Never Mind The Frolykz, Here’s Weekend Wonderland!!


Good afternoon and welcome to Weekend Wonderland. Our beginning of the weekend, end of the working week thread – now with the prospect of free overseas trips, as long as you forget to remember who paid for them.

Since I’ve cut down on drinking (yes it’s true), I seem to have regained a sweet tooth. I don’t know which is worse to be honest. Would you believe that I’ve been reduced to drinking “Milo?” Yes I know. I’d stone myself to death if I thought I’d be drinking hot Milo after a stressful day at the office.

I’m also prone to dessert these days. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as ice-cream forms a large part of it.

However, I’ve also discovered that a schooner of Baileys on ice makes a perfect dessert alternative, and preferable I might add, should one find that one’s ice-cream supplies are running low. In fact a pint of baileys with a vanilla ice-cream floater is also a nice way to finish off a meal.

I find that adding a quart of vodka and a shot of khalua helps gift it a bit of oomph too.

But anyway, I digress…..

What was I saying again?

Oh I don’t know… You can’t expect me to do everything around here can you..

Oh that’s right.

Joni mentioned that Spandau Ballet are making a come back.. aah the 80’s. I used to be a “New Romantic” when I was at high school. The frilly shirts, the long, floppy fringe, the make up etc.

So this weekend’s track is a wee reminder in case you’ve forgotton what it was all about…

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  1. ” a schooner of Baileys on ice?”

    Whew. Now you’re talking.

  2. There’s a lot to be said for it Evan!


  3. I generally find that a jug of frozen Margharitas does the job for me.

    The recipe: 300mls of tequila, 300mls of Cointreau, juice of 2x limes. Chuck it all into a blender and fill with ice. Blend. Drink. Fall-asleep.

  4. Did you know that Evian backwards i naive? Says it all really.

    And i just had a lovely glass of Shadowfax and some fish’n’chips for lunch. Yumyum.

  5. The ’80’s? I remember the ’80’s. I used to have lots of bleached blonde hair and wore makeup in the fashion of Siouxsie Sioux when I went out … I’m sure I have a photo somewhere I could blackmail myself with.

    I also used to have a big puffy pirate shirt. Which leads me to ask …


    Anyway … as I had an uncharacteristic public anxiety attack on this blog last month about the health of my father (thanks to all for moral support), I thought I’d just say that he’s home and doing okay. He regained his balance and can shuffle about, he’s eating and only on oxygen at night. He sounds accepting about it – I think he likes being housebound as it means he doesn’t have to socialise with my mother’s friends, many of whom drive him nuts.

    The ’80’s.

    Another thing I remember about the ’80’s …

    Sex. That was fun. Whatever happened to that? These days, the only relief I can count on is a good fart after a stonkin’ hot curry.

  6. Ross,

    Is that how you end up with a smelly tongue?

  7. RS

    Another thing I remember about the ’80’s …

    Sex. That was fun. Whatever happened to that? These days, the only relief I can count on is a good fart after a stonkin’ hot curry.

    LOL – maybe you should try the Pirate Shirt and Sioxsie Sioux hair and makeup again 😉

    Good to hear your father is a bit better.

  8. Lol joni, are you trying to tell me something here?

    Evian backwards might be naive, but if you leave-out the “i” (as with my name) ya get nave.

    It’s latin for sailor or ship or something like that. Seaman Staines could no-doubt tell us.

    BTW, if you change the “j” in joni to “y”, ya get “yoni”, which apparently means something in Hindi (and makes more than a few appearances in the Karma-Sutra too). Yep, gets around a bit with a fella named Lingham, does the old yoni. Heh.

    Oh Ross….maaaate. Life has not been kind.

  9. Ross,

    If it’s any consolation, EVERYONE had a big puffy pirate shirt in the 80’s!!

    I also had a navy admirals jacket complete with officers cap that I used to wear out nightclubbing.

    And I had so much product in my teased up hair (along the lines of Rick Astley), that it could be blowing a 200 miles per hour gail, and my hair wouldn’t budge one inch.

    The only downside, was having to wake up in the morning, and try to prize one’s head off the pillow…

  10. Sorry Evan – was not meaning to have a go at you, honest… just that my lunch partner had evian at lunch and the coincidence with your name and … well, blah blah blah, you know what I mean…

  11. Oh, and since work have banished Blogspots from the workplace pc’s (I can still read them, just can’t comment or even get into my own blog!), I’ve decamped to WordPress.

