Voter’s Turn on Malcolm’s Bull

Just when it seems that Malcolm’s approval ratings cannot get any worse, they do.

The latest Herald/Nielsen poll shows Mr Rudd’s approval rating has risen to 74 per cent as Labor forges a crushing lead over the Coalition.

It reveals the electorate has stuck overwhelmingly with Mr Rudd and Labor since the global financial crisis began to bite into jobs and growth.

In an alarming turn for Mr Turnbull, more voters now disapprove of the job he is doing as Opposition Leader than approve.

I really suspect that the voters know that the GFC was not and is not caused by anything that is happening in this country. And that any attempt by the opposition to label this a “Rudd Recession” is clearly seen as cheap politics by the electorate.

Wont someone think of the conservatives?


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  1. joni

    I think he’s backed the wrong issue to make a big deal about as well with Fitzgibbon trips disclosures as well.

    While a lot of us are critical of the non-disclosure, I suspect most people think – “so what and aren’t there bigger issues to worry about such as the GFC etc”. The carping on insiders about the fact Rudd hadn’t spoken with Fitzgibbon personally I think highlights just how out of touch most of the commentariat are; The dressing down of Fitzgibbon is hardly a pressing matter – the trips occured Years ago, manwhile, Rudd is meeting with Obama, US treasury officials, Gordon Brown and other UK officials and preparing for the G20. I suspect most people think that this is a little more important than admonishing a Minister for something he didn’t do 4 and 7 years ago. I mean seriously 🙄

  2. I don’t wish to be unnecessarily picky Dave, but when did Fitzgibbon actually make the false statement? Last week. That was the critical factor on this recent issue, in my opinion, not that the trips occurred years ago.

    Are you also willing to set the bar on ministerial honesty so low? This will be the standard this government has set.

  3. Tom

    I have stated that I think it is time for Fitzgibbon to resign, because I do want ministers to have a higher level of honesty than the last lot.

  4. Tom

    Read what I said. I’m critical of the failure but I don’t think it’s the most pressing issue facing the Government at the moment. Are you really suggesting that the disciplining of Fuitzgibbon is more important than the G20 meeing and addressing the current financial cricis?

    As for the false statements, FFS. The issue with Fitzgibbon isn’t the comments at the door stop interview, it’s the failure to disclose according to parliamentary practice. I think that was a mistake and he should be disciplined to some extent – is it a sacking offence? Not sure, but it is hardly an offence that needs to be dealt with this very second and above all else; other than the media scrutiny, it isn’t affecting his ability to do his job at the moment; it can wait a week and that is the point I was making and I think most other people think that way as well.

  5. Fitzgibbon’s’ false statement pales in comparison to some of the humdingers made by Howard Government Ministers. I miss Lord Downer

    What made the news for you?
    John McPhilbin
    Fri 15 Dec 06 (05:24pm)

  6. I heard crazy eyes responding to the news of Rudd’s 74% approval rating by saying that the Liberal party will continue to hold the Rudd Government to account over the Helen Liu affair.

    Talk about pursuing an issue which I suspect most Australian’s couldn’t really give a rat’s @rse about.


  7. I think that the opposition needs to be a bit careful over smear and innuendo attacks. Remember the last time they tried it (was it over Burke) they ended up worse off as one of their ministers had to resign.

  8. Joni, I know that you previously said he should resign, my point related to the comment made by Dave.

    John, I’m sure people will continue to post away about the standards of the previous government, but most agree (I think) that we’d prefer not to measure integrity by that yard stick. Is that the standard you wish to measure against?

    Dave, I’m certainly not suggesting this is the most serious issue, but I cannot understand why anyone would expect any opposition let the government off the hook over it. Why would they, given the expectations on ministerial behaviour that this government advocated?

  9. (shhh…1 in 4 Australians were born overseas; and, of the remaining 3/4, 1/5 have a parent who was born overseas…onya Malcolm and co. (special mention, as ever, goes to Pies and his nudge, nudge, wink, wink stories) banging on about Joel and, erm, the foreign Other-Australians, whilst forgetting that the small business engine of the economy is run by…oh, all the business persons of small and large repute in their divers, multicultural ‘communities’. But, that’s what happens when a sub-set of the 21% Hansen demographic hijack the political meme du jour; the original, perhaps worthy and principled peme, gets ‘lost’ somewhere in China town and far, far away from Canberra.)

  10. Tom of Melbourne
    I don’t think most of the people here think Fitzgibbon should be getting off scot-free, but Dave55 does make a valid point.

