Global Voices Book Challenge

The Global Voices Book Challenge:

1) Read a book during the next month from a country whose literature you have never read anything of before.

2) Write a blog post about it during the week of April 23.

More information at Global Voices Book Challenge – Read Your Way Around the World!

Any suggestions?

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  1. I think this is a great idea. If we read other cultures we would realise that everyone is the same and maybe some prejudice would dissolve.

  2. Any suggestions?

    Yeah, howabout we tell the organisers of the Global Book Challenge to go and get f**ked!

    I don’t need nobody to tell him how I should improve literacy skills or broaden my outlook…

  3. Oooo – what any angry little reb we have today.

  4. In my defence, I’ve been reading smelly tongues.

  5. I thought that I should pop in for a mo’, or else people will start to think that you two get dressed together in the morning..especially after yesterday’s coincidences.

  6. Damn big bedroom if it reaches from Sydney to Hobart – mmm…. just like a boat race.

  7. I was thinking the same thing myself joni..Sydney to Hobart on fluffy cushions 😉

    Kevin, it’s an excellent idea. Perhaps we could do a Round the World with Music (there being quite a number of muso’s on the blog).

    Volume up and some kitchen dancing expected from Joni and Reb..and their respective partners in Hobart and Sydney.

  8. April 23 is UNESCO World Book Day. Melbourne has become only the second UNESCO City of Literature as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.

    sorry reb.

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