    I’m not fully set up yet, but will let you know when I am. WordPress templates are a bit static, aren’t they?

    They don’t have any blood red, throbbing swollen ones with fat gristly bits.

    I really need to get a computer at home. I feel so discomblogulated.

    Maybe I could write something for you guys one day while I get myself sorted.

  12. Good one Ross…sounds like my Mum. Mum’s 82yr old gay neighbor John McK*l keeps dropping in to see if she’s ok. She said after Dad passed that she would move up here, but I think that she is happy as per your Dad, just shufflin’.

    Ross, for some reason I just can’t imagine you with a puffy pirate shirt nor reb in an admiral’s jacket..probably can visualise reb with teased and jelled up hair tho.

    Here is my bit..circa 1968. Denim hotpants, navy blue stockings, navy clogs, white bubble top and topped off with a white hipster belt with a big silver buckle. Then the Op Art ear-rings.

  13. Cool joni, no offense taken.

    It’s gonna take a Hell of a lot more than calling me naive of whatever to get on my quince.

    Just having a bit of fun with words.

    Like Ross with his “discomblogulated”. Now that’s one Dr Johnson never heard of, that’s for sure.

    As for fashion, how about this: Black wrap-around black sunglasses, a lime green French-cuffed cotton shirt, black jeans, lime green matching sox, black shoes. I kid you not, I actually wore that stuff at one stage in the early ’70’s. Thought it was coolness personified.

    Looking back on it now, I musta looked like a bloody licorice all-sort.

  14. Evan

    Frozen marguerita’s are one of my favourite cocktails…

    However it’s the “brain freeze” that’s a real killer..

    Talk about the agony and the ecstasy!!

  15. Back again..must admit to being severely combobulated due to all those tricky questions that Nature asked me about Australian history.

  16. Just for those interested in the English language: discombobulated means confusion whereas combobulation means removal from confusion. This is an anomaly in the English language. The prefix being dis..other examples being disappear/disapproval…ie removal from appearance/removal from approval. Yet with this very odd word discombobulation, we have a word starting with dis and yet minus this prefix the word enters the positive.

    I knew that you’d all be thrilled about that one.

    Now that you have finished your homework, you are now dismissed to go to evening recess.

  17. Min,

    I hate it when people say irregardless.

  18.’ and ‘less each t’other side of a verb which is also a noun. Now that’s scary.

  19. Min,

    I’ve just picked up a bottle of Baileys too (amongst other things)…

  20. date it seems to be you with the hair gel, Ross in his pirate shirt and me (cringe) in well..a bubble top and op art ear-rings and Evan looking like a licorce allsort.

    But Evan..lime green socks!!

    Remember when blokes wore..wait for it..Swarovski crystal cuff links (high fashion). You know the days, where shirt sleeves had a double cuff.

  21. Thank heavens Reb…I was beginning to think that I was the lone camper.

    I hope that while you were down the street that you picked up a bottle of Mateus for moi.

  22. “You know the days, where shirt sleeves had a double cuff.”

    We still have double cuffs in the reb household. In fact I wear them almost daily.

    Of course one has to have the Mont Blanc, Gucci, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co, cufflinks to match…

  23. Hmm…

    sorry Min, I didn’t notice the Mateus I’m afraid…

  24. You’re forgiven reb..sigh..but next time don’t forget the Mateus. Great music by the way.

    I have to now choof due to dinner duties.

  25. “I also had a navy admirals jacket complete with officers cap that I used to wear out nightclubbing.”

    I was pretty hip myself when hitting the clubs back in the 80s:

    that’s the morning after bottle of Bourbon shot, pretty dehydrated.

  26. That’s camp Nasking!

  27. Nothing was camp in those day reb except Liberace and all the mums loved him.

  28. “That’s camp Nasking!”

    Got lots of looks from all and sundry…but nothing like when I’d dress all in black…particularly when taking the pooch for a walk:

    Fortunately for me he was pretty laid back when camping.

  29. Nas’ this an early photo? You look a lot younger. And your friend is clearly other-race. He/she is very cute tho.

  30. “Nas’ this an early photo? You look a lot younger.”

    Yes Min. Back in 89…I really got into the black clothing thing after watching Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

    You shoulda seen my cockroach killer shoes…tight fit…but lethal on the dance floor.

    “He/she is very cute tho.”

    She loved posing for the camera after that film.


  31. “Joni mentioned that Spandau Ballet are making a come back.. aah the 80’s.”

