part with so many of them initially, but you stop thinking about them once they’re gone.

    If I’d kept every record I ever bought through the 70’s, 80’s they’d fill the Taj Mahal.

    The Throbbing Gristles have gone. However, I still have some Virgin Prunes in Residents staring up at a Tuxedomoon gone Chrome whilst at the Cabarat Voltaire Lunching with Lydia.

    Teenage Jesus was a Jerk on a Wire, but he weren’t The Only Ones.

    F**k, I think I’ve gone Bats. It’s enough to give a person The Chills and turn Yello. Where’d I put my X-Ray-Spex?

    Is this a Stinkfist I see before me? Hand me the Tong, Winston! I think Clint will be the Ruin of me.

  35. Would that be a 45rpm or 33rpm Throbbing Gristle?

    An 8-track on a loop, Joni.

    I has staying power.

  36. Re Steven Conroy. I think he is an entirely capable and intelligent minister.

    I didn’t see the interview yesterday, but he maintains a very good reputation for good reason. He is one of the more impressive ministers in this government, and one of the few that would measure up to the level of capability of ALP governments of 25 years ago.

    This government needs more like him, not less (….fewer?)

  37. The Chills? Gasp.

    I love my leather Jacket, Purple Girl…etc that takes me back.

    Oh yes and Cabarat Voltaire…

    “We’re not so different you and I…”

    *he says with shifty eyes and tapping fingers together*

  38. Tom of Melbourne

    You’re taking the piss aren’t you…?

  39. reb, I enjoyed your missive, a laugh.

    I almost felt sorry for Conroy on Insight , then reality crept in.

  40. No reb, I’m not taking the p155, and while I don’t wish to step into the shoes of our departed Lord Mayor of Crapperville in meeting TERRIBLY IMPORTANT people, he seems intelligent and capable. Well above the average politician.

  41. “Re Steven Conroy. I think he is an entirely capable and intelligent minister”.
    Good satire, although reb set a standard on this thread..
    Try harder..

  42. I think that although Conroy may be a good minister he is trying to sell a very bad smelling policy.

  43. Hat tip to Ross Sharp.

    Oh my, what an excellent link, Ross. Where the Hell do you get this stuff?

    Loved this bit:

    “America has become a country of whining, sniveling, emotional pansies who the politicians have learned to play like a Stradivarius. Any politician that is unable to take advantage of the emotional American public has almost no chance of getting elected dog catcher let alone to congress or the White House. Even George Bush used the term, “Compassionate Conservative” to get elected to two terms.

    You have to go back to Ronald Reagen’s victories in 1980 and ’84” to find the last time the candidate running on a campaign of logic won the Presidency. He presented America with the truth about where we were headed and he never shied away from the logical unemotional facts….”

    A real rip-snorter.

    This is your basic Republican nut-job in full flight. According to him, Reagan was a master logician and GW a mere pansy-appeasing wimp.

    This guy has got to be a member of the John Birch Society. Either that or there’s waaay too much red meat in his diet.

    After reading these ravings, I swear, I’ll be nice to Australian Tories. I mean, he makes the Libs look like a bunch of Communists.

  44. Have alerted hubby that there are punters on the team. Hubby’s late dad used to attend the Lindrum billard’s hall in Melbourne and was a champion player himself.

  45. Ross Sharp

    Just for future reference

    You could try http://www.oztion.com.au/

    Not yet as pervasive as ebay, so not as crook.


  46. Ducky

    I am watching Duck Dodgers on Boomerang!


  47. Joni, dozens of Blogocrats had that among their top 5 sci-fi movies of all time.

  48. Ross, let me know how you go selling your old vinyls and whether a good price was achieved. I have the Beatles LP, EP and Singles collections unplayed and my wife has been toying with the idea that I should sell them.

    Her logic is that if I leave them to my kids, they’ll sell them anyway.

  49. What?! It’s science fiction?

    I thought it was a documentary.

  50. It’sa documovie.

  51. A duckumovie?

  52. I have Smokey Dawson, Fats Waller and Bing Crosby on ’78s and a 6″ pile of Elvis on ’45 (hubby’s) and that’s apart from my collection which includes Cream on a ’33.

    If you go to the Byron Bay market there is a bloke there with a huge stall selling them for about $5.00 and so I wouldn’t be too hopeful about making one’s fortune.

  53. That was funny jodi. I’ll bitch slap you anyway.

  54. Moderators: Please post this script. Tis indeed I, Oftenbark.

    Tony: Late tip. Bunbury @ 4.07 WST
    Race 6, No. 5, Moonemia, each way.

    Good luck to all of us.

  55. Moonenima, each way.
    Must be a story behind that ..

  56. Good luck to all of us.

    It’s not an April fool’s joke is it…?

  57. No. Not an April 1 joke, although, lets first see the result. Could be either Moet or Chateau Cardboard.

    Definitely not Moon- enema. Please read again. There’s no dark side of the moon.

