Footy Tipping Competition!

James of North Melbourne has kindly offered to arrange a blogocrats footy tipping competition.

To enter, all you need to do is register here:

Comp Name: Blogocrats
Comp Number: 183040
Comp Password: wardrobe


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  1. James,

    Does the password have any significance 😀

    Do we want to set up a NRL one as well (even though we are two rounds in)?

  2. Yes, it’s his IQ.

  3. did that deliberately didn’t you. Password umm wardrobe?

  4. Whoops sorry, it was James who thought up the you’beaut password of wardrobe.

  5. Comp no. is my IQ, password was a dig at TB and whoever else is involved in THAT ongoing slightly weird discussion. If I get 5 yes’s, I will set up an NRL one.

    Joni, Reb, could you perhaps email to TB, Dunnyking, Oftenbark, and a few other likely suspects?

  6. “Joni, Reb, could you perhaps email to TB, Dunnyking, Oftenbark, and a few other likely suspects?”

    Too late! I’ve already happened upon it, thanx James.

  7. I’ve submitted my entry, very well considered it is too.

    There is a fair bit of detail about personal proclivities, and I struggled with “marital status”. How does one say “married, but with mistress on the side”?

    Additionally the information sought re interests was a little light, there was nowhere to include “artificial enlargements”

  8. That’s Locker Room talk, Tom, and very welcome too.

  9. Oh dear.

    “Crows fans think Port fans will spill drinks on them”…


  10. Not to worry. The Port fans mob here only spill cornflakes and milk.

  11. If I get 5 yes’s, I will set up an NRL one.

    Go the mighty Eels…

  12. I read it Tboss and it had most of the footy followers in my office in raptures. To hear people laughing at Crow’s supporters was sweet music to my ears.

    I also looked at the story on Adelaide Now just to see the blog responses – wow, not only are you guys wowsers but also ferals. One guy who goes by the name of Craig of Hindmarsh turned it into a nasty anti Port story.

    This Craig guy has been around for awhile. He was nasty when Howard lost; he was nasty when Rudd gave the apology to the Stolen Generation; and he is nasty whenever Port is merely mentioned. He must be the laughing stock of all rational bloggers. Typically, he is a Crow’s supporter.

    Tony, I will only have cornflakes at the game if I’m seriously drunk. Now that can legally happen at AAMI.

  13. Going to the game tonight Tony?

    I hope the Richmond Cousins’s win but I’ve had to tip against ’em in favour of the Carlton Judd’s.

  14. ” wow, not only are you guys wowsers but also ferals”

    I’d like to add that I’m firmly in the Port camp on this one.
    I’m neither a wowser nor a feral.

    I agree that it is a ridiculous, embarassing carry-on.

  15. In case you hadn’t counted me, I’ll go in an NRL one if it gets set up.

  16. Tboss, are you picking the Crows this weekend?

  17. No…

  18. & I am picking Portscum…sigh.

  19. Me neither, but they can surprise.

  20. & I am picking Portscum…sigh.

    Good to see that you pick with your head and not your heart.

  21. Yep, very hard to pick pre-round-1. No real way of telling how anybody is gonna fair.
    A lot of supposition involved.

  22. “Good to see that you pick with your head and not your heart.”

    I did the opposite last year & I went OK, but I can do better.

  23. Ok, there’s no NRL game on tonight so I’ll load it up for tomorrow.

  24. This joints full of bloody AFL squint and bestow.
    Another Machiavellian angle to unwholesome the prodigiousness of ARL. .
    A collected group (ie; oxymoron, ie; like a gathering ,a few mates,courtesy to AFL nongs) doe’s not make a blog.

  25. Ive registered as Rileysdad 🙂

  26. Poor Tony. He must be a shattered man.

  27. Hi Miglo. Yes, it’s going to be another very long season I’m afraid. 😦

  28. That was hard to watch Tony.

  29. You’re not kidding.

  30. Yep, I went to bed at the end of the 3rd Qtr & only found out this morning that Cousins had lamed himself.

  31. Being of a rather cruel nature, I found the injury to Cousins to be the highlight of the game.

  32. lol @ your recent contribution.

    That is particularly cruel Tom.

    Have you checked the tips today? You, me & miglo are gonna have 8 by Sunday night.

    Being slightly cruel myself I’m hoping for some additional laming in the Port game on Sunday.
    For my schadenfreude Teh Creator will likely punish me by having Trent Hentschel rebrake his knee 5 mins into his return after 2 seasons out.

  33. Shane, re being Riley’s Dad. I am inclined to agree as due to your avatar there is most definitely a family resemblance.