    Bet this’ll take ya back:

    China Crisis – Working with fire and steel (1983)

    First time I heard this we were living in a cottage (old shearer’s quarters?) on a NSW sheep farm…our neighbour was a Lesbian called Gay. Seriously.


  32. Damn! I musta got the invitation date wrong. Missed it!:


  33. Here’s a real good reason why I don’t want a return of the 80s.

  34. He he…Migs…she looks like a visitor to the Science Centre.

    This lady vocalist makes me buzz..

    Heaven or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins


  35. Tell me this doesn’t move you

    This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren “Cocteau Twins”


  36. Not long to go

    THEY say

    I hear myself INHALE

    how long must I hold?

    tim buckley – morning glory


  37. I’m not sure I can TRUST YOU

    in the TIME-IN-BETWEEN

    this is OUR song


    Alien You

    Green observes Blue


  38. sorry nasking you nearly had a hat-trick of filling your face up on the recent comments list. please start again. 🙂

  39. For aquanut

    The Host of Seraphim…Dead can Dance:


  40. Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke


    Are WE prepared?


  41. The Verve – She’s A Superstar

    S’ is my SUPERSTAR


  42. For Nick McCabe, Simon Jones, Peter Salisbury….

    The Verve – Slide Away

    and Richard…


  43. Talk Talk – It’s My Life


  44. Talk Talk – Life’s what you make it


  45. Mark Hollis – The Colour of Spring


  46. John Cale – Hallelujah


  47. Yume Bitsu – Team Yume


  48. Fear not THE DARK…nor the PAIN…nor the need to accept that which will help you…

    WE are w/ YOU


    No matter how far away YOU seem

    WE will REACH OUT

    THE DARKNESS encompasses only the FEARFUL

    look out…that window

    towards the park, the trees, even space…the living, the BRIGHT…the LIGHT in the smallest focused of places…

    the SMILE

    the INNER





    Surface Of Eceon- The Open Sea


  49. Let me tell ya a story…

    ‘was 97…

    or was it 99?

    strange days indeed

    NME…Melody Maker…Rocking Horse…Skinnys

    the search for the sound that spoke to my circumstances

    in the space…time-in-between

    but i can’t describe it


    ya know this

    Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan

    my parents…and their friends spoke truth…or that close, enuff…to their sounds…

  50. For reb…the band above…and the sods below:

    Arab Strap – Here We Go

    scot land the brave

  51. Bert Jansch – Running From Home


  52. THE BLUE NILE- The downtown lights


  53. Snow Patrol – Run



    We know…let’s wake…the moment that ball hits space


    Snow Patrol – Open your eyes


  55. One last thing…

    Rupert, if yer out there…how about introducing this talented individual to 20th Cent Fox as an EDITOR?

    Reaches out.

    Now…I always wanted to be a PRODUCER

    just this one NIGHT

  56. snow patrol – make this go on forever

    I look to my left

    the morning light


  57. Bear
    As the waves of old
    radiate outwards
    From Uluru
    To the snaking coasts
    He feels the crescendo
    This tsunami of Truth
    buries the Dozers & the Mechs
    their many intrusive thousands
    In one immense onslaught, cacophony
    The shattering…

    The Dreamtime

    Bear, awed
    In instinct core
    takes dagger true
    Lays his plan
    In wobbled world
    Shoves blade
    The heart
    Of the 70s
    Once so grand
    falls to the bed
    to the ground
    to the couch
    to the grass
    to the seat
    to the stare

    impaled on the truth
    of the now

    the crimson

    Mordor ends…NOW


    (excerpts: Corvida, Dolphin & the Bear…nasking on October 18, 2006)

    Snow Patrol – Run

    again…again…i couldn’t have done it better.

    WE have this ONE MOMENT

    Don’t waste it.

  58. She looked to Him

    Time stood still

    In the gaze of the morning sun

    Shadows moved across

    She saw things not always seen

    Remembered between the work & the lost youth

    Smiled…harder than she recalled


    He sniffed

    A flurry of winks

    In a mirror

    To a memory

    Of the past/passed

    Laid down

    Gazed outwards


    Looked to the lips


    Bare bodies

    In the limelight

    Of two minds

    Walking the rope

    To the other side

    N’ (28th March 2009)

  59. Can’t sleep Nasking?

  60. I wish that I had known..hubby is working today and so up at 5am. I could have kept Nas’ company.

  61. Oh dear – does anyone know where I left my intelligence last night? I seem to have misplaced it.

  62. Reminds me of the old music marathons they used to have on telly when I was a teenager.

    She looked to Him

    Time stood still

    In the gaze of the morning sun

    Shadows moved across

    She saw things not always seen

    Remembered between the work & the lost youth

    Smiled…harder than she recalled

    I liked that. Who wrote it?