  58. Definitely not Moon- enema.
    was a joke,behind, I’ll give up..
    Although I found out that, thanks to you, enima and enema are both accepted spellings, albiet the former is the traditional and the latter is ,as the subject, acceptable,both mostly not being especially desired, unless..
    Thanks for the moon tip,I’ll pass it on to P.Floyd..

  59. Make sure it’s sustainable! A new global coalition of environmental, development, business and labour groups has called on the G-20 to make sure the financial stimulus package they are discussing this week is an inclusive and green one.

    To learn more please click below:

    For a full copy of the open letter please visit:


  60. Oftenbark,

    Just got back in so didn’t see your tip before the race. Third at $2.60 the place, I notice, so you would have shown a modest profit.

  61. Just great. I settle down at the golf club with a half corona and a flat white, look up at the Sky racing screen, and coming up is race 7 at Bunbury.

  62. Sorry joni. I called you jodi. My humble apologies.

  63. Migs

    Don’t worry – I knew what you meant.

    And Socceroos just scored!

  64. The Rev Kev’s recent wobbles over China suggest he is a poorly-advised man more driven by ego than judgement.

    It is not so much what the Prime MInister is trying to achieve that is wrong but the way he goes about it. And the fact that the end point of his circus of the bizarre process is the PM falling flat on his face in public.

    Anyone with a reasonable understanding of Australia’s history, culture and people knows that the current questions about China are sensitive. Very sensitive. And that this is as important economic and political issue as there is for our country and its future. A crucial issue that requires diplomatic handling, gentle public persuasion, a softly-softly approach.

    But the Rev Kev presumed to know better. He has big-noted his Chinese connections, publicly offered to help deliver Beijing’s trade agenda as PM of Australia while apparently asking for nothing in return, then followed up with a hush-hush Canberra meeting with a not-so-nice Beijing propoganda merchant.

    When the utterly predictable faecal matter hits the fan, the Rev Kev swings to the other extreme. Seemingly bewildered, he tries to duck. Suddenly and very publicly he asks not to be seated next to the Chinese Ambassador to Britain during a BBC television interview. Poor woman was treated like she’d farted.

    Such wild swings and roundabouts from someone with a diplomatic background. What will the Beijing cadres make of all this unbalanced posturing? It’s an episode that has hardly enhanced his professional reputation or improved the image of the people and country and commercial interests he is elected to represent.

    Try linking up the dots on this one. It’s hard to escape the fact that our Prime Minister is a man lacks the ability to think in a linear fashion. A reactionary.

    That said, this kind of problem is not necessarily unique to elected Western leaders. Britain’s Blair was also wishy-washy, melodramatic and prone to knee jerk reaction. But Blair had the good sense to bring into office with him hard-headed, professional advisors like Campbell and Mandelson, argumentative back room boys who covered his personal weaknesses by providing fearless advice. They told their boss straight when he was wrong and nearly always ensured glitches were ironed out in the back rooms, not in public.

    The Rev Kev, on the other hand, chose two 20-somethings from Queensland to act as his principle advisors. Episodes like the China debacle suggest these boys don’t have the life experience or communication skills or effective influence over the boss to do the jobs they are paid to do.

    The primary role of Prime Ministerial advisors is to prevent the boss falling flat on his face in public. Clearly the Queensland boys are failing to meet this crucial KPI. They are demonstrably failing their boss and failing to protect the national interest.

    Inspired Foreign Affairs and Trade outcomes were the prime achievement of the previous Labor Government. Hawke, Keating and Evans built APEC and built sustainable prosperity for all Australians by doubling exports as a share of Australia’s GDP. Hawke, Keating and Evans did this with a professional long-term strategy and the ability to persuade all sorts of countries that Australia was a reliable partner that could deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

    I admit that I had high hopes that the Rev Kev, with his diplomatic background, might continue this proud ALP tradition of building a leadership role for Australia in the Asia Pacific and wider world. Today I feel sad. I know was wrong.

    I am now left wondering if Gareth Evans might be available to take over the management of the PM’s office?

  65. Mark, on April 1st, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    You tend to see politicians in general and Rudd in particular as puppets of ‘principle’ (sic) advisors and while I think they are important, I think you overstate their role. Rudd has a giant ego, no doubt, and his young advisors would surely know how to feed that ego but he is also open to advice provided it is well argued and comprehensive. Generally speaking he recognises the expertise of the PS.

    Terry Moran his PS head is also very experienced and well knows the influence of the political operatives and how to balance such forces.

    While I agree with many of your points, I don’t think it’s the ‘definitive’ analysis. But then again, I suspect you would agree.

  66. I do agree with most of your post Nature 5.

  67. Miglo and Ross Sharp: Been out doing biz most of the afternoon and into the evening. Apologies for not mailing you Ross. Will contact you tomorrow April 2, re the sale of vinyl collection. Will explain then.

    Miglo: Will be in touch re Beatles collection. Please hold for now.

    Lang Mack: No problem, the lads (Floyd) know – ‘matter’a fact, it’s all dark’ . . .

    Joni: Aus 2 – Uzbek 0. Great result. Almost there. Beauty.