    With everything else Rudd is currently doing – a public dressing down of Fitzgibbon over this (more than the dressing down Rudd actually did give him) is not high on people’s agendas.

    We’re not talking here about how we the “political commentariat” feel about the issue, but what the “average man & woman on the street” on the street feel. They have been used to politicians being dodgy for decades (from both sides of the political landscape) and two trips to China on a family-friend’s dime is not that big in their mind compared to keeping their homes & jobs.

    Remember the “scandal that never was” with Rudd having attended Scores (the strip-club) whilst in America? Remember people like Costello, Abbot, Akerman, & Bolt raving about it at every opportunity? Now remember the public’s reaction could be best described with the psuedo-word “Meh”. The public cares more about the policies that they see affect them directly and someone pushing reform through the Defence Department having had some holidays on China’s dime only really kicks in for the xenophobes & conspiracy nuts. The rest of the general public, possibly while thinking that he should be reprimanded/remove, will quickly move on to see what the government is doing about things that actually affect them (in their mind).

    Remember, the last election wasn’t so much won on anti-Howard, pro-Rudd feelings. It wasn’t the politicians that grabbed victory for Labour & the Greens, it was their position on WorkChoices – a policy people saw affecting them directly.

  11. Tom,

    I don’t expect them to let it go, but this is the ONLY thing they are talking about and this is why I mentioned it in the context of the poor polling- it is symptomatic of theuir poor read of the public. We are now linking the Liu affair with concerns about Australia’s relaionship with China generally. This is partly couched in terms of a fear of communism (Turnbulls continued refferences to Mao’s little red book and Rudd being a socialist etc. Few people (who would vote for Labor) give a rats about this and most people don’t even understand what he’s going on about.

    The coalition needs to be more vocal on the issues that really matter and put forward why they are a credible alternative Government. I strongly suspect that most people think that there are Libs who have made the same mistakes as Fitzgibbon so this example hadly distingishes them from the current Governemnt. Some decent (and stable) policy positions certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  12. The whole Fitzgibbon affair epotimises why the opposition are so very low in the opinions of the average punter. It is so low in the food chain that it really doesn’t matter. It pails into insignificance when it comes to encouraging our kids to drink alcohol bottled and tasting like soft drink, economic stimilus packages, The economy, Serfchoices, the envioronment, the G20, the US visit with a President that is not as dumb as dogshit. I have said this many times, they need to pick their mark and fight for things that really matter to the public not oppose because they can. They are still singing from Howards hymnsheet, and still don’t believe they are in opposition. Turdball maybe the wrong man, but there will never be a right person when they are peddling tired old ideology. Sure Fitzgibbon needs to be disclipined, but so do the many politicians that havve done the same in the last reign. If Helen Liu was such a security risk, how come the previous PM with the funny eyebrows was photographed with her.

  13. I popped this one on the Fitzgibbon thread but thought to add it in over here…,25197,25260907-601,00.html

    At the end of a week of parliamentary pressure over the SAS pay bungle this month, which included Opposition calls for his sacking, Mr Fitzgibbon accused parts of the department of incompetence and said he expected improvements.

    He then took the extraordinary step of appointing accounting firm KPMG to examine the pay system at Defence.

    KPMG’s findings will be released this week and, according to a senior Defence source, “it’s not going to be good (for Defence)”.

    Fitzgibbon won’t be a goner because there is a lot of big bickies still to be revealed in my opinion.

  14. Indeed Min…. it will be interesting to see what the report says. It may turn out that the dirt on FunkyGibbon by the ADF was all a pre-emptive strike – a weapon of mass diversion perhaps?

  15. Fitzgibbon won’t be a goner because there is a lot of big bickies still to be revealed in my opinion.

    And unfortunately, this is what modern day politics is about. Fitzgibbon’s transgressions are not that important to the everyday person (and hence the government) because the media can only have us concentrate on so many “subjects” at the same time.

    Managing the media is what the game is all about due to the voter’s short attention span. This is why “Crazy Eyes Bishop” was talking about the “Fitzgibbon Fiasco” (as I shall henceforth call it 🙂 ) when asked about the Liberal’s dismal polling numbers. It was simply a (poorly managed) attempt to control the media story for the day.

    An honest political party could never compete properly with a dishonest one because controlling the media is about controlling what we, the voters, hear and think about. That is why we get dishonest governments – they’re the only ones that can win in the given setup. We simply get to choose the party that is “dishonest for the right reasons” (as we see it).

