Top Five – Science Fiction TV and Movies

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This week we head into the world of science fiction for our Top Five.

Your list this week can be from both TV and from the cinema.

For me, my favourite is a movie that was not successful  – Dune. I just loved the feel of the movie: the sets, the music, the acting. I admit that the story in the movie was disjointed but it must have been hard to fit in the full story.

So – what is your top five?

I am going to hold off on putting up my top five until later as I have a habit of forgetting something vital in my top five.

The G20; Protesting for Protest’s Sake

John McPhilbin makes a cameo appearance at the G20

John McPhilbin makes a cameo appearance at the G20

I’ve never really understood the motivation behind the usual mob that make their anti-globalisation protest appearance whenever there’s a G20 summit.

I mean, how do you turn back globalisation? Cancel all international trade? Prohibit all international business travel, switch off the intertubes?

The argument of the anti-globalisation mob is nonsensical. What do they want? For all of us to get around the Amish?

According to the ABC Protestors have already began what is expected to several days of marches and placard waving in the lead up to Thursday’s G20 summit in London.

Demonstrators from trade unions and environmental and anti-capitalism groups have already marched through London.

Police estimated the crowd at up to 15,000 but there was no sign of the feared violence as the placard-waving crowd marched along the six-kilometre route to Hyde Park.

An alliance of more than 150 unions, charities and environment groups joined the march to demand action to save jobs, create a low-carbon economy and impose stricter controls on the finance sector.

Organisers of the Put People First march for “jobs, justice and climate” had rejected as “smears” claims in police briefings that the march could be hijacked by anarchists bent on violence.

The general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Brendan Barber, said the demonstration had a clear message for the presidents and prime ministers heading to London.

“Never before has such a wide coalition come together with such a clear message for world leaders,” he said.

“The old ideas of unregulated free markets do not work and have brought the world’s economy to near-collapse, failed to fight poverty and have done far too little to move to a low-carbon economy.”

Later in the day, campaigners were set to target companies and buildings that fail to switch off their lights, promising to force their way into “offending” tower blocks and offices.

That action is part of the global Earth Hour initiative.

More protests are planned in London in the days leading up to the summit.

The police are most concerned about the potential for violence on Wednesday, dubbed “Financial Fools Day” by demonstrators, when an anti-war march will be held and climate change campaigners will set up a camp in the City of London financial district.

A university professor has been suspended from his job after warning that bankers would be “hanging from lampposts” during the protests, and finance workers have been advised to dress down to avoid attracting attention.

Frankly I don’t see the point. What is the motivation for a mob of hoons to club together and protest at a meeting of world leaders, where the leaders are actually trying to solve the world’s problems? What’s the alternative, anarchy?

Or is it just an opportunity to protest for protest’s sake and have a bit of a biff?