    Tony: Tony, you are quite correct in your summation. Modest profit. No damage. Keep in mind.

  68. OB, our teams clash this Sunday. I’m confident the guys from the Port may just home return triumphant.

  69. Mark,

    You raise some interesting points there.

    But Gareth Evans? Wasn’t he shagging Cheryl Kernot, or something like that…?

  70. reb, on April 2nd, 2009 at 9:28 am Said:

    Wasn’t he shagging Cheryl Kernot, or something like that

    No! Cart before the horse. Cheryl was shagging Gareth.

  71. Thanks for the clarification Nature 5.

    Still. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it really….

  72. And didn’t our Therese scrub up rather well. Having 3 kids with ultra curly hair (thankyou Grandpa Coloretti) I have always been intrigued by the media’s obsession with Therese’ unruly hair. As if you can do much with it without spending 2 hours with a hair dresser!

    Anyway..lookin’ good girl..


  73. And people wonder why some people want Australia to become a republic.


  74. Are the ALF followers (or is that AFL?) going to put up their weekend footy thread?

  75. Nature 5 and Reb: Consenting adults shag by mutual agreement. Horses and carts do not.

  76. ‘OB, our teams clash this Sunday. I’m confident the guys from the Port may just home return triumphant’ – Miglo

    Dear Mig, you mean YOUR team and the WCE. I threw in my longstanding membership in year 2000. I shall not explain why. My first side is my local WAFL club, grass roots, great footy; former home of Ross Gibbs, Bill Duckworth, John Duckworth, John Wynne, Nathan van Berlo, Mark LeCras, Quentin Lynch, Dean Laidley, Darren (Boris) Bewick and many, many more.
    So, you think Port may win? I think you may be correct, especially if the silly moves by Messrs Worsfold and Sumich against Brisbane are replicated yet once again. This dynamic duo have constantly been outcoached by many opposing coaches over the years, none moreso than Paul Roos in the 2005 AFL GF.
    However, I wish the WCE all the best. My pending tips for this weekend will indicate what I think of the WCE team selection. We shall see.

    BTW Miglo, re the Beatles, have already contacted 2 prospective buyers, both of whom are interested in exploring the possibilities of purchasing same.
    Please ask Joni to furnish you with my e-mail address; private, of course.

  77. Oh dear,

    Things just seem to keep going from bad to worse for Senator Conroy

  78. ‘Oh dear’ indeed Reb. Conroy really does need to brush up on law, commerce, business, cyberspace, and more.
    Suddenly the Senate may be no place for ‘hiding’ Conroy.

  79. Maybe Conroy will be put on a blacklist and we will never hear from him again… BTY – where is Ruddock?

  80. joni,

    They only let Ruddock out of the crypt after nightfall…

  81. ‘BTY, where’s Ruddock’?

    Joni, ‘who cares’ (wink). Mrs. Ruddock, perhaps?

  82. Hi Oftenbark,

    I’m OK with joni giving you my email address, however it will take a lot for me to part with the collection, after all, it’s the wife who has her beady little eyes on getting a sale.

    Ross Gibbs was the biggest sheila to ever play footy. John Wynne was a gorilla in a human costume. John Duckworth was a genius.

  83. “‘BTY, where’s Ruddock’?”

    “They only let Ruddock out of the crypt after nightfall…”


    Or gone on a long voyage perhaps? Minding the rodents in the lower decks.


  84. G’day Miglo: I failed to name another of our better players who transferred to SA. Namely, Brian Adamson. Brian’s life after footy is a very sad and now tragic story. Incredible.
    Will tell you privately only.

    Ross Gibbs, shiela – interesting comment, as Cometti would say. (99 games here, over 200 games in SA)
    John Wynne, gorilla – a little unkind there Mig.
    John Duckworth – genius? OK, have it your way. Yes, I know. Margery Medal.

    ‘Grave Danger’ was ready to sign with my WAFL club way back. The club had second thoughts, thank the Lord.
    Anyhow Miglo, I’ve picked Port to win, even though the dynamic duo at WCE have come to their senses, included a proven full-forward, 2 good backmen. We shall see. I still have doubts about the WCE midfield.

  85. OB. Brian Adamson kicked 5 goals in the 1978 SANFL Grand Final. His team won by a point. The biggest boilover in SA footy history.

  86. $900 “bonus” payments to go ahead after unsuccessful court challenge.


  87. Miglo: Yep. Ado was a good player, read the play, played his position very well, a clever marker, and a deadly straight kick.
    (Norwood, was it not?)

  88. Miglo
    # after all, it’s the wife who has her beady little eyes on getting a sale.

    This will be a give/throw away.
    (i can see it know after the letters and the spider will come the records) 😉

  89. OB – right. Aqua – wrong. I’m taking control of this one.

  90. Miglo: Simply e-mail me should you decide to dispose of, or ‘she who must be obeyed’ triumphs on the Beatles thing.
    Have interested parties, including I. No pressure.
    Personally, (and in good faith), I would hang on to them forever.

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