    Personally, I would have voted “People Against Alien Probing” if I thought they were the only way of getting rid of WorkChoices… and I’m a part of the workforce that would have benefited from it (my skills are nearly always in demand, giving me leverage that most Australians do not have).

  16. Damn-it, would joni or reb please fix my mis-typed italics tag in the last post?

    Joni: done

  17. david – “Sure Fitzgibbon needs to be disclipined, but so do the many politicians that havve done the same in the last reign.”

    More of measuring this government against the standards established by the previous one. I thought many found those standards unsatisfactory and expected higher from this government.

  18. Just had a quick look over at The Australian online, and the homepage makes no mention of Rudd’s staggering approval rating nor Malcolm’s continuous slide into oblivion.

    Funny that.

  19. Just had a quick look over at The Australian online, and the homepage makes no mention of Rudd’s staggering approval rating nor Malcolm’s continuous slide into oblivion.

    Funny that.

    Yeah, definitely a little fishy given their focus on other polls.

  20. More of measuring this government against the standards established by the previous one. I thought many found those standards unsatisfactory and expected higher from this government.

    Tom, I wish you’d stop generalising. Most of us here do want higher standards and have called for his resignation.

    Had you worded it “I thought you found those standards unsatisfactory…” – that would have been less irritating.

  21. reb and B.T

    Not so strange (or at least nothing to warrant a conspiracy theory I’d have thought) – AC Neilsen is the Fairfax poll whereas Newspoll is, well … the News Poll. The SMH and Age are generally slower to report the Newspoll results because it isn’t their poll.

    Neither News or Fairfax play much attention to Morgan Polls even though they are released every other week.

    News will report the poll results but it will probably be under a commentray banner or an also ran article similar to how Fairfax report Newspoll,.

  22. And likewise Tol to provide a diversion as joni suggested from the much bigger picture.

    And I am going to have my say (Min rampant). This is just a t’incey taste of the incompetance. This is not necessarily anything to do with enlisted personnel but due to the continuous ‘outsourcing’. In fact following many, many phone calls National Welfare Coordination were the only ones to give precise advice (as in call us because the others are all civilians).

    Imagine a young bloke after 2 tours of The Gulf, 2 tours of East Timor which included shore patrol with the AFP. This young bloke is subsequently transferred from Sydney to the patrol boats out of Cairns.

    This requires moving. This requires finding accommodation in Cairns. Who has to find their own accommodation, the enlisted personnel of course. And who has to pay for this accommodation minus any rental assistance, bond assistance..the enlisted personnel of course.

    And who had to make numerous phone calls to try to sort out why service person hadn’t been paid any rental assistance for over THREE MONTHS..his mother of course (Navy is a problem..can’t sit on the phone endlessly because they’re at sea).

    It was being processed. Three Months just to sort out rental assistance.

  23. But is reporting the Neilson poll.,27574,25261672-5007133,00.html

  24. Interesting stuff joni re the Neilson Poll. Instead the ‘graph runs a story from a British tabloid stating

    A WAVE of ridicule greeted Kevin Rudd as he arrived in London for the G20 Summit yesterday. Not only has the Prime Minister been downgraded to “second tier status”, the British media has dubbed him a boot-wearing geek from Down Under.,22049,25260559-5001021,00.html

  25. Just had a quick look over at The Australian online, and the homepage makes no mention of Rudd’s staggering approval rating nor Malcolm’s continuous slide into oblivion.

    Funny that.

    Reb, it was on for a millisecond, being removed before 8:30am when people usually arrive at work and read the online news.

    Sickenning, isn’t it?

  26. Can’t wait to see the pics of ‘the wave of ridicule’ from the Brits about our Prime Minister..cos he wears RM Williams boots.

  27. I just read the Royal Blus rusted on Liberal “Sky News” report on the poll. Very interesting reading, they have actually reported factually without any spin. Is there a hint of abondonment of their heros there. When we look at the poll properly, it is quite worrying for the opposition. Turdball is less populat that a boil on your backside, but he has made up ground on Custard Costello in the preferred option for the grand old train wreck party. It may be a case that the leadership cupboard is bare when it comes to finding talent in the Libs. Nevertheless, after 11 years of wrecking the country and its reputation, 8 of them clinging onto the shirt tail of a dunb dickhead President of the Empire, people may have a little trouble trusting them again.