  63. How sill of me writing a post to N’. I’m not expecting him to surface until mid afternnon. I understand he had a late night.

  64. Sill = silly.

  65. Oh dear – does anyone know where I left my intelligence last night?

    Joni, I’ll keep an eye out for it. What does it look like? Is it attached to anything? Is it friendly?

  66. Thought to pop in a Min break or else the list of avatars down the LHS of the blog will all be ducks.

  67. Thought to pop in a Min break or else the list of avatars down the LHS of the blog will all be ducks.

    It does have a certain appeal though.

  68. Joni..have searched hi and lo and sadly couldn’t find your intelligence around here. It’s not in hubby’s sock drawer.

    Migs..well..umm I was thinking that a long line of a view of Byron Bay at sunset might be far more appealing.

  69. Reb, re your original. Baileys and icecream..I can imagine this. You in a frilly shirt with a long, floppy fringe, I can also imagine this.

    But adding vodka to the Bailey’s and icecream?? Doesn’t the vodka make the icecream curdle (aka go into disgusting lumps).

  70. Crisis averted. Intelligence found – battered and damaged after a heavy night.

    A farewell for a mate that ended in an intervention for another mate who is cheating on his girlfriend. Lots of emotional discourse.

  71. mean that I hunted hi and lo for your intelligence including in hubby’s sock drawer but that you had it all the time! Humpfff.

    Sorry to hear that the evening was no doubt very emotionally draining. However, there would be no better friend than yourself to help out.

  72. Thanks min for looking. The problem is that with a small intelligence they can sometimes get lost and are difficult to find.

  73. That’s ok joni. Happy to help. I had a vague idea what it might look like, knew that it was likely to be very friendly..however, it could indeed have lept out at me from the sock drawer, and so I approached with caution.

    Your immediate update is appreciated, that it has indeed been found.

    It actually sounds very much like our shitzhu who disappeared (in a storm) Christmas Eve and was brought back 3 days later wearing a red bandana and smelling of talcum powder.

  74. I was going to steal it Joni, imagine me with intelligence, something different.

    Lol Min with the dog story.

  75. Miglo
    the wife and i are really taking to these 5 dollar bottles of wine. They get me hammered in such a short time and scotch i can drink for a while before any effects.
    they dont taste to back, even when i comes back up.

  76. If you did Aqua it would come with a “buyer beware” disclaimer.

  77. Interesting collection of music clips above.

    I still reckon tha the definitive ’80’s band was New Order.

    And there they are with True Faith:

  78. This is what I have selected to enjoy with the barbie tonight:

    You may well ask why I have chosen such a premium wine for a barbie. The answer is simple. I’ll be the only wine drinker . . . I won’t have to share it.

  79. & now, for the perfect weekend…Port will succumb to the bubonic plague at Qtr time tomorrow.

    Sorry migs, you’re a stand-up guy but I’m pumped after coming home from work & watching Teh Crows do Collingwood…

  80. “Can’t sleep Nasking?”

    Sometimes reb my brain works overtime…& I knew M’lady had a heap of marking and such to do so I recorded ‘Medium’ for her (she loves watching it w/ a cup of tea before hitting the laptop), we had breakfast together & I snoozed for a few hours. Just had an invigorating long walk…& about to make spicey Berlotti bean goulasch w/ sour cream, and parsley dumplings.

    “I wish that I had known..hubby is working today and so up at 5am.”

    It was a beaut morning eh Min.? The wind felt fresh & cool. Birds chattering everywhere. Sometimes I enjoy watching the sun come up. Makes you feel renewed.

    “I liked that. Who wrote it?”

    I did Migs, last night. Been awhile since I wrote a poem/lyrics.

    I wrote the lyrics to that song ‘Alien You’ above too…& sang/spoke it. Was airing some of my concerns during the Bushevik era. Used shots taken on our digital camera trying to create a juxtaposition of the world pre-GW Bush & the alien world evolving during it. Day of the Triffids kinda stuff. 🙂

  81. “Day of the Triffids ”

    Great stuff Nas’.

    You are a bona fide TRIPPER………

  82. “And there they are with True Faith”

    Good choice Evan…one of my faves from them is:

    New Order – Blue Monday

    Thankfully it’s only Saturday.

