Six Months Old

A comment today triggered the fact that we are now six months old. Our first post was on the 29th Sept 2008. Since then we have had over 330,000 hits and over 30700 comments.

Well done to all.

reb and joni


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  1. Congrats joni, reb & other contributors…you’ll be one years old before you know it.

    “and over 30700 comments.”

    is that why I feel like i’m going on a hundred?


  2. “is that why I feel like i’m going on a hundred?”

    and that’s just from reading John’s more pithy comments.

    Just joshing John.

    It includes the lengthier ones too.

    good stuff John, Kevin, TB (looking forward to that Afghan one…but no rush) & Ben too.

    And all the entertaining commentors.

  3. Congratulations, Reb, Joni and all contributors.

    Well done.

  4. Six months old?

    Is that why I seem to be exhibiting all the signs of “teething?”

  5. That’s right.., the 29th t’was the day after my birf’day. Group hug time. (run for the hills fellas). Congratulations to all.

  6. Good work. B+

  7. Hello Tom. We’ve had some great debates re unions and such things.

    Auntie Min speaking…what about an avatar?

  8. Auntie Min speaking…what about an avatar?

    That is his avatar

    I had always assumed he was a fairly empty persona

    (just kidding there TomM) 🙂

  9. Well done, people.

    And long may this blog continue hold the banner of Aussie ratbaggery-high.

  10. Very proud to be a part of it!

    Big thanks to sreb and joni…

    …and all posters…and readers…

    …democracy at its best – and fairest! 😆

    We must find a way of making the virtual “club” a real one at some mutual venue in the future!

    Min, your place must be central? Oops! – Sorry, forgot, sreb, would want to meander off to the Gold Coast… 😉

    You buggers have no idea how “painful” it is typing this…

    …even The Minister is admitting to withdrawal symptoms cause she can’t access the internet properly…

    …and that’s serious…

  11. TB..we’re now at Banora Point (just south of Coolangatta, west of Kirra) aka the ‘burbs having decamped from Billinudgel Nov last year. Anyone looking for a meander is always welcome. a technician.

    Evan re: …And long may this blog continue hold the banner of Aussie ratbaggery-high. it. But now have to choof as hubby has a hungry look in his eye, but sadly it’s due to needing to be fed.

    Hugs and congratulations to all. MinXXX

  12. May the third trimester be as (relatively) trouble-free as the first two. Hip, Hip, Hooray.

  13. It has been a very enjoyable 6 months and has filled a void in my life.

    Thank you to all my friends out there.

  14. Thank you to all my friends out there.

    Thanks to all my leftoid enemies.

    (And friends if I have any.)

  15. Tony, I left you a message on the Blogocrats Tipping site. Have a look and let me know if you agree.

  16. Miglo. I agree. I’ve heard Wayne Campbell mentioned.

  17. Tony, whenever a pres comes out with comments that the coach’s job is safe, you know that their head is on the chopping board.

    I also heard about Wayne Campbell, I think it was on Mondayitis with Peter Keenan. I’m sure that the powers to be are going through a short list as I type.

  18. “(And friends if I have any.)”

    Tony, I reckon yer a top bloke. Often enjoy my chats w/ you. Takes alot of different characters to make an interesting world. Gawd forbid if we all thought the same…might as well be droids.

    Thnx for the hot sauce site link.

  19. Thanks Nasking, I appreciate it. BTW, I’ve tried Tabasco in my beer, since you mentioned it. Not bad for a change.

  20. Way to go Tony!

    You can also buy chilli beer. It’s good stuff. But I only have one bottle each time in case of reflux later. Considerin’ I eat so much spicey food anyway. Nothin’ worse than HOT LAVA in yer mouth whilst sleeping…


  21. “Nothin’ worse than HOT LAVA in yer mouth whilst sleeping…”

    Speak for yourself…


  22. Is that a swallow?

  23. Joni, you always have to take things just that little bit further beyond the boundaries of bad taste..


  24. “Speak for yourself…”

    reb, I wake up gagging and can barely breathe. It’s like someone’s sitting on my chest. And I’ve got a mouthful of hot stuff to contend with.


  25. Reb…. and you reckon I am despicable! What about N’?

  26. Well done to everyone.

    Despite the occasional animosity I think that the uncensored immediacy of this site adds to its charm.

    You can dribble some shit & get an almost instant reply from whomever may be about at the time; very cool.
    It’s like having a crapload of penfriends.

    Despicable doesn’t even begin to cover it…

  27. “It’s like having a crapload of penfriends”

    Yeah, or a load of crap penfriends…

  28. yeah that too reb…

  29. …or pen-enemies in some cases.

    Variety of course being the spice of life.

  30. Thanks to all the good works of all the Blogocrats. And, if you’ll allow me, thanks to Tim for getting the concept started way back when!

    Long may you run …

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