Midweek Mass Mayhem!!


Good morning and welcome to Midweek Mayhem, the place where we get to talk about anything and everything – now shrouded in divine God-speak for the pleasure of all those who worship him, her, it.

May God bless you all. Move over Tony Abbott, it seems that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is champing at the bit to become the new preacher of holy-speak when drawing analogies with our earthly GFC predicament and what this really means in religous terms.

Praise the Lord.

Not content with the usual press conference venues like hotel conference rooms or impromptu door stops, Pope Kev during his current sabatical in London, chose the modestly appointed Saint Paul’s Cathedral to deliver his holy pronouncement on all affairs financial but with a Godly twist.

At St Paul’s Cathedral, more than 1,000 people gathered to hear Mr Rudd and Mr Brown reflect on the wrath of a new god – the god of mammon.

“Unfettered free markets became worshipped as a god,” Mr Rudd said.

“And we know that that god was false.”

“Shame! Shame!” belowed the crowd, “Damn those false prophets to hell!!” they wailed..

Pope Rudd and Bishop Gordon Brown reflected on values, the public good, and trust in a system that Bishop Brown says crossed moral boundaries.

“So, unbridled and unchannelled, they can become the enemy of the good society,”

“And we can now see also that markets cannot self-regulate, but they can self-destruct.”

“He speaks the truth” whispered one of the faithful to another.

And soon the message spread throughout the crowd of worshippers.

Bishop Brown said markets need morals, and an injection of the values that families and small businesses hold:

“And I say to you plainly, this old world, of the old Washington consensus, is over,”

“It’s over” cried the mighty throng.

“It’s over” as they punched the sky with their fists.

“And what comes in its place is up to us”

declared Bishop Brown

“Us! It’s up to us!” replied the masses!

And on that note the crowd saw that it was good. And rejoiced in their renewed good fortune!

“May the glory of God’s goodness shower us with abundant blessings” smiled Pope Kev, his eyes gazing skywards in heavenly praise to the almighty above.

And the crowd kneeled in glorious adulation.

“Abundant blessings!” they cried. “Abundant blessings!!”

“I suppose a job’s out of the question..?” asked one lonely soul.

“SILENCE!” shouted Bishop Brown, “who dare question the truth that we speak…?”

“Tis I” came a small wimper, as a shadowy figured moved cautiously into the light..

“Lo” Said Bishop Brown “It is ye, former Opposition Shadow Treasuer; Eyes Bishop. I thought you had been scurned and banished eons ago. REMOVE HER FROM THIS PLACE FORTHWITH!!”

“STONE HER! STONE HER!” wailed the crowd.

But Pope Rudd interjected. “STOP THIS AT ONCE!” he decried.

“Our challenge for all governments is to rebuild an economic system that people can trust.”

“For it is only by restoring balance between market and government, between individual and community, that we can rebuild trust in an economic system that encourages each and cares for all,”

The crowd fell silent and then all at once a heavenly halo of light formed a glow over Pope Kev:

“Kevin Rudd, a Prime Minister of great courage, a leader of great conscience and a visionary for reform, and I welcome him to our country,”

“Arise Saint Kev” said Bishop Brown.

And the crowd was pleased..

“Lord hear our prayer”

Constitutional Challenge to Stimulus

I am not sure what to make of the challenge in the High Court to the bonus payments that the Federal government wants to make to stimulate the economy.

The challenge is being brought (brang?) by Bryan Pape because he says that the bonus payments are a “gift” and are unconstitutional. If the challenge is sucessful then “ALMOST 850,000 taxpayers targeted by the Federal Government to receive a $900 tax bonus may be legally entitled to only a portion of the payment and as little as $1”.

The court heard that on one interpretation of the constitution, the law passed by Federal Parliament in February to pay the bonus could operate only by refunding tax owed in 2007-08.

Any taxpayer whose tax liability last year was between $1 and $899 would be entitled to only that amount as a bonus.

On one hand I understand that we must uphold the constitution, but what will be the implications if the challenge is sucessful? Will this alter the federal/state relationship?

The case was expected to take two days but will continue today – the third day of the hearings.