  28. Sickenning? It’s despicable!!


    I’m actually pleased that the British tabloids have picked up on Rudds boots.

    He was wearing them during his meeting with Obama, who was, by way of sharp contrast, wearing a pair of sparkling black patent leather lace up shoes.

    As Rudd nodded sagely to Obama’s wise remarks regarding the GFC, I couldn’t help escape the conclusion the Rudd just looked like some nob from Queensland in his grubby looking RM Williams slip on boots.

    However I am pleased to see that I’m not the only one that noticed ‘the boots’ because I was beginnning to wonder whether it was really something about me…

    This is the President of the United States for Christ sake! Couldn’t he have at least gone for a pair of lace ups…??

  29. From what I am hearing, the public are sick to death of the hypocrisy. Their words not mine. Of the Liberals.

    They saw a previous government each and every year ( except for the last year under workchoices) band together with big business to try and stop any pay rises for the working people. They claimed pay rises would destroy the economy. That same government was deafeningly silent while the CEOs and Directors raped and pillaged companies with their outrageous salary increase over the same period of over 1000% in many cases and then retire in times of adversity on their million dollar pensions.

    Until the conservatives realise the horrificly unequal playing field they created between the top and the bottom of our society they will forever be destined to opposition.

    The conservatives prior to the Howard era operated with compassion and a social aspect to their capitalist policies to ensure the good of all was inlcuded.

    Under the Howard government the extreme capitalism ideology was implemented and fostered. They also fostered self employment instead of being an employee through businesses off loading their full time employees and re hiring them as contract laboureres with no benefits or protection. Now that those contract labourers have no employment as well as no benefits, the true outcome of all this self employed bonanza is affecting the Howard converts.

    People are now waking up to the fact that sale of all the governments assets has only brought with it wealth to a few shareholders and CEOs and nothing but price hikes and more price hikes for the rest of us to ensure these private owners make as much profit as possible before hadning the service back in a state of disrepair and destitution.

    Its only when things take a turn for the worse that people stop and look at the total ramifications of policies that effect their livelihood.

  30. Reb..obviously a definitive answer required. Are or are not RM Williams boot spunky?

    And RM Williams versus sparkling black leather patent laceups, which would you rather be seen wearing?

    Obama was most definitely wearing laceups. However, I didn’t notice whether these were double knotted.

    I should imagine that Gordon Brown will be wearing sturdy brogues.

  31. Definitive answer:

    RM Williams boots with jeans or any other casual wear is fine.

    But with a suit? Puleaze……!!

    Why do Australians always do the most nerdiest things to suits?

  32. RM Williams boots may be worn with jeans… but with a suit? That’s ridiculous. When meeting the new (or old) president? That’s shamefully Hicksville.

    I bet even TB wouldn’t wear boots with the double breasted (no vent), polyester suit he picked up at Lowes.

    TBs grey zip up shoes would have been more appropriate than the boots.

  33. Oi! Moderator – get back on topic.

  34. Reb..RM Williams with a suit is a statement. And a good one. It’s a contradiction in terms.

  35. Quite correct Reb. Western Europeans do take particular notice of the footwear worn by ‘all’ acquaintances.

  36. “It’s a contradiction in terms.”

    Yes it certainly is. The contradiction is –

    “I’m from Queensland, AND I’m a leader of people”

  37. Does anyone know what shoes Malcolm wears? Maybe he should attempt the success of ‘happy feet’ and joggers as a point of difference.

  38. Hey – at least the RMs are made in Australia.

  39. Joni, you’re topic should have come with the warning “Never turn your back on a Liberal leader”.

  40. “At Least the RMs are made in Australia”

    So are kangaroo scrotum wallets, but I wouldn’t give one to the President of the United States as a gift.

  41. Tom of Melbourne, on March 30th, 2009 at 2:22 pm Said:
    “It’s a contradiction in terms.”

    Yes it certainly is. The contradiction is –

    “I’m from Queensland, AND I’m a leader of people”

    And yet, there we go and there have it. And with a 74% approval rating.

  42. And yet, there we go and there have it. And with a 74% approval rating.

    I’m figuring no one else in Australia noticed ‘the boots’.

    As Tom alludes, he could’ve worn a polyester safari suit, with grey vinyl zip-up shoes, and probably most Australians wouldn’t have noticed.

    Let’s face it. Steve Irwin probably had a 74% per cent approval rating too.

    And he was just an ocker twat.