    Crown Lager in an iced glass…goes down a treat.

    Started watching recordings of Threshold last night…weird alien invasion show.

    OK, off w/ the torch to pick some herbs, chillies & parsley for dinner. Have a good BBQ Migs…cheers to everyone.

  83. Our main export market is Japan and Japan has been our main export market for most of the past 20 years. Despite all the current China-hoopla, Australia does not benefit from trying to pick winners in the foreign affairs and trade arenas.

    We should spread our diplomatic and trade links as widely as possible. Yet we are currently neglecting our number one export market and we are neglecting India, the other rising economic and strategic power. And, incredibly, we have been ignoring the European Union, the richest trade bloc on earth, for 30 years.

    Balance is what we really need in foreign affairs.

    The last government got too close to America. This one is too close to China.

    Countries don’t have permanent friends or permanent enemies. Just permanent interests. Lets have a balanced ‘long view’ in your portfolio please, Mr Smith.

  84. Due to their nature and importance to the economy and employment, small businesses may well warrant some special consideration as the new IR system rolls out across the economy and beds down.

    However, given the dishonourable role played by ACCI and a number of other big business lobby groups in trying to force Howard’s unfair industrial relations regime down the throat of ordinary Australians, these unaccountable organisations should reflect on their strategic and political and moral failings.

    As far as I am concerned, there is no business-as-usual scenario for these shop-soiled organisations. Like the rest of us, the corporate unions have a mutual responsibility to the communities they profit from – whether they like it or not.

    If they and their member companies wish to have any credibility and influence in the IR implementation period ahead, they will need to do a lot better than whinge about the consequences of their actions.

    These corporate unions behaved like appalling thugs – trying to cut the pay and conditions of ordinary people during the longest boom in Australian history, at a time when corporate profits were already at an all time high – and many ordinary people are going to take a long time to forget their disgusting behaviour.

    Perhaps the big business unions should try turning a new leaf? Support the minimum wage rise, or, alternately, advocate a ban on executive salary increases for the same period they oppose pay rises for those on the minimum wage?

    Whatever way they choose to play politics, the ball is very-much in the big-business lobby’s court. Their actions speak much louder than cheap spin. And, whether they like it or not, corporate Australia will be held accountable for their behaviour in the court of public opinion.

  85. Min,

    The vodka was just me taking a little bit of liberty with the truth..

  86. Ya don’t say reb :-). However I have formulated a new gourmet dessert and I shall name thee The Reb Midnight Fantasy. In a parfait dish, 3 scoops of best quality vanilla icecream, fill the dish with Bailey’s, top the icecream with 2 tablespoons of Milo, top with crushed peanuts (or maccas) and add finely sliced strawberries as garnish.

  87. Ya don’t say reb :-). However I have formulated a new gourmet dessert and I shall name thee The Reb Midnight Fantasy. In a parfait dish, 3 scoops of best quality vanilla icecream, fill the dish with Bailey’s, top the icecream with 2 tablespoons of Milo, top with crushed peanuts (or maccas) and add finely sliced strawberries and mint sprigs as garnish.

  88. Whoops..hiccups..

  89. Here’s an example of a couple of The Robber Barons at work with our government(s)…,27574,25255895-5007133,00.html

    One happens to have “ties” with a foreign government not sure about the other one…but as a developer he’s amde a lot of dough – business and politics at its best…

  90. A dessert, named after moi?

    Why thank you Min. It does sound very tasty…even with the milo bits..

  91. Reb..was thinking of you drinking Milo, however shaved choc is a perfectly suitable substitute. Re choc, either dark or light as long as it’s real chocolate and not the cheap stuff with added copha.

  92. “Here’s an example of a couple of The Robber Barons at work with our government(s)…”

    That ethics bill needs to be passed…& advisors checked out too. And even secret meetings w/ heads of churches (eh Tony Abbott?). And media moguls who have interests overseas. Some seem to pop in whenever they feel like it…or PMs visit them…and we hear nought about it…even tho these media types have homes & business interests in far away lands.

    It could go on & on & on…the media will love it…until they implode due to their dog eat dog approach…& the vulnerability of them & their families to similar accusations.