  34. Min, I think your (cursed) maggies are gonna smite the crows.

    No fair says I.

  35. Well Toiletboss, there is a guilty pleasure about watching some w@^$er from another team get himself seriously injured.

    This may be a good topic for discussion.

  36. T’boss..hubby says..YUP.

    However, I will eat crow if wrong 😉

  37. Tom,

    What team do you follow? (Just so I can take a commensurate amount of pleasure when the inevitable misfortune occurs to them.)

  38. Tom, it was your recent contribution on other thread that I was referring to.

    I’d also like to know who you back so as I can also take commensurate glee in their impending lamings for 2009.

  39. Three Melbourne-trained horses that will be very hard to beat at Rosehill tomorrow:

    Race 4 No 4 Divine rebel
    Race 6 No 4 Chasm
    Race 8 No 2 Nicconi

  40. And, with nothing to gain and everything to lose, here are a couple at Caulfield tomorrow:

    Race 2 No 6 Cameo Minx
    Race 6 No 10 Skiddaw Peak

  41. Hello lads and Min: Well Tony, the footy mates way out west, including I, cannot believe what we witnessed yesterday re the Tigers.
    I won’t say much. Not many positive comments come to mind.

    My tipping so far is mud. Hope to improve when the dust settles after a round or two.
    I shall be reading up on your above tips in the Sportsman am tomorrow.
    The comments from Tom of Melbourne do not warrant further discussion.

  42. Caulfield

    Race 2 No 6 Cameo Minx

    (Has been scratched.)

  43. Oftenbark said:

    The comments from Tom of Melbourne do not warrant further discussion.

    Get away with ya.

  44. C’mon Miglo. Lighten up mate.

    Tell me you did not cheer when Rhett Biglands damaged his ACL. Please.

  45. A preceding post suggested an analytical appraisal by Blogocrats of AFL should follow the completion of weekend fixtures.
    With due respect to the sensitivities of Tony and his beloved Tigers, I shall pose a question, open for general discussion:

    ‘Why should/would the Richmond Football Club not present Wallace with a please explain letter, for Wallace to show cause why after constant (5 or more years) dismal performances that he (Wallace) should not be sacked’?

  46. Oftenbark, please enter as shown and I will alter your first round tips as already placed.

  47. G’day James: Thanks for that. Will do later. Off to a barbie now for WCE v Brisbane.

    Tony: Good call on Skiddaw Peak. Great result there. Thanks.
    Keep an eye out for a D. Freedman trained horse named Discorsi, placed 2nd at Mornington recently.

    Well done Adelaide Crows.

  48. F@ck yeah! Go the M’Fkn Crows!

    Also hope WCE can get up, even if it poleaxes my tips.

  49. Stuff the Crows.

  50. Sorry Toiletboss; WCE defeated by a gutsy Brisbane. Well done Lions.

  51. Miglo, on March 28th, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    They just have been …. stuffed with pies that is 🙂

  52. Stuff the TV programmers.

    Channel 7 is showing the Melbourne v Nth Melbourne game live into Canberra at 1 pm. And what’s Fox showing live into Canberra at 1 pm? The same bloody game! Wow – people will stay home in their thousands to watch last year’s wooden spooners. The roads will be bare. Shops will have to close for the day.

    Anybody wanting to watch the Port Adelaide v Essendon epic will have to wait for the replay on Fox at 10 pm. In this household it means that we can’t answer the phone, venture onto the internet or look at our emails for fear of knowing the result.

    Not happy Jan.

  53. Tom R,

    I didn’t see much of the game, so I can’t really comment, but in the press this morning Collingwood are spitting acid over the umpiring.

  54. Migs. Jeff saw it through to the end and the umpiring was crook, 98 free kicks versus 52. However, Malthouse isn’t sour grapes but said poor handpasses and poor kicking.

    I thought that it was an excellent game with two very evenly matched teams.

  55. Hi Miglo

    I didn’t see the game either, but was listening on the radio.

    But, from what I heard, and, the commentators down here are VERY biased, which makes it difficult, I reckon I would not be happy about the umpiring either.

    Basically, it appeared pretty crap both ways, but the timing of some of these ‘crap’ decisions came at very bad times for Collingwood.

    I thought the count was pretty even although I didn’t hear much about it in the last quarter, but as I said, our commentators are difficult to get a straight answer through. If what Min says is true, then they probably do have a fair point

    It was bad umpiring, I will grant that, but Malthouse appears to have answered well.

  56. TomR, the tingles are a protected species, apparently.

  57. You’re not wrong there Jane.

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