  43. At least Steve Irwin killed the animals he used for clothes.


  44. The British Press are a bunch of upstairs/downstairs gossip mongers, I think most of them spend far too much time in contact with the snooty, inbred upper classes and royal family staffers.

    Some people, particularly the Imelda Marcos peacocks amongst us, have an unhealthy obsession and desire for shoes and accessories.

    If the RM Williams are black and polished then they are suitable, leave the tan ones for jeans!

    I like a little eccentricity in people, what a boring lot we’d be if we had to conform to a rigid doctrine of personality and style. Would it be better if we all wore grey mao suits?

    Me? I refuse to spend my life breaking in new shoes. I like to wear the one comfy pair for almost every occasion, preferably easy slip-on, backless and heelless. Wear the one pair til they can no longer be worn then get another – after all, how many pairs can any one person wear at one time? Choose the right style and it can take you through morning to evening.

    And, if your feet aren’t comfortable then your whole body is just not comfortable!

    “At Least the RMs are made in Australia”

    So are kangaroo scrotum wallets, but I wouldn’t give one to the President of the United States as a gift.

    Could be highly prized by the yanks, they do pay an exorbitant amount of money to drink cat’s poo coffee.

  45. So are kangaroo scrotum wallets, but I wouldn’t give one to the President of the United States as a gift.

    You wouldn’t but I sure would! Then again, I’m not know for my diplomacy or the “sensibility” of my humour 🙂

  46. Hi sounds as if we are both shoo-ins. Likewise ‘slip-on, backless and heelless. My prefered choice of footware is called feet nek’id but otherwise I defer to your’s.

    Youngest brought back from Cairns a cane toad purse as a present for me..little pointy claws and a zipper..erkkle. And she is a vegetarian, humanitarian who wouldn’t even play softball due to the use of animal skins. As per Tol, I suspect her sense of humour.

    Interesting..this is a thread about Malcolm and the most interesting thing is Kitty’s shoes and Reb’s kangaroo scrotum (wallet).

  47. …it sounds as if we are both shoo-ins.

    hehe, we are shoe-ins!

  48. Come on guys..we’ve got to focus here. Why is Malcolm so unpopular?

    1. He is perceived as an upper class twat
    2. He has nothing interesting to say
    3. He puts forward no ideas about how he could do better, just whinge, whinge and whinge
    4. He sits on his thumbs and just says nope (yawn) and lets the Independents and Greens put forward amendments in the Senate
    5. He doesn’t wear RM Williams.

  49. “an upper class twat”

    That seems a little severe.

    I know our very own Prince Charles made certain observations about his mistress and his personal involvement in the functions of her anatomy, but I’m not sure Malcolm is in the Prince Charles category.

  50. Tom..I am using the English variation ie of ‘swat’ someone who attended an upper class private academy. Trust you to pick me up on that one!

  51. Surely, that Malcolm isn’t Peter the Pretender to the Throne is enough, or so the polls would seem to indicate. 😉

  52. Turnbull’s problem is that he is stuck with a party divided that has no idea of what it stands for – other than things were better when we were in government, so return us to office and things will be better.

    Turnbull is also over-exposed. A minister has barely drawn breath after making a press statement and Turnbull’s all over it, mostly talking reactionary, negative and overblown nonsense – and no-one’s listening. He just sounds like a condescending and whingeing upper class twat.

    They’d really be better off saying nothing and putting their energies into some sensible policy development.

  53. Worse Slim, he is being perceived as obstructionist and a sulk.

    Since the last election there has been never ending speculation about Turnbull and he himself lead to ‘high hopes’. After all he did provide an alternative vision when Costello was treasurer..was groomed by the JWH himself.

    Surely, he has some ideas now and this ‘vision’ wasn’t but mere froth and bubble.

  54. Slim, on March 30th, 2009 at 5:33 pm Said:

    I reckon that is it in one Slim

    Turdbull, and the whole opposition, are being overly obstructionist at a time when swift action is called for.

    I think the original blocking of the stimulus package, without having a real good look at it, set things off, and they don’t appear to have changed tack since

  55. I always have a little chuckle when folks say the Liberals should come up with some policies. They already have their policy be-all-and-end-all – SerfChoices. Therein lies their problem and the source of their polling doldrums. They want SerfChoices – badly, while most normal people won’t have a bar of it, or them.

  56. I noticed the ‘lastic siders and thought it was fine. And they were probably custom made for him with finest coat-of-arms skippy leather. And they probably cost a bomb. So there you have it, more than likely not a fashion boo-boo.