    Ya gotta love Bolt trying to play it both ways…but don’t his eyes get that INTENSITY when he starts talking about wicked China…reminds me of the Islamophobia & Aboriginal intervention days…TRICKY DICKS salivating over political point scoring to the tune of xenophobic alarm bells ringing thru the ears of the masses. They build up the song in layers…reaching a crescendo…

    and the economy slows to a crawl. And public service & State funding…as the debt bubble gets bigger…and the rich who bet on the RIGHT snigger sitting on their hidden treasure chests, waiting…for financial surrender from Labor…

    or SantaGrinch Costello coming to the rescue…wearing a red suit of all things.

    And aren’t Bolt’s attempts at creating a DIVIDE between Kev & Julia hilariously obvious? I’d luv to see his face if Kevin hung around for three terms & then Julia won too.

    Bolt would be livid I imagine…turn into a Green-Eyed Flying Purple People Eater perhaps.

    And I love how Joe Hockey tries to pretend this isn’t all about creating a temporary “red under the bed” storm so he & his MATES can help their puppet masters roll in the doe again.

    Oh, and nice bit of selective editing on INSIDERS to give THE IMPRESSION that Ruddy is the spruiker for the Chinese. As tho the Chinese are one homogeneous group…rather than a billion + individuals…including some COMPETING business types who place their bets based on favourites and sometimes prevailing winds.


    No flow these days…everyone’s so UPTIGHT…building & defending fortresses…

    Earth, Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove


  93. Nas re: “I wish that I had known..hubby is working today and so up at 5am.”

    It was a beaut morning eh Min.? The wind felt fresh & cool. Birds chattering everywhere. Sometimes I enjoy watching the sun come up. Makes you feel renewed.~~

    Best time of the day eh Nas. Hubby off to work, 2nd cuppa in hand and a tour of the garden to breath in the freshest air; crisp and cool.

    I thought that it might have been your poetry when I read it. Wonderful work!

  94. “shaved choc”

    For a minute there I thought you said something else…

  95. Shaved chook, perhaps reb.

  96. The Reb Midnight Fantasy sounds pretty good…but I think I’d substitute Amaretto for The Baileys…not sure why but I find it kinda chemically tasting these days.

    But I guess that would make it Reb’s Double Nut Midnight Fantasy?


    good call on the shaved chocolate.

    How about a Morning Explosion? Half a glass of apple cider, a quarter of dark rum, an egg yolk, w/ sliced lychee. Drank from a kidney bowl. Which has dual use once the EXPLOSION happens. Guaranteed to clean ones innards after a night on grog & curry.

    “Wonderful work!”

    Thnx Min. I have my days…or should I say, late nights…:)

  97. Nasking,

    Funny you should mention Amaretto.

    I had some of that yesterday as part of my dessert at this fancy restaurant.

    Another classic favourite dessert “affogato”

    Take a maritini glass of high quality vanilla ice cream, add a shot of amaretto and a shot of espresso coffee.

    Gag back and enjoy.

  98. A Chinese cyber spying network has infiltrated the computer networks of 100 Governments around the world, according to Canadian researchers quoted by the BBC yesterday.

    This revelation is more evidence that suggests there is a serious power struggle underway between the internationalist and fundamentalist factions of the authoritarian Government in Beijing.

    The recent heavy-handed behaviours of the Chinese Government in Australia and right-across Asia threaten to strangle the diplomatic goose – the post-Tiananman Square massacre ‘peaceful rise’ strategy of the internationalist faction – that has laid the supposedly golden eggs for China.

    The geo-political consequences for the world of Beijing’s fundamentalist faction gaining the upper hand are too appalling to contemplate.

    I think that it is time for a firm, united position to be adopted by Western Countries vis a vis Beijing. We all remember where appeasement lead us in the 1930s, don’t we?

  99. Good old TWU, an ALP affiliate, a friend of the public. This is the usual level of responsibility from this mob.

    Don’t worry about due process or the public. Just stop work…

    We can expect more of this.

  100. And free travel (Gold Pass!!) for a union official who has been on “leave without pay’ for 10 years.

    …only in NSW, and only in the public transport debacle in NSW.

    Would anyone, other than a public transport union official, be entitled to leave without pay for 10 years? And then get a Gold Pass?


  101. “Would anyone, other than a public transport union official, be entitled to leave without pay for 10 years?”

    Yes. It is standard practice in the public sector including Federal. My ex was on paid leave for 10 years while working for the union – and that was during the Howard years.

  102. The most unsurprising point about your comment is that your ex is a union official.

    Did you dump because his militancy enough was not mindless enough for you?

    A decade working with a union, and still the right to return to your old job. That’s the public service. We’re stuffed.

  103. I mean – Did you dump because his militancy was not mindless enough for you

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