    As for the British tabloids, wait until he puts a guiding hand on the queen’s back.

    And let’s not forget Kev’s doing better at keeping us out of really deep doodoo, while poor old Gordon…… No wonder they’re gunning for Rudd.

  57. No Jane, boots with suits aren’t fine, unless you’re a rural real estate agent. It’s a stupid look, though it may have caused people to stop talking about his defense minister.

  58. Seriously though, if the guy had perfect fashion sense, people would call him out for that. Having bad fashion sense is something all Australian men should aspire to. 😀

    I doubt I’d be wearing RMW boots with a suit, but then again – I wear a bogart fedora almost everywhere. I’m not going to complain about a man’s shoes when I wear my fashion “faux pas” on my head!

  59. So now it’s Rudd’s boots that the Tories criticise.

    Fair dinkum. Are these guys desperate or what? C’mon fellas, surely you can do better than that.

    What about his ties? Or sox? Or haircut? Or after-shave? Whatever the Tory Fashion Police might say, it doesn’t appear that the general public gives a toss.

    They love him.

    Rudd could walk into Parliament in hot pants tomorrow (as did a certain Dashing Dunnie half a century ago) and still trump poor old Mal by a good 30 percentage points in the approval ratings.

    As one of your lot once said: “The times will suit me.” (no pun intended) And just as they suited Howie then, they suit Rudd now.

    It sure sucks when the whole economic/political cycle turns against you doesn’t it? All of a sudden no-one listens to your narrative and you you feel like a spare wick at a wedding.

    So, memo to the Tories: Get your fella out of the hand-made slip-ons and into a pair of RMs pronto. That way people just may forget he’s a Wanker, sorry, Banker. And pray that the GFC somehow disappears and they let Bernie Madoff out of Jail, so you can get back to Business As Usual.

    Just don’t hold your breath.

  60. Evan..brilliant. But me thinks it got lost and so will do a repeat:

    Evan, on March 31st, 2009 at 1:27 am Said:

    Rudd could walk into Parliament in hot pants tomorrow (as did a certain Dashing Dunnie half a century ago) and still trump poor old Mal by a good 30 percentage points in the approval ratings.

    As one of your lot once said: “The times will suit me.” (no pun intended) And just as they suited Howie then, they suit Rudd now.

  61. Oh gawd..if the Brits can’t cope with a pair of RM Williams, I dread to think what they will make of the most wonderful Therese Rein. But then they couldn’t cope with Michelle Obama’s ‘boney’ shoulders either.

  62. I haven’t time to read all comments (apologies if someone has already said this) but I can’t believe that “throwing good money after bad” is a means of staving off a recession or even reducing its affects.

    Bad businesses must be allowed to fail…

    Handouts must be stopped…(baby bonus, first homebuyers, stimulus packages etc…)

    All it needs is someone from the conservative ranks to hit the “hot button” of the electorate (and the “mood” will change as unemployment rises) and Mr Rudd & Co will be in the same $#!t as Howard – nothing is new!

    …and then a new gaggle of incompetent boofheads take over…

  63. Hey TB. I think they must’ve hooked your solar panels up to the computer instead of the hot water service. Have you tried typing in the shower, cobber?

  64. Min, I’m the tech (comps are simple compared to cars!) just waiting for “bits”…

    ToSY – 😆 bastard! But I bet my electricity bill is less than yours!

  65. TB Queensland, on March 31st, 2009 at 7:14 pm Said:

    Handouts must be stopped…(baby bonus, first homebuyers, stimulus packages etc…)

    I agree. Examples of these ‘hand-outs abound and retrospective legislation should be introduced ASAP. ‘Tax-free super’ incomes, in particular, should be targeted. I suggest penalty taxes all round.

    And for those who applied for and received subsidised solar panels (knowing ‘hand-outs’ were wrong and must be stopped’) should be incarcerated. Those who bludge on the public purse should be exposed. Lol.

    TB your ‘intellectual’ inconsistencies are a scream. And the irony is compounded by:

    and then a new gaggle of incompetent boofheads take over

    Right! Lol.

  66. If it’s OK to wear sneakers with suits, it’s OK to wear RMs. Everyone should stop being so precious about Kev’s footwear. Although even I would probably draw the line at a pair of rubber sneakers with a baga.

    Yes Min, no doubt Therese will cop a serve from the British tabloids re her clothes, but she will trump them with her business nous and intellect. Thank god she’s not another Hyacinth!

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